Warmonger Obama: Terrorizing Pakistani Civilians

Well, George Bush has returned, and his name is Barack Obama. And with the aid of his Democratic Congress, Mrs. Clinton, and former Vietnam diplomat and warmonger, Richard Holbrooke, they are terrorizing hundreds of thousands of civilians in Pakistan.

One wonders what would happen if the situation were reversed, if Pakistan sent in fighter jets and extensively bombed Orange County, CA, or Obama stronghold, San Francisco, killing hundreds of civilians, and forcing 360,000 refugees onto the road. Would those refugees and the relatives of the dead women and children stand up and cheer for Pakistan? But the arrogant Obama-Clinton Administration, who, safe behind their millions of dollars, know that they will never be thrown into such a situation, callously send out American bombers to flatten villages, killing countless civilians while they kill some of the Taliban. Do you think those dead civilians thought it was worth it?

But the President is restating his firm commitment to turn Pakistan into a hellhole, traumatizing countless women and children, while he sits comfortably in Washington, and moves the pieces on the chessboard. America has elected LBJ the Second.

Reports hitting the newswires a few minutes ago talk of 147 civilians killed in recent bombing raids by America. The French medical charity, Medecins sans Frontieres, has pulled out of the area due to the danger.  So now there is not even ambulance service for 360,00 poor people in Pakistan. Too bad they were not voting Americans, for then you can be sure the President would be concerned with their predicament, urging Congress to provide for their medical care. After all, they are Americans.

President Obama is showing himself to be made of the same namby-pamby jello as virtually all of our Congressmen, save for Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, in his excellent questioning of Ambassador Holbrooke the other day, hit all the right points, and brought up all the relevent arguments. And Holbrooke, who hasn’t changed one iota in 40 years, gave us the same bullcrap we heard endlessly during the Vietnam debacle. Such is the price for not trying and jailing War Criminals.

The Democratic Party has not changed one scintilla since the Vietnam War. It is a party of Warmongers, callous, indifferent, and arrogant men and women, whose only concerns are the size of their bank accounts and their electability with the public, but never the actual pain and suffering they throw onto millions of helpless people.

Given the vast Islamic populations of the Middle East and Indonesia, given the immense wealth of the Gulf Arab Nations, given the alleged concern for compassion of the Islamic Religion, why aren’t Muslims conducting this war against the Taliban? Why is it that Christian and Jewish and Atheist kids from Nebraska and Oregon, who signed up for the National Guard, which is supposed to only be used to maintain domestic tranquillity, are being sent halfway around the world to fight the fights that Muslims should be concerned with?

Barack Obama, in his first hundred days in office, has shown himself to be a malleable, callous, and conventional Warmonger. He, along with his Democratic Congress, and all those Liberal Peacenik Democrats who voted for him, and are continually praising him, already have the blood of countless  innocent Pakistan and Afghani women and children on their hands. And in doing so they are breeding yet more enemies of America. In practical terms of generating America-hate, Osama bin Laden never had a better ally in his struggle against human decency than Barack Obama.

Move over, George Bush, and make way for Barack Obama, the Warmonger.

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4 Responses to “Warmonger Obama: Terrorizing Pakistani Civilians”

  1. Warmonger Obama: Terrorizing Pakistani Civilians Says:

    […] Original post by lobobreed […]

  2. memi Says:

    Great, sad but true post.

    Barack = Dubya III/Nixon II (remember Cambodia…this is Worse. No wonder the journalist interviewing BHO asked if he was “punch drunk”!!!

  3. memi Says:

    Just an addendum. What war crimes did Clinton permit during his 8 years of relative prosperity and lack of carpetbombing? On the contrary, if HIllary Clinton had won the nomination–which was stolen from her by the Axelrod/Obama campaign and media sexist freakozos–she would not have pushed the extension to Afganistan/Pakistan. And Hillary was no pushover ventriloquist’s dummy like this ‘presidential’ Teleprompter Empty Suit!

  4. lobobreed Says:

    Memi — Rather than give you the whole laundry list of Clinton’s war crimes, I’d refer you to my blog “The Crimes of Clinton”, but just for refreshers let me list a few of them: Supporting Yeltsin while he was rocketing Chechin civilians, aiding Suharto while he murdered 750,000 Christians in East Timor, standing by and letting a genocide occur in Rwanda, and waiting years to stop the genocide in Yugoslavia, giving Most Favored Trading Nation status to Commie China, while it was occupying Tibet, and killing Iraqi airmen and ground forces in his virtually daily violations of Iraqi airspace. Those are war crimes under international law, and he never even got Congress to declare war, like the Constitution requires.

    I believe you’re absolutely wrong about Hilary Clinton. She is the Secretary of State, for heaven’s sake, and has a huge influence on our foreign policy. Of course she wants the expansion of the Afghan/Iraq war, and you can be sure we’ll be in as long with Obama as we would have been with Mrs. Fascist Clinton. If you can support someone like Hilary Clinton, after all the immoral things the Clinton’s did during their 8 lousy years in office, like supporting the Death Penalty, and throwing people in jail for cannabis, well, I give up…

    Only with the election of the Peace Candidate, Ron Paul, would America be out of Af-Paki, but the selfish American public voted for one of the three Fascists running: Obama, Clinton and McCain. Now they’ll get inflation and poverty as a reward, and I guess that’s somewhat just.—Silverwolf

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