Senator Ted Cruz: Cruzifying the Democrats

The name of Senator Ted Cruz was first known to Silverwolf when he heard that Ron Paul had endorsed him in the primary for Cruz’s Senate campaign, which he won. This caused some controversy among some of Paul’s supporters at the time, accusing Cruz of being a bit of a Neo-Con. These critics supported someone else, whose name we forget.

We didn’t pay much attention to Cruz, even after recently watching part of his interrogation of Senator Hagel, during the Hag’s confirmation hearings. He made good points in that questioning, which we adduced to our post on Obama’s horrendous Hagel nomination.

But the other day, we stumbled across a more extensive questioning of Hagel by Senator Cruz, and we were so impressed by the quickness and perceptiveness of his mind, and the clear way in which he spoke in complete sentences, that we were driven to watch another video clip of him. Once again we witnessed a logical, forceful presentation, with no verbal pauses, searching for words, or the useless and boring verbage that is the stock-in-trade of the average American politician. One was struck by how clear and forceful was the brain in the head of this Senator. This guy was bright!

Then we noticed an article by Professor Alan Dershowitz on his experiences teaching Senator Cruz when Cruz attended the Harvard Law School. Dershowitz pointed out that Cruz was a super-intellect, and even when he debated Dershowitz, and they didn’t agree, he’d come up with interesting and difficult-to-overcome arguments.

After reading this evaluation of Senator Cruz by Professor Dershowitz, we knew that our perception of Cruz’s intellectual prowess was no illusion.

When you listen to him argue a point in one of his speeches, he presents it like a good prosecutor (he was one), laying on the points, one after another, documenting each with irrefutable evidence, and then finally recapping the points so that it is virtually impossible to disagree with him (or not be outraged).

And Cruz has a speech style a bit like an evangelist, when he is up before a highly sympathetic audience. We noticed this in his address to the NRA last month. The way he moved around the stage, used his hands, and talked to the audience, reminded us very much of a preacher leading his flock into the sermon and the theme of the week.

One of political analyst, commentator and radio show host John Rothmann’s favorite political dictums is “You can’t beat somebody with nobody.” In other words, if the incumbent has a certain charisma or political talent for speechmaking or simply just notoriety, even if his administration has been pretty awful, he’s not going to get beaten by someone who is like milquetoast or is unknown.”

With Senator Cruz, the Republican’s have someone who is not milquetoast, and in endorsing him, Ron Paul may have helped elect an upcoming President of the United States, and, ironically, perhaps ruined the chances for his own son, Senator Paul, to become President.

We certainly wouldn’t agree with a lot of Senator Cruz’s positions, as revealed in his campaign ad regarding the religious symbol outside the Mojave Veteran’s Cemetery, or with his support for Capital Punishment. But he strikes a lot of the same themes that Ron Paul struck in his campaign speeches, and Dershowitz described his legal arguments in their debates as being essentially Libertarian.

Incidentally, we noticed a lot of hostile debate and mud-slinging between several commenters on one of Cruz’s videos, arguing whether he could be President because he was born in Canada. One person didn’t believe it, while the other didn’t seem to realize that the fact that he was born in Canada doesn’t disqualify him because his mother was an American Citizen at the time of his birth, and so could legally choose to have him be an American Citizen. Dershowitz seemed to think Cruz could easily clear the Citizenship hurdle.

So now, when we see the dismal field of nothings that populate the American Political desert, we notice one bright oasis in that alkali wasteland.

The Republicans really have an orator now, someone who can espouse something along the lines of Ron Paul, without alienating 70% of the American Population. Cruz is so far above the opposition, like Mohammed Ali or Bobby Fischer, that he could easily win the Presidency.

The Republicans finally have “Someone”.

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww — Silverwolf



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