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Silverwolf’s Act of Verbo-Genesis: A Word Is Born

November 25, 2008

“And in the Beginning was the Word.” Seems to Silverwolf this was a line from one of the more popular stories in the “Classics Illustrated” Series. He can’t remember the novel’s title, but it was a big best seller.

However, it shows how nothing could exist in the modern world, if not for words, except for everything else that would continue to go on. Would there be a world if all consciousness were wiped out, even down to the centipede and the cockroach? But man, ensconced comfortably in the world of words, which are mental concepts, can move little mentally past these rushes of air, substantiated by the rumblings of our vocal chords, with the afflatus modulated by the contortions of the oral rictus.

Words, on top of words, modifying words. No wonder you can hardly pick up the Oxford English Dictionary, even in its condensed form, without a crane.

So Silverwolf thinks it about time he added to the garbage heap of verbiage. And therefore he will commit an “act of verbo-genesis”. (Is it legal in Mississippi?).

He does this in response to a reader’s query addressed to a search engine, “What is a frugarian?”. Since this was a term coined in Silverwolf’s blog, in which he was interviewing the ghost of “Tovarich” Stalin, he thinks he should explain himself. And notwithstanding the irate letters he has received from residents of Fruga, a small community hidden in the Dolomites. denying any connection with Silverwolf, nor the missives he has gotten from superannuated teeny-boppers who claim that a Frugarian is one who ritually dances the Frug, on a daily basis, in order to achieve spiritual union with their “Higher Power”, Silverwolf must admit that neither theory is correct, and that the true meaning of a Frugarian is simply one who is frugal.

Since this is the first known instance of the use of the term Frugarian (or at least Silverwolf hopes it is), he thinks he may deserve a minuscule footnote in the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary (Compact Version) of 2743, in which, buried in an original usage quote that can only be read with the magnifying glass supplied with each set, they will cite that blog as the first known use of the term “frugarian” in the English language.

And Silverwolf will have contributed his one rusty old can of verbiage to the Matterhorn of linguistic junk that human minds on this planet carry around with them.

Thank goodness there are only 26 howls in the Wolverine Language.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Governor Corzine Goes From Libertarian to Fascist: Gary Null and The Mandatory Vaccination Program

November 23, 2008

Silverwolf, in an effusive, perhaps overdone, blog of last year, praised the State of New Jersey and Governor Corzine for abolishing the Death Penalty, and grandiloquently described him as a “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor”. However, the recent legislation making mandatory vaccinations a requirement for attending public schools, is one of the most bogus and Fascistic of programs imaginable, and the fact that most parents comply out of ignorance or fear, putting their children at risk of horrendous maimings, in order to make State-guaranteed profits for the vaccine-producing pharmaceutical companies, shows what a mealy-mouthed bunch of pushovers the American public has become in the face of Draconian government interventions in the Bill of Rights.

This was all made clear by Dr. Gary Null, PhD., when he spoke before a rally on October 16, 2008, on the steps of the New Jersey State Legislature. Null was scathing and unrelenting in his attacks, and it was obvious from the speech, that the real person who deserves Silverwolf’s coveted title of “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor” is Gary Null, and not Governor Corzine, a former Wall Street Banker turned Liberal Democratic Politician, who is so immoral that he, and his state government apparatus, will subject tens of thousands of children to possible maiming and autism. Since Dr. Null said it so much better that Silverwolf has, one would direct the reader to his speech, available on youtube. He points out, for example, that measles had decline by 98% from 1838 until the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963. The incidence of other major diseases for which mandatory vaccines were introduced, had also declined by similar amounts over 90%. These declines were due to public health measures like pasteurization of milk, public sanitation and water quality, and better nutrition, not due to the vaccines. Dr. Null also quotes verbatim various recognized experts in the established medical community who said they would not want their children or grandchildren given the very vaccines which their contemporaries and the government say are safe. The fact that this magnificent, fact-filled speech, has only received a little over 2,000 hits in five weeks, shows that the American public is ripe for a Nazi-Stalinist regime, telling it what to do about every little and major detail of its life.

So remember, America, the New Jersey legislature is a bastion of Liberal Democratic power. And look what these miscreants are willing to expose your children to, by force and coercion. Morally, these people are just trash, and one should never vote for their ilk. They have forced those who did want their children to attend public schools, or who don’t have the means to send them to private school, to homeschool their children, on top of working a job, or subject their children to possible horrendous side-effects, and contamination with monkey virus and mercury.

And so Silverwolf must sadly withdraw the premature kudos he placed on the New Jersey Legislature and Governor Corzine as being Libertarian Revolutionaries. They have turned out to be the same old immoral Collectivist Fascists, just like the rest.

And Silverwolf must re-bestow his award for “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor” on Dr. Gary Null. His courageous voice in defence of Human Liberty and Human Life, and in defending the children from the almost-Hitlerian miscreants who would use their bodies as guinea pigs, and drug them to keep them pacified in the horrendously boring public schools — this voice will not be forgotten by Libertarian Wolves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Obama Wins, Timothy Leary Is Dead: The Remnant Drops Out

November 5, 2008

The great victory for Collectivism and Tragedy for Human Liberty that occurred last night has put an end to the Libertarian movement that was spurred when Dr. Timothy Leary instructed the world: Tune in, turn on, drop out. The synergistic wave of energy that he, and contemporary philosophers of the day, launched was like a rocket that surged into space, exploded, and now has had its final pieces hit the ground with the election of Obama. For that great Individualistic spirit has finally been crushed, and we are about to enter a new pusillanimous age, where everything will be centered around security at the expense of Human Freedom. The “Wisdom of Insecurity” will be finally and completely abandoned for the “Addiction of Security”. Welcome to Big Mother.

In Ayn Rand’s epic “Atlas Shrugged”, the productive, individualistic, risk-taking individuals, known as the Remnant, come to the point where they realize that to continue to contribute to a society more and more Socialistic all the time is merely to let themselves be used, to be employed as a means by the pelf-plucking elements of the government and society to their end of a free lunch. As a last desperate attempt, this Remnant withdraws its productive energies from the market place, goes underground and lives quietly, and watches the ever-faster disintegration of the Socialist society that was ultimately dependent on the commodities which these Individuals, and the businesses and inventions they fostered, produced. No production, no consumption. And without consumption, any Collectivist society quickly falls apart in its “worker’s solidarity”. Try eating “revolutionary consciousness”.

As the Bi-Partisan Collectivists, led by Obama, and the populace, whipped up to a frenzy of fanaticism by his charismatic forensic abilities, demand more and more Socialism to cover their massive spending projects, the American people will sicken in spirit and initiative. Higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes, more social security taxes, stock transaction taxes, a health care tax, institutionalizing the Death Tax, and lowering its threshold so that most Americans who own homes will have to pay it, higher Medicare and Social Security matches for small businessmen, and higher state income and estate taxes — all these will combine to kill the American drive to stay self-sufficient and “make a buck”, a drive that the public will be told is wicked, while at the same time the public will be told that all will soon have jobs. Now, isn’t the point of a job to “make a buck”?

Of course, historically, the rich lawyers in Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, write the laws with complex loopholes which guarantee that any wealthy person who hires a bright accountant can plan his taxes so that he avoids most of the impact of these new imposts. So, ultimately, the tax burden is shifted to the middle class, through higher income tax rates and higher property taxes, and to both the middle class and the poor, through inflation. However, this time, they are going to want to fleece everybody, because the bi-partisan Collectivists of the Democratic and Republican Party have so robbed the Treasury and the public in the last 8 (and actually the last 44) years that we will never recover unless we have a Libertarian Revolution by returning to the letter of the U.S. Constitution.

Futility is trying to change something through argument that will only change through shock. The next four (or two) years may well shock the American people out of their Socialism, as they see the economic chaos their voting in spendthrifts brings. But that is the price of playing the Keynesian Bunko Racket, The Free Lunch Program.  Sargeant Friday is kinda rough on them when he brings them in for questioning, especially when he thinks of all the little old ladies having their savings inflated away (i.e. robbed) by Obama and those other multi-million dollar Democratic lawyers in the U.S. Congress, who’ve never had to worry about an electric bill for the last 30 years. Existentialism vs. a Congressional Checking Account.

So Timothy Leary is dead. The Libertarian Spirit is crushed. The Remnant drops out and moves underground, withdraws its productive energies, lets the leeches begin to live off the other leeches, and watches. Two years, four years, eight years? The Libertarian Spirit will slumber, but not die. Human Freedom cannot be quashed by the Collectivist drive for security. It is very unfortunate that America had a chance for the first truly Free, Capitalistic, society in history, this election season, if it had elected Ron Paul, and passed it by to rather embrace its complete opposite: a restrictionist, socialist, unconstitutional regime. Such is the distorted herd thinking that economic fear causes in humans, and that is why it is so important to prevent it with a completely free-market employing a commodity-backed currency.

So is Timothy Leary dead, or has he merely dropped out with the Remnant? Four years from now, we will know the answer.

“Timothy Leary’s dead.

No-o-o-o. He’s outside, looking in.”                      Moody Blues/ “Legend of a Mind”

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Courtroom Drama Dream: The Anti-Religious Police

November 3, 2008

In responsum to a recent Silverwolf blog in favor of a strict “wall of separation” between church and state, Blue Dawg brought up the criticism that government and the private sector were so mixed in our current culture that it was hard to sometimes distinguish the two. Well, Silverwolf didn’t think that was quite a sufficient reason to invalidate his arguments on this issue, but, in his penchant for playing Devil’s Advocate, he tried to think up several situations where it might apply. And soon, after a cup of “Wolfmen’s” Brand Wolfbane (“The No.1 Choice Amongst Discriminating Wolves Throughout North America and the Artic Ice Shelf”), he came up with the situation of: You’re driving in your Wolfwagon on a public road. You say a prayer inside the car. Since the road was paid for with public funds, and you wouldn’t be on that spot if not for the public funds paying for that road, then when you mumble a prayer, or even a say something like, “Oh, G-d, don’t let me be late for the appointment.”, since you are situated on the road and could be said to be “established”, you have violated the separation of church and state.

Or howzabout: your standing on the public sidewalk, mending your picket fence. While smashing a nail, you manage to smash your own nail, and exclaim aloud so that the neighbors may hear it, “G-d damn it!”. Now, as this may be viewed as a prayer, or supplication to the Supreme Deity, one of the neighbors, overhearing this oath, picks up the phone and calls the anti-Religious police. And, in the end, you are jailed for praying on a public street, since you used the sidewalk to “establish” yourself in religious activity.

And there Silverwolf has given his opponents on this issue all the ammunition they may need to engage him on the forensic battlefield of debate. Commenceth to fire!

But enough of this levity. It’s time to relate to you a serious dream Silverwolf had, a couchmar, a nightmare, in which he was dragged into the “Anti-Religious Court”. It went thusly:

After closing his eyes, Silverwolf suddenly found himself in the County Anti-Religious Court, where cases of attempted overthrow of separation of church and state were tried. Handcuffed and shackled, Silverwolf stood before Judge Thyck, and heard the accusation: “Silverwolf you have been charged with using the religious exclamation “Land o’ Goshen”, taken directly from the King James Version, on a public thoroughfare. How do you plead, guilty or not guilty, and excuse me a second Silverwolf while I get my black hood which I need in Capital cases.”

“Oh, sure, Judge Thyck, take your time, I know you suffer from gout due to the excessive quantities of port you consume every night while signing Death Warrants. Please don’t rush on my behalf.” (The Judge returns.)

“Now, how do you plead, Silverwolf, and remember, your fate may depend on it?”

“Oh, sure, I’ll keep it in mind. Well, what really happened was this Your Honor:

Silverwolf found himself wandering on the public streets of town, paid for by the taxpayers. He encountered Blue Dawg, who told him he was thinking of swimming to Roumania, to work some extra weight off, and stock up on their remarkable lettuces. And then Blue Dawg asked him what body of water he’d have to cross to get there. And Silverwolf told him. It’s that simple. The four undercover anti-Religious Police who overheard him, misunderstood what he said. So, Silverwolf, he pleads Not Guilty, Your Honor Judge Thyck.”

Judge Thyck’s brow creased. He wrinkled his nose, and raised his upper lip in indecision. Something contractionary seemed to be working furiously behind his eyes. He lowered his head, then raised it, then formed the crease of a smile, which then promptly disappeared. The brows moved from vertical to horizontal indentures. The judge lowered his head again. A silence of thirty seconds ensued. Silverwolf’s heart beat a savage tattoo.  And then the judge raised his head, one saw the crease of the smile, spread, grow, and  finally engulf the well-fed chubby cheeks of jurisprudence.

“Oh I get it!” Judge Thyck broke into mirthful laughter. “Case dismissed.”

Silverwolf awoke with the sweat pouring off his muzzle, which takes some doing, since Wolves never sweat.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Sympathy for the Socialist

November 2, 2008

Subsequent to searching for a source to sustain statistics stated in a symposium, Silverwolf sought supporting statements on several sites. One of these, surprisingly enough, was the site for the “World Socialist Web”, and, though he quickly realized he had driven his big-rig into a construction site with a narrow road, with no turnarounds, he nevertheless became intrigued enough to read the column that greeted him there, for it gave him a good wolf-giggle indeed.

It had been many decades since Silverwolf drenched himself in the empty rhetoric of the classical Left, but evidently the collective mills that turn this stuff out had not changed staff too much, or had replaced brain-tissue with like brain-tissue, for Silverwolf was treated to a barrage of vagaries so classic in the language of the Left that it was like watching one of those nostalgic TV commercials from the 50s or 60s.

The author of this piece was named Chris Marsden, and in it he decries the compromises which, in his view, two of the other generic British-left parties, (i.e. George Galloway’s laughably named “Respect Renewal” Party, and the more classical “Socialist Workers Party”), have made in not being firm enough in the face of evil Capitalism, and caving in to the “petty-bourgeoisie”. In other words, these guys are milksops, but Marsden, and whatever group he represents, are the real Vanguard of the Revolution, etc.

Silverwolf still giggles as he skims this diatribe against the compromisers of the pseudo-Left and rolls off his wolf-tongue the phrases that formerly stirred millions in the 60s. To quote some of the better Leninist plums: “The analysis of Respect Renewal and the SWP is shallow, ahistorical, passive and thoroughly demoralized.” “It is for Marxists a truism that a socialist revolution can unfold only on the basis of definite objectively revolutionary conditions. But this is not a justification for political fatalism. Objective conditions must be cognized and acted upon. For Marxists, the possibilities of a revolutionary development resulting from the present crisis cannot be understood outside of the role of a socialist party educating and organizing the working class — and mobilising its most advanced representatives on a revolutionary perspective.” Hahahaha, tee,hee,hee,ha,ha. It’s too much for Silverwolf! Tee,hee. Please, let Silverwolf catch his breath! Tee,hee,hee. “Must be cognized”? Is that phrase for real? “Mobilising its most advanced representatives on a revolutionary perspective.” Well, presumably Marsden and his fellow Leftists are in this “Most Advanced Representatives” group, who will need the quiet of a Dacha and the Soothings of Johnny Walker (Black Label) and Marlboros while they study their “Collected Works of Lenin”. Yes, life is rough for the Intelligentsia, but the workers sure are lucky to have such “most advanced representatives” educating and organizing them. And how could they even figure out who the “most advanced representatives” were, if they were not told by those same advanced ones? Lucky for Marsden, he’s obviously one of them, since the workers are obviously a bunch of sheep, with no intellect, who must be educated and organized by some superior group of brains. Aren’t the workers lucky.

And Marsden leaves us with this observation on the current world economic crisis which should be an eye-opener to all of us who thought the Left was pretty much in Lethe: “And how the present crisis  will develop — whether it leads to the catastrophe of fascism (as in the 1930s) or to socialist revolution — depends to a large extent on the actions of Marxists. That is the basic point Trotsky was making when he wrote in the founding document of the Fourth International, “The crisis of mankind is the crisis of revolutionary leadership.”

Yeh, you can sure see how the Marxists are having a profound effect on what is happening on Wall Street. Yep, the whole world is hanging on the words of the far-Left leadership in America and Britain. No doubt about it.

There was something sad and slightly pathetic about the ancient patter from 40 years in the past, the shopworn phrases, still strung together in long daisy chains of undefinition, better than any bromide in quickly putting the mind to sleep. Silverwolf felt a twinge of sympathy for the Socialist, writing away passionately to a world that will not listen to him.

But, come to think of it, Marsden actually did make a lot of sense, and say something profoundly true, when he said that Marxists will determine the outcome of the present economic crisis.

He was obviously referring to the Members of Congress, and the coming Administration.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf