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Free Speech and Liberty Finally Win One

November 27, 2007

Silverwolf reads with great pleasure that collectivist Malaysia, one of the worst examples of the repressive Leviathan state in attitude, has backed down in the face of a spontaneous action by a group of very brave ethnic Indians, who have carried out a peaceful demonstration the Mahatma would have been proud of, if he had had the fault of pride. These plucky fellows staged a spontaneous protest that threw the police off guard. Then the  Malaysian kapos went in with their usual heavy-handedness, cracking a few skulls a la Reagan during People’s Park. (The Berkeley Police at least were civil.) This protest was in response to the arrest on sedition, that favorite ploy of John Adams to his discredit, of three ethnic Indians for criticising the fact that ethnic Indians are discriminated against egregiously in Islamic Malaysia. The wickedness of speaking the truth. 

Well, all the bad PR must have hurt the stock market, or something else must have cost them money, but for some reason, the government decided to release the three Free Speech Fighters. The Prime Minister of this horrendous example of what Hayek warned against in his Libertarian classic, “The Road to Serfdom”, (the work that galvanized not only Silverwolf, but also Rep. Ron Paul, into awareness of the dangers of the collectivist state, be it political, economic, or both) PM Abdullah Badawi, warned the protesters, “Don’t abuse the freedom that has been given to you.”. Exactly. To these collectivists, the state or the government give freedom and rights to the individual. To them, you are the property of the state. You are its serf. The only freedom you have as a human comes from the crumbs that the state allows you.  In the U.S. Constitution, the Creator (and that is left undefined—it could be the  force of Nature) endows every man with certain inalienable, i.e. nothing and no agency can every take it away from a man, Rights. The Rights of Man, really.  That is the difference between a great secular constitutional republic with democratic elections like the USA, and a sorry police camp state like Malaysia. Silverwolf has monitored the machinations of the Malaysian authorities in their attempts to quash freedom of speech, since he first noticed the plight of Nat Tan, the Malaysian blogger who was detained for mildly criticising a police chief earlier in the year. When will the totalitarian nations of the world, be they Malaysia or Russia, or the dozens of others, realize they are on the losing side?  Libertarianism will win in the end. It is inevitable.

Silverwolf wonders if the sudden clubbing of GrandMaster Kasparov and the clubbing of the brave ethnic-Indian Malays, in protest of the disgraceful way the Hindu community is treated and discriminated against in Malaysia, are not some  signs of  common desperation amongst the totalitarian regimes of the world. One would never believe that this legacy of civil rights infringements is taking place in a former colony of Britain, in which the rule of law, and the equality of men before the law, is sacrosanct. What a degeneration. And the same degeneration seems to be taking place in Russia, which is happy with economic development at the cost of Human Liberty.

Silverwolf thinks that the protests in Malaysia, and the physical violence unleashed against Libertarian Kasparov, are due to the rise in popularity of Dr. Ron Paul in the United States Presidential campaign. This may seem like a long stretch in logic, but Silverwolf believes it is due to a subconscious current that has been present in world thinking since November 5, 2007, an unquenchable desire for freedom that, like a hernia nicely manifested, is ready to burst. These desperate thrashings of containment also coincide with a sharp two-week-long drop in the popularity polls for Ms. Rodham, a sign that Collectivism is on the run. Nov. 5th, 2007, yes, quite a day for Liberty.

Collectivism and repression belong on the trashpile of history. Libertarianism and freedom are the wave of the future. Nothing can keep them down. Nothing.

Yip, yip, yip, hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. — Silverwolf

Boycott the Japanese Whale Butchers.

November 18, 2007

Silverwolf saw that the morally bankrupt Japanese nation is once again about to commit moral atrocities, continuing a long tradition that stretches far into the past, though we only have to remember back to WW II to get a flavour for their sadism. The fascist jackanapses are once again targeting the defenceless whale, whom they sadistically electrocute to death over a 37-minute torture session.  But what does that matter to the Nipponese miscreants, when there’s money to be made. Hack the dolphins to death, torture the whales, refuse to give the women they gang raped 60 years ago even a pittance of financial compensation: what a sewer nation!

But what can I do? you ask Silverwolf. Simply boycott.  Boycott the Nipponese miscreants into poverty. Vow to never buy another Japanese product until they stop their deeply immoral behaviour.  A people so depraved and unrepentent needs to be taught an economic lesson that they and the whole world will never forget. Boycott the Japanese moral trashbins. A nation of  ethical scumbags. A true shower of scat is the Japanese people.  American Libertarians spit on your “morality”. Boycott, baby, boycott. Boycott evil. Boycott Japan.

I’ll gladly howl to that. Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.


The Crimes of Clinton

November 8, 2007

Silverwolf speaks of the crimes of Bill in the past; not the crimes of Hillary in the future.

Silverwolf lost any positive view he held of William Jefferson when he saw footage of the president out murdering defenceless birds for his sadistic amusement.  It was then that he knew Clinton was a caitiff. And it was then that he started to count his other crimes besides animal cruelty. So let’s go through the list.

Clinton’s first crime was as Governor of the great state of Arkansas.  This was when he legally murdered a mental incompetent, something illegal under U.S. law, by signing his execution papers.  When this man was brought his last meal, a meal he had requested of hamburger and french fries, he told the jailer, “Just leave the burger.  I’ll have the fries tomorrow.”  Capital punishment is nothing but legalized murder, by which a bunch of sadists can kill someone and get away with it.  No wonder it’s so popular.

By supporting the death penalty, and never using his bully pulpit to say a word agin it, Clinton’s regime led to the highest level of legalized murders the U.S. had seen since the days of Eisenhower. Thanks to Clinton, support for the death penalty reached unprecedented heights  in the U.S.  And who cared if innocent people were being murdered in a legal system that is a joke, especially after the Simpson debacle, as long as the stock market was tripling and the capital gains from that stock inflation making the Treasury look good? Only G-d knows how many innocents the supporters of capital punishment murdered during those years, and continue to murder to this day.  Clinton bears much of the blame.  And the wide-spread support for legalized murder he engendered amongst the public paved the way for the Bush Administration’s successful attempt to overthrow the Bill of Rights.  Why, only today we see the “liberal” Senator Schumer voting to  confirm an Attorney General who, after 20 years on the bench, can’t seem to be able to figure out if waterboarding is torture.  And of course, this was backed up by the “Democrat”, Sen. Feinstein, another big fan of capital punishment. 

Clinton’s next crime was to not cut defense spending after the ending of the cold war.  Clinton could have easily loped a hundred billion off the defense budget without America being any more at risk, and saved a trillion dollars of debt over his eight years in office,  but he kept it right at the bloated levels spendthrift Reagan had worked it up to, after Jimmy Carter, the “man of peace”, took it from $78 billion at the start of his regime, to about $134 billion in just four years. By starting the process, Carter is largely responsible for the bloated military budgets that could have lifted most of the third world out of poverty, though of course, military-industrial corporatists like Clinton and Carter could care less.  But let’s deal with one criminal at a time.

Clinton’s next crime was again directed at American libertarian free-market capitalists.  This was the arrest and imprisonment during his tenure as president of millions of Americans for the “capitalist crime” of possession of cannabis, a substance less addictive than caffeine according to Dr. Benowitz of the University of California.  The total number of days stolen from the lives of American citizens by Clinton, who again never used his bully pulpit to argue against this gross injustice, but, on the contrary, vociferously argued for the continued application of the “controlled-substance” laws, which obviously are communism in its purest form, is uncountable.  It must total millions of days of life stolen from U.S. citizens by Clinton and his fellow collectivists.  Drug prohibitionists are communists in Silverwolf’s book.  Clinton ruined the lives of millions of Americans through his endorsement of the drug laws. He broke up hundreds of thousands of families. He forced millions of children to cry their eyes out at night, calling for mommy or daddy, who was in jail for the “crime” of possessing marijuana.  Silverwolf wonders who the real criminals were, and what punishment is appropriate for such a crime?  Unfortunately, the guilty will not be punished, but will go comfortably to their graves, sucking off the bloated federal pensions the public is forced at gunpoint to pay to these immoral caitiffs.

Now let’s turn our attention to the crimes of the fascist jackanapes Clinton overseas.  Shall we start with his support for the Islamic war-criminal Suharto of Indonesia who murdered between 750,000 and 1 million Christians in East Timor?  I can still see Bill Clinton, with his warmest of smiles, vigourously clapping as the criminal Suharto stepped up the the mike.  Clapping for a man who murdered three-quarters of a million Christians. But most Americans could care less.  They loved Bill Clinton, and, heaven forfend, they may put one of his mistresses in the White House.

Then we could mention the two years Clinton sat around, with his thumb up his ear, while the citizens of Sarajevo were butchered by the Serbian army war criminals. After two years of terror, Clinton finally found the gumption to bomb the Serb gun enplacements — and the horror was over.  How many innocents were murdered there in Bosnia because of Clinton’s inaction?

In the case of Rwanda, the world knows how many dead, give or take a few hundred thousand.  The leader of the world’s most powerful nation sat around and did nothing while genocide took place, because the French racist criminals told him to stay out.  Just what you’d expect from those Gaulist socialists who have been sucking $100 billion of free defense spending out of the U.S. taxpayers for decades, so they can finance all their wonderful socialist programs.  There is a free lunch, and it’s called Democratic-Republican defense spending for Europe.  Clinton cared about the hacked-to-death Rwandans as much as he cared for the little birds he cold-bloodedly murdered. Not a whit.

So, of course, after sucking up to Suharto, letting the Serbs have a good bout of butchery, and letting a genocide take place, this “extremely competent” world leader would have no trouble urging renewal of most-favored nation trading status for Commie China, a country that has illegally occupied Tibet for over 50 years, carries out capital punishment at at rate that would make Clinton and Bush salivate with sadistic delight, tortures people for their religious views, helps genocide in Sudan, and traffics in body parts.  A country with a morality Bill Clinton can feel very comfortable with. By using Chinese slave labor, Clinton was able to keep inflation looking like it was under control, because Chinese goods were so cheap.  Clinton had great support amongst liberals, of course, for this Quisling behaviour.  Evidently, respect for the Bill of Rights amongst Democrats ends at U.S. borders (and within for those wicked cannabis users).

We should also not fail to mention Clinton’s warm support for the criminal Boris Yeltsin, when he butchered Chechen women and children with helicopter launched missile attacks as the war in Chechenya heated up. Through long years of torture-reports coming out of the BBC, Democrat Bill stood shoulder to shoulder with his child-murdering ally.  Jimmy Carter the Second.

Finally, Clinton never used his bully pulpit to speak out for the legalization of heroin for the terminally ill.  The number of Americans who have died in excruciating agony because this gutless wimp never found the huevos to confront this issue, will also, unfortunately, never be known. What politician cares for the terminally ill when they cannot vote? Only Dr. Ron Paul.

Just as we hear liberals sing the praises of the war criminal, Lyndon Baines Johnson, for his civil rights bills, and overlook the war crimes he commited in Vietnam, or conservatives sing the praises of the criminal Ronald Reagan, and overlook his crimes in Central America(his action in regard to blockading  the Nicaraguan ports was technically a war crime), and his spendthrift, big government policies, so modern Democrats will continue to sing the praises of this morally bankrupt politician who, in the light of the above, can only be described, in moral if not strictly legal terms, as a criminal. What punishment, since as Libertarians we eschew the death penalty, is fitting for such a monumental collection of crimes? Quien sabe?

The Court of Public Opinion has spoken, the Honorable Judge Lobo Silverwolf presiding.

I’ll howl to that.  Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.                       Silverwolf