The Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society Presents “The Eldritch Project”

Silverwolf was recently called upon, as he often is, by the local branch of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, to present to its members the details of “The Eldritch Project”.As he approached the parking lot of the community building where the group met,  he recognized the seven superannuated hippies who had sworn off the booze, but wouldn’t say no to a bowl, and the fifteen superannuated bikers, who had sworn off the weed but wouldn’t say no to 2-twelvepacks, (To tell ya the truth, Hoss, it started to interfere with my drinking.  And then, I started to notice I was drinking less and then I REALLY got scared. (hands trembling) — Well, I can understand that, Bump.—-So, I just had to quite dating Ms. Maryjane. —-Only way to deal with a problem like that, Bump. Hey, Silverwolf’s gettin’ ready to speak! Lets get in quick so we can get a good seat!) and who constituted the bulk of the society, a society dedicated to the revivification of the verbal arts of the English language.

Silverwolf (mounting the podium which has been fitted with a special pad attached to the wooden plynth, donated by the local Humane Society and paid for by the estate of the late Homer Tupps, a longtime valley resident and muleskinner, a pad which enables Silverwolf to comfortably rest his front paws on the podium for long periods of time; with this device Silverwolf is easily able to give the hourlong readings of his blogs frequently demanded of him by the local community, and many local charities have been funded by these events)——Fellow members of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, a society dedicated to the augmentation and amplification of that mother lode of language, so richly mined by Shakespeare,  Fletcher and Beaumont, and Dryden. But now that rich vain of verbage has fallen into the cesspool of history, and I believe it is our mission, as members of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, to rescue and resuscitate these orphan-words of antiquity. (yawns, what fustian! what bombast! and, of course, Silverwolf’s characteristic prolixity) Therefore, today, I am instituting ‘The Eldritch Project’ a first attempt to rescue one of these orphans from obscurity. 

Robert Louis Stevenson, who was praised so highly by Moravia, employs, in his novel ‘The Master of Ballantrae” the word ‘eldritch’ meaning ‘weird’ or ‘eerie’, an old Scottish term.  I am proposing that we adopt this word as our first word and see if we cannot spread its use far and wide over the earth, for this will show the power of the new blog media; and thusly, I am call upon all of you here to begin to employ the word ‘eldritch’ whenever you want to use the words ‘weird’ or ‘eerie’, and to ask your friends to ask their friends to ask their friends to ask their friends to use it too.  And let’s only use it when we genuinely need it (Amens from somewhere in the crowd). And if we all chip in on this, maybe we can really get this ball rolling folks,  ’cause we really need to revive and resuscitate our English language. (Silverwolf now glad he’s been studying old film-footage of Huey P. Long this past fortnight)

Bump — (jumping up)Yeah we sure do ’cause I heard the government is working with the Mongolians and they’re gonna bring in 80,000 Mongolian troops into the good old USA –  that’s right – and they’re gonna disguise ’em as school teachers, and then force every man, woman and child in America to learn Mongolian, and if you refuse or you can’t learn it, then they’re gonna put you in these camps till you DO learn it.(4 second pause)

Silverwolf—Well, that about raps it up folks, so thanks for coming and helping to augment learning and fight ignorance. Nite.                Now where did I put my keys? Coulda sworn they were in these pants.  That’s really eldritch!

Hoowwwwwwwwwwwooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww ———Silverwolf

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