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The 2016 Presidential Election: Senator Ted Cruz vs. Ms. Rodham

May 31, 2013

It’s hard to prognosticate on the course of events three years hence, but given their positions in their parties, and the strengths of their candidacies, Silverwolf thinks that the 2016 Presidential election will be between Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Hilary Rodham, sometimes girlfriend of former President Clinton. You’ve probably heard of them both.

Senator Cruz is so far out ahead of everybody else in the Republican Party, both in terms of intelligence and oratory, that his only opposition will come from Senator Paul and from a candidate set up by the Corporate Republicans, unless they also back Cruz.

Senator Paul, a cup of weak tea after the caffeine-drenched enthusiasm of his father’s campaigns, may have a chance as a candidate, but the intellectual brilliance of Cruz is lacking in his delivery. Paul, like his father, is above-average in intelligence, but he doesn’t have that razor-sharp thinking of lawyers like Cruz, Obama, and Clinton, who can come up with completed, polished sentences in their heads, and then spew them forth flawlessly, without all the verbal static we used to get from Ron Paul, even though that static made the public realize that Ron Paul was pretty much like them in his speaking habits, and the way his mind worked.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s genius, if you could call it that, is in getting the ideas and theory of Jeffersonian government and Capitalist Economics right — something that no other major politicians in modern American history have ever gotten right — and that puts them light-years ahead of almost any other politicians in America, save for a few sidelined Libertarians like Gov. Gary Johnson. And Rand, of course, is the pupil of his father’s ideas.

But when it comes to the terse, dynamic argument, set forth like a prosecuting attorney, Ted Cruz does it near-perfectly, and in a way that will convince the public in a few short minutes that he can fulfill the requirements of the Presidency. The people will feel like they have a Competent in charge of the Nation, not another lying crook who throws a teargas canister of words at the public to try to ward off all the unConstitutional and anti-Libertarian crimes that may have been committed.

Cruz will benefit also from the very work that Ron and Rand Paul have done in getting Libertarian ideas into the mainstream of American political thought. McCain called them “wacko-birds”, but he had to eat crow a few weeks later and “apologize” when he realized that those “wacko-birds” were merely repeating the words of Reagan, thirty years later, and those words still resonate very loudly in America, especially in light of the Obama Inflation, which has ground down into poverty about half of all Americans to the point where they cannot afford to eat, let alone pay for all the additional inflations that Obama, his debt-ballooning Democrats, and the Republican Corporate Socialists have brought to every product in America. And now, additionally, the elitist in the White House is going to throw Obamacare Premiums at them. How many Americans will die from heart failure due to the anxiety of how they are going to pay the huge insurance premium hikes any individual now trying to buy insurance will have to pay?

Ron Paul warned against this dire inflationary threat in 2007, and the voters could have put him in office and had their old consumer prices, which they could handle, but they chose instead to be brainwashed into voting for Obama, and now the lower and middle classes are starving.

There is a price to pay for letting yourself be brainwashed, and voting for an inflationary-Fascist Presidency and Congress.

Americans are paying that price every day, and that is why they will flock to someone like Ted Cruz. Ironically, the inflationary policies of the Left, the people who have never read the history of Rome, will eventually install Senator Cruz, and many of the ideas of Ron Paul,  in the White House.

However, this is only a prediction. The reader should not think this is a guarantee.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Nix On the President: Richard Stinkhouse Obama

May 15, 2013

So he finally opened the door to the Fascist outhouse, and now all those cheering Liberals and champions of the President can smell that we were right and they were wrong when we warned the nation of the Fascist nature of President Obama. A man who could attend a church for 20 years that would give its Man of the Year award to the racist bigot, Louis Farrakhan, was certainly not fit to be President. And now the entire public, and the President’s own defenders can see why.

President Obama’s assault on Press Freedom may come as a surprise to modern Democrats in 2013, but it would have been no surprise to Thomas Jefferson, or those inflamers of the desire for Liberty, John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon, the authors of the famous “Cato’s Letters” that both aroused and instructed the American colonists against Tyranny.

In those “Letters”, Trenchard and Gordon wrote, ” We know, by infinite Examples and Experience, that Men possessed of Power, rather than part with it, will do anything, even the worst and the blackest, to keep it, and scarce ever a Man upon Earth when out of it as long as he could carry every Thing his own way in it…”

“It is the Nature of Power to be ever encroaching, and converting every extraordinary Power, granted at particular Times, and upon particular Occasions, into an ordinary power, to be used at all Times, and when there is no Occasion, nor does it ever part willingly with any Advantage…” (Page Obama and Holder)

“Alas! Power encroaches daily on Liberty, with a success too evident; and the Balance between them is almost lost. Tyranny has engrossed almost the whole Earth, and striking at Mankind Root and Branch, makes the World a Slaughterhouse, and will certainly go on to destroy, till it is either destroyed itself, or, which is more likely, has left nothing else to destroy.”

No gullible believers, like the bulk of the modern American Public, these 18th century Libertarians knew that government is not a friendly neighborhood grocer, but a necessary evil full of power-hungry men who must be bound down by the chains of a Constitution and Bill of Rights. They knew the types of President Obama and Attorney General Holder very well, a quarter of a millenium ago.

Ron Paul and legal scholar Jonathan Turley have long warned against the encroachments on Liberty of the current administration, but Liberal Democrats have ignored these warnings and abuses, and have continued to support the President up to the current time. Now they, and the Public, can see what an individual they have put into power, and it is primarily their responsibility to control and even impeach him if he attempts any further outrageous crimes against Press Freedom.

But it’s good news for the Fascists: Nixon is back!


Senator Ted Cruz: Cruzifying the Democrats

May 15, 2013

The name of Senator Ted Cruz was first known to Silverwolf when he heard that Ron Paul had endorsed him in the primary for Cruz’s Senate campaign, which he won. This caused some controversy among some of Paul’s supporters at the time, accusing Cruz of being a bit of a Neo-Con. These critics supported someone else, whose name we forget.

We didn’t pay much attention to Cruz, even after recently watching part of his interrogation of Senator Hagel, during the Hag’s confirmation hearings. He made good points in that questioning, which we adduced to our post on Obama’s horrendous Hagel nomination.

But the other day, we stumbled across a more extensive questioning of Hagel by Senator Cruz, and we were so impressed by the quickness and perceptiveness of his mind, and the clear way in which he spoke in complete sentences, that we were driven to watch another video clip of him. Once again we witnessed a logical, forceful presentation, with no verbal pauses, searching for words, or the useless and boring verbage that is the stock-in-trade of the average American politician. One was struck by how clear and forceful was the brain in the head of this Senator. This guy was bright!

Then we noticed an article by Professor Alan Dershowitz on his experiences teaching Senator Cruz when Cruz attended the Harvard Law School. Dershowitz pointed out that Cruz was a super-intellect, and even when he debated Dershowitz, and they didn’t agree, he’d come up with interesting and difficult-to-overcome arguments.

After reading this evaluation of Senator Cruz by Professor Dershowitz, we knew that our perception of Cruz’s intellectual prowess was no illusion.

When you listen to him argue a point in one of his speeches, he presents it like a good prosecutor (he was one), laying on the points, one after another, documenting each with irrefutable evidence, and then finally recapping the points so that it is virtually impossible to disagree with him (or not be outraged).

And Cruz has a speech style a bit like an evangelist, when he is up before a highly sympathetic audience. We noticed this in his address to the NRA last month. The way he moved around the stage, used his hands, and talked to the audience, reminded us very much of a preacher leading his flock into the sermon and the theme of the week.

One of political analyst, commentator and radio show host John Rothmann’s favorite political dictums is “You can’t beat somebody with nobody.” In other words, if the incumbent has a certain charisma or political talent for speechmaking or simply just notoriety, even if his administration has been pretty awful, he’s not going to get beaten by someone who is like milquetoast or is unknown.”

With Senator Cruz, the Republican’s have someone who is not milquetoast, and in endorsing him, Ron Paul may have helped elect an upcoming President of the United States, and, ironically, perhaps ruined the chances for his own son, Senator Paul, to become President.

We certainly wouldn’t agree with a lot of Senator Cruz’s positions, as revealed in his campaign ad regarding the religious symbol outside the Mojave Veteran’s Cemetery, or with his support for Capital Punishment. But he strikes a lot of the same themes that Ron Paul struck in his campaign speeches, and Dershowitz described his legal arguments in their debates as being essentially Libertarian.

Incidentally, we noticed a lot of hostile debate and mud-slinging between several commenters on one of Cruz’s videos, arguing whether he could be President because he was born in Canada. One person didn’t believe it, while the other didn’t seem to realize that the fact that he was born in Canada doesn’t disqualify him because his mother was an American Citizen at the time of his birth, and so could legally choose to have him be an American Citizen. Dershowitz seemed to think Cruz could easily clear the Citizenship hurdle.

So now, when we see the dismal field of nothings that populate the American Political desert, we notice one bright oasis in that alkali wasteland.

The Republicans really have an orator now, someone who can espouse something along the lines of Ron Paul, without alienating 70% of the American Population. Cruz is so far above the opposition, like Mohammed Ali or Bobby Fischer, that he could easily win the Presidency.

The Republicans finally have “Someone”.

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww — Silverwolf

Libertarianism and the Dumbing-Down of Harvard

May 10, 2013

Silverwolf was actually astonished and flabbergasted today when he stumbled across a youtube video entitled “Harvard Lecture on Libertarianism”. Astonished and flabbergasted, not because of any especial brilliance of the lecture, although it was interesting and touched on many relevent Libertarian principles, but because of the virtually-complete inanity and inarticulateness of the students when asked to argue first the con- and then the pro- sides of Libertarianism. Though these were Harvard students, supposedly amongst the brightest in the nation, virtually every student who spoke could not speak in complete sentences, seemed to wander vaguely in their answers, and could not help polluting their rhetoric with a constant dribble of “you know”s, “I mean”s, verbal pauses, and unconnected phrases.

What first astonished Silverwolf was the fact that the uploader completely failed to mention the lecturer’s name, which seems like an incredible oversight. And even more incredibly, not one of the commenters mentioned his name, nor asked who he was. That’s unbelievably negligent.

The lecturer did, however, speak in complete, holistic sentences, since he had obviously come of age before the computer, and still spoke like a Human Being. His lecture was very good, but it too was amazing and astonishing in that no where in the lecture did he mention the founder of the American Libertarian Party, Professor Murray Rothbard, nor any of the prominent Free-Market Capitalist Economists on which modern Libertarianism is based: Bohm-Bawerk, Mises, and Hayek. Neither did his lecture forcefully stress the intimate and necessary connection between Libertarianism and free-markets, though free-markets were mentioned numerous times.

The lecturer also simplistically defined Libertarianism as “self-possession” or “self-ownership”, but he never once articulated the core Libertarian axiom, which states that “no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of any individual man.”

Finally he slipped the traditional piece of mainstream propaganda into the lecture by mentioning the “Libertarian economist”, Milton Friedman. As we demonstrated in our blog post “Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard vs. Milton Friedman and the Collectivists”, Murray Rothbard, in a 1971 interview with The Banner, clearly argues and proves that Friedman was no Libertarian, but actually a Statist, although on certain points he took a Libertarian position. And certainly, in comparison to the prevailing philosophy of big government of his time, Friedman was much more Libertarian and pro-free markets than virtually all well-known economists. He was a comparative Libertarian in a Statist age, but not a real one.

And the fact that “The Austrian School of Economics”, the backbone of modern Libertarianism, was not mentioned even once in the lecture, despite Hayek having been awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, is scandalous. But it shows how even Harvard tries to mold the brains of the young.

In listening to the inarticulate students trying to explain why overthrowing property rights was OK if it “helped the poor”, and to the girl who was an outright collectivist who said that we didn’t have self-ownership, that we belonged to the society and so have to “give up” our rights, and so government could tell us what to do and extract labor from us, Silverwolf could see how Socialist propaganda has been fed to these students throughout their earlier school days, where they were probably told that “it takes a village”.

And in one sense, it does: A village of Libertarians.

For example, anti-Libertarian Raoul spouted that “we get our rights from the government”, evidently disagreeing with Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence of the United States, that we are endowed by our creator with certain “unalienable” rights, which means they can never be taken away. Raoul seemed to think though that the government gave us our rights, and so if the democratic majority makes a rule, even if it violates our rights, then everyone must obey, and if you don’t like it, you’re free to emigrate.

Neither the Prof, nor the three students arguing the pro-Libertarian position, seemed to catch Raoul’s initial falsehood that “we get our rights from the government”. And later, when students brought up the old Liberal illusion that “society has given you these things and so you owe back to society the taxes you pay”, the pro-Libertarians never called into question whether this fictional “society” even exists.

Notice how easily so many people accept the fictions of “society”, ” the People”, “the Nation”, when in reality there are only Individuals, with Individual Rights. This is one of the key insights of Libertarianism, and one of the reasons why the anti-Libertarian ideologues get so confused. “Society” does not exist; only you and the other individuals exists, each one, simultaneously, and it is the interactions and relationships between all these individuals that make up society. The Democrats and Republicans who believe in the income tax, or other taxes to fund programs other than the defense of persons and property (i.e. the police and courts, and the military), have had to invent this fictional idea of “society” or the Nation. But Society does not exist; only Individual lives exist.

So, the defenses of the Libertarians to these attacks seemed to constantly miss the key philosophical reason which would have clearly defended their position. That such shoddy thinking could emerge from so many students. who are supposedly top-notch intellectually, was indeed chilling. If these are the best and the brightest of this country, America is in big trouble.

These inarticulate students also seemed to conform to many of the characteristics that we read of recently on a website which responded to our discussion of the computer, and its effect on the degeneration of the Human Mind. We posited in that post that computers were subtly reconditioning the way the Human Mind functioned, and that the young who were growing up with computers were completely conditioned by this upbringing in a way which those who grew up in the pre-computer days were free of. (A computer glitch having wiped out that week’s browsing history, we are unfortunately unable to give the name of that website. which was in both English and German.)

That website discussed an article which listed 10 characteristics of these new cyber-conditioned children. For example, they pressed buttons with their thumbs instead of their index fingers. They had trouble concentrating. They couldn’t talk in complete sentences. They showed a lack of consideration of the consequences of their actions on others. It was a drearily accurate picture of the youth Silverwolf has observed being completely taken over by the computer during the past decade, so that silence, and silent meditation or long periods of sustained cogitation on one topic, become impossible for such a conditioned brain. The Harvard student’s lack of insight and inability to think in complete sentences seemed universal. Silverwolf used to hear more cogent discussions in High School.

After hearing the unthoughout blatherings of these inarticulate students at Harvard, Silverwolf is more convinced than ever that a new Human Mind is emerging which is so heavily cyber-conditioned that it is completely unaware of the way in which it has been thus conditioned, and so is virtually unable to break out of this syndrome and de-condition itself.

Can Libertarianism, the Philosophy of Natural Rights, overcome this brainwashing of the mass of young people, even the so-called brightest? We doubt it, but it had better do so or we’re doomed.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf