Governor Corzine Goes From Libertarian to Fascist: Gary Null and The Mandatory Vaccination Program

Silverwolf, in an effusive, perhaps overdone, blog of last year, praised the State of New Jersey and Governor Corzine for abolishing the Death Penalty, and grandiloquently described him as a “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor”. However, the recent legislation making mandatory vaccinations a requirement for attending public schools, is one of the most bogus and Fascistic of programs imaginable, and the fact that most parents comply out of ignorance or fear, putting their children at risk of horrendous maimings, in order to make State-guaranteed profits for the vaccine-producing pharmaceutical companies, shows what a mealy-mouthed bunch of pushovers the American public has become in the face of Draconian government interventions in the Bill of Rights.

This was all made clear by Dr. Gary Null, PhD., when he spoke before a rally on October 16, 2008, on the steps of the New Jersey State Legislature. Null was scathing and unrelenting in his attacks, and it was obvious from the speech, that the real person who deserves Silverwolf’s coveted title of “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor” is Gary Null, and not Governor Corzine, a former Wall Street Banker turned Liberal Democratic Politician, who is so immoral that he, and his state government apparatus, will subject tens of thousands of children to possible maiming and autism. Since Dr. Null said it so much better that Silverwolf has, one would direct the reader to his speech, available on youtube. He points out, for example, that measles had decline by 98% from 1838 until the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963. The incidence of other major diseases for which mandatory vaccines were introduced, had also declined by similar amounts over 90%. These declines were due to public health measures like pasteurization of milk, public sanitation and water quality, and better nutrition, not due to the vaccines. Dr. Null also quotes verbatim various recognized experts in the established medical community who said they would not want their children or grandchildren given the very vaccines which their contemporaries and the government say are safe. The fact that this magnificent, fact-filled speech, has only received a little over 2,000 hits in five weeks, shows that the American public is ripe for a Nazi-Stalinist regime, telling it what to do about every little and major detail of its life.

So remember, America, the New Jersey legislature is a bastion of Liberal Democratic power. And look what these miscreants are willing to expose your children to, by force and coercion. Morally, these people are just trash, and one should never vote for their ilk. They have forced those who did want their children to attend public schools, or who don’t have the means to send them to private school, to homeschool their children, on top of working a job, or subject their children to possible horrendous side-effects, and contamination with monkey virus and mercury.

And so Silverwolf must sadly withdraw the premature kudos he placed on the New Jersey Legislature and Governor Corzine as being Libertarian Revolutionaries. They have turned out to be the same old immoral Collectivist Fascists, just like the rest.

And Silverwolf must re-bestow his award for “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor” on Dr. Gary Null. His courageous voice in defence of Human Liberty and Human Life, and in defending the children from the almost-Hitlerian miscreants who would use their bodies as guinea pigs, and drug them to keep them pacified in the horrendously boring public schools — this voice will not be forgotten by Libertarian Wolves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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9 Responses to “Governor Corzine Goes From Libertarian to Fascist: Gary Null and The Mandatory Vaccination Program”

  1. rjjrdq Says:

    Null is awesome. At the same time, if you look at nations that don’t have access to critical vaccines-the results are devastating. Yes, vaccines need work-a whole lot of work, but they have saved lives. A gut wrenching decision for any enlightened parent.

    Corzine? He may never had heard of Gary Null. He may think he’s doing “the right thing”.

  2. Democratic America, Goverment and Election » Governor Corzine Goes From Libertarian to Fascist: Gary Null and The Mandatory Vaccination Program Says:

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  3. hpx83 Says:

    A highly interesting post I must say. Once again – the difference could not be more obvious between our countries. Vaccination is standard operating procedure in the socialist state of sweden, and has been for many years. While I consider vaccination a good thing, of course it should be volountary.

    I am assuming that you are referring to the debated MPR-vaccine? Unfortunately, I must report that I seriously doubt that the autism prevalence has anything to do with the MPR-vaccine. Of course – this cannot be proven and therefore vaccination should of course be volountary. However – I think it is important to know both sides of the story, so I dug up this article for you

    MMR and autism – Denmark

    Of course, data can always debated, and therefore I will not claim that this report is the ultimate proof of anything. As always, I am only on a quest for spreading information, and leave up to everyone else to draw the conclusions.

    We are much thankful for the fact that Silverwolfs posts always seems to make us eager to go on information quests online.

    Many thanks,

    // Hpx

  4. lobobreed Says:

    rjjrdq — The reason those countries don’t offer vaccines is that usually they are in poverty, and the living conditions under poverty are so unsanitary that they weaken the immune systems. Instead of cleaning up Africa, the Corporate Collectivists like Clinton would rather go in and vaccinate all the children with something that will bump them off later on, while enabling them to cope with the pollution a little longer.

    About a decade back, I read a self-produced book at our local library, written by a local family, on their investigations into vaccines (don’t know the name). I was struck by the fact that they quoted major scientific journals, like Nature and Scientific American, for all their statistics. I recall they pointed out the difference in death rates between African and American children getting measles. In Africa there had been about a million deaths annually; in America there were, if I recall, about 500 serious cases, with about 100 deaths. This was far less than the thousands of illnesses and permanent injuries that occurred, in parents opinions, from having their children vaccinated here. So I believe Null is right in that the advances in lowering mortality rate and incidence were due to public health measures, which was proven in the US, since the rate would not have declined by 98% PRIOR to the introduction of the vaccine in 1963, if the vaccine were absolutely necessary before then. Why weren’t all the children, or the millions that weren’t vaccinated in America prior to 1963, wiped out in a measles epidemic? Surely, if the vaccines were valid, virtually every child who wasn’t vaccinated prior to 1963, should have died at some point. In fact, why is the human race still here, since we have only had vaccines in modern times? Just luck? — Silverwolf

    As for parents, the decision is clear. If you don’t believe in vaccines (and please read Null’s work on the topic if you do), then take your child out of public school, if that’s still permitted in the Fascist regions of America. — Silverwolf

  5. lobobreed Says:

    hpx83 — Well, it’s not just the issue of one vaccine, or 3-in-1 vaccines, but about 10 different vaccines, plus the flu shots, and various pharmaceuticals they force children to take to attend public schools like ritalin. They’re pushing speed to the children, because the public schools are as big a failure in America, as every public government venture here, and just as boring, ineffectual, and effete. (Null, incidentally, in his article on caffeine, points out that caffeine has been used successfully in some cases to deal with the problem that ritalin is supposed to deal with, with much less devastation to the child forced to take it.) And the real issue is, government is saying : this is safe, and you MUST take it, and that is the complete opposite of Libertarianism, especially since Null proves these vaccines are never safe. So they are telling the people a lie, and then forcing them to accept it — just as the FED does in economics —and that is the real issue. Can the people be made passive enough to accept a lie? That’s what Hitler did; that’s what Stalin and Mao did — and they are still worshiped the world over by their miscreant supporters.

    This vaccine battle, like the battle of flouridation, is the eternal battle between the Free Human Individual, and the Leviathan State, backed up by the bullying failures-in-life, who want to coerce all members of the community to their way of living. — Silverwolf

  6. hpx83 Says:

    As always I am with you, there is no excuse for forcing people to take medicines just because the government says so. If a private school did it – then it would be different because then one could always choose another school. This is also one of the problems with any “public” institutions that cannot be avoided – who decides the correct policy for an institution you cannot avoid by going to a competitor?

    My point was actually mainly the 3-in-1 vaccine/autism discussions, on all other points I am with you.


  7. lobobreed Says:

    hpx83 — Without having checked the reference you offered, I too have heard soothing words about the 3-in-1 vaccine. However, there remains the immorality of subjecting a child’s delicate system to three vaccine shocks at one time, versus one at a time, which the body would be better able to handle. This, in itself, is immoral, and highly convenient for the vaccine-pushers of industry.

    I recall too that, for years, I have been scoffing at the efficacy of flu shots, as they brainwash the elderly to exposing themselves to who-knows what viruses and toxins in those shots each year. Last year, I recall hearing a major news report that they found that flu shots had no benefit whatsoever in preventing flu (sorry, can’t site the reference, but it should be on the web somewhere). Recently, my local health department was offering, at taxpayer subsidized expense, flu shots and telling folks to come on in.

    Lastly, the Libertarian dilemma would really be manifested if the State required both public school attendance and, simulataneously, mandatory vaccine programs. This was the case when I was being brainwashed through my state’s School System decades ago (though the quality of public school teachers in my district was much higher around the inception of the Kennedy era—many were excellent and interesting). But I don’t think we had anywhere near as many vaccinations, and they were one at a time. And no child was being forced to take ritalin, or various tranquilizers. And this in a country that spends billions locking people up for cannabis. And now we will have a president who is addicted to tobacco.

    Now that many states permit homeschooling, though some require periodic testing (I hear the homeschoolers consistently score higher), part of the Libertarian sting has gone out of these coercive measures. However, given the misery of the working classes in America, it’s a bit much to expect a non-intellectual parent to educate his children in a whole panoply of subjects; I personally don’t mind a government school system if the participants want to pay all the costs. I think that an internet connection, and a few local workshops to teach reading, writing and arithmetic, in accord with Jefferson’s view that these things should be taught to all, could easily supplant the bulk of what children get from public schools, while private or volunteer tutors, and homeschooling, could supplement that basic instruction and give a much better education than the average American high school student ends up with.

    Is public school attendance mandatory in Sweden? I’d guess it is. — Silverwolf

  8. Rima E. Laibow, MD Says:

    As a physician who has carefully examined the evidence (and appeared in several of Gary Null’s videos as an expert on autism, psychiatric drugging of both adults and children, vaccination and a number of other issues, I do not believe for a moment that vaccines save lives. Hygiene and nutrition save lives. Vaccines cause debility and death, even when they are not laced with HCG to cause permanent sterility and extra toxins (e.g., WHO found guilty of involuntary sterilization with infertility vaccine disguised as tetanus vaccination of 3 million women in the Philippines by the Philippine Supreme Court, Gates foundation vaccines said to contain twice as much mercury compared to already disastrous US vaccines).
    Then Natural Solutions Foundation,, tackles these issues and offers powerful information and action steps through its Health Freedom eAlerts. One of our Trustees, Ralph Fucetola, also spoke at the NJ Statehouse Steps No Compulsory Vaccination Rally. Here is the Youtube clip of that speech:
    I hope, Silverwolf, that you will follow the Natural Solutions Foundation and share our information and action steps with your readers.
    By providing useful – and impactful – information, the Natural Solutions Foundation has become the largest health freedom organization in the world. We need every netroots (the new grass roots) voice that we can muster to make our voices heard. We are ONLY audible in the current reality in the aggregate!
    Yours in health and freedom,
    Dr. Rima
    Rima E. Laibow, MD
    Medical Director
    Natural Solutions Foundation
    I hope, L

  9. lobobreed Says:

    Dear Dr. Laibow — Silverwolf is indeed honored and flattered to have such an eminent physician read and address his blog. I too have long harbored serious doubts about the safety and efficacy of not only vaccines, but virtually all man-made pills. I stopped eating meat fish and poultry on Sept. 1st, 1970, so have long been sceptical when listening to all the justifications for eating meat, and the FDA recommended foods and vitamin levels.

    Medicine is still a vast, uncharted sea, but some like Dr. Null, have begun to pinpoint and adumbrate the outlines of certain islands of truth, approximations that become more defined with more study. One is reminded of some of the textbooks on Chess that came out between 1860 and 1900, written by men who thought they had chess all figured out. And over a hundred years later, theory is still evolving, but all their theories are left in the dust.

    Not so, though, when it comes to philosophy, economics, and perhaps history and even medicine. I recall a little book I once saw on etiquette and personal hygience from circa. 1840. The author mentions that the Spanish are known for their excellent teeth, and that they also made a habit of picking out the bits of food from between their teeth with a silver toothpick. Such an observation might lead to the development in modern times of dental floss, or theorizing that silver has some antibacterial properties, or both. In brief, many old theories often lead to new ways of thinking about problems, but modern medicine is taught as if only the most recent information is of value, and the ancient texts are regarded as quaint but worthless.

    I shall certainly refer to your website and the video above. A body that is fed on junk food has a junk mind, and that is the case with most Federal Bureaucrats I would guess. But note too that this is not only a medical issue, but perhaps more so, a political issue. Libertarians believe that property rights include ownership over your own body, and when the state violates that ownership, whether from the draft, or forcing you to take a vaccine, or stand for the pledge of allegiance, it has violated the Bill of Rights, and the Rights of Man. — Silverwolf

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