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Socialism Crumbleth, pt.1: The Death of the Euro-PIGS

February 13, 2010

As Silverwolf sits and watches the Revolution take place, comfortably ensconced on his mountain top,  far away from those European shores, which is the best vantage to watch revolutions, he reads of the chaos of the PIGS as European Socialism begins its long-inevitable crumble.

A mighty oak can grow and swell to several yards in diameter for hundreds of years, but one day, inevitably, it will crash to the ground, and the vultures of ants, termites, larvae, and woodcutters, will descend on the corpse, all to make use and recycle it for their own pressing needs of life. And so it is with Euro-Socialism, or rather with the whole Keynesian fabulation, which also pervades North America and Asia. Europe is just the first obvious victim of Socialism, because it has been the most vocal in supporting a basically Socialist economy, or a mixed economy with a huge Socialist element, for decades. It’s not only the Swedes and the whale-butchers of Norge who were big fans of Socialism. Remember Bismarck’s Social Security scams, and cushy giveaways to German civil servants; recall that it was Winston Churchill, of all people, who brought in many of the Socialist welfare schemes right after the Second World War that became axiomatic to English life after the dole. Not that they didn’t ameliorate a lot of suffering in the short-term in war-bankrupted England, who came out of it far worse economically than Germany did, but in the long-run they developed the welfare mentality in England, and straddled it with the chastity belt of Socialism that makes  culturally-fertile impregnation so difficult. The victors got the drippings of the Americans’ noses; the Germans got massive foreign aid which turned them into the Treasury of Europe. That’ll teach those Brits to fight the war for two years on their own, in place of America, eh what?

So Silverwolf has been observing the slaughter of the PIGS of Europe, those four basket-case economies, Portugal Ireland Greece Spain, acronyming to the little porcine devils. These countries have racked up debt so phenomenal in the short time they’ve been in the Eurozone, that it’s now realized that Socialism has already eaten the cake, and now all of Europe is going to have to live on blanched acorns for the next four winters. The Greek debt alone is a mind-boggling $419 billion dollars worth for just eleven million people. Now that works out roughly to about forty grand for every man, woman and child. And the retzina-quaffing Papadapoli of Maroussi are internationally-known for their vast Capitalist economy, aren’t they? Or has someone been pulling Silverwolf’s hind paws again?

Now $419 billion plus annual interest sounds like an awful lot to Silverwolf when you consider eleven million people owe it, plus annual interest. Not even Brother Obama and his honkies in Congress can rack up debt at that rate. He only racks up a Trillion a year, but that’s for 300 million people, about 28 times the population of Greece.

But then, this is just the beginning of the headache. Because Ireland, Portugal, and Spain, are also in similar straits. Not as dour, perhaps, but not much better. And Spain has a population of 45 million, and the fifth-largest economy in Europe, so if Spain goes down, then the Euro will be demi-castrated, and we will start to see the beginnings of the end for this centralized experiment in forcing “brotherhood” on over 350 million divers people, most of whom have been butchering each other by the thousands, for thousands of years, over thousands of yards of soil. And judging by the animosity which economic problems bring out in people, and the latent nationalism which still infects most of Europe (witness the soccer fan behavior, and the continuing passion for competitive nationalistic sporting events), the “socialist ideal” of bailing out your brother at the cost of higher gas, food and jeans, is one that will quickly bring the “Deutschland uber Alles” pack to its hind legs again.

On top of that, Italy is also getting further into its perpetual fiscal deficits, and will probably soon be terminal instead of just very ill. So perhaps one should Italianly pluralise the acronym to PIGSI.

And Europe’s bankruptcy is all the more amazing when you consider that the American taxpayer has been primarily footing the bill for European and NATO defence costs for decades now. The American Defense spending bills approved almost unanimously by the Democrat Party members in Congress for decades, has helped to keep America a society with many poor people, and with a crumbling infrastructure, while Europeans get the best in free medical care, modern trains, and all kinds of Socialist perks not even available in America. Truly the American taxpayer has been ripped off on Defense spending by the collaborative efforts of the Democrat and Republican parties for years, as well as by the European consumer. Their actions amount to a flagitious moral crime, though they may skirt illegality according to the definition. But public education has so dulled the American’s mind, that most of them fully support the mulcting of their wealth for the benefit of Euro-Socialists.

The crashing of the Euro will be a sharp lesson to the world’s peoples of the dangers of Keynesian, fractional reserve banking, as well as having a central bank that can destroy the value of paper currency by fiat at will. They will once again learn that they have been brainwashed, as they finally watch the inevitable destruction of European Socialism, after their saying it would succeed and be a shining City on a Hill for the last 90 years. How quickly are the proud laid low.

The abattoir is open; the slaughterer has had his three cups of cafe au lait, and is all hepped up and ready for business, and the first Euro-PIGS are  coming down the chute.

As the Mob’s slogan goes, “Pay or die”.

Hoooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Socialist Trap: Public Education

February 12, 2010

One of the many traps which this Behemoth called the State, or Collectivist government, sets for the unwary child is public education. It will probably seem at first glance that anyone advocating against public education must be a Neanderthal Wolf, not attaining to the sophistication of the modern Social wolf, with his massive State. Such an individual must be an anti-Social, who would send us back to the days of Dickens, where starving street urchins would roll in London filth, rather than being in a “decent” school.

Of course, this view greatly exaggerates the fallout from the instant closure of all public schools, and complete suspension of government subsidies to private schools. While it is true that there would be many cases of a negative impact, say on the rare child who is absolutely gaga in love with his school, loves all his teachers and every subject, and can’t wait to get on the schoolbus. However, for the vast majority of children, public schools are little more than boring prisons which get the child on the path to frustration and anti-social behaviour, and closing them would be greeted by whoops of joy from America’s children. After all, who wants to be locked up seven hours a day, when several if not all of those hours are spent in boredom, while the sun is shining, and outside the class window there is a lizard running up the oak, who is far more interesting than the boring teachers lecture on ” a citizens duty of obedience to the state”.

Do the adults of a society have the right to collectively imprison millions of children who have no voice in their imprisonment, or recourse through the law? Have we adults forgotten the child’s drive towards Freedom, as it attains first Consciousness of it’s powers as a Human Being? Liberals, who are de rigeur pro-public education as if it were Vitamin C, don’t seem to mind the great talents they suppress when they force a child into public education, while his parents are forced to pay taxes not only for public education, but also the hefty fees for private schools, if they don’t want him to be brainwashed beyond point of redemption into a passive robot, or a ball of frustrated fury.

Why should not a child work if he loves the thing he is doing, the desire to work is not only voluntary but begged for, and the child can make an income that would rival the upper 10% of the adult population? Should that child be forced into a prison camp for the best hours of his day and years of his early life (and with graduate school, that now extends to thirty), and be stuffed with information that he could get out of a book in a minute, or spend years couped up, when he could learn the “three Rs” at home from videos in a few weeks?

The Libertarian emphatically says “no”.

And, of course, we have not mentioned the very Libertarianly important factor of the Rights of the Parents. Say they perceive a very great talent in the child, peradventure for painting, music, daytrading soybean futures, or animal caregiving, and the child wants to pursue these ventures, should they and the child be denied the Right to “the pursuit of happiness”? Clearly the modern purveyors of public education are actually State-bully Fascists who want to make sure they continue to get those publicly-generated taxpayer-mulcted salaries and perks, and not the high-minded humanitarians they always claim to be, so deep does their brainwashing go.

And what would happen if we closed the public schools as Silverwolf suggests? Well, when there is a crying need the Market always seems to come in quickly and provide an efficient, in the short term, solution, and since it would suddenly fall on the parents and the community at large to educate the children if they felt that was of crying importance, then they would do something about it. They would determine what was relevant to their children’s education, and set about finding and hiring those competent by reputation, and not just through some bureaucratic credentialing regime, which is merely a testament to how much boring pablum a person will sit through before they are permitted the “license” to teach in the public schools, or even the private ones now.

While millions of public school teachers would be thrown out of work, tens of millions of Americans with skills ranging from changing washers or installing wells, to sewing quilts and stump removal, would be able to earn a livelihood by sharing their skills in exchange for monetary remuneration. Nor would they have to go through the thousand and one vetting loopholes that teacher’s unions use to protect their eggregious salaries, and obscene retirement packages. And all this mulcted at the public trough, from producing Capitalists in the private sector, who provide a steady gravy train of produce to be consumed by the parasitical teachers unions.

But what would happen to those wonderful and dedicated public school teachers, the kind we did find in many well-financed school districts in the 50s and 60s? Well, in a free market, obviously the good teachers would quickly be rehired, perhaps even at a higher salary, though probably with lower, or no, retirement benefits. But that would mean private schools would have no retirement payment worries, and could instead put all their capital towards hiring the best teachers, in their view, and capital improvements on their schools. The variety of different schools, and the quality of schools, which would soon become general knowledge once consumers had had some experience with the various institutions, would be a matter for the consumer to judge. Without the constant flow of funds steadily driving education costs through the roof for the last two score years, the competition over the scarcer education dollars would bring the cost of higher education down for everybody, and not just make it a province for the children of affluent Liberal Democrats and old-money Republicans. People, and children, could study what they wanted, where they wanted, when they wanted, and the only access factor would be cost.  There would be a small percentage of those who would be worse off under the abolition of public education, probably under five per cent we’d guess, but the benefits would accrue to the other 95% of children, who would be freed from years of bondage and boredom, which is leading to a more and more violent society, as the natural Libertarian impulses of Human Beings are being constantly thwarted by the bureaucratic red tape and obstacle courses of the modern Behemoth State.

And the public school pushers also conveniently forget that the child is learning from adults all the time, whether at school or at home. How many experiences and how much learning does a child miss because he doesn’t spend a few days watching his father or grandfather work, or sits listening to his grandmother reminisce about the way things used to work, way back before he was born. The Leftist-Collectivist-Liberal-Pietist coalition always leave out the damage which their do-gooding projects, which seem to always end up destroying Human Liberty, cause to millions. After all, the damage is always unseen. Who knows what valuable lesson that child might have learned from his grandfather, or the milkman, during the hours he was getting trigonometry drummed into a head that just as quickly drummed it out, and with the good common sense of the child too over the vapid stupidity of so many public school teachers.

