Timothy Leary vs. Barack Obama, Or The Futility of Capitalist Activity in a Socialist Society

“Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out”. Sage advice from the Sage, on a sunny San Francisco day, a billion years ago in history.

And now once again, as the final smothering of Freedom completes its devolvement under President Obama, sage advice to the Capitalist, the Lover of Freedom, and the Hippie. For in this new society where once there was Jeffersonian Freedom (though only for a few), one must now pay a corporate tribute to the Mercantilist Insurance Interests of the Democratic Party just to exist. DeFazio, the President, Pelosi, Reid, and dozens of others have put the leg shackles around every American man and woman, and those to come, with their Corporate Welfare Health Care Bill, and have overthrown the Bill of Rights and the Inalienable Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness that Jefferson so eloquently championed in his Masterpiece. Under this new Draconian Regime of Mussolini-like Corporate Monthly Tribute payments, so reminiscent of the old shake-down schemes of the early Mafia, a Man no longer belongs to himself, but is actually punished for maintaining his health so he can continue to work, while having to pay the enormous medical bills of tobacco addicts, dead animal eaters, addictive drug users, junk food addicts, and the obese.

Under these circumstances it becomes very clear to any perceptive American that he is being cruelly exploited if he continues to be a productive working citizen in America, while if he can fall within the welfare guidelines, or the State Pension guidelines for the obscenely high pensions that State Workers receive in America, so reminiscent of Greece, then he can have a life of Riley, with far more economic security than any Entrepreneur, Capitalist, or Risk-taker in America. Why get up and kill yourself every day, just to have 50% of your income confiscated if you are even modestly successful, and 40% of your estate looted from your children when you die if, in spite of the income tax, you managed to accumulate anything significant? Of course, if you opt to stay poor, the government won’t tax you, so the choice is yours under President Obama and his Democrats: let yourself be exploited if you work hard and are very talented, or stay poor.

America has reached a point where engaging in Capitalist activity, other than to meet ones most basic requirements of food, clothes, and shelter, is to continue to work on the plantation for two bowls of gruel a day, when you could walk into the wild savannah and be free, but only have one bowl of gruel a day. The game is no longer worth the candle.

Therefore, Silverwolf would have to agree with Timothy Leary that one should “Turn on” — turn on to the economic truths of history by studying the Austrian School of Economics’ principles, better known as Free-Market Capitalism or Praxeology,  and debate within yourself whether they make sense or not in the light of the Keynesian disaster that the Democrats and Republicans have brought upon a once Libertarian nation; “Tune in” — continue to watch the political and economic degeneration that is taking place at a faster and faster rate, and try to understand it in the light of what you have learned from Economic Geniuses like Professor Ludwig  Mises, Nobel Prize Winner Frederich Hayek, Professor Murray Rothbard, and Congressman Ron Paul; and “Drop out” — don’t waste your time engaging in economic activity under the Socialists that will bring your income up to a taxable level. Let the Communists and the Socialists of the Democratic Party and their Unions pay the taxes, and the Corporate Socialists of the Republican Party, with their Farm Subsidies, and their Military-Industrial contracts, let them pay the taxes. Any hard work you do that results in tax revenue for the Socialists will merely make them look better, and they will point to a lower budget deficit as a sign that Socialism is being successful. Thus, by working hard, you will be contributing to the final snuffing out of Freedom and Capitalism for all Mankind ( the two are inextricably linked), and helping to insure the final victory of Socialism.

It is doubtful that anything a Wolf could do will now change the inevitable descent of the West into a new, refined form of Socialist Fascism. The brainwashing of the American Public is so extensive, and the educational levels of the general populace so puerile, that having a rational debate with almost anyone is futile. The most basic assumptions, that society could not go on without all these unnecessary government intrusions into every citizen’s life, are now excepted by such a large portion of the uneducated, publicly-educated, masses of voters, that attempting to change opinion through logical discourse is a grand exercise in futility.

And when action is futile, there is no point to it. It is a dissipation of energy.

Therefore, Silverwolf would say to all True Capitalists: If you really want to crush Communism non-violently, and this vast, unfree, Socialist society that America has become, that dissipates so much of the sacred Life Energy and Time of its citizens with rules, regulations, and red tape that only rich corporations can deal with efficiently (that’s why they were put in, to keep out the competition of the little guy), then follow that old Zen Buddhist prescription: “Sitting quietly, doing nothing” until election day in November, and, if the Democrats and their few allies amongst the Republicans still hold dominion over power after that, then until November 2012.

“Turn on, tune in, drop out”.

The Sage’s advice then, and sage advice now.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww — Silverwolf

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