The Uzbek Pogroms: The Socialists Could Care Less

One of the most disgusting things about the modern Socialist politicians of the West, be they in America, Europe, or Russia, is their callous indifference to the misery and terror of ordinary people. And evidently that is also the case for their constituents, for when Silverwolf was reading the reports of the bloody massacres of men, women, and children in the Uzbek regions of Kyrgyzstan that have been going on without interruption in recent days, he noticed that this story had not even made the BBC’s top ten stories in terms of popularity, being outpaced by the introduction of some new iphone gadget, a report on the money-wasting, spendthrift, World Cup circus going on in South Africa, and the calls for an inquiry into the “Flotilla” incident. No, the massacre of hundreds of civilians in areas under the control of the major powers (major Russian and American airbases are not far away from the slaughterhouse), which has been continuing uninterrupted for days, has brought the usual, weak-kneed, lily-livered response from the moral castrates of the West like Obama, Valerie Puta, and the mangy mongrel politicians of Western Europe and Scandiasocialista. The Uzbeks have even closed the border, so that thousands of terrorized women and children are up against the barbed wire, but the usual bureaucracy of The Modern State is not letting them through. Uzbekistan says it cannot cope with all the refugees, even though at a word Russia, America, or the EU could easily foot the bill, as they pass out quadrillions to their banks and union socialists. Meanwhile the pogroms continue. The Kyrgyz administration in Bishkek, which at first called for Russian intervention, which Russia very consistently denied so that more women and babies could be raped and murdered thanks to Putin’s inaction, is now saying that they don’t need the help, they can “handle the situation” themselves, and that the official murder toll, which stands at 171, is probably underestimated several times.

Bear witness to what has happened. Israel kills 9 people who were taking cement to a terrorist state which has fired thousands of missiles at women and children, designed to murder them. On this the world spends weeks, discussing the “crime against Islam” and how Israel should be investigated. But when Kyrgyz Muslims murder hundreds and hundreds of Uzbek Muslim women, children, men, old men, babies, there is absolute silence in the Muslim world. No calls for an international investigation. No indictment of the moral criminals Putin, Obama, Merkel, Sarkozy, and Cameron, who could have sent in special forces to start killing the Pogromists, instead of sitting around with their thumbs up their ears, letting the bloodshed and terrorism continue. These Socialist Miscreants are guilty of the crime of Indifference, when they had the power to stop this bloodshed, as is the entire Islamic World, which also has the resources, manpower, and ability to do the exact same thing.

But the Socialist world is all involved with iphones, the World Cup, and Israel’s “crime”, to be too concerned with the fact that a Pogrom is once again taking place on the European landmass, and nothing is being done.

What a disgusting bunch of Miscreants!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww! — Silverwolf

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