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The China Olympics: Collaborating With The Dog Murderers

July 12, 2008

Silverwolf has read that the Fascist-Chinese miscreants have ordered dog-meat taken off of the Peking restaurant menus, during the Olympics, in order not to “offend” Western animal lovers and meat-eaters who might object. In typical Commie style, if it’s going to cost them Yuan, they’ll adapt.

Perhaps you’ve seen the photos of these poor dogs, crammed into cages so tightly that they cannot even move as they await a death that even the most hardened capital-punishment-lover of Texas wouldn’t inflict on a vicious murderer. In full sight of other dogs, they are beaten to death with iron bars, blowtorched, scalded to death, or merely knived. And while this goes on, morally-bankrupt politicians like Bill Clinton lobby to give Communist-China Most Favored Nation trading status, and President Bush says that not attending the opening Olympic ceremonies might “offend” the Chinese people. But attending such a farce is an offense not only to the American People,  but also the American Republic, and what it represents — the Freedom and Dignity of the Human Spirit.

It is time for the world to send a puissant message to the Chinese guttersnipes by boycotting the Olympics in every way it can; by not watching it, by complaining to its governments for allowing its athletes and flags and national anthems to attend and be seen and played at the ceremonies, and, most effectively, to cut all trade ties with Red China. Individually, we can avenge these tortured dogs by completely boycotting Chinese products. We must enkindle a flame of outrage against this miscreant government and nation that will sweep, like Sam Adam’s proverbial brush fires of Liberty, around the world.

Imagine that your consciousness was one of those dogs, caged for years so you could never run free, crammed in with other dogs during transport so that you couldn’t move a muscle for several days, hearing the howls of pain as you see other dogs beaten or blowtorched in front of you at the slaughtering centers, feeling the terror at knowing that soon the same will happen to you. Don’t you human beings have the slightest ounce of compassion for animals, or is it the usual me, me, me, of modern man? What a miserable creature has come from G-d’s greatest creation!

Honestly, Silverwolf thanks the Big Guy Upstairs he was created a wolf.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Barack Obama: The Liar’s Pander Bare

July 7, 2008

It looks like Obama The Liar’s pandering to the crowd is quickly being made manifest to the assembled Yobos of the Democratic (haha) Party, as Silverwolf so uncannily prognosticated in his last blog. He just hadn’t forseen it would happen so quickly, and in such a tidal wave.

Perhaps the most egregious of his latest lies, or “refinements of his positions” is on the new FISA Bill which passed last week in Congress. In October 2007 Senator Obama pledged that if the FISA Bill contained provisions granting legal immunity to the telecoms, he would not only vote against it, but also filibuster the Bill. Last week’s Bill granted the telecoms legal immunity; Obama voted for it.

Then there was his written pledge in Nov. 2007 to opt into the public campaign finance system if Senator McCain would also agree to do so. McCain immediately accepted the proposal, which Obama ackowledged. Now Obama says forget it, he’s not going to take public money. Of course, he’s now gotten much more from conning the public into private donations, so that “principled” stand has gone the way of his FISA pledge.

Meanwhile, the pro-abortionists are in a tizzy because last year the Supreme Court ruled that Fed funds could not be used for Federally funded late term abortions, based solely on mental distress to the mother. Senator Obama said he strongly disagreed with the ruling at the time. This last week he said that mental distress alone should not qualify as a reason for late term abortion. The pro-choicers don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

And then there was his plan for a withdrawal from Iraq over 16 months, at the rate of 1 to 2 Divisions a month. Then he said he might alter that rate based on the assessments of the Generals (who obviously want to be there to keep that bloated military budget growing) and might have to “refine” his thinking. This quick change forced him to hastily call another press conference, to defend his re-definition of a 16-month withdrawal, which now may or may not be 16-months (how much you want to bet it’s not 16-months? Silverwolf is game.). And of course he maintains there would have to be “some presence” until 2013. Some withdrawal!

Let’s remember though, to be fair, that he has not budged from his support, along with the former Liberal Democrat Senator, Tom Daschle, for the ethanol program, which is not only  driving up  the price of food astronomically for Americans, but literally beginning to starve millions in Africa and the poorest nations of the third world. Guess that what you might call Black solidarity, and caring about the poor. Looks like another “audacious” stand for compassion, for how would those prosperous mid-West corn farmers survive without their ethanol subsidies?

 Yesterday, on board his campaign plane, Obama is quoted as having said, “I wasn’t saying anything that I hadn’t said before. That I didn’t say a year ago. Or when I was a U.S. Senator. If you look at our position, it’s been very consistent.”

