Judge Barbara Crabb’s Prayer Ruling: Jefferson’s Lips Move in the Grave

Libertarian wolves are celebrating a brief halt in the unending push towards Collectivism and Fascism in America with the recent ruling by Judge Barbara Crabb in Wisconsin that that religious blasphemy and macula on our Constitution and Bill of Rights, the National Day of Prayer, is Unconstitutional. Finally someone has called a dirty spade a dirty spade; and a spade designed to bury the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Of course, our so-called Constitutional scholar President vowed to continue to apply this unconstitutional law, in contemptuous defiance of Judge Crabb’s ruling, but given the consistent Fascist bent of our President, from “prolonged indefinite detention” to his expansion of the outrageous “Faith-based initiative” boondoggle, this comes as no surprise. Barack H. Obama is showing himself to be just as wimpy, just as malleable, and just as unprincipled, when it comes to defending the Bill of Rights, as all the men preceding him in that office who have continued to promote this illegal government promotion of organized religion.

Obama’s continued attempts to overthrow Jeffersonian Constitutionalism have come up against a brick wall in the guise of Judge Crabb. It is she alone who has halted the ongoing crush of the American Taliban, as they try to steal and rob the tax funds of atheists, agnostics, and Theists who agree with Jefferson that we must “build up a wall of separation between church and state”. And Silverwolf will take the brains of Wisechief Jefferson any day over the supposed “constitutional law professors”, and the Collectivist shrubs from Texas.

However, often overlooked in this controversy is the abridgment of Capitalist Rights which the National Day of Prayer institutionalizes. The aim and proper role of government, as we know from Jefferson and Ron Paul, is to preserve those inalienable Rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”, or as Ron Paul succinctly put it, “the preservation and promotion of Individual Liberty.” That is the American government’s only legitimate function, and in the light of the clear intent of Jefferson, and the words of the Declaration of Independence, it is pellucidly obvious that those who try to usurp those Rights are enemies of the Constitution and the American way. The Religious Fascists want to take your tax money, and use it to promote their religious activity. The National Day of Prayer does this, by using the President’s time, as well as many Senator’s, for which they are being paid an “obscenely” high salary, to promote Unconstitutional activities. It is a theft of taxpayer funds plain and simple, and any Senator or Executive branch official who cannot comprehend that simple fact, obviously doesn’t have the intelligence to carry out the grave responsibilities of the office, and should be impeached forthwith.

Whether it’s the President, looting people’s funds nationally to promote the “values” he was taught in Reverend Wright’s congregation of Farrakhan-lovers, or whether it is the local school board in Texas, stealing the funds of Atheists, Agnostics, Christian supporters of Jefferson, Muslims, Jews, and Zoroastrians, to buy a PA system that will broadcast Christian prayers before the football game, it is still just basic robbery. And those who rob you are thieves.

There is nothing stopping the religious Fascists of America from accruing capital, and purchasing real estate wherein they can set up a church, synagogue, temple, ashram, or mosque, and do their religious thing. The propaganda that somehow they are being held from practicing their religion is a lie, except in the context of being forced to send their children to public schools if home schooling is not allowed. In that case, the members of a religion that required its child adherents to pray every minute they were alive, or every ten minutes, would have their Constitutional Rights violated. But here the problem is with the Collectivist-Fascist imposition that children must attend public school, and not the question of separation of mosque and state. Destroy the anti-Libertarian compulsory-attendance diktat, and this exception to religious freedom would dissolve. But that is a far different violation that the theft of the monies of Atheists and Agnostics to further the beliefs of Deists.

When Judge Crabb spoke, Jefferson’s lips moved in the grave.

Libertarian wolves and Free-Market Capitalists salute Judge Barbara Crabb, and her very wise ruling,  and declare her one of the “Mothers of the Libertarian Revolution”.

Like Silverwolf, another “Mother” for Liberty.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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2 Responses to “Judge Barbara Crabb’s Prayer Ruling: Jefferson’s Lips Move in the Grave”

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