Let’s end this now-unnecessary violation of Human Rights, which is helping to so badly degenerate our society into a mass of collectivist jelly, instead of an interaction of Individual Freedoms. Let’s close the public schools.

Socrates never needed to get “licensed by the State”.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww — Silverwolf

There Is a Free Lunch at The Mises Diner

February 3, 2010

One of the most common dictums thrown at one in America when one is growing from pupdom to wolfdom is “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” You hear this not only from cynical socialists, who feel that no Capitalist would ever give away anything for free unless he expected a higher return by the action, but also from hardboiled business types, who think that if a deal sounds too good, there’s always a catch in it, and who think that all other businessmen think exactly as they do.

But this duo of sceptics would be contradicted not by any swindling capitalist or even greater swindling socialist, but by the most pro-Capitalist, pro-free-market outfit in America: the Mises Institute; for what the Institute has done is not only made available copies of many of the classics of the Libertarian-Austrian School of Economics philosophical-economic outlook for free, but now, in the last few weeks, added a whole new raft of recordings to be inspected with a circumspect ear (to mix metaphors). These latest jewels of scholarship include two series of lectures delivered by Professor Murray N. Rothbard at the NY Polytechnic Institute in 1986, an excellent reading of A. J. Nock’s “Our Enemy, the State” by Jock Coats of Oxford, essays of Herbie Spencer, as well as readings by Jeff Riggenbach, who is also an excellent reader with a rich, resonant voice. (Herbie Spencer, known as Herbert to his friends, was a late 19th century British Libertarian-leaning essayist, who, according to Rothbard, became more statist as he aged. You can see this in the upper half of his face, which became like a human being later in life, while the lower half retained its wolf-like hirsuteness.) And the cherry is a brief, crisp recording of a short lecture Mises gave during an interlude in the US Steel corporation’s program in 1962, in which he explains why the free-market is so different from the old monarchies and church-dominated societies. (The reason is, if you’re curious to know, because instead of expropriating wealth by looting or taxation, which the king or church-priesthood had done is olden times, the free-market requires that a man serve his fellow men in some useful capacity by expending energy, and he will only be able to garner a living if he can fulfill some useful need. Therefore, his wealth is dependent on the consumer, not on legalized looting, and each consumer must, in turn, find something to turn his hand to so that he may procure the wherewithal to secure those commodities he needs for survival, or wants as fripperies. Thus the consumers, and not the kings, priesthood, or even the businessmen, are the real kings in a true free-market economy.Like Rothbard, Mises could make pellucid murky economic problems with a comparatively short, understandable explanation.)

The two Rothbard series of lectures feature one on a history of America from 1870 through King Roosevelt II from an Austrian School economic perspective, and several on the basics of economics like Value, and the Determination of Prices. These constitute the brown rice and beans (bread and butter for you junkfooders) of economic understanding, which can then be applied to the gallimaufry of American political history. Rothbard’s technique of historical analysis, which always asks “Qui bono?”, who benefits from a specific piece of legislation?, is one that logically explains not only the vast giveaways of the public’s wealth that were doled out to corporations during the 19th and 20th centuries, but the current massive giveaways by Obama, Geithner, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Frank, and that whole gang of “experts”, well paid at the public university’s feeding troughs, who said that the sky would fall if we didn’t bail out the megabanks, AIG, and Detroit. The same lies, the same “sky is falling” arguments, and it’s a hundred and forty years later. The same liers; the same gullible public quickly gulled, like the flocks at the seashore, with a few crumbs of bread that will be piled on the backs of the unborn. Socialists don’t give a damn about the unborn slaves that will have to slog for years to pay off the debt that they are building up right now so that those corporations they say are too big to fail can continue to give their enormous bonuses. They are the sadistic torturers of the unborn.

But the new items on the menu should not blind one to the solid, staple fare that Mises has in the pantry of its archives. There, for example, is Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty”, perhaps the first book any would-be neophyte Libertarian should read, perused aloud in excellent rendition by Jeff Riggenbach. No need to strain the eyes now, you can listen to it while taking the (subsidized) public transport, or while waiting to have your genitalia examined by a lusty Brunehilde at the airport. Thank goodness we Americans still have a “Right to Privacy”, eh what?

Anyway, there is plenty of “free lunch” for us Capitalists to stuff our brains with until bursting at the Mises Diner. Fortunately, unlike the fare at many other Brain Diners, there are no brain-clogging cholesterols of lies, no mind-hardening triglycerides of Leftist propaganda, no simplistic schemes like the money crank’s idea of printing up money and handing it out as a solution to shortages, or the Georgeist’s taxing land only. There is only economic truth, amazing in its simplicity after baffling economist theoreticians for over 2000 years, explained in the Woody Allenesque, quickfire, pace of Professor Rothbard, and always sprinkled with lots of humourous quips which usually are pretty good.

So don’t let the cynics give you any of their guff. At the Mises Diner, there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf