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Silverwolf vs. Foxman: The A.D.L.’s Feckless Victory in the Marcello Lucero Killing

April 29, 2010

Silverwolf has been pondering the truly tragic news out of the Eastern United States, news which the Anti-Defamation League has surprisingly hailed as a victory. For to Silverwolf, this news is no victory, but a heinous tragedy, and a pellucid illustration of exactly what he was talking about in his recent blog when he spoke of the dangers of hate crime laws, good intentioned though they be, leading to juries unwilling to convict, and turning Racist Criminals into martyrs.

And so, only a few hours after posting those thoughts, Silverwolf read of the horrendous verdict in which the “manslaughterer” of a 37-year old Ecuadorian immigrant living on Long Island who was stabbed to death in a racist gang attack, was convicted on a charge of a first degree manslaughter hate crime. He received a sentence of from 8 to 25 years. The ADL website portrays it thusly:

And this was the verdict roughly seventeen months after the original incident, which was reported on the ADL website thusly:

This is a Libertarian Outrage! That a Racist could go out with a gang of other Racists, looking for Latino-appearing people on the streets to attack, and in the course of an attack, stab to death a man, and then get away with eight years is a great atrocity, not something for the ADL to call a great victory. Let’s remember that many states permit huge reductions in sentence for good behaviour behind bars, often amounting to a reduction of two-thirds of the sentence. Now, Silverwolf is not aware if such reductions apply in New York State where this Travesty of Justice occurred, but if they do, then this Racist Miscreant and “Manslaughterer” (for Libel reasons, we cannot call him what he is) could be out in 2 2/3 years. And that the ADL calls a victory.

Now, there are several interesting points here. Firstly, while the ADL claims this to be a victory, the family of the victim saw it for what it was — a judicial slap on the wrist for a Racist Crime that should been smashed with the full force of the Hammer of the Malefactor, administered through the law courts and the jail system. They were not as enthralled with this Miscarriage of Justice as the ADL. The “Latin Americanist blog” reported the tragedy thusly, which includes a link to the statements of the victims brother to Ecuadorian radio.

And one must ask, why were not all the members of this racist gang prosecuted for this murder? They all went out together, with intent to physically harm someone, based solely on what they perceived as their race or ethnic background, in this case Latinos. What kind of message does this send to racist groups, when a vigilante gang doesn’t get life in jail in solitary at hard labor for such a crime? Such a fair punishment would do more to stop racist violence than all the hate crime legislation that the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center seem to think will magically stop hate crimes, especially when the investigating police forces, and the prosecuting D.A.’s office are riddled with racists, as they are bound to be, somewhere, at some time, in some locales, in America. Hate crime legislation is no solution for violent racist attacks; Draconian long sentences of solitary at hard labor are. And if the Racist Murderers go on hunger strike, then they should be permitted to commit suicide under Libertarian doctrine, and free up the cell and save the taxpayer the costs. A racist’s Right to commit suicide should never be abridged, under the Libertarian Property Right of Self-Ownership.

No, what this case clearly shows is the failure of hate crime legislation to adequately protect minority groups that have been and still are targets of racist violence.

So what would be a Libertarian solution according to you, Silverwolf, you may query?

Well, first of all, under a Libertarian government, no body would be in jail for possessing drugs. Or even vending to anyone 18 or older. So that would reduce the prison population by about 70%, since that is roughly the percentage of the prison population in jail for non-violent drug offenses. Plenty of room for racist murderers, — and any kind of murderers — then. No need to skimp on sentences.

Moreover, there would be nothing to stop the legislature, or the People through the Initiative Process, from instructing their Judiciary to take into account racist factors when sentencing. For example, if someone murdered someone for their wallet they’d get 40 years; if they murdered them solely because (and they announced it before hand to witnesses, and/or published their intentions in literature,  and/or admitted it to police after the crime, as well as under oath in court) the victim was an Armenian or a Trobriand Islander, or a Redhead, then they might get 50 years — or life. So, not having hate crimes does not preclude judges from taking what they perceive to be violence motivated by clear cut racism into account, which in turn was based on objective facts and actions in the public record of the trial, when deliberating the length of sentence.

But what is so glaringly obvious in this great tragedy, is that if someone is convicted of a first degree hate crime, and that crime results in the death of someone, then the crime would have to be, of necessity, the Crime of Murder. How could a First Degree Hate Crime, that resulted in death of the victim, ever be Manslaughter? Or anything else. This is a clear cop-out, and exactly the point that Silverwolf make in his last blog — that juries will not convict, or will go along with plea bargains in cases that cry out for Life without Parole in Solitary at Hard Labor. That should be the punishment for every racist murder, and every racist attack that results in grievous bodily injury. Not a mollycoddling eight years, with 2/3 off for good behaviour. That is an outrage! And not only the person who actually murdered the victim, but every member of that gang would have to be prosecuted and convicted. So not only is this sentence a grave joke, but the fact that none of the other gang is rotting in solitary is also barbaric. It is getting away with murder seven times over!

Silverwolf is afraid that slick pro-Racist lawyers will figure out ways to introduce doubts into juries minds, when defending against convictions in hate crimes cases that would routinely get very long sentences for anyone committing violence in a Libertarian society, whether they were Racists or not.( And since Racists could not be trusted to have a cellmate, since they might attack them based solely on their ethnic background, then they must obviously be kept in solitary during their incarceration.) Given the level of racism still around in America, it’s quite probable that someone on that jury trying the hate crime could be extremely bigoted or prejudiced, or even violently prejudiced against a specific minority group, and by keeping quiet about it, they could effectively engage in jury nullification by refusing to convict if there were the slightest doubt that a hate crime had been committed. If hate crimes carried sentences that were more, or greatly more, severe that normal sentences, then juries would be even more reluctant to convict if there were crypto-racists hidden on them. Has ADL or SPLC ever thought about this? It’s an obvious flaw in their logic. And these guys are mostly lawyers, and they can’t figure it out! (And Silverwolf ain’t.)

But of course, they cannot accept this very simple Libertarian Final Solution to the Racial Violence Problem, — life in solitary at hard labor without parole — because their agenda is so diametrically opposed to the Libertarians in certain economic and philosophical areas that they never would agree to anything Libertarians would propose, even if it largely solved the problems they say are so crucial to American society.

Abraham Foxman, along with the Anti-Defamation League, as well as groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have done critical and valuable work in the public interest, by identifying groups that try to whip up hatred against Americans, based on their ethnic background, and they have defended persons of every type of ethnic background with their actions. Their publishing of lists of neo-Fascist and Racist groups, and the publishing of photos of their leaders on the web, has been invaluable in protecting the targeted victims of these Miscreants (and a combo of steady race hatred mixed with National Socialism sure makes for some ugly pusses, as those pics can attest.) We should not underestimate these group’s worth (because who else was taking on the task of identifying these Racist Miscreants?). But that does not mean that we have to accept their approach as the only one, or their judgements as the best. And this tragic verdict shows exactly what Silverwolf means.

Life in Solitary at Hard Labor without Parole — the Final Solution to the Racist Murder Problem!

Hooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Rip-A-Roni: The San Francisco City Workers Treat

April 27, 2010

When people look at their paychecks, and see how they are being robbed blind by government, perhaps they should consider the case of the San Francisco City Workers Rip Scheme. Since San Francisco is often considered the ultra-Liberal city, bar none, in America, perhaps it is a model of what a Liberal-Democratic government thinks it should pays its workers.

It was reported today that 9, 487 San Francisco City workers grossed over $100,000 in salary last year, not including benefits. Over 1,000 grossed over $200,000, and 6 grossed over $300,000.

Have you ever seen 9,000 people massed in one area? Or even a thousand. They’re all living the life of Riley off the sweat of the poor people of San Francisco, and the toil of small, Capitalist Businessmen of that City, the real heroes, along with the minimum wage workers, of that Socialist Hell-on-Earth.

And this in a country where the average American’s gross adjusted income on a tax return usually runs between $35-50,000. Tens of millions of Americans live on far less.

See how the Socialists live off you! See how they suck your tax dollars to live a lifestyle of luxury exactly comparable to the lifestyle of the Communist Apparatchiks in Soviet Russia, with their dachas, Marlboros, bad suits and mistresses, while the “Workers Heroes” were down in the coal mines, slogging for good old Mother Russia and Papa Joe. (And they even got a medal too, if they were good boychiks.) Except now it’s America.

To pay public officials such obscenely high salaries in a country where the unions have made it illegal for a starving man, or a transient hobo, to work for less than the $8 or so that the minimum wage is currently in most states, is deeply immoral. While city Liberal bureaucrats collect over a hundred grand in public funds, not including a feather-bed benefit package, they dare to tell the starving man that he cannot take on light work for $7.50 an hour, even though he is desperate for food. Does the immorality and disgusting arrogance of these Liberals and Republicans never cease!

Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco, makes $250, 903 in salary a year.Think about that, next time you’re hungry, or five bucks short on your power bill in December and they turn it off, oh praisers of big government, oh lovers of Collectivism.

We need not do anything but watch and wait to see the implosions of Socialism, as it caves in on itself into a black hole. The Socialists, whether they call themselves Democrats or Republicans, will run out of money soon, and the taxpayers will not have the wherewithal to pay the bills. It’s that simple. And San Francisco is the classic example of why it will be brought about, and why Liberal Elitists not only don’t know the value of money, but think the public should keep them in the lap of luxury, just because they are Liberals. As if someone who gets up and flaps his lips for a few minutes in the name of the poorest workers is entitled to an income 100 times greater than that poorest worker, who is carrying heavy boxes, or digging ditches, for $8 an hour, forty hours a week. The average city worker in San Francisco makes in one hour roughly what the minimum wage worker, doing hard physical labor, makes in ten hours. And that should be a crime.

All top public officials in America should be paid only the minimum wage. If they were dedicated public servants, they would gladly accept it. If they don’t like it, they should not be in public service through the government. Let them make a living eating cake!

The passive wimps of the Bay Area will continue to let themselves be financially raped and taxed to death so that public officials can continue their easy cozenage and luxuriant lifestyles. If they’re willing to let themselves be exploited, that’s their problem.

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Judge Barbara Crabb’s Prayer Ruling: Jefferson’s Lips Move in the Grave

April 19, 2010

Libertarian wolves are celebrating a brief halt in the unending push towards Collectivism and Fascism in America with the recent ruling by Judge Barbara Crabb in Wisconsin that that religious blasphemy and macula on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the National Day of Prayer, is Unconstitutional. Finally someone has called a dirty spade a dirty spade; and a spade designed to bury the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Of course, our so-called Constitutional scholar President vowed to continue to apply this unconstitutional law, in contemptuous defiance of Judge Crabb’s ruling, but given the consistent Fascist bent of our President, from “prolonged indefinite detention” to his expansion of the outrageous “Faith-based initiative” boondoggle, this comes as no surprise. Barack H. Obama is showing himself to be just as wimpy, just as malleable, and just as unprincipled, when it comes to defending the Bill of Rights, as all the men preceding him in that office who have continued to promote this illegal government promotion of organized religion.

Obama’s continued attempts to overthrow Jeffersonian Constitutionalism have come up against a brick wall in the guise of Judge Crabb. It is she alone who has halted the ongoing crush of the American Taliban, as they try to steal and rob the tax funds of atheists, agnostics, and Theists who agree with Jefferson that we must “build up a wall of separation between church and state”. And Silverwolf will take the brains of Wisechief Jefferson any day over the supposed “constitutional law professors”, and the Collectivist shrubs from Texas.

However, often overlooked in this controversy is the abridgment of Capitalist Rights which the National Day of Prayer institutionalizes. The aim and proper role of government, as we know from Jefferson and Ron Paul, is to preserve those inalienable Rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, or as Ron Paul succinctly put it, “the preservation and promotion of Individual Liberty.” That is the American government’s only legitimate function, and in the light of the clear intent of Jefferson, and the words of the Declaration of Independence, it is pellucidly obvious that those who try to usurp those Rights are enemies of the Constitution and the American way. The Religious Fascists want to take your tax money, and use it to promote their religious activity. The National Day of Prayer does this, by using the President’s time, as well as many Senator’s, for which they are being paid an “obscenely” high salary, to promote Unconstitutional activities. It is a theft of taxpayer funds plain and simple, and any Senator or Executive branch official who cannot comprehend that simple fact, obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to carry out the grave responsibilities of the office, and should be impeached forthwith.

Whether it’s the President, looting people’s funds nationally to promote the “values” he was taught in Reverend Wright’s congregation of Farrakhan-lovers, or whether it is the local school board in Texas, stealing the funds of Atheists, Agnostics, Christian supporters of Jefferson, Muslims, Jews, and Zoroastrians, to buy a PA system that will broadcast Christian prayers before the football game, it is still just basic robbery. And those who rob you are thieves.

There is nothing stopping the religious Fascists of America from accruing capital, and purchasing real estate wherein they can set up a church, synagogue, temple, ashram, or mosque, and do their religious thing. The propaganda that somehow they are being held from practicing their religion is a lie, except in the context of being forced to send their children to public schools if home schooling is not allowed. In that case, the members of a religion that required its child adherents to pray every minute they were alive, or every ten minutes, would have their Constitutional Rights violated. But here the problem is with the Collectivist-Fascist imposition that children must attend public school, and not the question of separation of mosque and state. Destroy the anti-Libertarian compulsory-attendance diktat, and this exception to religious freedom would dissolve. But that is a far different violation that the theft of the monies of Atheists and Agnostics to further the beliefs of Deists.

When Judge Crabb spoke, Jefferson’s lips moved in the grave.

Libertarian wolves and Free-Market Capitalists salute Judge Barbara Crabb, and her very wise ruling,  and declare her one of the “Mothers of the Libertarian Revolution”.

Like Silverwolf, another “Mother” for Liberty.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

President Obama and His Liberal Democrats Join the War Criminals Club

April 14, 2010

Well, it did not take long for Barack Obama, the first African-American President in history, to join the ranks of the Wondy Whiterbread War Criminals who have held that office since the days of Kennedy (we won’t go all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt or McKinley in the Philippines.) Barack Obama is now in the odious high circles of the other War Criminals who have held the office since those early 60’s: Lyndon Johnson and his entourage, Richard Stinkhouse Nixon, Old “Dutch” Reagan (his mining of the Nicaraguan harbors was technically a War Crime, his actions in Central America an actual one), or Carter, resuming military aid to Dictator Anastasio Somoza on Carter’s last day in office, an action which Silverwolf considers a War Crime, even if the world doesn’t.

With the recent murders of 5 civilians (7 if you count the foetuses of the pregnant women) being covered up by the US and NATO, and blatantly denied for 40 days until a reporter from the London Times, meticulously documenting the facts, showed the Americans and NATO to be not only baldfaced liars, but actual murderers, the issue of US War Crimes had been gaining attention, in a way which up until now has been poo-pood by Democrats. Anyone who criticized Obama was clearly a racist, and well, let’s just not talk about the war(s).

And then, a few days ago in Khandahar, American troops murdered a group of civilians on a bus, because the bus driver failed to stop at a checkpoint, as Obama and his Liberal Democratic Warmongers decide to spread the War into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Liberal Democrats knew very well, when they voted for Obama, that they were voting for a continued occupation and intrusion into the internal affairs of these countries at enormous cost to American lives and treasure. They knew very well that they were just speeding the bankruptcy of America, and were sending for certain more young men and women to their deaths. They had a clear choice in Congressman Ron Paul, who stated emphatically that he would begin to withdraw US forces immediately as quickly as was safe for the troops. But it was more important for the Liberal Democrats to keep their welfare checks, even if the price was a continued presence in the Middle East, and even if it meant murdering more Afghani and Paki kids.

The Liberal Democratic butchers, who directly murdered the two pregnant women, the 18-year old girl, the police officer, and his bodyguard, by voting into office Barack Obama, are completely responsible for every murder of every civilian in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. If the terror that is being inflicted on Muslims by America’s Liberal Democrats were being inflicted on those same Liberal Democrats at home, we would suddenly hear holy hosannas of why these occupations must stop, and enough is enough! That’s exactly what we heard when we hear the screams of “Bush murderer!” coming from every Liberal for the last several years of the Bush Administration. But now the screamers are silent, even though the situation is exactly the same, only the murdered victims are new, as well as the murderers, who are now your sainted Liberal Democrats, not Bush Republicans.

Silverwolf was reminded of this monumental hypocrisy last night when he listened to that Liberal/Left Propaganda show, Late Night Live, broadcast to America via shortwave, thanks to the (willing and unwilling) taxpayers of Australia.  Host Phillip Adams, who was always scathing and cynical when it came to George Bush in Iraq, was having his usual Left/Liberal favorite “intellectual” on, Bruce Shapiro, who is also a high-up editor at “The Nation” magazine, a bastion of the FDR big-government-spending crew, and (how conveniently) head of the Dart Center for Journalism at Columbia University, one of those thousands and thousands of schools that mulct the public out of their money by received loot through the Department of Education. (Of course, “intellectuals”, in such a society are very circumspect in their criticisms of the government, because it is the same government that is feeding  them very nicely through its subsidies to the institutions that employ them. Thus, all the “experts” who never get to the root of a problem, because to solve the problem would be to radically uproot an existing government program — and their paychecks. And recall, that “radical” refers to tearing up “at the roots” (and undoubtedly where we get the word “radish” from.))

The murders of a dozen civilians because American troops decided to shoot up a bus full of women and kids, along with a simultaneous release in Australia of an Apache helicopter video, showing US pilots gunning down two journalists (perhaps that hit home with journalists Shapiro and Adams the way the murder of a civilian kid wouldn’t), and this coming a week after the London Times showed the Americans and NATO to be not only baldfaced liars, but cunning murderers who would dig the bullets out of pregnant women’s bodies, and the walls, to cover up their crime — all these are the direct result of every person who voted for the Democrats in the last election, and all the political pundits and propagandists, the Ray Taliaferros, John Rothmanns, Gene Burnses, Alan Dershowitzes,  Gore Vidals and Bruce Shapiros, who worked assiduously to get this War Criminal into a position of power. And they have succeeded. They have murdered their first civilians.

Of course, to dodge the column, Shapiro grandiloquently talked about the “mistakes” that could be made in “these kinds of operations”. He talked about the “dangers” for the Obama Administration, that these situations “could” present. And we always must be “aware of the pitfalls” that ground operations “may” present.

He never mentioned, as Ron Paul did, that these “mistakes” are inevitable. It’s just not you, Bruce, who has to eat the consequences. It’s some Paki kid, or pregnant woman, whom you’ll never see the corpse of. Nor will those “Minnesota nice” Liberal Democrats, defending Saint Obama.

Yes, those pitfalls, and mistakes, and dangers are a problem for the President. But, Mr. Shapiro, for those civilians who were killed it was not “a problem”, or “a mistake” or even a “pitfall”; rather, it was the end of their earthly existence forever. That was your and your fellow Democrat’s gift to them when you voted, and urged voting for, Barack Obama: Death.

You see, when Bush was in office, it was plain “murder” the Liberals were talking about, but now they are in, and doing the killing, it”s “mistakes”, “dangers”, “pitfalls”, that “might” occur.

No, we knew they “would” occur before the election, and so did the Liberal Democrats, but it was more important for them to keep getting their Commie benefit packages that they knew would be coming if Obama was elected, even if it meant getting thousands of civilians half-way around the world murdered, and millions upon millions of civilians having to live in terror and having their lives turned into pure misery for years on end.

And what a recruiting bonanza for the IslamoFascists! Could they have better allies than War Criminal Barack Obama, and all the War Criminals in the Democratic Party who voted for him, and approved his Military Budget of over 600 Billion dollars, like Liberal Democrat Peter DeFazio? Not if they were Louis Farrakhan himself.

No, the Liberal Democrats and the President have massive amounts of civilian blood on their hands, and they can’t weasel out of it. It is they who are directly responsible for those murders in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are butchers. And it is only those of us who voted for Ron Paul, the Peace Candidate, for the Presidency of these United States, who could have saved those civilians from certain death.

I wonder how all you Liberals sleep tonight, knowing you took the blood of so many children when you went into that voting booth and voted for Barack Obama, instead of Ron Paul or Bob Barr, who would have both brought the troops home immediately.?You voters, you Congressmen who voted funds for these operations, and the President, Barack Obama, are directly responsible for mass civilian murder.

