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Socialism Crumbleth, Part 3: The Terminal Patient

May 31, 2012

We are now seeing the final stages of Socialism crumbling around the world. Europe’s crisis was and is an event just waiting to happen. Even without the massive burden of paying for U.S. military protection, as the American taxpayer is doing, the Europeans didn’t take long to spend themselves into socialist poverty, while below there feet in Africa, hundreds of millions starved and slaved for a dollar-a-day. Funny that their loving socialism never dripped across the Mediterranean and fertilized Africa, if it were such a good system? The Europeans certainly have had enough wealth since the 1980s to have developed the African standard of living up to their own if their socialism had really worked, and they had really loved their fellow men as they loudly proclaim all the time. But they got used to the cushy, unexistential lifestyle that the affluence of the printing press usually brings to a society for about twenty years. The similarity of socialist deficit financing of their ever growing entitlement lists, through the printing of fiat currency, and amphetamine addiction, is quite striking. About twenty years and then the systems, economic or human corporeal, fail. America has lasted a lot longer because of its pre-war wealth, and because it was tops economically after WWII. It also probably had more Libertarians who ranted and raved against Socialism than Europe had at that post-war time, so American Socialism didn’t really take off into phase two until War Criminal Lyndon Johnson announced his plan for the “Great Society”. Fifty years on we can see how “great” it is.

The Greek crisis serves to show just how impotent politicians are in controlling economies, as any Austrian economist would have told them, save for those politicians who would let free-market Capitalism operate with the utmost latitude like Ron Paul and Gary Johnson, while retaining the fraud laws and probably many OSHA regulations designed to prevent the kind of worker endangerment that used to be rampant in industrial America, and which still is in many industries like coal mining, as we can see from the mining and oil disasters that occurred well into the Obama Administration’s taking over OSHA. But apart from frauds like food adulteration, counterfeiting rare coins and selling them as genuine, rewinding odometers on used cars, altering gasoline pump meters (usually in the station owner’s favor), etc., there would be absolutely no restrictions on the Liberty of Trade in a Capitalist society. All the aforementioned frauds would still be crimes under Libertarian Capitalism, and the sentences would be far longer than currently, since the jails would be emptied of 70% of their captives with the decriminalization of the possession of drugs under a Libertarian Administration, and there’d be plenty of room to hold business frauds for longer terms of incarceration.

And since Socialist economies around the world are dependent on this Socialist Ponzi scheme’s keeping rolling along, the fall of Europe is going to derail them all. We can see it in the last few days as China not only slows industrial production but is starting to have trouble with its own Commie Banks, if such a phrase is not an oxymoron. And America’s slowdown will also hit China, like someone suddenly blasting AC/DC on a boombox in the middle of a church service.

The long predicted world Depression has finally started to hit a few weeks ago, and from now on its going to be down down down.

It could have been avoided in 2008, but American Socialists voted for Barack Obama or John McCain instead of Ron Paul. Now it is too late, unless somehow Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are elected President. Then there would be a chance that in a few years we’d be back in an economy that provided most of the benefits that Socialism promises, but without the coercion.

Government should be a tool, like the body, that runs efficiently, but of which one is virtually unaware. The ego is unaware of the body when the body is healthy; it only becomes uncomfortably aware of it when the body malfunctions. And so too with government. The government that doesn’t stick its nose in its people’s private business, but rather promotes their Freedom, is like the healthy body. It is the government that sticks its nose into its people’s private business, when there has been no property rights aggression by the Individual, that is the sick diseased government. It is also the current government of the United States under Barack Obama, but it is not the government envisioned by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Wyeth.

In a nutshell, Socialism fails because it has no accurate pricing mechanism for capital goods. This is Mises’ argument in essence. And currently in Europe you can see the failure of the various shades of the Socialist system in action. Simulataneously it brings both inflation and depression, and that is what we see today, as millions of Socialists slip into abject poverty due to the greedy system they so clamoured for. Their greed has been rewarded many times over. Yes, Socialists invest greed to produce poverty the same way  Capitalists invests their surplus labor, objectified in their money, to produce Capital. Only the Socialists are better investors in this instance.

The Hitlerian dream of Germany uber alles Europe is fast fading along with his peabrain Socialism which still, 67 years after the wonderful news of his death, is massively popular in Europe. Germany thought it could ride the Marshall plan into the 21st century, continuing to milk her defense costs out of the American public, which scheme of course was supported by the Quislings of the Democratic and Republican Parties, both riddled with Socialist principles. (For example, what modern Republican would dare speak out against the restrictionist Minimum Wage Laws or the immoral Farm Subsidies, except Ron and Rand Paul?)

Euro-Socialism is bringing the continent and China to their knees, and the election of either Obama or Romney will bring American Socialism to its knees within their term. Unless there is a worldwide revolution in economic thinking, Socialism will breed more and more chaos in society. But the brainwashing of Socialist thinking pervades all facets of modern society. The visual media, the Hollywood propaganda films, and Government Radio (NPR, BBC) all contribute their subtle conditioning, so that the listener or viewer is easily lulled into thinking the way they want him to think. And Corporate propaganda goes hand in hand with Government propaganda, as if they were both called in by the President to the same meeting. The Corporate commercials always reinforce the image that Government itself wants to convey. And then the same Government funnels enormously lucrative contracts to these same Corporations. And the lemming voters keep voting Democrat or Republican as they let themselves be ripped off.

Until they voted Libertarian in 2012.

The terminal patient of Socialism is groaning in agony, and the ECB is giving it morphine. Within a few days or a few weeks, the morphine will prove toxic, as the pain of the necessary correction of the malinvestment causes more urgent cries from the economically confused and panicked populace.

Watching the death of Euro-Socialism should prove most instructive to future generations of Free-Market Capitalists. We can hardly wait to attend the funeral.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Hospital and the Slaughterhouse: Modern American Medicine

May 12, 2012

Silverwolf has seen it over and over: Americans in the medical care schemes, both governmental and private, being treated like the industrial animals that those same Americans eat. If you treat the animals like things, then you’ll end up getting treated like a thing. And that is exactly what is happening in this torture chamber known as American Medicine.

Not that it’s that much different in other countries. The myth that America is Capitalist, and Britain, Canada, and Australia are Socialist because the latter three have government medicine plans that all are forced into, is just that, a myth. (We recently saw Daniel Hannan, the British MP, talking about how much better American medical care was than British health care. As if there was much difference in the levels of incompetence!) It is merely a matter of degree. Those in America who are on government medical schemes, like Medicare and the Veterans Administration, well know how they are treated, and what monumental amounts of form filling and red tape must be dealt with by a sick person, as well as the government medical care tactic of putting tests and surgeries well into the future, allowing the patient to sit with their disease for months untreated, whereas they probably would have been treated far sooner under a private system. Prior to government medicine, much of this energy went into treating the patient, and resulted in lower costs to the consumer. Now, the doctor and the hospital will run every conceivable test, because they are on a pay for fee system, with the government footing the bill, and many of these tests have actual negative side effects on the patient, a patient who is most probably already diseased in some way. These tests in themselves can push a condition from benign to acute or critical. But they mean big money for the hospitals, labs and doctors. And even in the private insurance plans, the providers know that the more tests they run, the bigger the bill. The BBC recently had a report precisely on the topic of unnecessary tests being run in America, and the “expert” explained that it was because America was on a pay-for-service system, so it paid to run useless tests on the Human Guinea Pigs.

Now in a system as has been proposed by Congressman Ron Paul, there would be no government involvement in medical care. Patients would pay cash, insurance companies would offer catastrophic medical coverage for an affordable premium, and the indigent could be treated at charity hospitals supported by donations. (People could still pay into a government medical scheme if they wanted to, but all the costs would have to be bourne by the participants.) Without this injection of government funds pushing up the cost of medical inflation constantly, bills would be far lower, and the physician and patient could discuss which tests might be useful, with the patient getting the final say on what tests he was subjected to.

Another big cost-saver would be to have the patient sign a legal disclaimer as to the liability of the physician for any malpractice charges that might be brought in the future. Presumably, if the patient is going to this specific doctor, he has a certain confidence in his professional competence. Imagine a renowned cardiologist, 50 years in the profession — if a patient goes to him, the patient certainly has the expectation that the physician is competent. But in the course of human action there is always the possibility of mistakes. Now, would the patient be willing to take a 40% discount in his bill in exchange for signing a legal liability waiver with this renowned physician whom he has dealt with for decades without a problem? Probably yes. But the government comes in, puts no caps on liability awards, thus forcing the physician to purchase liability insurance that is astronomically expensive, which in turn forces him to add a large percentage to each patient’s bill in order just to cover the premiums. And so the malpractice insurance companies are bilking both the doctor and the patient for huge amounts, thanks to the government, just because we don’t have the liability disclaimer Silverwolf has suggested above.

Silverwolf recently heard of a case that seems typical of how government medical care now works in America: A man went in to have an aneurysm in his groin corrected. After the surgery, overnight in the hospital, the man had a heart attack. He was given oxygen, but without moisture, according to one of his visitors. He developed pneumonia. He spent about a month in the hospital, where they also threw in a bowel resection for good measure, so that he now voided into a sack. He was then airlifted to a facility 170 miles from his home, out of state, making visits from friends and relatives arduous, having to drive through mountain roads in the winter. After several months on a ventilator, being fed 1000 calories a day from a bag, the man was returned to his state. Finally off the ventilator, a semi-nursing home was found for him; oxygen tanks and other equipment were rented, but on his first night there he vomited and the caregiver, who was not a registered nurse or nursing assistant, panicked and called an ambulance. He was transported 40 miles back to the hospital where he’d started out for his aneurysm repair four months earlier. After several days, he was transported to a local fully-equipped nursing home. A week later it was discovered that he had terminal pancreatic cancer, which he’d probably had all through this months-long ordeal, although evidently he was never tested for this, nor did any physician ever seem to have a clue that this could possibly be the case. He died two days later.

One of this man’s medical bills came to over $998,000,000, according to his Power of Attorney administrator. It was paid by Medicare. There goes another thousandth of a Billion onto the national debt, and into the pockets of the nursing homes and insurance milkers.

This man would undoubtedly have been better off to have had his aneurysm blow out and die passed out after a few minutes, for his case well illustrates how government interference in medicine, and the easy profits it facilitates, has lead to many charlatans entering the field whose only aim is money, instead of observing the Hippocratic Oath or caring about the patient. It also leads to horrendous costs for those forced to purchase private insurance, which even then usually only covers 70-80% of the bill. This is the great American medical system that the Democrats want to force everyone into, so that Mr. Buffett, and the other insurance industry moguls that back them, can all make even more easy money.

But all this should not surprise us, for Human Beings in America (and Australia and Canada and England) are treated exactly the same as the people in those countries treat their factory farm animals. The mass butchery of the innocent Animals that goes on daily in Western countries, and all over the World, is a deep moral stain on modern man, given the huge supply of beans, nuts, and seeds that could be produced on earth, as well as other high protein foods like potatoes. And Silverwolf believes that Libertarianism, which is based on a deep respect and non-aggression tpwards other Human Beings, will never succeed or be complete until Men (voluntarily) become Vegetarians or Vegans.

When Men treat Animals with respect, then they will be treated with respect.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf