President Obama and His Liberal Democrats Join the War Criminals Club

Well, it did not take long for Barack Obama, the first African-American President in history, to join the ranks of the Wondy Whiterbread War Criminals who have held that office since the days of Kennedy (we won’t go all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt or McKinley in the Philippines.) Barack Obama is now in the odious high circles of the other War Criminals who have held the office since those early 60’s: Lyndon Johnson and his entourage, Richard Stinkhouse Nixon, Old “Dutch” Reagan (his mining of the Nicaraguan harbors was technically a War Crime, his actions in Central America an actual one), or Carter, resuming military aid to Dictator Anastasio Somoza on Carter’s last day in office, an action which Silverwolf considers a War Crime, even if the world doesn’t.

With the recent murders of 5 civilians (7 if you count the foetuses of the pregnant women) being covered up by the US and NATO, and blatantly denied for 40 days until a reporter from the London Times, meticulously documenting the facts, showed the Americans and NATO to be not only baldfaced liars, but actual murderers, the issue of US War Crimes had been gaining attention, in a way which up until now has been poo-pood by Democrats. Anyone who criticized Obama was clearly a racist, and well, let’s just not talk about the war(s).

And then, a few days ago in Khandahar, American troops murdered a group of civilians on a bus, because the bus driver failed to stop at a checkpoint, as Obama and his Liberal Democratic Warmongers decide to spread the War into Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Liberal Democrats knew very well, when they voted for Obama, that they were voting for a continued occupation and intrusion into the internal affairs of these countries at enormous cost to American lives and treasure. They knew very well that they were just speeding the bankruptcy of America, and were sending for certain more young men and women to their deaths. They had a clear choice in Congressman Ron Paul, who stated emphatically that he would begin to withdraw US forces immediately as quickly as was safe for the troops. But it was more important for the Liberal Democrats to keep their welfare checks, even if the price was a continued presence in the Middle East, and even if it meant murdering more Afghani and Paki kids.

The Liberal Democratic butchers, who directly murdered the two pregnant women, the 18-year old girl, the police officer, and his bodyguard, by voting into office Barack Obama, are completely responsible for every murder of every civilian in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. If the terror that is being inflicted on Muslims by America’s Liberal Democrats were being inflicted on those same Liberal Democrats at home, we would suddenly hear holy hosannas of why these occupations must stop, and enough is enough! That’s exactly what we heard when we hear the screams of “Bush murderer!” coming from every Liberal for the last several years of the Bush Administration. But now the screamers are silent, even though the situation is exactly the same, only the murdered victims are new, as well as the murderers, who are now your sainted Liberal Democrats, not Bush Republicans.

Silverwolf was reminded of this monumental hypocrisy last night when he listened to that Liberal/Left Propaganda show, Late Night Live, broadcast to America via shortwave, thanks to the (willing and unwilling) taxpayers of Australia.  Host Phillip Adams, who was always scathing and cynical when it came to George Bush in Iraq, was having his usual Left/Liberal favorite “intellectual” on, Bruce Shapiro, who is also a high-up editor at “The Nation” magazine, a bastion of the FDR big-government-spending crew, and (how conveniently) head of the Dart Center for Journalism at Columbia University, one of those thousands and thousands of schools that mulct the public out of their money by received loot through the Department of Education. (Of course, “intellectuals”, in such a society are very circumspect in their criticisms of the government, because it is the same government that is feeding  them very nicely through its subsidies to the institutions that employ them. Thus, all the “experts” who never get to the root of a problem, because to solve the problem would be to radically uproot an existing government program — and their paychecks. And recall, that “radical” refers to tearing up “at the roots” (and undoubtedly where we get the word “radish” from.))

The murders of a dozen civilians because American troops decided to shoot up a bus full of women and kids, along with a simultaneous release in Australia of an Apache helicopter video, showing US pilots gunning down two journalists (perhaps that hit home with journalists Shapiro and Adams the way the murder of a civilian kid wouldn’t), and this coming a week after the London Times showed the Americans and NATO to be not only baldfaced liars, but cunning murderers who would dig the bullets out of pregnant women’s bodies, and the walls, to cover up their crime — all these are the direct result of every person who voted for the Democrats in the last election, and all the political pundits and propagandists, the Ray Taliaferros, John Rothmanns, Gene Burnses, Alan Dershowitzes,  Gore Vidals and Bruce Shapiros, who worked assiduously to get this War Criminal into a position of power. And they have succeeded. They have murdered their first civilians.

Of course, to dodge the column, Shapiro grandiloquently talked about the “mistakes” that could be made in “these kinds of operations”. He talked about the “dangers” for the Obama Administration, that these situations “could” present. And we always must be “aware of the pitfalls” that ground operations “may” present.

He never mentioned, as Ron Paul did, that these “mistakes” are inevitable. It’s just not you, Bruce, who has to eat the consequences. It’s some Paki kid, or pregnant woman, whom you’ll never see the corpse of. Nor will those “Minnesota nice” Liberal Democrats, defending Saint Obama.

Yes, those pitfalls, and mistakes, and dangers are a problem for the President. But, Mr. Shapiro, for those civilians who were killed it was not “a problem”, or “a mistake” or even a “pitfall”; rather, it was the end of their earthly existence forever. That was your and your fellow Democrat’s gift to them when you voted, and urged voting for, Barack Obama: Death.

You see, when Bush was in office, it was plain “murder” the Liberals were talking about, but now they are in, and doing the killing, it”s “mistakes”, “dangers”, “pitfalls”, that “might” occur.

No, we knew they “would” occur before the election, and so did the Liberal Democrats, but it was more important for them to keep getting their Commie benefit packages that they knew would be coming if Obama was elected, even if it meant getting thousands of civilians half-way around the world murdered, and millions upon millions of civilians having to live in terror and having their lives turned into pure misery for years on end.

And what a recruiting bonanza for the IslamoFascists! Could they have better allies than War Criminal Barack Obama, and all the War Criminals in the Democratic Party who voted for him, and approved his Military Budget of over 600 Billion dollars, like Liberal Democrat Peter DeFazio? Not if they were Louis Farrakhan himself.

No, the Liberal Democrats and the President have massive amounts of civilian blood on their hands, and they can’t weasel out of it. It is they who are directly responsible for those murders in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are butchers. And it is only those of us who voted for Ron Paul, the Peace Candidate, for the Presidency of these United States, who could have saved those civilians from certain death.

I wonder how all you Liberals sleep tonight, knowing you took the blood of so many children when you went into that voting booth and voted for Barack Obama, instead of Ron Paul or Bob Barr, who would have both brought the troops home immediately.?You voters, you Congressmen who voted funds for these operations, and the President, Barack Obama, are directly responsible for mass civilian murder.

And why is no Liberal in the Streets? Why is it that phony Liberals like Gore Vidal, who virtually called Bush a Hitler, are not out protesting at the White House? Why are the streets of LA and NY and SF silent? Is it because murder and War Crimes carried out by a Republican are evil, but War Crimes carried out by a Liberal Democrat President and a Liberal Democrat Congress don’t stink to high heaven? Hypocrites! You have turned America into a cesspool, financially and morally. You are a curse on this body politic.

To the Streets! To the Barricades! Let the voice of the Peace Movement be heard, and it looks like the only Peace Movement in America comes from the “Right”, the Right of Ron Paul and the anti-war Libertarians.

Out now! Impeach War Criminal Barack Obama! Ron Paul for President!

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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5 Responses to “President Obama and His Liberal Democrats Join the War Criminals Club”

  1. Le président Obama et son Parti libéral-démocrate se joindre au club des criminels de guerre Says:

    […] Eh bien, il n'a pas fallu longtemps pour Barack Obama, le premier président afro-américain dans l'histoire, à rejoindre les rangs des grands criminels de guerre Wondy Whiterbread qui ont occupé ce poste depuis l'époque de Kennedy (nous n'irons pas tous le chemin du retour à Teddy Roosevelt ou McKinley aux Philippines.) Barack Obama est maintenant en [. . . ] URL article original:… […]

  2. Delta Says:

    (1) As always, I will start my post off saying you are insane. You are not Bob Dole.

    (2)You also forgot he killed three Somalian pirates.

    (3)Here is a clip of Colbert. Pretty enjoyable.

    (4) Is not it funny how Democrats, one part the result of anti-war sentiment and the other part Republican scandals, swept into Congress… and now they send more troops? In my mind, I always tried to justify the invasion with the fact that those countries have oil… But the US has so mismanaged the war. It is almost to the point like, “We have been there so long, we might as well keep at it. Look, there is progress in Iraq. Afghanistan should follow.” Besides, compared to what Obama is doing, the deficits Bush created were nothing.

  3. lobobreed Says:

    Delta — Thank you for the perceptive comments. I’d say that, in response to your point 1:

    It was very perceptive of you to realize that I was insane, since I was not Bob Dole. However, as you well know, this applies to everyone else in the world, all of whom are insane if they are not Bob Dole. This proves that living in Kansas and being a Republican must corrode the brain so badly that it finally wears out and becomes sane. Too bad.

    2) I don’t think I’d consider killing pirates a war crime at all. Seems like they are outrageously violating property rights, terrifying a lot of people, and so it’s hard to sympathize with their demise, except in some theoretical way that we must mourn a human that becomes so depraved that he would resort to piracy and then gets himself destroyed because of it. Of course, if you could tranquilize them with a dart gun, and then rehabilitate them, it would be infinately better, but the world doesn’t seem to have the time, money or patience to worry about rehabing pirates, when there are so many other pressing problems. Think you not?

    4) I think your first sentence presents the problem accurately. Obama tried to con people, and succeeded, that he was some kind of “peace” candidate. As soon as he was elected, he points to the line in his platform, or the couple of speeches where he said something that could now be interpreted as “I clearly stated my position on Afghanistan”. The typical lawyers sophism that was epitomized by Clinton’s “It depends on your definition of sex” or Pelosi’s claiming that the CIA never informed her, when her assistant who reports to her was at the meeting not her, so technically she was never directly informed. Such liars these Democrat lawyers are!

    But now they claim they are afraid to criticise Obama, because to attack a “Liberal” President is to bring on the Right Wing. As if anything could have been worse than NewDealer LBJ.

    However, I do think there are cases where foreign intervention is justified, as long as you can be sure it is a valid intervention, and since you can’t be sure, that is the problem. However, those cases I would intervene in are 1) when a genocide is taking place. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter actually committed horrendous War Crimes, in my opinion by not intervening, respectively, in the genocides in Ruanda (Clinton), and in Uganda and Cambodia (Carter). To be the most powerful military on earth, and to sit around and do nothing when a genocide is taking place is immoral in my view, but I realize that I differ with the non-interventionists, and even with Ron Paul on this issue.

    I also think that the Constitutional Democracies and Republics of the West could and should topple flimsy dictatorships that are imposing horrendous conditions on millions of people, either by direct intervention, or through international volunteer forces sanctioned by those constitutional republics. Such overthrows unfortunately can only be attempted against weak tyrannies, not strong ones. For example, Burma and Fiji could probably be liberated in a couple of days by a few thousand mercenaries, or by the US Military just saying “If you don’t give up, we’ll give you Capital Punishment. If you resign, we’ll give you safe passage (to Siberia, or the South Pole). If they said no, I’d smash their militaries, and try all the personel. Civilians, unless they were part of the repression apparatus, would be left alone.

    Another thing I would do is carpet bomb the Janjaweed units, and any Sudanese army units backing them up, in Darfur. The non-intervention of the US, and Obama in Darfur, is to me also a War Crime, a War Crime of Omission. And yet, that mission should really be the obligation of Europe since 1)they have the weapons, 2) they have the money, and 3) it is they who have been directly responsible for the problems and exploitation of Africa, so they should be the ones to intervene.

    In sum, France and England should be bombing the Janjaweed, and supplying security to the Darfur refugees. But all the Europeans care about is bailing out Greece, their socialist welfare benefits, and money.

    I thought Bush’s intervention was justified because Saddam was such a horrendous dictator that he was comparable to a Hitler, and I’m still glad he got smashed, and I believed Bush’s line that he was developing WMD’s. But after a little while, when they weren’t found, it was obvious that this was not only a complete scam by Bush, but also a huge push to increase the military, which has succeeded. So in that sense, I was wrong, and the non-interventionists were right. But I did change my position then, once I saw that this intervention was based not only on a lie, but also was not greeted with the cakewalk I thought would have greeted our troops for taking Sadaam out. It was obvious at that point that we should pull out immediately, and that was Ron Paul’s position. And we can see from Iraq very clearly how we must be absolutely sure that a genocide is taking place, or a dictatorship is so brutally repressive that it would justify the loss of life that a military action would entail. For example, I wouldn’t invade Cuba, because the current level of repression would not justify the thousands of lives that would be lost taking over, even though I’d love to see a Fascist thug like Castro lose power. But if Castro were lining up campesinos by the thousands and machine gunning them, I’d say go in immediately. And in a place like Tibet, you’d have to go to war against the Chinese military, which is not feasible.

    But Burma, Fiji, Darfur, yes, smash the Fascist butchers.

    I’d also disagree with your last statements that in comparison to Obama’s deficits, Bush’s deficits were nothing. That’s really like saying that a fatal cancer is not as bad as a fatal heart attack. Both parties, and virtually every member of them, (except for Congressman Ron Paul and the Libertarians, of whom there are currently virtually none in government), are responsible for those deficits. Bush was a corporate spendthrift, and looted the Treasury just as much as any Democrat ever did. And remember McCains support for Prescription Drug Benefit, which is helping give America a fiscal cardiac infarction?

    Again, thanks for commenting, Delta, — Silverwolf

  4. Delta Says:

    I might be the insane one.

    • lobobreed Says:

      Delta — Sorry. I think you and Bob Dole are the only sane ones left on earth, and I admit I really have serious doubts about Bob Dole.

      I forgot to mention your point in point 4 above, that you tried to justify the invasion because these countries have oil. To me, that is absolutely no reason to invade another country. Imagine if the Congo invaded us because “they needed our corn and wheat”, and occupied Iowa and Kansas. I’d bet America would not take it lying down.

      No, as Capitalists, the only moral way of gaining needed commodities like oil is through trading on the free-market. Coercion is completely against the morality of the Capitalist and the Libertarian, unless their property rights are violated first. — Silverwolf

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