And why is no Liberal in the Streets? Why is it that phony Liberals like Gore Vidal, who virtually called Bush a Hitler, are not out protesting at the White House? Why are the streets of LA and NY and SF silent? Is it because murder and War Crimes carried out by a Republican are evil, but War Crimes carried out by a Liberal Democrat President and a Liberal Democrat Congress don’t stink to high heaven? Hypocrites! You have turned America into a cesspool, financially and morally. You are a curse on this body politic.

To the Streets! To the Barricades! Let the voice of the Peace Movement be heard, and it looks like the only Peace Movement in America comes from the “Right”, the Right of Ron Paul and the anti-war Libertarians.

Out now! Impeach War Criminal Barack Obama! Ron Paul for President!

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Internationalization of Language: Another InterNet Effect

April 6, 2010

One of the more profound effects of the internet on the world, and world history, an effect which Silverwolf things has not been noted with due importance, is what he would call the “internationalization of language”. This occurs when people of differing cultures and languages are forced, or rather, are forced by the force of their own personal choice, to learn the languages of others, usually for motives of profit or romance. With virtually instant translators, and translating pages, making the ancient art of live translation one reserved only for tour guides, and the Socialists and Racists of the UN, the necessity for spending several tedious hours with a foreign dictionary to decipher a missive has been snipped off with bypass loppers.

Perhaps the greatest aid to this spreading of the knowledge of foreign languages has been the posting of film clips on the net in foreign languages with subtitled translations. This excellent method of absorbing foreign languages is well illustrated by a film such as “Dersu Uzala” by Kurosawa, in which an ethnic Goldi, with strong Asian features, who speaks a very primitive Russian, meets a Russian team of surveyors in the wilderness. Though he knew perhaps 10 words in Russian beforehand, by the end of the film, Silverwolf had probably learned an equal amount of new words, as he heard Dersu use the same limited vocabulary, over and over, to convey his “primitive” ideas to the Russkies. As we Silverwolves say to guests traveling through the forest, “Moy dom, doy dom” (my house is your house).

Perhaps another force driving the learning of the international languages comes from reading the comments written in chat columns by humans under 20. One can quickly gain the “in” words and phrases used in current parlance through this procedure, though of course not until one has a primitive but broad comprehension of the language. A beginner could not do this, but a second term student could.

Of course, this phenomenon was started years ago, in Europe, when books began to be published showing the titles of photos or art exhibits in the four main Euro languages simultaneously. It’s easy to see why so many Europeans were fluent in several languages, a process which Silverwolf thinks has a very beneficent effect on the brain, forcing it to memorize, retain, compare, and instantly translate. This process had been completely absent in America, where students struggle for years to learn a foreign language that they may read, but will rarely speak, and so will tend to forget. However, the massive influx of Latinos into the Southwest has brought about a similar simultaneous translation of signs, instructions, tax forms, etc. which, through osmosis, has slightly exposed the Anglo-Euro culture in America to Spanish, while Spanish-speaking students, in Silverwolf’s opinion, have a great advantage over the Anglos since it is their brains which will benefit from the necessity to develop two sets of language to communicate in.

Silverwolf thinks it may well be that this “internationalization” of language will lead to new ways of expressing the thoughts that seem to run through the heads of those Human Beings we Wolves are forced to share our earth with, an Earth which the Big Guy Upstairs clearly meant should belong to us Wolves alone. In fact, Silverwolf thinks that in one- to three-thousand years from now, our language will be as unintelligible to future speakers as Beowulf is now unintelligible to modern American high school students. Words will be pilfered from every language, first here, first there, according to men’s tastes, and the composite gallimaufry stew of the international language will have all the flavours of Mankind.

And so, Silverwolf can envision a future, several thousand years from now, where someone might send a postcard written in “Earthlish” (or email by thought-projection by then?) to a friend, while on their summer vacation, that might run something like this:

“Dear Hans,

Ich wanted de ecrire a usted wegen los jeunes filles yo ha deckoed promenading aroom la place de la Concorde. Sono a bunch buenos kvinner la, blondines, rothpellos, schwarzhairs, et otras pretty flickas. Nemmen dein pick.  Ha redden con ein, and she ma dite “Flake off, dork.” Pero, el segundo me sprachen tres jolie, and nosotros “made nice”.

Si usted is ever a Paris, io recommendare a usted go therein, et check out the local talent. Molti molti foxy madchen la, encircare el statue de il molto famoso Libertarian of il 21st Century, Senator Lobo Silverwolf, el Senator desde the State de Nevada, il y a 2000 years ago. Cette statue famoso, rests sur ein plynth inscribe mit los argots qui form Silverwolf’s well-known motto , “Liberty, Equality, Frugality”.

Dein amico,                   Werewolf.”

Undoubtedly, men will talk like this in the far future.

Es certo. Silverwolf lo speculare!

Hooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The A-Bomb of Libertarianism Approaches

April 2, 2010

Forgive them, Lord, for not understanding what they do, for when they sow the winds of Fascism, they will reap the whirlwinds of Liberty.

Thus it is that the Democrat politicians have failed to understand the magnitude of what they have done to the generation below them, and when that generation awakens to the theft of their Freedom, a Freedom that has been relatively unhampered until now, the effect will be an A-Bomb of Libertarianism, spreading as fast as a mushroom cloud, sweeping the last vestiges of Fascism and Communism into the wastebasket of History, where they belong.

Silverwolf predicts that the younger generation will come to understand the magnitude of the oppression that holds them down, and will overthrow that 80-year long Tyranny at the polls in an electoral A-Bomb that will propel so many Libertarians and Ron Paul-Republicans into office, that the lemming effect will take over, and people will be crawling all over each other to be labeled the “Libertarian” Candidate. And Libertarian has little to do with Manchurian; they are the opposites.

Yet there is one difficulty, and that is that Libertarianism is an ideology of ideas and principles, applied to the political sphere, and thus to be a Libertarian requires a certain intellectual effort, a penetration of the mind into the facts of reality to understand them, and thus be able to control them for oneself. But the American public is a profoundly un-intellectual group in general, and so it is rather lazy when confronted with a large, but no means overwhelming, volume of reading and concepts that should be pondered over to legitimately call oneself a Libertarian.

Silverwolf well recalls his reaction when listening to Mike Jingozian, during the candidates presentations for the Presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party in 2008. Jingozian was asked about his views on “The Tragedy of the Commons”, and was not even aware of what the concept was, something that anyone who had read through “Man, Economy, and State” by Murray Rothbard, as well as countless other books before it, would be aware of. It showed that Jingozian was more interested in being a candidate than in doing the necessary groundwork in reading and pondering that would be necessary for such a serious venture as being President of the United States. Jefferson, for example, had a huge knowledge of the preceding theories of political “science” that had come before him, thanks in large part to Puffendorf, who had acted chiefly as a collector of other people’s political ideas, which was exceedingly helpful to Jefferson. In effect,  Puffendorf was Jefferson’s “Google search engine”.  But at least Jingozian was honest enough to admit to a hall full of people that he didn’t know what the concept meant.

Politicians (or is it statesmen we need?) are a bit like rock lead guitarists or singers. They all have their styles, and it may be possible (and usually is necessary) to separate the style of the politician from the immorality of his actions. Take four politicians whom Silverwolf takes an exceedingly dim view of: LBJ, Reagan, Thatcher, and Clinton. Though their morality be that of the sewer, one can yet say that each had his style and charisma as a politician, and each had a certain skill in that whoring art. Like a good technical lead guitarist, you had to admire the dexterity of LBJ, pulling the dog ears of Congress to get them to start the bankruptcy of America with his Democrats’ Warfare-Welfare State. Or Teflon “Dutch” Reagan, whose daily atrocities against the American people, and against true Capitalism, were laughed off as mere peccadilloes and fleabites, as the love of America just kept swelling towards this charlatan. Or Maggie Thatcher, demolishing any man who’d stand up to her, in an avalanche of abuse and argument which made her invariably seem more masculine than  her opponents. Or Bill Clinton, whom the people loved no matter what he did, as long as the economy was good. All of them virtuosos in that horrendous art of politics. But not one of them understanding true Free-Market economics (even if they claimed to), or Libertarian principles, or having the Jeffersonian spirit of Freedom.

So the difficulty of bringing a rather intellectual political and economic set of principles to the American people is formidable. But thanks to Statesmen like Congressman Ron Paul, many of these ideas have finally been put forth before the public, not only here in America, but throughout the Socialist world. And once those ideas are out there, Fascism will start to rust. Lets hope it finally corrodes all the way through.

Yet, notwithstanding these difficulties, Silverwolf thinks that bright, well-grounded, and serious people will come forward, that there will be a mid-term landslide for Libertarianism and Austrian economics, and this mid-term landslide will result in a Capitalist Revolution at the next Presidential election, and a Revolution in the way people think of their responsibilities. With the Capitalist Revolution will come a rapid gain in prosperity for the assiduous and industrious (and lucky) which will further reinforce the validity of the Free-Market. Nothing succeeds like material success when it comes to economics, and in this case, the people will see that the moral choice, Capitalism, which is scrupulous in respecting the Property Rights of the Individual (which includes the Rights over his own body, i.e. no draft and no income tax) is not only the moral choice but also the practical choice for increasing the prosperity of the people, i.e., “promoting the general welfare”.  This Jeffersonian Ideal will replace the Socialist Ideal of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, DeFazio, Schumer, Frank, Blumenauer, Kucinich, Sanders, and all the other Collectivists in Congress who have assaulted the property rights of every American by robbing them through the political system with their unconstitutional healthcare boondoggle. And someone who robs you is a thief.

When those 20-somethings who didn’t vote, or who voted for Obama, never thinking it would cost them $500/month for life to do so, suddenly realize the quicksand the Democrats have stuck their once-free life into, they will react with a rage like a caged bull let into the arena. They will go into those polling booths, or fill in those circles at home with wrath in their wrists and contempt and disdain in their hearts for the Totalitarian Bullies who have enslaved them, so the Insurance Corporations might grow yet richer— Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Romney’s dream. And when the count is over, it will be like Yeltsin and the Movement behind him, or Havel in Czecho, sweeping the greying Reids and Pelosis before them in a great cleansing tsunami of Liberty.

The A-Bomb of Libertarianism is being assembled in the minds and souls of America’s once indifferent, as they feel, for the first time, the cold fingers of Communism creeping round their hearts, compressing their cardiac function into the angina of anguish always caused by the Communists, and their miserable, immoral, bureaucratic system, which denies the sanctity of Human Freedom, the Natural Rights Laws of Jefferson which he incorporated into the Bill of Rights, and the religious passion that owes all allegiance to “That Which is Holy”, and not the State, or some ugly, blasphemous piece of cloth known as a flag.

The American Public does not understand that all Rights, including the Bill of Rights, derive from Property Rights (and we all have a Property Right in ourselves, which means we cannot be enslaved, or assaulted, or have our property robbed by anyone, either an Individual, or a gang of Individuals, or a gang of Individuals known as the State). Professor Murray Rothbard masterfully points this out in his critique of Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ famous “Shouting fire in a crowded theatre” ruling. Holmes’ failed to reason the real reason you can’t shout fire in a crowded theatre, which is that somebody’s Property Rights have been violated, either the theatre owner’s, or the other ticket holders. The person falsely shouting “Fire” has violated the Property Rights of one or the other by defrauding them, and it is on this basis that they should be prosecuted, not the vague Statist argument used by Holmes to abridge the Right to Freedom of Speech. Same with Freedom of the Press. It’s a violation of the Property Right of someone to buy a press, buy newsprint, hire reporters, etc. It is either fraud or the violation of our Right to acquire property in both cases, and fraud is a crime against Capitalism (or a specific Capitalist).

No, the brain-deadened Communists have no inkling of the reaction of Liberty they have provoked with their Fascist Healthcare Bill. But when that A-Bomb of Libertarianism hits next November, the mushroom cloud will spread so fast, and jettison so much flotsam and jetsam in its wake, that the political landscape of the Western World will never be the same again.

Come November at the polls,  the A-Bomb of Human Freedom will explode in these United States, and the Mushroom Cloud of Liberty will rise again in America.

Chocks away!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww!— Silverwolf