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The Democratic-Fascist Congress vs. The Bloggers: Coercion vs. Suasion

March 30, 2010

The Democrat Corporate Fascists in Congress, who have just completed the overthrow of the Jeffersonian Rights of Man with their heinous healthcare bill, have just coerced a great victory for the Corporations over Individual Man, and proven once more that State Power is the most dangerous and most corrupting influence there is, as Jefferson and Thom Paine knew so well. That is why in the early Republic there was such a mistrust of government power, and why the Constitution is a document designed to severely limit that power.

But the Democratic Fascists in Congress have finally overthrown that Jefferson Redoubt of Liberty, and, combined with the President’s proposal for “Prolonged Indefinite Detention”,  the President’s way of saying let’s overthrow 800 years of Habeas Corpus and Magna Charta, they have finally used coercion to put the last nail in the coffin of American Freedom.

In opposition to the coercive force of the Congressional Democrats stood the bloggers, the intellectual force of that philosophy of Libertarianism which tries to change things through argument and suasion, and not through force, coercion, and, as Congressman Pelosi wants, jail time for those not buying health insurance from her corporate backers. The stiletto high-healed shoes of Mizz Pelosi have come down with full force on the eardrum of Mr. Jefferson, and the Tinnitus of Tyranny has grown so loud that the Republic has become deaf to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The bloggers argued, and pointed out, and made all the valid points, but in the end coercion, bribery and force won out.

After the Second World War, the victors brought the vanquished to Nurnberg, and tried them for violating norms of Human Behavior that they said should never be violated, norms which Silverwolf agrees with. Undoubtedly, if the Nazis had won, Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower would have been the ones in the dock. And, notwithstanding certain intellectual arguments and irregularities in the trials, there was little doubt that 90% or more of people in the Allied Countries thought the sentences appropriate. And the Allied States could impose these sentences, whatever the convoluted intellectual arguments about the niceties of international law might be. In that case, coercion was being used to carry out Justice, and few would willingly or passionately argue against such government actions.

However, when it comes to imposing a Corporate Tyranny on the American People by the means of the coercive power of the State, in this case implemented by the Congressional Democratic Corporate Fascists, the bloggers and intellectuals have only this ineffectual counter-weapon of reasoned argument and logical discussion to fight back with. We cannot impose any palliative correction on this overthrow of our beloved Bill of Rights and Constitution, we cannot impeach or stop the Tyranny that has been imposed on every formerly-Free Citizen of these United States, we cannot do anything beyond continued suasion, except to refuse to cooperate and have our bodies shipped off to prison camps for not paying our now-mandated corporate toll, or move to a Capitalist country, of which now there is not one truly in the entire world.

The Democratic Congress believes in Coercion. Libertarians and Ron Paul-Republicans believe in the Non-aggression Principle, which states that “No man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else.” This is our morality; the morality of the intellectual bloggers. This is the principle by which we measure all government actions, and it is the principle which Thomas Jefferson was trying so hard to defend against the likes of Corporate Fascists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton and the President.

The War Criminal Benito Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, defined it briefly. “Fascism is corporatism.” See, Mussolini didn’t always lie.

The Healthcare Bill is a Mafia extortion, carried out by the State, for the benefit of its Corporate Insiders in the industries that benefit from it, and instituted by their friends and lapdogs in the Democratic Fascist Congress.

In opposition to this, all we Libertarians have is the power of logical argument, and rational discussion. The power of the Truth over Lies in the Human Brain. Just as Martin Luther King trusted in the basic decency of people to show up the horrendous Injustice that infected the Jim Crow-South, so must Libertarians trust to the basic decency of the American people and their sense of Justice as they see every one of their fellow citizens finally coerced into paying monthly tribute to the Pharaoh of the Corporations.

Democratic Fascist Coercion vs. Libertarian Suasion.

It’s what the Democrats call a level playing field.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Healthcare Bill Crime: America Won’t Turn the Other Cheek

March 22, 2010

The Moral Crime perpetrated against the American People last night by the Democrat Party Miscreants will go down as one of the most shameful in the continued destruction of the Republic by the Collectivists. The anti-Jeffersonian, corporate interests have won a vast victory, or at least they think they have, in forcing 30 million new Americans to pay their daily tribute to the Buffett and other Democrat interests in the insurance industry. You can be sure the wealthy Democrats are toasting their champagne right now, as they celebrate their being able to coerce millions more into their new Democrat-Mafia extortion racket. Their domination over the Jeffersonian Ideal of the Free Man is complete.

