Robama Hood and His Merry Band of Pelf-Pluckers

Robama Hood announced his latest plans to bankrupt the good Ol’ USA today, and put the final bolt into the crucifixion of the U.S. Dollar. The billions and trillions just keep rolling out, as the Keynesian pelf-pluckers further line the pockets of their constituent groups: the New York Banks, the Michigan Unions, the National Teachers Association, and the construction industry. Of course, their was no mention of paying for this by cutting farm subsidies, or having the Europeans and the Koreans pay for their own defense. Or closing some of those 700 bases we have all over the world, subsidizing the defense of our allies, while at home there aren’t enough police to deal with the rise in crime which the inflationist policies of the Democrats and Republicans have created. America suffers while Socialist Europe and Korea reap the benefits, and give their citizens all kinds of freebies at the expense of the American taxpayer. And then the Europeans  point to the success of their Euro-Socialist economies. The usual Keynesian bullscat.

The Democrats, freed from the restraint of a check on their power, are already making up a huge list of projects, which will be funded by government printing presses making whatever savings you have, worth much less. The Democrats, in conjunction with the FED and the Keynesians amongst the Republicans,  are currently laying their plans to rob you right out on the table, and the American public is applauding, because they do not understand inflation. America thinks that money can be created by the printing press, because so many Americans have been living on that wealth for the last 30 years. Now, the entire system is collapsing, and of course, the spoilt children of the Michigan Unions, whose minimum wage laws make it virtually impossible for the destitute to easily find enough work to keep them from starvation — these greedy unions are now demanding that the independent individuals of America give them even more freebies by having the money supply inflated even more. But they are small potatoes compared to the banks, the insurance companies, the military industrial looters, and the farm lobby Commies, always with their hand out for another dole from Joe Individual. These are the same Commies who are always braying about the Individual pulling himself up by his bootstraps; a physical impossibility, although they don’t mind being pulled up on the bootstraps of the minimum wage worker, and the small businessman.

The Band of Merry Pelf-Pluckers: all the miscreants who give away the wealth created by individual capitalists to their buddies in the government mafias: Bill and Hillary Clinton, $30,000 ring Robama, Dodd, Biden, Austen Goolsbee with his ghoulish prescription for inflation, Franklin Raines and Schumer and Frank, the buddies of the Communist Bankers Association, “Welfare for the Rich Farmers” Daschle, obese Charles Rangel with his Draft proposals and his tax surcharges, showing what a contemptable Fascist he is, Harry “exciting as watching paint dry” Reid, spendthrift splendidly coiffed Pelosi, and the whole gang of other outlaws who have taken it upon themselves to loot the Individual American as he travels the Highways of Life G-d gave him.

The Democrats are going to loot your wealth, America, and destroy the purchasing power of your money. Are you just going to sit their silently and let them do it without a word of protest? Are you such a nation of sheep, that you will let a smiling corporate salesman waltz his way into your living room and steal your family’s silver? Evidently you are.

The highway robbery by Robama and His Band of Merry Pelf-Pluckers will continue for at least two years. Will their be anything left of economic order when they are finished with their Great Looting of America for the benefit of their corporations? No.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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9 Responses to “Robama Hood and His Merry Band of Pelf-Pluckers”

  1. trahantheman Says:

    sobering in it’s harshness and truth. well written and well said.

  2. Robama Hood and His Merry Band of Pelf-Pluckers at Hillary Clinton On Best Political Blogs Says:

    […] Robama Hood and His Merry Band of Pelf-Pluckers …the wealth created by individual capitalists to their buddies in the government mafias: Bill and Hillary Clinton, $30,000 ring Robama, Dodd… […]

  3. hpx83 Says:

    Silverwolf – things are going pretty much straight to hell here in Sweden as well. Just learned today that we’re bailing Volvo and SAAB, at 1/4th of the cost for GM/Chrysler. The problem is you got 50 times more working people in the US…..this shit is f-ing depressing…..

  4. lobobreed Says:

    hpx83 — Fann! At least Volvo and SAAB make very safe, very high quality cars, although you have to be a rich man in America to have one repaired.

    I bet Sweden wishes the world would go on an iron standard, with the currency backed by iron ore. Or maybe steel.

    Looks like the countries of the world are locked in a race to deflate their currencies before the other guy, to keep their export trade alive. An interesting situation, one of the many which the fools of the Keynesian School are creating. Hopefully, if man survives a thousand years, the 3000 year man will look back and say, “Hahaha, what fools those Keynesians were. And how isolated must have felt those few Austrians who had realized and adumbrated economic truth, like Rothbard and Ron Paul and all those bloggers who started writting when the internet first came into being, almost a thousand years ago.” Perhaps in 3013 a co-ed at the University of Uppsala will do a term paper on the topic: “Early Capitalist Bloggers and Their Influence on the 21st Century Free-Market Revolution”. Maybe we’ll even get mentioned. — Silverwolf

  5. hpx83 Says:

    Iron standard ey, that would truly be something. Would need quite some space for the reserves, but on the other hand – it’s going to be physically impossible to steal half a billion tons of iron 😉 We could build our own eiffel-tower, only ten times as big – and call it the central bank 🙂 Everytime someone deposited money we could just slap a few more metal bars on it….

    I guess the current economic situation invokes a lot of surrealistic thinking, huh? And one can only hope that the world soon discoveres true economics. The fact that I like about “austrians” is that there is no mumbo-jumbo or “things are more complicated than that”. Also it is the only theory that makes sense as to the relation between micro and macro economics. Because in all honesty – I do not see the current government practices working on a micro-economic level.

    I mean – if I lend $100 to a friend and he then says that he cannot pay it back – I do not go and ask another, wealthier friend to guarantee that he will pay back, and also give my first friend $10 that he can lend to someone else and try to pay me back with the interest. I dont know – maybe the analogy isn’t analogous – but who knows what the govt’s of this world is really doing anymore?

    If I get mentioned in any history books, my only hope is that they use the word “aggressively” no matter what they say I did. At least it will mean that I didn’t fight to little.

    But for now – opinionate – opinionate – opinionate. It aint over ’til the slightly overweight lady howls at the operahouse.

  6. lobobreed Says:

    hpx83 — Of course, I was joking about the the iron standard. But imagine if we went to a copper standard. With copper at $1.50 fiat dollars a pound, we could mint a crown size “copper Rothbard” with a picture of Murray, with his glasses on, and scratching his forehead. All world transactions would have to be paid for in copper coin, and banks could not engage in fractional reserve lending. They would have to keep all deposits, except time deposits, on hand at the bank, all the time.

    People would have to make several trips to the supermarket, just to be able to carry the weight of the coins they’d need to buy the weekly groceries. Imagine paying $100,000 for a house at auction, and having to come up with all the cash, in copper coin, at the sale site. It would make for a very interesting capitalist system, and a sound one, but a very restricted one. Would also make a good Chaplin comedy.

    Another idea would be to add a few flakes of silver or gold to every crown coin, so that all would know that the coins had some precious metal content, if only a laughable amount, and one that would require a smelter to extract the bullion. Imagine having to melt 2000 copper Rothbard Crowns to get one grain of gold.

    I think your analogy of the borrowing merry-go-round IS analogous, since everything (i.e. the money) is based on someones word that they will carry out an action (pay back the loan), but they know that they cannot guarantee that fact 100% because of Providence, and the quirks of the Tao.

    I think Austrian Economics is valid because it is the only system that is SELF-EVIDENTLY valid. That is, when you read its insights, you can look at your own economic behaviour, carried out over many years before you were ever acquainted with Austrian principles, and see that you were operating according to Austrian principles. Instead of labelling them “Austrian Principles” it would be better to label them “Universal Praxeological Laws”, which manifest themselves predominantly in the economic sphere. That is also why Austrian principles need no statistical basis, or mathematical formulae to validate their insights. They are pure logic, (or perhaps axioms of mass economic human behaviour that are valid for the vast majority of humankind), but it does take more than a moments thought to distinguish them from the false notions of the Keynesians. Virtually all economic systems and theories sound sound at first hearing; they all have a surface logic that makes them appealing at first glance. But it takes a deeper, though not incomprehensible, exploration to see that a lot of Keynesian ideas are false right on the surface of the argument, if you know how to pinpoint the falsity. (And Rothbard was particularly keen at this.) Principles, for example, like interest rates are set by time preference of individuals, and nothing else. Or that economic activitiy and pricing is based on subjective values of individuals, which can never be quantified. Or that a correct pricing mechanism is impossible under a socialist or collectivist system. 95% of economists are worshipping a false religion.

    But of course, all of us are convinced that we are right. — Silverwolf

  7. trahantheman Says:

    Austrian theory is beautiful…. but it’s of no use to those who seek power. Nobody needs an economist that explains everything sensically. You need smoke and mirrors and magic to manipulate. You need a justification for socialism and centralization and you’ll only find that in a Keynesian. Unfortunately it’s a battle that has existed for a long time and i fear will yet…. but keep plugging… i rather like the idea of “Early Capitalist Bloggers” haha

  8. hpx83 Says:

    Pointless fact of the day – one swedish “crown” (SEK) was originally a copperplate so large that you could only move it with a heavy horse and wagon – and it’s purchase power was pretty enough for one large house. So, to buy the house someone actually traded an equally valuable amount of copper (at least – so I have been told). Thats real money for you. 😉

    So maybe having copper “Rothbardians” for money isn’t so surreal – just a bit oldfashioned.

    As for the Keynes vs. Austria (or Chicago vs. Austria for that matter) I think that the main difference is – and always will be, that Austrian Economics is not a matter of belief. Any system based on statistical analysis will always require that you believe in the conclusions that the system relies upon – conclusions like “lowered interest rates stimulates the economy” and “monetary expansion is necessary to ensure economic growth”. These things cannot be proven, they can only be deemed more or less likely dependent of how the underlying data looks, thus you need a degree of “belief” to use the system.

    Austrian economics brings things to such a basic level that its statements are irrefutable. The beauty of logic applied to economics.

  9. lobobreed Says:

    hpx83 — Excellent points. I think you may have hit the basic distinction between Chicago/Austria on the head, belief vs. logic, and put it very pithily.

    That’s very interesting about the Swedish crown. Didn’t know that. If I ever redeem any Swedish Kroner, I’ll remember to bring a team of horses and a wagon to the bank. — Silverwolf

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