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Silverwolf Says “No” to Oregon State Measure 56: The Other Form of Capital Punishment

October 31, 2008

Oregon State Measure 56, which does away with the 60% requirement to pass local property tax measures, in combination with a “double majority requirement” that at least 50% of the registered voters must vote in the election, is all about Capital Punishment. No, not the brutal death penalty, supported and carried out with such glee by the Democrats, mostly against members of their own main constituencies, but that other form of Capital Punishment, the Property Tax, which is used to fund activities which are clearly beyond any reasonable purview of what it should justly cover, if anything at all. (And we refer mostly to education as an example of an unjust impost at the local level, which should be funded exclusively at the state level.) Local property taxes are unjust and immoral since they are a theft of the life energy of an Individual in order to fund a whole range of unnecessary and unconstitutional activities, from corporate subsidies, to pushing the junk food menus at our local schools, so children can get hooked on eating unhealthy garbage, (guaranteeing a lot of work for doctors down the line, and medicare bureaucrats into eternity), to jailing people for the crime of wanting to own something which the state says you will not be allowed to own, even though it affects the Property Rights of no other (i.e. Communism), to that actual denial of each Individual’s Natural Rights to Dominion over his own body by jailing him for victimless so-called “crimes”. When one adds the bloated county commissioner salaries, the golden benefit packages, the court costs incurred by local taxpayers to operated the courthouse during unconstitutional trials, or trials that benefit corporations that pay no state income tax, while local property owners must pay both property and state income tax —  one sees that the list of injustices property taxes fund just goes on and on.

To prevent a simple majority from imposing these unjust imposts on a narrow segment of the population only (property owners), the voters put through a requirement that 60% of the voters would have to approve local property tax measures, and that at least 50% of the registered voters would have to vote at the election. It is true that Silverwolf finds the 60% number quite arbitrary — why not 65 or 55, 59 or 61? — but not the idea behind it which is to make sure a simple majority, that does not have to pay a certain unjust tax, but who will benefit from it, cannot impose that unjust tax on a minority who will exclusively have to pay it.

But wait Silverwolf. Don’t you believe in our American Democracy which we Democrats are constantly referring to? Don’t you believe in majority rule?

Well, in point of fact, we do not have a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. True, our elections are run according to the just principle that the nominee or the Measure or Proposition with the most votes gets the office or implementation. But that does not mean we have a Democracy, or that Democracy is institutionalized throughout our social institutions.

Take jury trials, for example. What Democrat, or believer in Democracy, would like to be wrongly accused and stand trial for a Capital crime, knowing that a simple majority on the jury could send them into eternity? Yes, we thought so. How are you going to explain that one, oh worshipers of Democracy. And what about all the Unconstitutional legislation that Congress passes, are you glad that they can do that with a simple majority? Or what about when a Democrat governor or President vetoes an unjust or unconstitutional piece of legislation? Do you Democrats ever object that the Republican opposition must gain 60% to override that veto?

But you will then tell me that that is the balance of power necessary to maintain our Democracy.

And what about our elections? When three candidates run, and the winner gets 40%, while the runners up receive 60% of the remainder, why do you call it Democracy that the Democrat with the 40% gets to take office? Isn’t that minority rule, not majority rule?

So don’t throw up that paper tiger, oh pseudo-libertarians of the left, that you are all for Democracy, when you support so many anti-Democratic practices that are convenient to you. Your morality differs not a whit from the Republican’s.

And so, since it funds unfair and unconstitutional government expenditures which a majority can impose on a narrow minority, and since this violates the Rights of Man, and since Silverwolf has sufficiently exposed the myth that America is a Democracy, therefore let it be resolved that Silverwolf urges the public to vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 56.

We’ll howl to that one.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Urges a “No” Vote On Oregon State Measure 65: Turning Back the Stalinists

October 22, 2008

One of the favorite devices of the Stalinists and their accursed successors was to place two party apparatchiks on the ballot, giving the people a choice between a Stalinist and a Stalinist.

Things in Modern America aren’t much better, and the latest attempt to make them worse is Oregon State Measure 65, an alleged reform measure to broaden democracy, but one that will arbitrarily and most certainly limit it. For while the bill says that anyone can participate in the primaries, only the top two vote- getters will appear on the final ballot.

Now who thought up such a Fascistic notion that the people should be limited to two choices at the end of the election process? And the puerile argument, “To save printing costs”, non lavabum (will not wash).

Well judging from the broad panoply of elements who support this measure in the voters pamphlet, a whole lot of folks in the mainstream political spectrum thought up this Fascist plumcake, so let’s take a look at their names. Who is supporting Oregon State Measure 65?

This Measure is supported by former Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber, former Republican Governor Victor Atiyeh, former Oregon Secretaries of State Phil Keisling (Dem.) and Norma Paulus (Rep.), State Rep. Vicki Berger, State Senators Rick Metsger and Frank Morse, Former Eugene Mayor Jim Torre, the Oregon Business Assoc., Repub. Deputy Chief of Staff Allen Alley, Associated Oregon Industries, and the Oregon Business Council.

The measure is opposed by the Libertarian Party of Washington County, AFSCME Council 75, and former Democratic Governor Betty Roberts. For once we stand shoulder to shoulder with a union!

While the measure does open up the primary to anyone who can round up the impossible (unless you’re wealthy or can take a year off from work to personally gather signatures) number of signatures needed to get on the ballot, unless one belongs to one of the main Collectivist parties, it virtually ensures that only Democrats and Republicans will end up on the final ballot, or even two Democrats or two Republicans. The requirement that only two candidates can be listed on the ballot in the final election is obviously such a slap in the face to the Democratic process and to Jeffersonian Constitutional Republicanism that it is virtually an insult to put it before the Oregon voters. The fact that it is so heartily supported by so many mainline Democrats and Republicans shows that it is an attempt to shut out any competition from competing non-Collectivist Parties in this new America of “soft” Fascism, and should make the public aware of the moral fabric of those politicians who support it.

Also, the fact that it reforms the injustice of not letting Independent voters vote in the Primaries, an injustice that Silverwolf opposes, is in no way sufficient reason to impose the anti-Democratic and arbitrary “two-candidates only” rule which this horrendous bill will institutionalize. This injustice needs to be reformed separately, with a new state measure (or better yet, with a sweeping to power of the Libertarian Party, and like minded allies in the other Third Parties). The Libertarian and Pacific Green Parties seem to be in the same tent on this one, though we cannot speak for Individuals in either group who might think this measure is just honky-dory.

Send the message to the arrogant Bi-Partisan Collectivists that they cannot shut out and shut up Third Parties with this legislated Stalinism.

Send this Measure to Siberia, where it belongs. Silverwolf respectfully requests you vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 65.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Libertarian Capitalist Voter: Neither Victim Nor Executioner

October 21, 2008

Silverwolf thinks it important to caution American voters, before they cast their upcoming ballots, as to the moral danger in which they place themselves if they vote so as to perpetuate the deeply immoral policies of our two main parties. Voting for the lesser of two evils is evil itself.

If you vote for the two main parties you will be endorsing the carrying out of the death penalty against innocent people (which will surely occur if either Obama or McCain is elected), you will be endorsing the throwing of your neighbor into the concentration camp hellholes of American prisons for the “crime” of owning some substance, which they choose to use to assuage physical pain or to investigate philosophical issues, you will be endorsing an immoral economic system, which loots the hard-working and productive and gives to the profligate and the malingerer, you will be endorsing the raising of food and medical costs for those who abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and physically addictive and destructive drugs (those more physically addictive than caffeine), you will be endorsing a military budget that steals the wealth which the third world (mostly Africa and Latin America) needs to raise its $1-a-day wage laborers to the level where they might one day threaten the $100million Clintons, who kept that wasteful spending going for eight full years, with the collaboration of the Bi-Partisan Quislings in Congress. The very people whom General and President Eisenhower warned us against, they are. And let’s not forget Jimmy Carter, that “decent man” who started the whole wasteful ball rolling by almost doubling military spending during his reign, and exacerbating relations with the Soviets when we probably could have traded them out of their Socialism in a decade, though that is a debatable point.

You can vote with the thugs, or you can vote as a pure act of Human Freedom, for the candidates of a party that is for the Rights and Freedoms of the Individual which Nature intended. A party that eschews racism, and sees each Human as a Sacred Entity, a vector of action. The major parties try very hard to condition that Human Vector of Free Action, which we could also call the “Praxeological Entity”, through the media, and through the economic pressures applied through their policies. The havoc that Democrats have caused in American life, driving millions beyond the affordability of medical insurance, because they have imposed so much paperwork regulation on the average doctor in order to help thousands get “free” medical care, seems beyond the reach of their intellectual capacities.

Libertarians and all should ask: Why has there never been a Federal Regulation that any individual receiving Medicaid in America abstain from the use of tobacco, which the Federal Government itself has admitted, through its Label Warning requirement, is deleterious to health? Why should the self-sufficient, who treat the body as the temple of G-d that it is, be forced to pay higher income tax rates and be forced out of the affordable health insurance market, in order to pay for the medical bills run up by people smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, bills that might well not exist if they had abstained from these narcotics?

But don’t except Iris Lav, the government bureaucrat who went before the House Committee yesterday to tell us why the states should be handed another $50 billion, mostly for Medicaid,  which will be then added to the eternal federal deficit, — don’t expect her to be too concerned when your relative dies because they could not afford health insurance. The spendthrifts never mention the unseen damage they do to the millions who are forced to come up with more and more cash to compete with those getting their government freebies, while they contend with the higher tax rates the Democrats will be throwing at the whole country in a few weeks. Well-fed and secure behind their bloated government salaries, pensions, and benefit packages, they could care less about the Independent Individual in America, who has enough trouble just deriving a living from the free-market that is left over.

And Silverwolf noticed that Lav and the Democrats never mention paying for this extra $50 billion to the States through cutting spending by bringing our troops home from Europe, Japan, and Korea, where the American taxpayer is forced to subsidize these Socialist leeches by paying their defense costs. No, instead the Dems propose a “stock-transfer tax” which will slow trading in the markets, thin volume, and wipe out many small investors, while making virtually no difference to the billion-dollar hedge fund trader. The usual pea-brain schemes put forth by  Liberal-Democrat Congressmen like Peter DeFazio, designed to wreck the free-market’s objective efficiency.

Finally, voting for a third party shifts power directly from the two major parties to those third parties. When the two major parties see that they could have won an election if they had won the Libertarian-Human Dignity vote, they will shift their policies accordingly so as to capture just enough of that vote (they think) in the next election. The Libertarian Party, and its principles, could very easily become the balancing vote that drives both parties away from Mussolini-Corporate Fascism, and toward Jeffersonian Free-Market Liberty within a framework of enforced property rights (i.e. the police will come out and arrest a thief, and the courts will jail him.) One read, yesterday, that that is now the case in Costa Rica, evidently a place not only rich in commodities, at least originally, but now also rich in Libertarian ideas.

So make sure, American voters, that when you go into that election booth, or fill out that mail-in ballot, that you are neither amongst the Victims, who lay down like sheep before the Socialist-Fascist Juggernaut, and say there is nothing they can do, nor amongst the Executioners, who cut their neighbors throats, economically speaking, and drink the life-blood of their labor. Keep your hands clean from all contact with the Fascists.

American Freedom has been stripped down to the “Barr-Root”.

Vote Barr-Root for President/Veep, and the Libertarian candidates. You won’t have blood on your hands on November 5th.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Free-Market Capitalism Is Dead: The Latest Collectivist Wail

October 16, 2008

The latest wail put out by all the Socialist pundits, who put themselves forward to the public as analysts of the markets, is that the current financial crisis shows the dangers of unregulated, free-market capitalism, and it’s very necessary, perhaps on a world-wide scale, to impose regulations and laws that will insure that this type of thing never happens again. For the 50th time, the backers of fiat currency and socialist-hobbled capitalism (as we see in the US and Britain), are telling us: we must have reform, then it will be “never again”, again. They are going to make sure that Socialism doesn’t fail the 51st time around. Sure.

First of all, let’s dispense with the myth that we have Free-Market Capitalism in America. In point of fact, we have nothing of the kind. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve by Wilson in 1913, our credit creation and interest rates have been at the whim of 10 men, many of whom were, are, or had been closely ligatured to the very industry whose product (interest rates) they were regulating. Obviously, when an industry-insider group has such enormous economic power, which should be instead in the hands of the capital markets,  there was and is a wide field for wild abuse, as both Presidents Jefferson and Jackson realized and warned against five- and four-score earlier.

Then there was War-Criminal Nixon’s abandonment of the Bretton-Woods Agreement, essentially creating a non-gold backed fiat currency out of the Dollar in one fell swoop. One of the greatest economic crimes in history. Now, when a currency is no longer backed by any kind of commodity basis, and only on the “Full Faith and Credit” of some political entity, then watch out. This ending of the gold link had been preceded by fellow War-Criminal Johnson’s abandoning of the Federal Reserve Note as a Silver Certificate around 1964. How neatly these two matched their foreign War Crimes with Crimes against the Constitution and American Capitalism!

Moreover, Federal Bank Deposit Insurance, while it seems like a good idea to the man in the street, insures the kind of “moral hazard” which has brought the banking system to its knees in the current panic. It took decades, but it finally led to wild and unscrupulous lending because the banks knew the mountebanks in Congress would bail them out if the Piper ever demanded to be paid for playing all those tunes all these many years. And now the Piper wants his fare money back to Glasgow, and enough for a wee dram or two with the lads, and he’ll nae brook delay.

And finally, we have the catastrophe of Congress bankrupting America in one fell swoop, creating a quarter as much debt in a few weeks as was created in the first 230 years of the Republic, just to save their political skins, and it is working. The ones who passed this give-away to the corporate wealthy are going to get re-elected and sweep into power, both in the legislative and executive branches, so that it will be a piece of cake for the Collectivists and Keynesian Socialists to completely smother the last vestiges of Free-Market Capitalism.

So when you hear all these “financial pundits” and Congressmen calling for more “reform and regulation”, and how horrible dog-eat-dog capitalism and free-market competition is, know you that they are tightening the last screws on the coffin-lid of Free-Market Capitalism, and they intend to bury it, along with Human Freedom and Individual Rights, in the Potter’s Field of Socialism.

However, coffin-lid screws have a way of working themselves loose and sometimes breaking free every 2 and 4 years in America. Just wait for the elections of 2010. Oh boy.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Ray Taliaferro’s Monumental Hypocrisy: The $800 Billion Bailout Bill and the Democrats

October 15, 2008

Last week, Silverwolf set the shortwave cylinder spinning till it sought repose on Ray Taliaferro’s nightly verbal blogs from Fogsville, USA, that quiet country hamlet also known as San Frisco.

Silverwolf had sought to see if Taliaferro might be commenting on the $700  Billion (finalized as over $800 Billion) Bailout Bill, designed to let the Keynesians in the Financial Industry loot the US Treasury in one way or another. And, gratifyingly, Taliaferro was not only commenting on the Bill, but also attacking it with his usual pitbull ferocity, and making many of the exact same points that the Ron Paul camp had been making in its strong opposition to the Bill, which obviously marks the beginning of an all-out Socialist banking system. Taliaferro was scathing in his attacks, and it was good to be on the same side of the fence with him for once, but one noticed that he constantly mentioned the names of Bush and Cheney and the Republicans in association with the Bill. Since Silverwolf had examined who had voted for the Bill the first time around in the House, and subsequently who had supported it in the Senate, as well as examining and pondering the breakdown of votes by party, it was curious to note that Taliaferro, who is a “barking-dog” for the Obama/Democratic Party philosophy, much as Silverwolf is one for the Jeffersonian/Libertarian Philosophy, never mentioned once in an hour that the Bill had been supported by the Democrats in the House by a margin of almost exactly 2-to-1, while the House Republicans had opposed it by almost exactly 2-to-1, nor did he mention once in that hour that the Bill was supported in the Senate by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Schumer, Frank, and a whole bunch of  those “wonderful Democrats” he is always braying about. And what subsequent hypocrisy when, after soundly lambasting the supporters of this Bill, Taliaferro completely fails to mention that Obama voted yes for this transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, but rather, on the contrary, he goes into his usual paean of praise for Saint Obama, the man who would throw people in jail for cannabis, but who cannot control his own tobacco addiction.

This is such a classical example of the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and its propaganda machine that it might well serve to be included in a textbook of techniques of political propaganda. And remember that propaganda is always a lie, because someone is trying to convince you of something by manipulating the facts, or obfuscating other facts. Don’t be convinced.

Until the people of America reject all hypocrisy and contradiction in their politics and their economics, they will continue to suffer.

Vote Libertarian in 2008.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Urges a “Yes” Vote on Oregon State Measure 64: Three Degrees of Separation

October 12, 2008

Silverwolf has been perusing the synopses of the various State Measures offered to the voters in the former British Colony of Oregon. And one of the more appealing State Measures, number 64, is one banning or more accurately penalizing the current heinous crime of  the co-mingling of political and private organizations with the state, by allowing for automatic payroll deductions, set up by the state, to flow to private political, charitable, and union organizations. For the state to be involved in any way with fundraising for private groups that undertake political action is a violation of that “third degree of separation” which Silverwolf feels is axiomatic for the perpetuation of the Republic.

And this takes us to the discussion of what Silverwolf terms the “Three Degrees of Separation”.

Wisechief Jefferson taught us and warned us that we must “build-up a wall of separation” between Church and State, if we wanted to keep our Republic. He knew what mayhem the breakdown of that wall would lead to, and was warning us exactly against people like Bush and Obama whose “Faith-based initiatives” are clearly unconstitutional violation of this principle and a clear danger to the continuance of the Republic, a danger to which both their parties have remained completely mum.

Wisechief-ess Ayn Rand, and her successors Murray Rothbard and Congressman Ron Paul, have taught us that we must have a similar “wall of separation” between economy and state. This is something Rand emphasized in her TV interview with Mike Wallace in the late 50s. And the current collapse of the Keynesian economy, due to the existence of the Federal Reserve (or any National Bank, call it what you will) and a fiat currency, has vindicated their position in spades.

But likewise, Silverwolf strongly feels, we must build up a “wall of separation” between government and private organizations, like charities,  private sector unions, trade lobbying groups, and public employee unions. In the arguments section of the Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet for this measure, a former school teacher claims that he was forced to make payments to both the state teacher’s union and a national teachers group, and that if he opted-out, as the opponents of this Measure say any state employee can easily do if they so wish, he would have been forfeiting all his rights as a union member according to the “opt-out” clause in his union contract. In other words, you’re free to opt out of paying those automatic payroll “free-will” donation deductions to your union, you just will lose any rights and privileges you had as a public employee union member if you dare to. No, no coercion there, is there, oh union lovers.

Even the ACLU, an organization that Silverwolf feels has done far more good than harm, and with whom he agrees a large percentage of the time, is on the wrong side of the fence on this one. They maintain in their argument section, that an employee has only to fill out a simple form to be able to “opt-out” of the automatic payroll deduction to the union, but Silverwolf wonders how they can fail to see that such a requirement is a form of involuntary servitude, in excess of the performance of their job for pay, which they are being forced to carry out to maintain their rights under the Bill of Rights. Being forced by the government to fill out a form in order to avoid a non-governmental imposition or impost is tantamount to being forced to stand or say the Pledge of Allegiance, which Silverwolf would remind the public was ruled Unconstitutional over 60 years ago,  or being forced to take a Loyalty Oath (except to become a Naturalized American Citizen, or work in the Armed Forces or FBI-like groups). Having to fill out such a form to avoid an Unconstitutional confiscation of ones property rights is a form of slavery, if the confiscation of ones property is for the benefit of a non-governmental agency. And why should the government be in the business at all of collecting funds for private groups, even if it entails a minimal effort from a computer once it is set up?  And here also is where we can clearly see the Unconstitutional contradiction Measure 64 abolishes, for who pays to print the forms to opt out, or pays or sets up the automatic payroll options, either on the computer, or at the state printing office? The public pays, obviously, for the labor and ink that benefits these private groups. That is an outrage.

Finally, there is no power under the sun stopping these leeches, that leech off government payrolls, to get their funds by having their supporters mail in checks or donate over the net with their credit cards just as thousands of  other American charities and groups have to do, and do so successfully enough to fund their continuing operations.  Why should immensely weathy private organizations like public unions, major charities like United Way, and major groups like PTA, be privileged to collect funds with the assistance of publically set-up payment systems, when thousands of other groups have to get their funds directly from their supporters through the mail or online? This amounts to an Unconsitutional privilege extended to a few specific non-governmental groups at the taxpayer’s expense.