But those interests, or rather the Democrat millionaire politicians who are their Running Dogs, may soon be laughing out of the other side of their faces as the wrath of the American public rises and swells. Millions of America’s young people, who don’t have a pot to micturate in, are waking up today suddenly confronted with the problem that they will have to pay a tribute of hundreds of dollars a month, for the rest of their lives, just to exist in America — a new form of involuntary servitude just as repugnant and immoral in its coercion as was the old curse and Crime of Slavery, for it is Slavery pure and simple, with corporate interests milking the labor, instead of Colonel Massa.

Judging from the phone calls coming in to cspan immediately following the vote, it sounded like a lot of young people in America are suddenly waking up to the fact that they have been slapped in the face, financially speaking, overnight, and slapped by the very people who a few months back they were enthusiastically getting whipped up to support. Out of three calls in opposition to the Bill, two were college students of 19 and 20, and one was a 17-year-old just getting out of high school They are learning the hard way, and fast, that indifference to political events can be deadly, and cost you your life —  or at least your food money for the rest of your living days. Those who didn’t vote because politics was “boring”, or who got brainwashed by the rhetorical style of the demagogue from Chicago, or who didn’t even think of politics at all are quickly realizing that indifference to these matters is just to invite Fascism right into your house. And it’s here.

But Silverwolf predicts that the anger engendered by this immoral Bill, and the way it was forced down the American People’s throats by the Democrat Miscreants will create a backlash such as has never been seen in American politics before. This Bill will add millions of voters to the rolls of the Republican and Libertarian Parties, while alienating many Democrats who, while not understanding economics, will understand the Fascistic Injustice of the Bill. For millions of Americans, it will mean giving up their food money, and millions of others will find that it pays to slip into poverty, spend down their savings, take their money out of the bank, and thus qualify for subsidized health care. This is a bill that will encourage mass poverty, which of course is where the Democrat Party plans to get its future members.

But Silverwolf also predicts that the Injustice of this Bill will jolt millions of College aged youths to adopt the Libertarian views of Congressman like Ron Paul, much as the Draft under War Criminal Lyndon Baines Johnson and War Criminal Hubert Horatio Humphrey mobilized a whole generation of young people to not want any government authority coming in and wrecking their lives just to please the war interests backing the Democrat War Criminals back then. Obama-Pelosi’s Healthcare Bill is Johnson’s Draft; and its effect will resound in America for a generation, Silverwolf speculates. The Revolutionary fervor of youth is always underestimated by the A.K.’s over 40 like Reid, Pelosi and Obama, and this time will be no different.

Repeal the Bill. Vote the Fascist Democrats out of office.

Come November, Vengeance at the Polls!

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Obama and Mrs. Clinton Sell Out Israel

March 16, 2010

As with Tibet, so with Israel. The back-stabbing of weak and occupied peoples continues as first the administration kowtows to Communist China and now to the Arab intransigents surrounding Israel. It is obvious that President Obama is always going to ride with the side with the big guns, be they T-Bills or oil, in deference to G.B. Shaw’s view of God’s approach, and damned be the moral consequences.

In this case, the President and Mrs. Clinton, as well as Obama’s Charlie McCarthy dummy, David Axelrod, have had the gall to criticise a democratically-elected government for building housing within its own capital, a truly amazing criticism. Is there any other country in the world that would be so roundly condemned for building new housing for its own citizens in its own capital?

And this criticism from a country which has stolen all its land from the American Indian, and from a woman who has traded, speculated, and owned such land within states such as Arkansas. Mrs. Clinton has trafficked in stolen Indian land, though it has been made all legal with the help of Wondy Whiterbread’s legal codes, but yet she dares to have the “chutzpah”, as an Israeli might say, to tell Israelis where they can build housing for their own citizens, within their own capital. This woman is a Totalitarian’s dream virago.

Those of us who saw this coming early on in the campaign, when we learned of the Farrakhan associations of the Church to which the President belonged, and the views of his Reverend Wright, are not surprised in the least at the backstabbing of Israel, and of Biden’s very low blow that announcing this housing enhancement somehow endangered US troop security in Pakistan, Iraq, etc. Well, that is Biden all over, the self-righteous drug-warrior who is the only purveyor of morality in the universe, and who is never wrong. More like a buffoon who was lucky enough to be the second in command of power in America, Heaven help us.

Supporters of Israel’s legitimate right to exist as an indigenous people within its traditional tribal homeland, just as much as the French or Danes have a “right” to France or Denmark, can see the Obama-Clinton shift away from the moral, Libertarian position of supporting legitimate property rights, towards the Communo-racist position of the European Union, so rich in anti-Semitism,  so terrified of its Islamic minorities, and so subservient to Arabian oil monies. That shift is now out in the open, and the illusion that Mrs. Clinton is a friend of Israel has been shown as a shallow lie. There must be many a Zionist and supporter of Israel waking up to the fact of what they have done when they went into that polling booth and voted for Obama, instead of Bob Barr. Silverwolf wonders how they feel at helping Israel get stabbed in the back again? First Nixon, and now Obama-Clinton.

President Obama and Mrs. Clinton: now they’ve sold out the Tibetans and sold out the Israelis, who’s next to sell?

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Acid Machine of Music: Liberation Corelli

March 15, 2010

With what conceit modern man thinks his inventions and shortcuts the ultimate in levels of happiness. The invention and intervention of the internet into modern life has made many of its users regard the past hassles of doing without it as a kind of Dark Age, preceding the beginnings of decency. Life was never really worth living, or was insufficiently liberated, before the internet (or B.I. as the new dating system introduced by the World Government now classifies years), is the attitude unconsciously implanted in us by the net. No need to listen to 20 minutes of commercials to get to a weather report that was vital to you 15 minutes ago. Now you have it in advance, and your life is more commodious as a result.

But this conceit overlooks a psychological reality that few ever bother to contemplate, and that is that in previous times every liberating transformation of society, whether through technology or art, was viewed by its possessors as an equally liberating and equally significant event in Human History. Its aficionados were just as enthusiastic and eager about its liberating effects as we are about the internet, or the possibilities of influencing the world through blogging or other net activities. Yet, if they (or we) knew for certain what the next development would be, and could see it,  they and we would not be so currently enamoured with our current paramour.

Such advances in technology can seem puerile now to the modern generation, but to those who lived through the reality of them, they did not seem so. Silverwolf was reminiscing with Blue Dog about the thrill we both experienced as cubs and pups when we acquired our first crystal radios, little diode jobs that you clipped onto a piece of metal, and listened to with one earpiece. In an age when you had to buy batteries to power the “new” 6 transistor radios (made in Japan), the idea of being able to listen to Thomas Cassidy’s incredible voice presenting the Gas Company’s Evening Concert for free, even under the covers if you clipped it to a house ground, was a thrill not incomparable to getting hooked up to hi-speed internet.

Likewise, earlier thrills must have been equally rushy or more so to the participants. A horseless carriage! Well, hoss, what will that lead to? An electric percolator? No need to build a stove fire on a sub-freezing morning to have a hot cup of wolfbane. An electric typewriter? Doubled the firm’s productivity in the first year. A chain saw? Hang up the “misery whip” pushed back and forth for an hour by two men in the fog. The wheel? Well, that sure makes things a lot easier, Pharaoh.

And the electric guitar and amplifier: now every teenage boy whose parents have a garage can sound not that far different from the 45rpm he just played on that newfangled phonograph that even has the speakers come off, so you can put them where ever you want, as long as it’s within three feet of the console.  A band that actually sounds like the band on the record, and without a whole lot of talent needed to do it. Wow! And then Stereo. Why, it sounds like it’s live, right in the room! Who needs a real band?

But Silverwolf thinks that one of the biggest explosions ever of what he wants to call “the acid machine” came with the liberation of music during the transition of Renaissance to Baroque music, under the aegis of the Italian composers like Vivaldi, Corelli, and Albinoni. But let him first explain what he means by “an acid machine”.

An “acid machine” is a social process, technological or artistic, that provides its enthusiasts with a mechanism with which they feel they can control or conquer either the world, or their own artistic aspirations, while eating away at all the restrictions that formerly hampered that art or technology. It usually feels like a revolution. The video recorder and VHS cassette are one example which those readers not yet gaga will still remember. Frailer minds may recall that in frailer times, in the kinematic arts, the same effect was accomplished by the 8mm and Super8 mediums, which gave the amateur a crack at duplicating the effects of the multimillion dollar feature film, for a fraction of the cost. As Jean Cocteau so rightly observed, film would never be liberated until it was as easy to make a film as it was to write a poem. 80 years later, the accurate predictions of that opium visionary have come true with the point and click video card camera.

So an acid machine can be the internet, a crystal set, a Fender amp or pickup, a bicycle, or an entirely new way of looking at an art that has slumbered for centuries and millenia in a comatose state of underdevelopment. Such was the state of Western European music going into the 1500s, and by the emergence of the 1700s it was as radically changed as is our internet world from the world of 1880.

And if you want to hear what this “acid machine” of music really meant to the composers of that time, listen to the works of Corelli, Albinoni, and Vivaldi, and hear for the first time a joy and energy that would have been impossible to express if not for the  advances of Monteverdi and Frescobaldi. In that ebullient euphoria of their music, you can hear the excitement of the men of that time as they discovered their “acid machine”.

787 years from now, Trina Sorensen will be sitting under the palm trees of the University of Uppsala in Sweden, working on her required paper on “early bloggers of the 21st century”. It will seem a bore, and she will wonder how they could get so excited over such a primitive technology as the internet. And she will hardly be able to wait to get home and explore the “acid machine” of her times.

What will it be then?

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Collaborates With The Racists: The 2010 U.S. Census

March 12, 2010

Silverwolf has a confession to make; one that he is not at all proud of. For he must admit to his public that he has collaborated in evil, he has worked with the racists, he has cooperated in an Unconstitutional activity: in sum, he has filled out and mailed back his 2010 Census Form.

Yes, your opprobrium on Silverwolf’s head is well-deserved for what self-respecting Libertarian who would fill out the Census Form, could bare to look at his hirsute muzzle in the mirror in the morning? However, Silverwolf fully admits to being fearful of the consequences for not collaborating with Evil in this case: a $5,000 fine; and for not wanting to hassle with arguing the Constitutional line which clearly makes virtually all of the questions in the Census Form Unconstitutional: thousands of dollars and months spent on Constitutional Lawyers in a futile attempt to rectify an Unconstitutional activity. No thanks.

And Silverwolf shamefully admits to even collaborating with the Racists in Washington as they require that each person classify themselves according to race, in the best tradition of the Nazi Criminals. And so, when given a choice of White, Black, Native American, or his race, he unhesitatingly filled in the fourth choice: The Lobo Breed, the official name of the Wolfen Race. And, as required by Unconstitutional law, his name and age: Lobo Silverwolf, 399 years-old (as the reader is probably aware by now, 400 marks the beginning of “middle age” for Wolves).

Of course, under Jefferson’s great insight, all men were to be regarded as equal in Rights before the Law, and the ethnic background of the person was completely immaterial as far as his Rights under the Rights of Man. This is one of the great Principles of the United States Constitution, which the Racists of the Democratic Party have overthrown with their NoseyParker questionnaire, and their Hitlerian forcing of every American to racially classify themselves.

The Democrats evidently have never heard of the Human Race.

Those of us who kowtow and collaborate in evil just to avoid a mere $5,000 fine, and a visit from a “government agent” are a disgraceful example to the upcoming generations of their elder’s cooperation with Evil; we should be kept away from these budding fruits of Humanity so that we do not contaminate them with our Pragmatism, or frizz their delicate blooms by telling them “don’t rock the boat”. This American Ship of State is in bad need of a rocker, and it will be the upcoming Libertarian generations, who also understand Austrian Economics and Jeffersonian Republicanism, who will jettison the Racists overboard, along with the flotsam and jetsam of  their disgusting racial classifications of Human Beings.

But the Racists are in full charge as usual in Washington, and they will be divvying up the spoils looted from the taxpayers, based on the various percentages of Human Beings in America who are either bamboozled or coerced into a racist Self-classification. And in the process of doing that, they have divided the People into various groups, according to some preconceived image of what a race means, and thus contributed greatly to racism, disunity, and social strife.

And we know that intermarriage, rape, and cohabitation have made a truly racial classification a nonsense, and most people are aware of that. Yet the prejudice-breeders in Congress and the White House are intent on continuing to whip up this hatred and rivalry of race against race, and group against group. And they have succeeded most magnificently, haven’t they, Oh Massa Farrakhan!

The 2010 Unconstitutional U.S. Census: it could have been devised by Hitler.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Kartika Shukarno: Another Anti-Libertarian Outrage in Malaysia

March 7, 2010

In the annals of the ongoing Libertarian struggle against the tyranny of the Fascist State, a new chapter is being forged by a diminutive 32-year-old Malaysian mother of two, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who committed the unforgivable “crime” of drinking a beer in a public bar with some friends. This “heinous crime” is being punished by the Fascists Miscreants of Malaysia with 6 strokes of the cane to this delicate little woman, who has more courage in her than all the men in Malaysia. And more True Grit.

International disgust at the outrageous injustice of caning a woman for drinking a beer has caused Malaysia, the “mal” of Asia, to keep the sentence quiet and not publicize the event, but the family of this brave woman, along with the woman herself, have insisted that the punishment be carried out, so the whole world can see the brazen cruelty and sadism of these religious thugs who want to ram their Draconian views down the throats of everyone. Whether it is the religious police of so-called “moderate” Malaysia, whipping women for having a beer, or the religious police of Iran telling men to cut their hair or women to cover their hair, they are the same power-crazed thugs we always see in the power structure of Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, and the same punks who used to typically inhabit the Boy’s Vice-Principal’s Office, and who would tell us to cut our hair, or rip our peace buttons off our shirts. All of these Miscreants worship State power, instead of worshipping the power of the Individual Human Being. And societies that worship and cherish that enrichment of the power of the Individual, end up as Jeffersonian Republics, or, in more primitive times, the Italian Renaissance States. And those Renaissance States were as vital and catalytic to the explosions of Jeffersonian political Freedom that were idealized in the American Revolution, as were Jefferson’s Constitution and Bill of Rights to the modern Libertarian trends, be they that of Ron Paul or the formal Libertarian Party.

A diminutive 32-year old woman with more courage than the President of the United States, for she is willing to confront and oppose evil and hypocrisy, not kowtow, smile, and tolerate it.

Six lashes of the cane for a beer, and months of questioning, legal wrangling, and waiting, while the Western world’s top political leaders are as silent as the grave in the face of such injustice. But is it more cruel than the literal millions who were jailed, tried, fined, or in some way harassed for having 1.1 oz. of cannabis during the days of the “Liberal” Clinton Regime? Did the President, or any in his Party ever use their bully pulpit, as the most powerful political figures in the country, to speak out against this injustice of the law? Never!

One of Silverwolf’s teachers, Mr. DeRiggi, used to say “silence means consent”. And when it comes to the torture of this Malaysian woman, the silence of President Obama and the Feminists in his party is deafening. But given the warm greetings extended to some of the worst anti-Libertarian and anti-Jeffersonian Regimes to curse this planet on the President’s early P.R. tours of the world, it’s no surprise that the President and his party don’t have the guts to bring this egregious case to light before the eyes of the whole country, and the entire world, as an example of the Infamy of Prohibition. And of course, to highlight the fact that the religious Fascists of Malaysia are torturing this woman, both physically and mentally, for drinking a beer, would only highlight the fact that the President (who ironically is a tobacco Addict) and the Drug Warriors of his party, like Biden and Rangel, have likewise tortured millions of Americans who have committed no property crimes, by tearing them away from their families, incarcerating them with violent criminals, and bankrupting them through the legal system. Some Malaysians might say that six blows with the cane, and then it’s over, is actually a much more humane system than the American one, and they would probably be right.

But America’s injustices should not stop us from speaking out against injustices anywhere on the planet, and the caning of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno for drinking a beer is not only a vile injustice, but a Libertarian Outrage.

Kartika  Sari Dewi Shukarno, Silverwolf officially declares you one of the Mothers of the Libertarian Revolution. Your name will not be forgotten, but rather will be howled tonight around the campfires of the Libertarian Wolves of North America. And that sound will carry across the Pacific Ocean to your land.

Hoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf