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Boycott Terrorism, Boycott Scotland

August 23, 2009

The heinous and venomous decision to release a convicted mass-murderer by the Government of Scotland, in the name of “compassion” is one of the most despicable actions we have seen in a long time.  The reward for murdering 270 Human Beings is a warm welcome home from War Criminal Muammar Khadafi and his wonderful nation, showing that these beasts are not fit to be called Human Beings themselves. Ignoring the fact that this villainous action will surely lead to more terrorists acts, precisely at the time when the US and Britain are supposedly fighting terrorism at the cost of billions of dollars of new debt, the Governments of Scotland and England have shown themselves to be as despicable as the murderer they released. Just as Iscariot sold out Jesus for 30 pieces of Silver, so the Scottish and U.K. Governments have sold out the world’s innocent victims of terror for 30 Billion dollars in trade with the Miscreant Libyan nation. People should look hard at these accomplices in terror with Khadafi, and see them for what they are: the most vile example of Government at its worse, riding rough-shod over the common laws of Human Decency, in the name of money. What more could you expect from  Government Socialists, who are the most money-grubbing degenerates one can find.
The Scots lyingly talk of “compassion”, but I hope the public can see what kind of “compassion” these villainous Socialists have when it comes to the pain they have caused the relatives. One hesitates to use inflammatory rhetoric like “human garbage” when it comes to Scottish “Justice” Minister Kenny MacAskill and British PM Gordon Brown, but one also hesitates to hold back the truth. The British and Scottish peoples should hound these two Miscreants out of office, and hopefully they will be spat at in the streets for the rest of their lives.

Libertarians the world over should show their strength by boycotting all Scottish and British products until these Government Collaborators-in-mass-murder are removed from office. FBI Director Mueller was absolutely correct when he said this actions makes a mockery of the rule of law, and we believe such actions should not be left unpunished. Let’s teach the Scottish Nation, and the entire world, a lesson by showing them that the actions of freedom loving free-marketeers can outweigh the profits they were counting on making by licking the gluteus maximus of the Tyrant of Tripoli.

When it comes to a “wee doch an dorris” of Scotch whiskey, let’s scotch their socialist plans for profit by reaching for the Canadian Club. Let’s show our “compassion” for Scotland by not burdening them with the worries of having money.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

President Obama: The Afghan LBJ

August 19, 2009

Tragically, the Associated Press has just announced the deaths of six more American troops from hostile action in Afghanistan. These six young  American’s deaths are due solely to the actions of Obama voters in the 2008 election and the Democratic Party, as well as those Republicans who did not vote for Ron Paul  or, later, Bob Barr. These young Human Beings would not be dead if Ron Paul had been elected. That is a fact.

America is awakening to the reality that they have voted  a new LBJ into the White House, who has surrounded him with the warmongers of the High Democratic Party, who are adamant in pursuing this futile war in Afghanistan which has killed not only over 700 Americans, but countless Afghani civilians. Silverwolf recalls footage he saw a couple of weeks back where three little girls and their mother were killed in a “mistaken” bombing. Though NATO denied being responsible, they were the only ones with planes in the area at that time. And their answer to the weeping father of this family, and a weeping older woman whom we presumed was the grandmother, was that they would “investigate”. If those three children and their mother had been from London, or Amsterdam, or Philadelphia, what an uproar we would have heard. But the selfish and insulated inhabitants of America and Northern Europe are more concerned with their “health plans” and their stock market indices, than that their actions just murdered three little girls and their mother.

And isn’t it interesting that Obama focuses on Israel’s settlements as a major human rights problem, and the Euro-funded UN commissions criticise Israel for “targeted killings” of terrorists who are actively trying to murder its citizens, while America uses drones to do the exact same thing, even though countless innocent civilians have been killed during these automated raids? No one talks of war crimes when Obama and NATO kill civilians in a country thousands of miles from their border, but when Israel unfortunately kills civilians in their operations to end the reign of terror from Hamas rockets that no civilized country would tolerate for a minute, they are accused by the anti-Semites of the UN of being war criminals. It’s the old double standard and callousness we remember from the LBJ days, when the Democratic Party wholeheartedly applauded the bloodshed they were responsible for in Vietnam. Obama has even rehabilitated Richard Holbrooke, one of the Vietnam Hawks. Some change, eh what?

The absurd fiction that the Taliban will be overrunning the Bronx and Malibu Beach if they are not stopped in Afghanistan, is about as absurd as that the Vietnamese Communists would be rolling down Wall Street, if we didn’t stop them in Indo-China. And the passivity of the people is exactly the same as it was back then at the start of the war, with so-called Liberal Democrats keeping mum on this issue, although they wailed and flayed when Bush was doing the same thing. Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) voted against all the Bush appropriations for Afghanistan, but recently voted For the Obama request for the same funds. Pure hypocrisy, showing that Liberals have no core principles. They always vote for expediency, and always have their carefully rehearsed reasons for their immoral votes.

No outside nation has ever been able to conquer and control Afghanistan. The British, and then the Ruskies, both found it to be a vast graveyard for their youth, and for their treasure too. And now our new LBJ with his NATO allies, is destroying countless young American and Afghani (and British and Australian and a whole unfortunate host of others) lives, while helping to more quickly bankrupt the USA. His callous disregard for the trauma he is putting thousands of American youth through is disgusting.

And why is it the responsibility of Americans to straighten out Afghanistan, when there are so many young Muslim men in the so-called moderate Arab States? Why is it not the responsibility of Egypt,  Jordan, Morroco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, and Saudi, to send their young men to fight the Taliban if it is so important that it be done? And why should American treasure, instead of Saudi, Kuwait, Quatar, and other Gulf States’ wealth be dispensed in the effort, if it is so key to stability in the region? The representatives of “Moderate Islam” have both the manpower and the wealth. Let them solve their own problems, instead of putting the burden on the kid from Nebraska, and the taxpayer from Wyoming.

The American People must tell President Obama, the new LBJ, to withdraw from Afghanistan immediately. Let’s save the lives of the troops, and let the Muslims of that region solve their own problems, instead of sucking the lifeblood and the treasure out of America.

When it comes to Afghanistan: Out Now!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww — Silverwolf

Obama Honors Racist with Medal of Freedom: The Mary Robinson Tragedy

August 17, 2009

One of the most disgusting displays of wasting American taxpayer dollars occurred last week, when President Obama whitewashed the vicious racism of Mary Robinson, by awarding her America’s Medal of Freedom. By doing so, he gave a signal to Jew-haters everywhere that it was cool to hate Jews, as long as you cloaked the hatred in the language of anti-Zionism. Obama completely overlooked the fact that Robinson chaired the 2001 gathering of UN racists in Durban, South Africa, where blatantly anti-Semitic literature, including racist caricatures of hook-nosed Jews, was passed out on the grounds of the conference by Arab delegations, without any interference from Robinson. Fortunately, America and Israel refused to continue to attend that UN-Fascist’s Rally for Racism, but in condoning such a heinous deed by giving this Jew-hater one of America’s highest honors, President Obama has legitimized anti-Semitism throughout the world. And additionally he has paved the way for further outrages by implicitly indicating that racism is fine and dandy, as long as it’s directed against Jews and Israel. One must judge politicians by their actions, not by their lying words.

If anti-racists in America had any self-respect, they would immediately contact their Senators to demand that this honoring of racist Mary Robinson be rescinded by demanding she return this medal paid for by the American taxpayer. We don’t want any racists, foreign or domestic, having one cent of our taxpayer’s funds spent on their self-aggrandisement.

By awarding this medal to the racist Miscreant,  Mary Robinson, President Obama has committed a great moral crime against all minorities that have suffered from racism, both in America and abroad. This man needs to be impeached or voted out of office before he exacerbates racist divisions any further.

Racists raus!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Some Observations on The Healthcare Bill by a Disinterested Silverwolf

August 9, 2009

Amidst the screaming and yelling amongst our Human neighbors, whom we are forced to live with, about their “healthcare” bill, we gathered the elders of the Libertarian wolfpack to express our views on this legislation.

Of course, the key question really is, How can the Government morally force all individuals to buy health insurance? They will be forced to buy it either from the bureaucrats and the Fed’s corporate buddies in the insurance industry, who, with the aid of their government bailouts, will be the only offerers of insurance since their smaller competition will be wiped out, and no little fish will ever be able to garner the capital, and comply with the onerous regulations that would be required of a new upstart business; or else they will be forced to buy it for the government, use government doctors, and follow government treatment programs, which will undoubtedly require the use of mega-corporate pharmaceuticals en masse, and cook-book procedures administered by the lower third of med-school graduates (if they can find enough). Competition will be eliminated, just as the big boys want. And plenty of juicy jobs and commissions for the civil service pension-golddiggers.

The fact that the Right of the Individual to exist on his own is basically trashed by this outrageous proposal is completely overlooked by the bill’s proponents, who seem to have lost all semblance of any comprehension of the Constitution. It may be one thing to require people to purchase insurance to drive a vehicle on public roads, since there are other ways of getting around like walking, bicycles, and public and private omnibuses; one can still travel without a drivers license. But to require someone to buy so-called health insurance just because they exist as a Human Being is not only deeply immoral, but a radical violation of the Rights of the Individual Human Being. That person may not want to ever be treated with conventional medical techniques, and to force them to pay for something they would never use, and force them to pay for their neighbor’s use of something they do not believe is valid, is again deeply immoral. This is the most heinous part of this bill, in principle, for it violates the Jeffersonian Imperative of the Individual’s “Inalienable Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. It is anti-Libertarian in the extreme; it is draconian and totalitarian. It is the philosophy of the bully-boy miscreants of the earth who want to break the Human Spirit into a thousand ineffectual shards. It is pure Fascism.

But now to descend from the Philosophical plane to the more mundane ones of costs and implementations.

The White House, in its chilling ‘send us the emails of anyone saying anything you deem to be “fishy” ‘, in its first info-gathering exercise to see if the finking element of the populace will grass on their political opponents and neighbors, so the White House can theoretically start compiling a new “enemies list” a la Nixon — that White House seems to have forgotten the fishiest piece of disinformation yet, that being the President’s claim that this will not increase the deficit and will be revenue neutral, while the Congressional Budgetary Office contends that the deficit will run into trillions of dollars. Now the fact that a Law professor can contradict a group of professional economists, considered competent enough to work for the Federal Government, strikes Silverwolf as extremely “fishy”. Perhaps someone should send in the President’s email address to the government in its efforts to root out false information?

Finally, there are the provisions listed on page 425 of H.R. 3200 which would mandate anyone on Medicare to be forced to have a consultation regarding ending-of-life provisions at least once every five years, and under five years under a whole list of conditions. Again, this is a horrendous invasion of privacy, and a measure with ominous overtones, because many people could easily be bamboozled or browbeaten into  choices they don’t want to make, by a pushy and aggressive (or lying) government bureaucrat whose main concern is to save the Federal Government the maximum amount of dollars, so that his cost-savings record looks good. Remember, to the Government one more dead body means one less Social Security check the government must pay out for years, so government has a vested interest in skewering the direction of peoples “choices”. About the only choice left in America will soon be to leave the country.

There is also the issue of the security of government databanks listing all your medical conditions. Given the many instances of government losing data, or having it hacked, and putting millions of social security numbers into the hands of cyber-criminals, which has further exacerbated the epidemic of identity theft, we can just imagine what a field day blackmailers, and government employees stealing and reselling information, will have when they get their hands on this info. It is clear that when all this intimate knowledge about people’s lives gets on the data banks, personal privacy, guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, will be a thing of the past.

But I can see that the depravity of this Bill is starting to make the elders of the wolfpack look a bit sick, so we’d better desist since they don’t carry medical insurance. One can stomach only so much Fascism in one day.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Brushfires of Rage: The Democrat Townhall Meetings

August 5, 2009

Silverwolf has just been shaken by a spectacle he had not witnessed since seeing the anger swirling around War Criminal Humphrey at the Democratic Convention in ’68. This spectacle was the irrepressible rage of the American populace at being manipulated and propagandized by the pusillanimous minions of the White House, as they try to ram this Fascistic healthcare bill down the infected throat of the American body politic. Never, since the days of St. George, running against War Criminal Richard Stinkhouse Nixon, in his attempt to gain the throne majestical and wield the sceptre royal over the American populace, has Silverwolf seen such ructions. It has finally dawned on many complacent Americans exactly what this new Socialist imposition of HR 3200 will mean to the quality and cost of their healthcare, and they are aroused as never before in years two score.

Three videos, mentioned on, show Congressmen being raked over the coals by irate constituents.  Lloyd Doggett, of Austin, RonPaulland, is confronted by an angry mob chanting “just say no!”. Lord Quisling-highness Senator Spector of Pennsylvania is shown trying to explain to the crowd, with a defensive Secretary Sebelius trying to deflect some of the blows, why it’s impossible for him to read the bills he signs, and so they are broken up and read in parts by different people. That really brought out the lion’s roar in the crowd. Guess that Senator’s salary is so measly, and the pledge Spector took to defend the Constitution so feeble, that it’s really not worth his time to actually read through all the new regulations he helps force down the gullet of American Humans. Millions will have to live with the decisions this lazy man makes for us all.

Finally, Congressman Tim Bishop got a real ear-full from his angry mob in Long Island, New York, a state on the Eastern coast of America. Poor Tim told his sometime listeners that the purpose of the Constitution was to “provide for the common good” — in his Collectivist interpretation, this means a form of Communism. But poor Tim’s understanding of the Constitution is feeble indeed, for, as we well know, the purpose of the Constitution is to protect the Rights of the Individual and Individual Liberty from the encroachments of the State. That is why Jefferson felt it was imperative to add the Bill of Rights to the Constitution, for without them, he knew is would be worthless. But “provide for the common good” really means the exact opposite of Bishop’s Collectivist interpretation of the phrase. It actually means, to guarantee to every citizen in common the protection of their property rights (contained in Jefferson’s phrase “the pursuit of happiness”). The “common good” means every single citizen will have in common that protection, and that will be good for all men. Whatever is necessary to protect those Rights is the true function of the American Constitution.

Then Congressman Bishop had the gall to say that the Veterans Administration worked very well, and he was proud of it. A  elderly Veteran asked him if he was a Vet himself, and he said no, and then the Vet wondered how Bishop could assert that it worked very well, since his own experiences for years had been horrendous, and he’d had to wait two months to see a doctor. Beautiful!

And finally, the most heinous dodge of all, when a woman asked him where in the Constitution it authorized the government to force everyone into a health plan, he came back by quoting “The Pledge of Allegiance”, and quoted the part “One Nation, under God, indivisible” stressing “indivisible”. Now didn’t Hitler have his fellow countrymen mumble something similar, except his name was substituted for the Deity’s? In other words, Bishop is subtly saying  “don’t dissent because we’re going to ram this down your throat, even if it is blatantly unConstitutional”, just like War Criminal Johnson did with his “police action” in Vietnam, and his hatred of dissent. But, as you will observe, by corruptly switching the question from the Constitution to the Pledge (which ironically was instituted under Eisenhower, a Republican), he dodged the question, which of course he couldn’t answer, since forcing everyone to buy health insurance, either private or from the government, is a form of coercion which is both unConstitutional, and Fascistic. Another corrupt Collectivist politician. They sure are a dime a dozen, eh what?

The American people are arising in brushfires of Liberty to speak, and shout, and yell against the Socialist imposts being planned and forced through in that Chamber of Political Sin, the Congress. The Democrats have miscalculated, and miscalculated badly, as Socialists invariably do in the marketplace. Judging by what Silverwolf saw today,something which he has not witnessed in 36 years, the Democrats will be toast in the mid-term elections of 2010.

Ron Paul’s message of political Truth has reached deeply into the political consciousness of America, and things will never be the same again. Never.

The Power of One!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Only Two Parties: Libertarian vs. Communist

August 1, 2009

To Silverwolf, politics is very simple. There are only two courses it can flow in: Libertarianism and Communism. One, based on the sacred Rights of the Individual not to be driven down by the mob surrounding him; the other, the morality of that looting mob, always carried out in the name of the betterment of mankind. One is based on Truth, the other on Lie. And that is the only political choice.

There are those who say go slowly, compromise, and gradually insinuate Libertarian legislation into law over a long period of time. But such arguments are exactly what the politicians of the major parties put forth, and who is more likely to get to implement those arguments, the fringe Libertarian who the voter knows has no chance of winning, or the fiscally conservative Republican, who is well known and may be an incumbent? Obviously, the voters are not going to vote Libertarian.

Therefore, Libertarianism must stick to its basic principles. In fact, Libertarianism is the only political philosophy based solely on the power of Ideas, and not just a pragmatic strategy to implement fossilized philosophies that were institutionalized over a century ago. The economic lies of Marx and Adam Smith alike have been perpetuated by the modern politicians, further blessed by Pope Keynes. The Libertarian candidate must represent an alternative to all that.

And therefore, Libertarianism must provide the voters with a radical program. It must disassociate itself with the rather feminine characteristic of trying to please all acquaintances and worrying about its appearance by adopting positions that compromise its principles, like urging repeal of an income tax, but then urging adoption of a sales tax, or “user fees”. It must project itself as that robust philosophy, ingested from Jefferson, that now can achieve levels of Human liberation that were undreamt of six score ago, thanks to technological advancement. The machine has and is liberating Man from drudgery; all he now must do is throw off the anti-Capitalist shackles of the Leviathan State. The Rule of Law and not The State is the main objective of the Libertarian in contrast to the Communist, and that Rule based solely on the Constitution.

Therefore, the Libertarian candidate must propose radical alternatives to the caponed palliatives of the Demo-publicans. He must speak out for complete abolition of income taxes and inheritance taxes, without increasing taxes in other areas to show he is “a moderate”. He must speak for the complete decriminalization of victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution and insider trading, though we could understand DUI laws and forbidding trafficking with minors.  He must defend the legal Rights of the vagrant hobo and the billionaire with equal vigour, for his anti-materialism (unlike the Communists who are the most materialistic individuals Silverwolf has ever encountered) will cause him to view them both as equally valuable expressions of Human Freedom in the Cosmos.

In other words, the Libertarian must not compromise the principles that distinguish himself from the Communist, nor should his proposals be so tepid in effect that they are some kind of warmed-over Republicanism. Libertarians should be outspoken in their platform: abolish the income tax, legalize cannabis, abolish the inheritance tax, abolish the death penalty, allow opting-out of Social Security. Then they will stand out as representatives of a philosophy that differs so basically from Communism, and doesn’t just subtly compromise its foundations by adopting the premises of the Communists and then trying to moderate them.

The time for a pro-Capitalist Libertarian Revolution is here. It’s up to the Candidates and the Voters to make it a reality.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf