The 2016 Presidential Election: Senator Ted Cruz vs. Ms. Rodham

It’s hard to prognosticate on the course of events three years hence, but given their positions in their parties, and the strengths of their candidacies, Silverwolf thinks that the 2016 Presidential election will be between Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and Hilary Rodham, sometimes girlfriend of former President Clinton. You’ve probably heard of them both.

Senator Cruz is so far out ahead of everybody else in the Republican Party, both in terms of intelligence and oratory, that his only opposition will come from Senator Paul and from a candidate set up by the Corporate Republicans, unless they also back Cruz.

Senator Paul, a cup of weak tea after the caffeine-drenched enthusiasm of his father’s campaigns, may have a chance as a candidate, but the intellectual brilliance of Cruz is lacking in his delivery. Paul, like his father, is above-average in intelligence, but he doesn’t have that razor-sharp thinking of lawyers like Cruz, Obama, and Clinton, who can come up with completed, polished sentences in their heads, and then spew them forth flawlessly, without all the verbal static we used to get from Ron Paul, even though that static made the public realize that Ron Paul was pretty much like them in his speaking habits, and the way his mind worked.

Ron Paul and Rand Paul’s genius, if you could call it that, is in getting the ideas and theory of Jeffersonian government and Capitalist Economics right — something that no other major politicians in modern American history have ever gotten right — and that puts them light-years ahead of almost any other politicians in America, save for a few sidelined Libertarians like Gov. Gary Johnson. And Rand, of course, is the pupil of his father’s ideas.

But when it comes to the terse, dynamic argument, set forth like a prosecuting attorney, Ted Cruz does it near-perfectly, and in a way that will convince the public in a few short minutes that he can fulfill the requirements of the Presidency. The people will feel like they have a Competent in charge of the Nation, not another lying crook who throws a teargas canister of words at the public to try to ward off all the unConstitutional and anti-Libertarian crimes that may have been committed.

Cruz will benefit also from the very work that Ron and Rand Paul have done in getting Libertarian ideas into the mainstream of American political thought. McCain called them “wacko-birds”, but he had to eat crow a few weeks later and “apologize” when he realized that those “wacko-birds” were merely repeating the words of Reagan, thirty years later, and those words still resonate very loudly in America, especially in light of the Obama Inflation, which has ground down into poverty about half of all Americans to the point where they cannot afford to eat, let alone pay for all the additional inflations that Obama, his debt-ballooning Democrats, and the Republican Corporate Socialists have brought to every product in America. And now, additionally, the elitist in the White House is going to throw Obamacare Premiums at them. How many Americans will die from heart failure due to the anxiety of how they are going to pay the huge insurance premium hikes any individual now trying to buy insurance will have to pay?

Ron Paul warned against this dire inflationary threat in 2007, and the voters could have put him in office and had their old consumer prices, which they could handle, but they chose instead to be brainwashed into voting for Obama, and now the lower and middle classes are starving.

There is a price to pay for letting yourself be brainwashed, and voting for an inflationary-Fascist Presidency and Congress.

Americans are paying that price every day, and that is why they will flock to someone like Ted Cruz. Ironically, the inflationary policies of the Left, the people who have never read the history of Rome, will eventually install Senator Cruz, and many of the ideas of Ron Paul,  in the White House.

However, this is only a prediction. The reader should not think this is a guarantee.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf



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