Kartika Shukarno: Another Anti-Libertarian Outrage in Malaysia

In the annals of the ongoing Libertarian struggle against the tyranny of the Fascist State, a new chapter is being forged by a diminutive 32-year-old Malaysian mother of two, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who committed the unforgivable “crime” of drinking a beer in a public bar with some friends. This “heinous crime” is being punished by the Fascists Miscreants of Malaysia with 6 strokes of the cane to this delicate little woman, who has more courage in her than all the men in Malaysia. And more True Grit.

International disgust at the outrageous injustice of caning a woman for drinking a beer has caused Malaysia, the “mal” of Asia, to keep the sentence quiet and not publicize the event, but the family of this brave woman, along with the woman herself, have insisted that the punishment be carried out, so the whole world can see the brazen cruelty and sadism of these religious thugs who want to ram their Draconian views down the throats of everyone. Whether it is the religious police of so-called “moderate” Malaysia, whipping women for having a beer, or the religious police of Iran telling men to cut their hair or women to cover their hair, they are the same power-crazed thugs we always see in the power structure of Fascism, Nazism, and Communism, and the same punks who used to typically inhabit the Boy’s Vice-Principal’s Office, and who would tell us to cut our hair, or rip our peace buttons off our shirts. All of these Miscreants worship State power, instead of worshipping the power of the Individual Human Being. And societies that worship and cherish that enrichment of the power of the Individual, end up as Jeffersonian Republics, or, in more primitive times, the Italian Renaissance States. And those Renaissance States were as vital and catalytic to the explosions of Jeffersonian political Freedom that were idealized in the American Revolution, as were Jefferson’s Constitution and Bill of Rights to the modern Libertarian trends, be they that of Ron Paul or the formal Libertarian Party.

A diminutive 32-year old woman with more courage than the President of the United States, for she is willing to confront and oppose evil and hypocrisy, not kowtow, smile, and tolerate it.

Six lashes of the cane for a beer, and months of questioning, legal wrangling, and waiting, while the Western world’s top political leaders are as silent as the grave in the face of such injustice. But is it more cruel than the literal millions who were jailed, tried, fined, or in some way harassed for having 1.1 oz. of cannabis during the days of the “Liberal” Clinton Regime? Did the President, or any in his Party ever use their bully pulpit, as the most powerful political figures in the country, to speak out against this injustice of the law? Never!

One of Silverwolf’s teachers, Mr. DeRiggi, used to say “silence means consent”. And when it comes to the torture of this Malaysian woman, the silence of President Obama and the Feminists in his party is deafening. But given the warm greetings extended to some of the worst anti-Libertarian and anti-Jeffersonian Regimes to curse this planet on the President’s early P.R. tours of the world, it’s no surprise that the President and his party don’t have the guts to bring this egregious case to light before the eyes of the whole country, and the entire world, as an example of the Infamy of Prohibition. And of course, to highlight the fact that the religious Fascists of Malaysia are torturing this woman, both physically and mentally, for drinking a beer, would only highlight the fact that the President (who ironically is a tobacco Addict) and the Drug Warriors of his party, like Biden and Rangel, have likewise tortured millions of Americans who have committed no property crimes, by tearing them away from their families, incarcerating them with violent criminals, and bankrupting them through the legal system. Some Malaysians might say that six blows with the cane, and then it’s over, is actually a much more humane system than the American one, and they would probably be right.

But America’s injustices should not stop us from speaking out against injustices anywhere on the planet, and the caning of Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno for drinking a beer is not only a vile injustice, but a Libertarian Outrage.

Kartika  Sari Dewi Shukarno, Silverwolf officially declares you one of the Mothers of the Libertarian Revolution. Your name will not be forgotten, but rather will be howled tonight around the campfires of the Libertarian Wolves of North America. And that sound will carry across the Pacific Ocean to your land.

Hoooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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