Obama’s Tire War

President Obama, seeing the continued failure of his Keynesian socialist policies to revivify a nearly moribund America, has turned to that last tactical standby of Socialist economies — blame your trading partner and impose a tariff. In this case, it’s another socialist dictatorship that’s eating the hard cheese, so Silverwolf feels no sympathy. But the injustice of driving up the price of tires for the American consumer to bail out the unions that helped put him in power is not going to cause President Obama any lost sleep. With an annual income of over $2 million, the Prez could care less if his tires cost him another$30 a pop. The important thing for him is that American union workers should continue to get bloated and uncompetitive salaries and benefits so he can secure their votes, and that the costs for that Socialism should be born by the American consumers. After all, a quarter of those consumers voted him in.

One of the infallible fillips that push Socialist economies to the ever-approaching brink of disaster is the imposition of tariffs. This anti-Capitalist measure has been a favorite of Statists since time immemorial, and since Obama is within the course of history, and since his understanding of economics is so pathetically feeble, it was highly predictable that the old Mercantilist panacea of the tariff would soon be wheeled out and displayed as if it had some function in a Capitalist system. Obviously it does not, because it raises the free-market price of a good well above where it would be if the free-market truly functioned. Tariffs are national socialism, plain and simple. And even if they are in response to price undercutting, the fact remains that the consumers in a country without tariffs are benefiting by purchasing goods at a price cheaper than they would have paid, had there been a tariff. Thus, millions would have had higher cash balances in their savings accounts, making the country more prosperous, had it not been for the tariff. And all this to save a number of jobs running into the thousands. Millions must suffer so that the union thousands won’t have to live within their means, as the non-union worker has to. And thus the tariff helps impoverish a country by causing inflation, as at the same time it slows free-market trade.

President Obama, with his characteristic short-sightedness, has just instituted a trade-war with America’s largest debt-holder. And it’s highly likely that Fascist China will soon retaliate with its own set of tariffs. After all, one good injustice deserves another. The consequences, as they were in the 1930’s, will be catastrophic for world trade, and the feeble printing-press initiated revival of the world’s predominantly Socialist (though called Capitalist) economies.

But let’s forgive President Obama, for he knows not what he does.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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