Profession: Jew-hater, Employer: The State of California, Name: Kevin MacDonald

Silverwolf has noted that a conference (another one!) is being held in Southern California to discuss the “problem” of Kevin MacDonald, a Professor at California State University at Long Beach, and a noted “anti-Semite”. This defender of holocaust-denier David Irving, and producer of literature intended, in its intellectual obfuscation, to whip up hatred against Jews, is once again going to be treated with the courteous kid-gloves that always seem to be put on when discussing individuals whose aim, whether consciously or unconsciously, is to incite violence against old folks and kids, based on their ethnic or religious backgrounds, an aim which, of course, they always categorically deny.

Instead of going into the details of this curmudgeon’s trashy writings, which are available all over hard-Left, Jew-hating, websites, and which the reader can peruse and judge for himself if Silverwolf is exaggerating, Silverwolf would like to propose a much more direct solution to the problem.

The solution simply is to shut down all State-run Universities, all over America, which are little more than “Old-folks-homes-in-the-college” as Mr. Dylan so well put it, and which have no place in a country that prides itself on the Free-market Capitalist system. One can debate the virtues or evils of publicly-funded primary education through 12th-grade, which Wisechief Jefferson felt was so necessary to the American Republic, but which, in an internet age,  and with widespread homeschooling, may just be a relic of a pre-industrial age. But when it comes to the State Universities, those enormously expensive breeding-grounds of Islamo-Fascist opinion and racism, it is clear that they are a vast financial drain on the Capitalist Body-Politic, which produce much more harm than good. Post-12th grade education should be treated just like any other value or commodity in our society, and the vast number of excellent private colleges and universities, competing on the open Free-market for students and professors, is the Libertarian Capitalist’s choice to achieve the highest levels of education, training, and professional competence. Education purchased with private capital in the open marketplace tends to produce excellence; education purchased with tax-money legally looted from the non-college-attending working person produces mediocrity, and, yes, racism.

Silverwolf would suggest that, ultimately, the land and structures constituting the state colleges and universities should be sold off in the free-market, with the proceeds going into the state general revenue funds, which would hopefully lower the immorally-high income tax rates we see in so many states. But in the interim, he would suggest that the campuses be turned into homeless shelters to house all the millions of street people which the immoral minimum-wage laws, (instituted by the Unions and their Liberal backers, and designed to restrict wage competition and guarantee above-market wages for Union workers, at the expense of the poorest elements of society and the homeless), have created. To make it illegal for two Free-market Capitalists to freely contract is a violation of Natural Rights Law, and the Rights of Man.  The poor, elderly homeowner on Social Security, feeling compassion for a penniless homeless person, is turned into a criminal if he can’t afford to pay that person the minimum wage and offers them less, even though that starving homeless person may be very happy and willing to work at that wage. No wonder the restrictionist minimum-wage is so heartily supported and defended by the Unions and their so-called Liberal backers in the Democratic party.

And let’s also quit this business of calling Jew-haters, or whatever-haters, by these anti-septic terms like “anti-Semite”, which only ends up turning vicious race-hatred into what seems like an intellectually-sounding valid viewpoint. We never refer of hatred of Blacks as “anti-Negroidism”, or Gay-bashing as “anti-Inversionism”, or hatred of Whitey as “anti-Caucasianism”, or even hatred of Wolves as “anti-Lupusism”, so let’s quit this hypocrisy of calling Jew-haters, “anti-Semites”. Let’s call a pig a pig.

Shutting the state Universities will shut off the gravy train of public tax funds, mulcted out of the working masses, and transferred into the pockets of racist miscreants like Kevin MacDonald. That is Silverwolf’s final solution to the “State-funded racist” problem. Let the bums get a job!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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