Cats are More Fun Than Dead Leaves

Silverwolf had a wondrous sartori today, a deep insight that came to him suddenly after days of experimentation. The sartori was thus: cats are more fun than dead leaves. This insight arose spontaneously after an assay in which Silverwolf spent 48 hours playing with his cat, Sooty, followed by 48 hours playing with some dead oak leaves and comparing the amusement derived from the two states of being (author’s note: wolves require sleep the way camels require water). While playing with Sooty proved a never ending stream of fascination for Silverwolf, he was far less enthusiastic about his experience with the dead leaves. For example: if you stroked and petted Sooty, he would respond with purring, rubbing his body against your shins, and ramming his head upwards into your paw, to get you to keep petting him on the head. The dead leaves, on the other hand, responded to stroking and petting with deep indifference, and hardly stirred, save when the wind happened to blow on them. Then they would exhibit some short-lived enthusiasm by moving a millimeter or two, but would quickly calm down, and relapse into quietessence. We thought perhaps the type of dead leaf might make a difference, so we tried our experiment variously on bay leaves, tan oak leaves, dogwood leaves, and even pine needles, but all seemed to share that utter indifference so characteristic of dead objects.

It’s truly hard to pin it down, but there definitely is some quality, inchoate in outline though it be, that makes a live cat more fun than a dead leaf (or even a herd of leaves), although you may say Silverwolf is prejudiced in favor of cats, and you yourself may not share his sartori, but feel deeply within yourself that dead leaves are infinitely more amusing than live cats. So be it. Silverwolf will not argue with you. As Mark Twain said, differences of opinion, that’s what makes horseraces.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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