The Healthcare Bill Crime: America Won’t Turn the Other Cheek

The Moral Crime perpetrated against the American People last night by the Democrat Party Miscreants will go down as one of the most shameful in the continued destruction of the Republic by the Collectivists. The anti-Jeffersonian, corporate interests have won a vast victory, or at least they think they have, in forcing 30 million new Americans to pay their daily tribute to the Buffett and other Democrat interests in the insurance industry. You can be sure the wealthy Democrats are toasting their champagne right now, as they celebrate their being able to coerce millions more into their new Democrat-Mafia extortion racket. Their domination over the Jeffersonian Ideal of the Free Man is complete.

But those interests, or rather the Democrat millionaire politicians who are their Running Dogs, may soon be laughing out of the other side of their faces as the wrath of the American public rises and swells. Millions of America’s young people, who don’t have a pot to micturate in, are waking up today suddenly confronted with the problem that they will have to pay a tribute of hundreds of dollars a month, for the rest of their lives, just to exist in America — a new form of involuntary servitude just as repugnant and immoral in its coercion as was the old curse and Crime of Slavery, for it is Slavery pure and simple, with corporate interests milking the labor, instead of Colonel Massa.

Judging from the phone calls coming in to cspan immediately following the vote, it sounded like a lot of young people in America are suddenly waking up to the fact that they have been slapped in the face, financially speaking, overnight, and slapped by the very people who a few months back they were enthusiastically getting whipped up to support. Out of three calls in opposition to the Bill, two were college students of 19 and 20, and one was a 17-year-old just getting out of high school They are learning the hard way, and fast, that indifference to political events can be deadly, and cost you your life —  or at least your food money for the rest of your living days. Those who didn’t vote because politics was “boring”, or who got brainwashed by the rhetorical style of the demagogue from Chicago, or who didn’t even think of politics at all are quickly realizing that indifference to these matters is just to invite Fascism right into your house. And it’s here.

But Silverwolf predicts that the anger engendered by this immoral Bill, and the way it was forced down the American People’s throats by the Democrat Miscreants will create a backlash such as has never been seen in American politics before. This Bill will add millions of voters to the rolls of the Republican and Libertarian Parties, while alienating many Democrats who, while not understanding economics, will understand the Fascistic Injustice of the Bill. For millions of Americans, it will mean giving up their food money, and millions of others will find that it pays to slip into poverty, spend down their savings, take their money out of the bank, and thus qualify for subsidized health care. This is a bill that will encourage mass poverty, which of course is where the Democrat Party plans to get its future members.

But Silverwolf also predicts that the Injustice of this Bill will jolt millions of College aged youths to adopt the Libertarian views of Congressman like Ron Paul, much as the Draft under War Criminal Lyndon Baines Johnson and War Criminal Hubert Horatio Humphrey mobilized a whole generation of young people to not want any government authority coming in and wrecking their lives just to please the war interests backing the Democrat War Criminals back then. Obama-Pelosi’s Healthcare Bill is Johnson’s Draft; and its effect will resound in America for a generation, Silverwolf speculates. The Revolutionary fervor of youth is always underestimated by the A.K.’s over 40 like Reid, Pelosi and Obama, and this time will be no different.

Repeal the Bill. Vote the Fascist Democrats out of office.

Come November, Vengeance at the Polls!

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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4 Responses to “The Healthcare Bill Crime: America Won’t Turn the Other Cheek”

  1. john Says:

    you got that right… how ya like the change now?

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