The Liar’s pander bare.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Obama’s Religious Fascism: Destroying the Separation of Church and State

July 2, 2008

It didn’t take long for Barack Obama to show his true colors — a mixture of the scat-brown of Hitler’s Brown Shirts and the death-black of Mussolini’s Fascists. His latest target is the Jeffersonian imperative of building up a “wall of separation between Church and State”, which Wisechief Jefferson knew was axiomatic to the maintenance of the Revolutionary American Republic that he and the other Wisechiefs around him set up as the ultimate answer to the problem of Human Tyranny, — a problem which, up to that time, had existed unabated since the days of the Pharoahs. Now Barack Obama and the Collectivists of the Democratic Party have their eyes firmly on that Prize of Libertarianism, and today’s horrendous announcement by Obama marks the first shot across the bows.

In essence, Obama announced he wants to extend and enhance the immoral program set up by “President” (haha) Bush, which channels the taxes paid by all Americans, be they atheist, agnostic, or religious, into the hands of religious organizations, and it goes further that Dubbyah’s desecration of the Constitution, in that those hired must adhere to the religious denomination hiring them. As a firm opponent of any contact between Church and State, even to the extent of not having the government issue marriage licenses, since traditionally marriage has been a religious affair, Silverwolf strongly condemns this latest move by Obama and his Democratic miscreants to destroy this Jeffersonian mechanism which has so effectively prevented religious pogroms in America, in contrast to the bloodied hands of the Europeans, who till this day still insist on shoving organized religion down the throats of one and all with their “State” religions. And let’s not forget Communism, Fascism, and Nazi-National-Socialism, which are also forms of organized religion, though they would never admit it. Silverwolf will take the genius of Jefferson on this subject to the pea-brain intelligence of Obama and his Democratic supporters any day.

One wonders what those Obama apologists, people like Alan Dershowitz and Ray Taliaferro, who have been staunch opponents of melding Church-State relations, will say to this latest travesty. Dershowitz recently decried the tone of religiosity that had crept into the primary campaigns, with virtually all the candidates telling the public just how religious they all were, an assertion contradicted by the way they have led their lives. The one exception to this blasphemy was Congressman Ron Paul, who is a deeply religious man, with several brothers who are Pastors, but who never once mentioned religion in all the speeches Silverwolf saw from him, except to say that our Rights come to us from our Creator, a statement echoed by Jefferson, and so general as to accommodate the views of Agnostics and Atheists, who might well feel their creator was the blind forces of nature, or Franklin’s marvellously vague “Providence”. Never once did we hear him braying about how religious he was, or going on and on, like Obama, Clinton, Romney, Keyes, and Hucksterbee, about their sanctimoniousness. But Dershowitz, who was one of Obama’s professor’s in law school, now supports Obama, the Collectivist who today explained his intention to further break down the wall of separation Dershowitz has so eloquently defended in the past. Silverwolf would refer the reader to that wonderful debate held on William F. Buckley’s Firing Line in the 1990’s, in which Dershowitz so well defended the Jeffersonian Necessity of separation, along with the Reverend Barry Lind, a truly wonderful Reverend, against the foolish Buckley et al. But you can bet that Dershowitz will now be either silent, or more likely, lightly criticise the Obama, while continuing to support him.

And Silverwolf can’t wait to hear someone bring up the topic with Ray Taliaferro, if he even permits it to get past his screeners, although the caller will either be “piped down” or pushed off with a quick “Thank-You-for-your-call-and-let’s-go-to”. Taliaferro, whose contempt for organized religion is truly beautiful in its extremity, even to a Theist like Silverwolf, will slough it off, he is sure, while he continues to sing his constant paeans of praise for the Illinois hypocrite. It will be ignored because it is so damning, and so revelatory of Obama’s shallowness, and lack of understanding of the Constitution, and what America needs to maintain the Republic, or what is left of it. Silverwolf didn’t think it would take long for Obama, who belonged for many years to a church that gave the racist rabble-rouser, Louis Farrakhan, it’s Man of the Year award, and who consorted with the racist, Reverend Al Sharpton,  to reveal his true character, and in doing so, to begin to erode his support. Silverwolf noticed that last month, Obama had a 15% point lead over Senator McCain. Today’s CNN poll shows it has eroded to 5%. And Silverwolf would guess that this latest self-revelation of Obama’s, in an attempt to pander to the Republican Evangelical vote, will lose him many more votes amongst those Liberal Democrats who still know that “a Wall of Separation of Church and State” is absolutely necessary for the American Revolution to revive, and finally come to fruition. But what were they expecting from a Collectivist? It will probably throw a lot of votes to Nader, he would guess, or even McCain or Barr. It will lose him many more that it will gain.

Religionous Collectivists — give “em enough rope and they’ll always hang themselves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf