Silverwolf Collaborates With The Racists: The 2010 U.S. Census

Silverwolf has a confession to make; one that he is not at all proud of. For he must admit to his public that he has collaborated in evil, he has worked with the racists, he has cooperated in an Unconstitutional activity: in sum, he has filled out and mailed back his 2010 Census Form.

Yes, your opprobrium on Silverwolf’s head is well-deserved for what self-respecting Libertarian who would fill out the Census Form, could bare to look at his hirsute muzzle in the mirror in the morning? However, Silverwolf fully admits to being fearful of the consequences for not collaborating with Evil in this case: a $5,000 fine; and for not wanting to hassle with arguing the Constitutional line which clearly makes virtually all of the questions in the Census Form Unconstitutional: thousands of dollars and months spent on Constitutional Lawyers in a futile attempt to rectify an Unconstitutional activity. No thanks.

And Silverwolf shamefully admits to even collaborating with the Racists in Washington as they require that each person classify themselves according to race, in the best tradition of the Nazi Criminals. And so, when given a choice of White, Black, Native American, or his race, he unhesitatingly filled in the fourth choice: The Lobo Breed, the official name of the Wolfen Race. And, as required by Unconstitutional law, his name and age: Lobo Silverwolf, 399 years-old (as the reader is probably aware by now, 400 marks the beginning of “middle age” for Wolves).

Of course, under Jefferson’s great insight, all men were to be regarded as equal in Rights before the Law, and the ethnic background of the person was completely immaterial as far as his Rights under the Rights of Man. This is one of the great Principles of the United States Constitution, which the Racists of the Democratic Party have overthrown with their NoseyParker questionnaire, and their Hitlerian forcing of every American to racially classify themselves.

The Democrats evidently have never heard of the Human Race.

Those of us who kowtow and collaborate in evil just to avoid a mere $5,000 fine, and a visit from a “government agent” are a disgraceful example to the upcoming generations of their elder’s cooperation with Evil; we should be kept away from these budding fruits of Humanity so that we do not contaminate them with our Pragmatism, or frizz their delicate blooms by telling them “don’t rock the boat”. This American Ship of State is in bad need of a rocker, and it will be the upcoming Libertarian generations, who also understand Austrian Economics and Jeffersonian Republicanism, who will jettison the Racists overboard, along with the flotsam and jetsam of  their disgusting racial classifications of Human Beings.

But the Racists are in full charge as usual in Washington, and they will be divvying up the spoils looted from the taxpayers, based on the various percentages of Human Beings in America who are either bamboozled or coerced into a racist Self-classification. And in the process of doing that, they have divided the People into various groups, according to some preconceived image of what a race means, and thus contributed greatly to racism, disunity, and social strife.

And we know that intermarriage, rape, and cohabitation have made a truly racial classification a nonsense, and most people are aware of that. Yet the prejudice-breeders in Congress and the White House are intent on continuing to whip up this hatred and rivalry of race against race, and group against group. And they have succeeded most magnificently, haven’t they, Oh Massa Farrakhan!

The 2010 Unconstitutional U.S. Census: it could have been devised by Hitler.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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4 Responses to “Silverwolf Collaborates With The Racists: The 2010 U.S. Census”

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