It’s clear that Oregon State Measure 64 will defend the Human Rights and Property Rights of the American Individual over and against the Unconstitutional impositions that Collectivist non-governmental organizations try to weedle into the fabric of government. Don’t let them continue to get away with it: the continuation of the Republic requires we stop them at the ballot box.

Vote Yes on Oregon State Measure 64.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Obama “Rally” Continues: Stocks Plunge Over 600 Points

October 10, 2008

The Obama “Rally” continued today, Silverwolf has noted. The Dow “corrected” another 670-odd points, as American and world investors continued to realize the vast implications of the Socialisation of the American Banking system, in combination with the virtually assured election of Barack Obama. Investors worldwide know that this is the end of American Capitalism, or what has managed to survive of it after those pieces of work, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR got finished working it over with their collectivist fists. The setting up of the FED by Ted, Wilson’s megalomaniacal puritan desires to achieve a collectivist world, and FDR’s opportunistic snatching of Hoover’s socialist programs, which he had attacked in his campaign, (as was shown by his speech, some scholars assert, to the Commonwealth Club during his first Presidential campaign, in which he decried the Socialist programs of Hoover, and put himself forth as a pro-business, laissez-faire alternative), these were the three main initiating events that began the cataclysmic descent we have seen in the last few days. An economic carcinoma, 75 years in the making. American Capitalism, the last bastion of Free human endeavor in a heavily Socialized world, and already suffering from a virtually Socialist system which we’ve had since FDR, has finally lost that last 40% of Free-Market it had retained, as Paulson, Pelosi, Reid and Schumer swoop in to raid the Treasury, with the collaboration of almost all of the Democratic Congressman, and half the Republicans. America could have had great prosperity and Freedom, if it had elected Ron Paul for President. But so much of the country is now Socialistic in its thinking, that the Bi-Partisan Collectivists knew they could stampede this herd of cattle into the slaughter house. And now the slaughter is taking place.

America you wanted something for nothing, you wanted to rob your neighbor in the name of social justice, you said all must be equal economically, the man who doesn’t work or works and spends every cent, you said, should have just as much as the man who works two jobs and banks 40% or more of his earnings, while living frugally for years. As Obama said, no one who works hard in America should be poor — in other words, savings doesn’t matter one iota, and the spendthrift should have just as much as the saver — now, that’s a mighty great incentive to save, isn’t it, oh economically enlighted one.

And the Democratic simpletons complain that the U.S. savings rate is too low.

But now, dear Democrats, you are getting your wish for economic equality. Now you have burdened every child of the future with a cross of debt, and inflated away the value of the money that frugal fools deposited in your banks, because they were gullible enough to believe in your system, you are finding that your own upper-middle class superiority is fading fast. But rejoice, for you are achieving that goal of the Socialists and the Democratic Party — economic equality for all.

Yes Socialism does end in bringing about economic equality — all end up equally poor.

Ron Paul for President!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Democrats Blow Election Supporting Bailout Bill

October 4, 2008

The deeply immoral vote today, in which the Democrats and assorted Republican Quislings kneed the public in the groin and voted to transfer $700 Billion of the public’s wealth to the friends of the Liberal Democrats on Wall Street, will not be soon forgotten by the voting public. The taxpayers of America are angry, as they start to realise that not only are they being robbed through the tax system, but also through the inflationary system, a phenomenon they are just starting to remember after a 25-year hiatus. And today they saw the Democrats in large part stand shoulder to shoulder with President Bush and Treasury Czar Paulson to rob the American taxpayer and his grandchildren of the just fruits of their labor. Since McCain voted with them, they may well yet win the presidency, but when the public sees how many Liberal and mainline Democratic legislators voted for this Welfare for the Rich scheme at the expense of the poor, their anger will cause them to vote for the many Republicans and few Democrats who voted the moral “No” to this graft in the upcoming Congressional elections. Obama may well be President, but the Democrats who are so sure the bad economy will sweep them to power may be laughing out of the other side of their face when the returns come in. The public, with only a few weeks between this vote and the election, will not forget who stabbed them in the back, financially speaking, and today’s post announcement market reaction, in which the Dow gained over 200 points initially but finished down 150 shows that their shoddy panacea is perceived just as that by the vast bi-partisan investing community.

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Democrats, you blew it!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf