Socialism Hits Home: The UCLA Student Tuition Riots

So the bubble finally burst. The Keynesian Socialism which has run California as a Progressive-Liberal State since the days of Edmund G. “Pat”, has finally spent itself into its inevitable oblivion, and now the populace must pay the Austrian School Piper.

For years Californians have passively paid their very high income taxes on top of an immorally large sales tax in order to jail tens of thousands of innocents on Cannabis charges, and pay the salaries of the Prison Guard industry which benefits so lucridly from these immoral incarcerations. They have paid for the bloated salaries of countless state commission boards, whose members earn in a year multiples of what the average Americans AGI is, while only having to attend a handful of meetings. They have wasted it on their profligate State pension schemes, which delivers to state workers a pension equal to the income of a retired multimillionaire after only a score of years on the job. They have wasted it on the exorbitant salaries of the Chancellors of the University of California who salaries are in the multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars (not including benefits, pension, and residence in something more than a dorm room), and the thousands of administrators and bureaucrats who run not only the University, but all the other countless branches of California government. And the students have not cared, just as the pensioners and medicaid receivers never cared, as long as the Socialist gravy train kept a-comin.

And now they have butted their heads up against the many-pronged horns of economic reality, and the reality is that California is the shining example of the failed welfare-Keynesian State, with welfare for the triumvirate of some of the poor, the corporations, and the state bureaucrats and pension-grabbers. And the students are angry.

Well, we’re sorry, kids, but the 32% tuition increase you are getting is just what you deserve for ignoring all the fiscal injustices that we listed above, and not voting for Libertarian politicians. And still the ignoramus Liberals calling in to John Rothmann’s talk show demand more taxes on the rich. Yes, drive even more of the affluent out of your state, so that you can shift the “fair share” of your welfare to the working youth and the students. After all the students have their whole life — and forty years of drudgery paying for your pensions and welfare — ahead of them, so let’s throw part of the burden on their backs.

UCLA students, you have only yourselves and your fellow Californians to blame for the 32% increase in tuition, because you failed to understand Capitalist Economics. You were very easily suckered into the Keynesian lies, that money doesn’t need a commodity backing, and that a benevolent central bank will always do what is best for the nation, not best for the corporations and their close associates. One reason your costs are going up is because the dollar is being undermined by the Obama-Pelosi-Bush-McConnell collectivists, and their minions at the FED,  who want their warfare-welfare state as planned, no matter what the sincere voters may believe, by spreading their propaganda messages of “change”. Ha, they have left you with small change, and only a year into their regime.

But actually, students,  you individually are to blame if you didn’t vote for Ron Paul for president in the primaries, or later Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party. If you voted for Obama or McCain, you voted for massive inflation and a continuation of the warfare-welfare state, and you’re getting exactly what you voted for. And there is a certain justice in that.

If you didn’t vote for Ron Paul, then don’t get mad at the cops; get mad at the face staring back at you from the mirror.

Enjoy your poverty, socialists. You voted it on yourselves.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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6 Responses to “Socialism Hits Home: The UCLA Student Tuition Riots”

  1. Luvbuay Says:

    Be careful Ron Paul is like Bush on speed; completely unregulated free trade, total outsourcing of all jobs and manufacturing, market forces dictate everything, citizens count for nothing.

    Let me ask you what does Ron Paul say about outsourcing jobs, importing foreign workers to replace Americans, outsourcing manufacturing. BE WARE.

    Otherwise the article was good, except, the students are just young and cannot be held responsible for years of history that happened when they were sucking bottle and messing diapers.

  2. lobobreed Says:

    Luvbuay. — No, Paul is completely ideologically in a different camp from Bush; you can’t compare them. Sounds like you might not know the radical economic difference between a free-market Libertarian like Paul, and a big-government, massive deficit spender like Bush. Bush and almost all the Republicans (and all the Democrats) are Keynesian big-government spenders who believe in the FED; Paul is an Austrian School Economist who believes in a radically free-market. Fraud laws are really all you need to keep business honest. But most regulations are designed by the industries they supposedly regulate, to keep out competition. And they always write the legislation so they can later have their lawyers find loopholes which they had figured out even before they passed the regulation.

