Silverwolf on Silverwolf

It has come to Silverwolf’s notice that he has published a series of blogs under his own name, Silverwolf, and he thinks it is about time that he commented on his own discursions.

Frankly, these pathetic blogs have become a source of irritation to the reading public. These ineffectual posts, extolling the virtues of Congressman Ron Paul, have grown almost puerile in their adulation.  They have been singularly ineffectual in getting Congressman Paul elected President of the United States (so far), but of course the battle is far from over. Needless to say, these abrasive harangues, coming from the quill of Silverwolf, have probably done more to harm, than to hurt, the gentle Giant from Texas. Silverwolf’s unrelenting attacks on some of the most revered members of the senate, and house, and of both parties, have left a bitter taste in the mouths of many readers. Silverwolf’s fustian, his prolixity, his constant negativity, have started to grate on the nerves of the American body politic, and he would do the  literary public a great service, if he would retire to Pembrokeshire and raise wolf-wool. Does the public need to be subjected to such trashy writing? Is Silverwolf’s horrendous style not some justification for draconian censorship laws?

Few can know the tediousness of being locked in a cranium with such a compulsive writer — no, scribbler is more appropriate. To have to constantly hang out with a consciousness always on the lookout for the cheap, but catchy phrase, the clever, but shallow, literary trick, the shoddy and rushed sentence construction a la Balzac, — all these must be tolerated by your interlocutor, as he lies stranded in the cell formed by the cerebellum of this crafty wolf.

As to literary style, it’s obvious that Silverwolf wants to show off his supposed erudition. If he can use an obscure, long word, where a common brief one would suffice, you can be sure he will take the opportunity. The sign of a rank amateur. Honestly, I just don’t know how the public stomachs reading his drivel?

Then there are the ridiculous flights into fancy and fantasy, that must make the public really wonder. Silverwolf has read few writings as ridiculous as his own. He’d give them a D minus if he didn’t enjoy reading them so much, which shows that he also has horrendous taste in reading matter. All around, a bad literary character, who should not be permitted to work in the literary grapevine lest he taint the entire crop of new bloggers and turn them sour. Let’s face it, the fellow is not sound.

Therefore, I must strongly urge the reading public not to read this blog, or any of those prolixious pieces of petty prose that Silverwolf has tried to foist on the reading public as serious blog material. We must stop this literally literarily-dangerous movement in its tracks, by all agreeing to not read this blog, nor any of the other blogs put out by this literary charlatan, this verbal mountebank, this grammatical wolfanapes.

When it comes to blog reading, you definitely don’t want to read Silverwolf, in Silverwolf’s humble opinion.

Franklin teaches that self-examination is necessary to attaining the Art of Virtue. With this blog, Silverwolf has fulfilled Franklin’s directive.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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