The Obama “Rally” Continues: Stocks Plunge Over 600 Points

The Obama “Rally” continued today, Silverwolf has noted. The Dow “corrected” another 670-odd points, as American and world investors continued to realize the vast implications of the Socialisation of the American Banking system, in combination with the virtually assured election of Barack Obama. Investors worldwide know that this is the end of American Capitalism, or what has managed to survive of it after those pieces of work, Teddy Roosevelt, Wilson, and FDR got finished working it over with their collectivist fists. The setting up of the FED by Ted, Wilson’s megalomaniacal puritan desires to achieve a collectivist world, and FDR’s opportunistic snatching of Hoover’s socialist programs, which he had attacked in his campaign, (as was shown by his speech, some scholars assert, to the Commonwealth Club during his first Presidential campaign, in which he decried the Socialist programs of Hoover, and put himself forth as a pro-business, laissez-faire alternative), these were the three main initiating events that began the cataclysmic descent we have seen in the last few days. An economic carcinoma, 75 years in the making. American Capitalism, the last bastion of Free human endeavor in a heavily Socialized world, and already suffering from a virtually Socialist system which we’ve had since FDR, has finally lost that last 40% of Free-Market it had retained, as Paulson, Pelosi, Reid and Schumer swoop in to raid the Treasury, with the collaboration of almost all of the Democratic Congressman, and half the Republicans. America could have had great prosperity and Freedom, if it had elected Ron Paul for President. But so much of the country is now Socialistic in its thinking, that the Bi-Partisan Collectivists knew they could stampede this herd of cattle into the slaughter house. And now the slaughter is taking place.

America you wanted something for nothing, you wanted to rob your neighbor in the name of social justice, you said all must be equal economically, the man who doesn’t work or works and spends every cent, you said, should have just as much as the man who works two jobs and banks 40% or more of his earnings, while living frugally for years. As Obama said, no one who works hard in America should be poor — in other words, savings doesn’t matter one iota, and the spendthrift should have just as much as the saver — now, that’s a mighty great incentive to save, isn’t it, oh economically enlighted one.

And the Democratic simpletons complain that the U.S. savings rate is too low.

But now, dear Democrats, you are getting your wish for economic equality. Now you have burdened every child of the future with a cross of debt, and inflated away the value of the money that frugal fools deposited in your banks, because they were gullible enough to believe in your system, you are finding that your own upper-middle class superiority is fading fast. But rejoice, for you are achieving that goal of the Socialists and the Democratic Party — economic equality for all.

Yes Socialism does end in bringing about economic equality — all end up equally poor.

Ron Paul for President!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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