    All the things you seem to think bad about Paul are what I consider good. Completely unregulated free trade, all jobs of course wouldn’t be outsourced since local conditions will always require many local workers, but if the goods or services can be performed more cheaply overseas, that will contribute to the wealth of the society here, and that benefits all. Market forces SHOULD dictate everything, that keeps all honest and prices at their lowest for the consumer. But in America we have a socialist-corporate welfare system that destroys the individual, and drives prices constantly higher, irregardless of supply and demand. Citizens count for nothing under your socialist American bi-partisan corporatism, but under Libertarian-Jeffersonian capitalism, the citizen and his property rights count for everything. Libertarian Capitalism is the only humanistic system that respects the individual exactly because it so meticulously respects private property rights, including the right to your own body (i.e. no forced labor, no draft, you can choose to put anything in your body you want, etc).

    Of course you’re in great part right about the non-responsibility of the students, because they didn’t run up the massive deficits accrued from Reagan through Clinton (the National Debt increased under Clinton from 4 Trillion to 5.6 Trillion — a 40% increase in 8 years) and doubled under Bush II, or the massive socialist system in America that sucks out 40% of the people’s productivity in income taxes to feed their bureaucratic easy-chair Johnny lifestyles.

    And many of the students could not vote in the last election, but they could have still participated in non-violent political action to get rid of prohibition, cut legislators salaries, outlaw State Pensions (they still have Social Security), eliminate State Boards, etc. Just because you can’t vote, doesn’t mean you can’t work for a just political cause, like abolishing the anti-Libertarian and Fascistic Death Penalty.

    Libertarians believe in open immigration. If a talented Indian can do a better job than an American for 60% of his wages, then it benefits America because we get a more-talented worker, it benefits the company and the stockowners because they get greater profits and dividends, it benefits the Indian because he makes more than he would in India, and it benefits the consumer because the goods the Indian and the company will produce can be sold to him at a lower price to produce the same amount of profit for the company. Only the overpriced, undertalented worker loses out, and then he is forced to either increase his talents or sell his services to a competitor at a lower price, given his lower talents, or go into another field where he is more talented, all of which have the overall effect of keeping wage rates stable or down, which fights inflation since labor costs are roughly 60-70% of a companies cost of production.

    Ron Paul is the only true Capitalist in Congress, and his brand of free-market Capitalism would drastically raise the standard of living in America for those who produce, not just bureaucrats or those playing the myriad welfare-fiddles available. — Silverwolf

  3. Luvbuay Says:

    “jobs of course wouldn’t be outsourced since local conditions will always require many local workers, but if the goods or services can be performed more cheaply overseas, that will contribute to the wealth of the society here, and that benefits all.”

    We are now experiencing record unemployment. I have been personally struggling to survive for years. Jobs and manufacturing have been outsourced and cheap, illegal, or H-1B slaves take “local workers”. Do you consider illegal aliens and/or H1-B workers to be “local workers”?

    You do not seem to be very concerned about the terrible employment situation faced by many Americans. May I ask what you do for a living?

    Note that I am an independent with no partisan agenda and am not trolling. The above questions will be asked by the public.

  4. lobobreed Says:

    Luvbuay — The only way to improve the employment situation is to let radical free-market capitalism have sway, instead of the corporate-socialist state we currently have in America. I’d suggest you read or listen to Murray Rothbard’s lectures on Capital and Labor, or Labor Unions, and the Austrian School’s remedies for unemployment. You can find them at by searching for Murray Rothbard. Or read Professor Rothbard’s classic “America’s Great Depression” in which he pinpoints why a Keynesian economy must ultimately fail as it did in the 30s, and as ours is doing. One reason you have so many illegals is because Mexico is also a socialist country, so of course people flee it to get better employment opportunities in our slightly more capitalist economic millieu. And you don’t seem to be too concerned about the fact that without these illegal workers doing the dirty work in places like LA, for less than the minimum wage, keeps the price of produce and services down for you and for all. Would you rather pay three times more for vegetables and fruit that you are currently paying, even though those prices are three times higher than they were a few years ago, thanks to the inflationists like Bush-Obama-Pelosi, people who are so wealthy they have no contact with real economic problems?

    Getting rid of minimum wage laws and unempoyment insurance would be two steps that would help lower the cost of living by lowering prices and lowering taxes.

    You look, as are most Americans conditioned to look, to the government for the solution to unemployment, but the government is the problem, not the solution. The free-market and its “hidden hand”, which tends to keep prices down near their lows due to competition, is the only solution. And for that you need to eliminate all government intervention through make-work projects, unemployment insurance, and minimum wage laws, which deprive millions of the chance to work for something even if they are starving, and deprives millions of the chance to hire someone casually because they cannot afford to pay the minimum wage (and afford to hire an accountant to figure out the Social Security and other deductions they must legally pay — this may cost more than the actual labor. This is a violation of the Natural Law Right to Contract, which is sacred under true Capitalism.

    Minimum wage laws were put together by the unions to keep out competition, and to artificially raise their wages. If minimum wage laws were abolished, I’d guess that union wage rates would decline somewhat, but non-union wages for the lowest paid workers would rise quite a bit.

    As you can see in your own case, the Socialist warfare-welfare state has left you struggling. I think it behoves you to find out why, and to delve into the Austrian Schools theory of economics.

    Japan tried to keep up its bankrupt banks and labor unions happy through government intervention around 1990 and it led to ten years of a dead economy. America did the same thing in the 30s under Hoover-Roosevelt and in 1939 things were still depressed. But in 1920 there was a depression without government intervention. It was over by 1921. Poor Obama is so economically ignorant that he will do the same thing as Roosevelt. He’s already increased our national debt by 1.4 Trillion in a year, further destabilizing the dollar, and now they’re talking about a second stimulus bill, just as Ron Paul predicted they would do even before they had passed their first bill. The President and his economic advisors said this would revivify the economy. Has it? No. But we have more massive debts that you and your children will have to pay off.

    A true laissez-faire capitalist economy, under our current socialist-induced conditions, would see a period of depression, but it would be over fairly quickly because prices would fall to their true level, and falling prices help the working man buy things.

    Don’t be mesmerized by the number of dollars paid per hour, but rather how much commodity they will buy. I could buy more in 1978 on my wage of $3.80 an hour than a minimum wage worker can buy today at $8.40 an hour.

    You say I don’t seem very concerned about the employment situation, but I have written about 130 blogs on economics and in favor of the candidacy of Ron Paul, just because I wanted to steer a society on the wrong track into the right track. I’d say that shows quite a bit of concern. How many blogs and how much studying of economics have you done? — Silverwolf

  5. lobobreed Says:

    Luvbuay — I didn’t approve your last comment because 1) I never put up comments that have links to other sites as this could be construed as approval of those links, and 2) because after checking those links I see they are designed to whip up hatred against a minority. While I may agree with the general view expressed, as Libertarians we only are concerned with the non-coercion principle of property rights. What consenting adults do in the privacy of their domiciles is none of my damned business, and I could really give a fig. But you’re sure not going to exploit my blog to whip up hatred against any of my fellow law-abiding citizens. I consider meateaters, hunters, vivsectionists, and the obese as examples of perversion too, so if you’re in those groups, you’re just as perverse to me as the people you are trying to whip up hatred against, if not more so. I can see you’re one of those who likes to blame their problems on specific minorities, instead of the Fascistic nature of society at large.

    You also lyingly state that I said I was for illegal immigration. So you are distorting my position in front of the public. I call that lying since I never stated any such thing, as the reader can see above. I am against anything illegal as long as that law is Constitutional. So I would oppose illegal immigration. But I can see that you are one of those, like the Nazis who likes to blame all societies ills on one or two groups, instead of the Keynesian politicians in Washington who are really responsible. You seem to forget the massive amounts saved the consumer in food prices and construction costs due to the work of those illegal immigrants. You forget the massive amounts they pay into Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, and all the other deductions that come out of their paycheck. You quickly forget the massive amounts they pay in sales tax in areas like Southern California, bringing in billions.

    You also forget that in the early days of the American Libertarian Revolution, the Founding Fathers and the society welcomed immigrants with open arms, if they could help to enrich American Society.

    I have no idea if illegals cost the state more than they take out in welfare benefits, but what they pay in must cancel out a lot of what they take out. But it is the economic system primarily, and not the illegals per se, that is at the root of the problem. And simple things like the minimum wage. No minimum wage law, hardly any unemployment. Minimum wage law, massive unemployment. Take your pick.

    You also seem to forget that it was Liberal-Democrat Bill Clinton who got Most Favored Trading Nation status for Commie China, which has put a lot of American workers out of work. I would say that any country that uses slave labor should not have ANY trading relationship with America, but your Liberal Congressmen and Presidents have given MFTN to dozens of heinous dictatorships. If you want that to end, tell your Liberal Congressmen to repeal MFTN for any dictatorship in the world.

    I can see from your comments and your links that you are about as economically knowledgable and as Libertarian as Hitler’s anus. Go read some Rothbard and write back in a decade. — Silverwolf

  6. Luvbuay Says:

    Thank you for sharing.

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