Obama and Mrs. Clinton Sell Out Israel

As with Tibet, so with Israel. The back-stabbing of weak and occupied peoples continues as first the administration kowtows to Communist China and now to the Arab intransigents surrounding Israel. It is obvious that President Obama is always going to ride with the side with the big guns, be they T-Bills or oil, in deference to G.B. Shaw’s view of God’s approach, and damned be the moral consequences.

In this case, the President and Mrs. Clinton, as well as Obama’s Charlie McCarthy dummy, David Axelrod, have had the gall to criticise a democratically-elected government for building housing within its own capital, a truly amazing criticism. Is there any other country in the world that would be so roundly condemned for building new housing for its own citizens in its own capital?

And this criticism from a country which has stolen all its land from the American Indian, and from a woman who has traded, speculated, and owned such land within states such as Arkansas. Mrs. Clinton has trafficked in stolen Indian land, though it has been made all legal with the help of Wondy Whiterbread’s legal codes, but yet she dares to have the “chutzpah”, as an Israeli might say, to tell Israelis where they can build housing for their own citizens, within their own capital. This woman is a Totalitarian’s dream virago.

Those of us who saw this coming early on in the campaign, when we learned of the Farrakhan associations of the Church to which the President belonged, and the views of his Reverend Wright, are not surprised in the least at the backstabbing of Israel, and of Biden’s very low blow that announcing this housing enhancement somehow endangered US troop security in Pakistan, Iraq, etc. Well, that is Biden all over, the self-righteous drug-warrior who is the only purveyor of morality in the universe, and who is never wrong. More like a buffoon who was lucky enough to be the second in command of power in America, Heaven help us.

Supporters of Israel’s legitimate right to exist as an indigenous people within its traditional tribal homeland, just as much as the French or Danes have a “right” to France or Denmark, can see the Obama-Clinton shift away from the moral, Libertarian position of supporting legitimate property rights, towards the Communo-racist position of the European Union, so rich in anti-Semitism,  so terrified of its Islamic minorities, and so subservient to Arabian oil monies. That shift is now out in the open, and the illusion that Mrs. Clinton is a friend of Israel has been shown as a shallow lie. There must be many a Zionist and supporter of Israel waking up to the fact of what they have done when they went into that polling booth and voted for Obama, instead of Bob Barr. Silverwolf wonders how they feel at helping Israel get stabbed in the back again? First Nixon, and now Obama-Clinton.

President Obama and Mrs. Clinton: now they’ve sold out the Tibetans and sold out the Israelis, who’s next to sell?

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


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3 Responses to “Obama and Mrs. Clinton Sell Out Israel”

  1. Obama y la señora. Clinton vender israel Says:

    […] Al igual que con el Tíbet, así que con Israel. Las puñaladas por la espalda de los pueblos débiles y ocupados sigue como el primer kowtows administración a la China comunista y ahora a los intransigentes árabes que dan paso a Israel. Es obvio que el presidente Obama siempre va a andar con la cara con las grandes armas, ya sean T-Bills o aceite, en [deferencia. . . ] URL del artículo original https://lobobreed.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/obama-and-mrs-clinton-sell-out-israel/ […]

  2. Obama et Mme. Clinton vendre Israël Says:

    […] Comme avec le Tibet, alors avec Israël. L'arrière-coup de poignard des peuples faibles et occupés continue comme le premier kowtows administration à la Chine communiste et désormais à la intransigeants arabes entourant Israël. Il est évident que le président Obama va toujours de rouler avec le côté avec les gros canons, qu'ils soient bons du Trésor ou de l'huile, en [déférence. . . ] URL article original: https://lobobreed.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/obama-and-mrs-clinton-sell-out-israel/ […]

  3. Obama e mrs. clinton sell out Israele Says:

    […] Come per il Tibet, così con Israele. Le pugnalate alle spalle dei popoli deboli e occupato continua come prima kowtows amministrazione a Cina comunista ed ora alla intransigenti arabi che circondano Israele. E 'ovvio che il presidente Obama sta andando sempre a guidare con il lato con i grossi calibri, siano essi Buoni del Tesoro o di olio, in [deferenza. . . ] URL articolo originale https://lobobreed.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/obama-and-mrs-clinton-sell-out-israel/ […]

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