The Pathetic Left’s Obama Hangover

The Left, it seems, is getting quite a hangover from their Il Duce, President Obama. What can one howl to the Left? “We told you so?” But voting for those free goodies, and punishing high income producers, was worth getting a lot more folk killed in Afghanistan to them, and now they are wringing their hands in anguish, but still saying that they voted right, even though they voted for death and warmongering. If those people had voted for Ron Paul or Bob Barr, the troops would all be home by now, and the burden could have fallen on the wealthy Saudis and Gulf Arabs or whomever in the region felt threatened by the religionous Fascists of the Taliban. The Taliban are Miscreants, but America or a NATO coalition can never defeat them on the ground, without incurring massive civilian casualties and refugee misery that no American or Englishman would tolerate in their “Homelands”, especially when imposed by countries half-way around the world. Thanks Leftists for getting a whole bunch of women and children butchered; their blood is on your hands. Those of us who voted for Ron Paul and later Bob Barr would have saved many lives if we had succeeded. Those who voted for Obama have caused the deaths of many innocent civilians, and they must bear the weight of their guilt in their minds forevermore. Those who voted for McCain would probably have caused the same misery; perhaps even worse.

And the manifestations of  that hangover of the Left came clearly in two distinct missives, one paper, one shortwave.

Silverwolf happened to peruse an issue of the latest newsletter from Rural Organizing Project, a “progressive” Oregon non-profit which espouses the usual laundry list of demands: tax the rich and give free everything to everybody in the name of “Human Dignity”. The Human Rights violations in robbing someone through the tax system of what they have produced to give to those who have made no effort to produce never seems to occur to these folks, and in a sense what they want is the Power to be able to do this, more than the actual tax revenue. If you can tax someone 40 or 50%, well, then one day in an “emergency” you can tax them 90%, as they did in Britain and Truman’s America, or impose Eugene McCarthy’s idea for a 100% confiscation of one’s Estate upon death. Now that’s an idea that will really appeal to the followers of Robespierre: a financial guillotine for the talented people of the country so that the others can drink the lifeblood of the labour with which they filled up their days for forty or sixty years. The years of drudgery sustained by their victims are soon forgotten by the looters.

Anyway, the writer of the newsletter lamented the high hopes they’d had for Obama (you mean all those flipflops like saying he’d limit himself to public funding during the campaign if McCain would, and then backing out when it was more profitable for him to do so, his overthrow of Wisechief Jefferson’s “Wall of Separation between Church and State” by expanding Bush’s “Faith Based Initiative” garbage, his advocacy of mandatory Volunteering, which is involuntary servitude and paves the wave for another Draft in the Hitler-LBJ tradition, his calls for prolonged detention, overthrowing 700 years of Habeas Corpus, his kowtowing to some of the worlds leading Human Rights Violators, like the heads of Saudi Arabia and Totalitarian China, his vowing to end secret CIA prisons, and then permitting them in Afghanistan because they are under the Army Special Forces Division — all these contradictions didn’t make you skeptical? Can’t you tell a lying hypocrite when you see a lying hypocrite?) They’d been suckered by the rhetoric of peace and change — again. Seems to Silverwolf there is something seriously lacking in the political perceptions of these “progressives” who will regress us right back to the economic chaos of the Weimar Republic, and the inflation that made Hitler possible.

And no sign on the Left of a consciousness about how the Obama monetary policy, under Cardinal Timothy Geithner of the First Keynesian Church of Washington, causes inflation, leads to economic chaos, and just makes it more impossible for the poor to survive. Leftist policies cause inflation and inflation kills poor people — a lesson the Left has never learnt, or rather, doesn’t want to acknowledge because it would destroy their “raison d’etre”, their reason to be, and their reason to be is to wage economic warfare on Capitalists. That’s why they’d rather vote in a war under Obama than a Peace under Ron Paul.

Then came a missive by shortwave from the Stralasian “Land Down Under”. The well-known Radio Stralasian interviewer and semi-Leftist, Phillip Adams, (though he is Capitalist enough to own private property and raise cows, belching methane while he laments climate change and the opposition to carbon emissions schemes in Stralasia — also a fanatic when it comes to forcing every to get vaccinated, a most unLibertarian posture) interviewed Rabbi Michael Lerner, the (self-defined) Left-Progressive who edits Tikkun magazine. Now Lerner is one of those in the Jewish Community who is highly critical of Israel’s policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians, and who had high hopes for Obama. (Lerner’s debate with Alan Dershowitz, available on youtube,in which Dersh rips him to pieces in front of Paula Zahn, will give you a good appreciation of his views.) His disappointment in the President, expressed in the Adams interview, was palpable, and similar in tone to the R.O.P. Newsletter writer. Another Left-“Progressive” who voted in the Warmonger. More American lives lost, more Afghani lives lost, more U.S. debt piled on debt.

The Pathetic Left has no comprehension of the principles of true economics, and now the problems that Socialism and its ally, Keynesian Economics, bring eventually to every economy are hitting the people who think like the folks at R.O.P. And since they are economic illiterates and ignore the self-evident Truths of the Austrian School of Economics, they and their policies can never govern efficiently, but their rule only leads to more chaos and misery for the People of America.

And the Left has a vast blindspot where they cannot see that the values that they are trying to force upon everyone in the America Community are religious values, whose proper place is in the realm of the Church, and not the State or the Government. The Left has either forgotten or ignores the fact that the Jeffersonian Constitution is a Libertarian Document, perhaps THE Libertarian Document,  designed to protect the Individual from the arbitrary power of Government, the exact power that the Left wishes to impose, and needs to impose, to extract wealth from the producing class; but that Jeffersonian Constitution makes no Collectivist attempt to impose essentially Religious Values on the populace at large. These are in the realm of the Church, and there is nothing stopping these people from starting a church or civic group to implement their perceived religious values. Or rather, the only thing stopping them is the need to acquire private property and maintain their right to it — the exact thing they want to outlaw for the Capitalist-Libertarian.

Well, Silverwolf’s advice to the Left is: Get used to economic chaos and Warfare for the next three years, because that’s how long Obama’s term as President will last. Thanks for you gift to America.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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4 Responses to “The Pathetic Left’s Obama Hangover”

  1. Sidney Carton Says:

    Declarations from the Right that the Obama Administration is a failure are nothing new, in fact they have been in mass circulation since the 21st of January.

    Considering the fact that we had eight years of economic chaos and warfare in the preceding administration, what’s another three and a half?

  2. lobobreed Says:

    Sidney — Eight plus three and a half is 11 1/2. Heck, let’s make it a round 12.

    Actually, we’ve had economic chaos every since the days of Hoover-FDR interventionism in the free-market, and for centuries before. Remember 90% income tax rates under Truman? Remember inflation under War Criminal Johnson? Remember inflation under Bigot Carter? Remember deficits and the sluggish economy under the Old Geezer who never had to dye his hair? Remember the slowdown under Bush I. Remember Clinton increasing the National Debt by 40% in 4 years (from 4 Trill to 5.6 Trill)?

    You seem to think that economic problems can just roll along, but they only get worse, and then increase parabolically. That’s why electing Ron Paul was imperative. But we knew he wouldn’t win, and we knew there would be economic chaos and growing division, and here it is.

    Establishing a correct economy based on correct Austrian School Principles, which are totally in accord with Jeffersonian governmental principles, is absolutely essential. We can’t afford this 3 1/2 year extension of further confusion and deficits. The President and his Congress have put so much debt on America that we’ll never get out of it. That’s why Obama’s election is a great tragedy for Human Beings all over the World.

    Economic cancer is like smoking cigarettes. After 40 or 50 years the cancer breaks out. — Silverwolf

  3. Ben Hoffman Says:

    No matter what you say about Obama, he’s a hell of a lot better than any Republican out there.

  4. lobobreed Says:

    Ben — Well, obviously, as a Libertarian and Pro-Capitalist, I profoundly disagree with you, since I think Ron Paul, who is a Republican, would have pulled us out of these wars, cut military spending and many unconstitutional programs (like NASA) and the budget deficit, so we’d have a stronger dollar fighting inflation. He’s a million miles beyond Obama in his understanding of economics and political science, even though I disagree with some of his positions, as I’ve written about in other blogs. And there might be two or three other Republican Congressmen who are “good”. It’s a real shame that pure Capitalism hasn’t ever existed, except for brief periods during the Italian Renaissance, in Libertarian Holland, and among so-called primitive indigenous peoples. Hopefully, one day, one State in America, or even the entire country will have a chance to experience pure Capitalism and the standard of living will soar for those who work and are frugal. But till that time remember that the economic mess we are in is because of government intervention in what should be free-markets.

    Saying Obama is better than any Republican is like saying that Mussolini or Franco were a hell of a lot better than Hitler because they butchered less people —the justifications of a Liberal or “Moderate” Democrat. —Silverwolf

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