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Huxley: Silverwolf’s Award-Winning Poem

February 12, 2014

Silverwolf herewith presents the poem which recently won him the coveted and prestigious “Poet Laureate of the Silverwolf Nation” Title during the annual Poet Laureate’s competition. The announcement of the decision was greeted with lupine ululations of approbation untainted with opprobrium, much to Silverwolf’s gratification.

And now forthwith Silverwolf presents his award-winning poem: Huxley


Right from the start you knew

From his dew-bespeckled spectacles

That his manner was eclectical

And his favors very few.


His notions of emotions were subversive to the Corps

And they threw him out before his ears had dried,

But I’d love-ah to discover

How poor old Huxley’s mother

Had endeavored to supply them with his bride.

For she sent her wrapped in cardboard, with a note that said “For you”

And inside she placed the Lugar and the bomb.

When the package was unwrapped, and the plot-points had been mapped

They were broiled like cold confetti, at the Battle of the Somme.


Hooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Apologia for His Blog’s Artistic Failings

September 1, 2013

Dear Readers —

The manner in which Silverwolf has been obliged to write his blog posts has inevitably produced innumerable blemishes in them, from an artistic point of view. The significance of many posts was only developed by degrees in the progress of the blog, but the rearrangement and amendation of the blogposts, which each day’s political news continually rendered desirable, could be effected very imperfectly or sometimes not at all, due to the fact that the blog had already been published to the worldwide web by clicking the “publish” bar. Of the defects in the constructions of the blogs, due to this cause, I am painfully aware. Especially will they be apparent to any government snoop who may be at pains to peruse these posts.

I must trust to the singular attraction of the wonderful cause of Libertarianism (i.e. Classical Liberalism or Jeffersonianism) itself to render my pages agreeable in spite of their faults. For myself, I must say, in all modesty, that the most exciting novels I have ever read have failed to hold my attention with so close a grasp as has been exerted by the fascination of my own blog posts.

If my blog posts give a clear and intelligible account of the Philosophy of Libertarianism, especially as it impinges on the American Political Scene, I hope it may derive such an interest from them as will serve in part to hide, or at least to obtain an excuse for, its faults of execution.

Sincerely yours, Lobo Silverwolf, Esq.

Hoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The “Compulsory Adult Franchise Act of 2034” or President Silverwolf the Irascible

January 20, 2013

It was in the third decade of the 21st century that the Great Plague ravaged the world, including America, and brought to the Presidency Senator Lobo Silverwolf, the Junior Senator from Nevada at the time, 61st in succession to the Presidency, so virulent was the mortal sickness.

President Lobo Silverwolf the Irascible, also known as the Wise, brought such a Libertarian zephyr of Executive Order legislation, or rather un-legislation, to the country that his retrograde Cabinet Officials, all Democrats and Republicans except for the two Libertarians who had survived the plague, could barely keep pace with it. His un-legislative and anti-planned-economy innovations were varied and diverse. Protests against his un-activism grew and became more violent, as Democratic and Republican demonstrators, mostly Democratic, called for ” a restoration of Democracy”. “We’re a Democracy, not a Republic”, greeted the President and his top advisers on trips around the country, and even his speeches were interrupted by calls for “Democracy now!”.

Finally the situation grew so unruly that no Libertarian Administration figure could give a speech, or attend a public function without being rudely interrupted. Fortunately, the surviving Libertarians in Congress  outnumbered the surviving combination of Democrats and Republicans, so President Silverwolf said to his Chief of Staff, “Since these protestors are so adamant for their Democracy, draft me a Bill that states that all Democrats and Republicans shall vote at all future elections. By “shall vote” I mean “will vote”, and the Bill will be known as the “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034″. Since Libertarians believe that this is a Republic using democratic means to resolve its elections, and not a Democracy, and since Libertarians, unlike Democrats and Republicans, do not believe in aggressing against those who do not violate their property Rights, this Compulsory Bill will not apply to Libertarians if thus registered as of today, nor to Independents. The penalty for not voting will be set at $100 per election, with no excuses for absence permitted other than a certificate of medical sickness from a registered physician. Voting will also be extended to include offices for municipal garbage collectors, teachers, parking meter attendants, public ticket-takers, nurses, hospital food workers, librarians, sheriff’s deputies, bank presidents, sanitation workers, animal pound euthanisers, public school custodians, Congressional mail openers, and any other positions that may occur to me at a later time. Pass this Bill through Congress, and bring it to me the day after tomorrow for my signature.”

The “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034” was passed by the remaining Congressional members 24 to 7, with all the Libertarians voting “Aye”.

Within days, some of the most fervent activists in the “Democracy Now” Movement were beginning to have second thoughts. In the countryside, the compulsory voting process became irksome, with Democrat and Republican farmers having to get up at 3am to drive to the nearest city to vote for dog catcher, or mayor’s secretary, or whatever that day’s election might be. Even the wealthier farmers found the cost of not voting prohibitive, and it became something of a prestige-getter amongst the extremely wealthy that they could afford to flaunt the Compulsory Voting Act.

In the city, a new rush hour was created from 4am to 5am, and it was only a Libertarian or an Independent who could afford to leave for work at 7. Poor Democratic seamstresses and parking lot attendants who took the bus to work found they needed to get up at 2am to find a space on the overcrowded buses, and fist-fights frequently broke out in the waiting queues as bus after bus passed with no room available.

After several weeks of this chaos, a new movement began to be heard from calling itself the “Democratic anti-Democracy Movement”. “Democrats Against the Vote”, a national organization, boasted a membership of three million within days. And “Republicans for the Republic” served the harried voters on the other side of the aisle. Many lamented they had not had the sense to register Libertarian long ago, or even Independent, and a thriving business in forged voter registration documents sprang up, with a good forged Libertarian Party membership card now bring a Grand on the Black Market.

The protests became more aggressive. A young Democrat charged at, and actually bit, the White House Chief of Staff, who had to have a series of rabies shots, while an enterprising group of anti-Democratic Feminists bound themselves to one other, each standing on the shoulders of another Feminist, until their stack completely covered the Washington Monument, showing what they thought of that symbol of Democratic Male Domination.

Yet despite the growing protests, and the increasing chaos, President Silverwolf would not issue an Executive Order quashing the Act in the name of Nation Security. The Administration was adamant: they wanted a Democracy and they’re going to have it.

The situation in the Nation had become acutely critical, until one anti-Democratic Democrat hit on the expedient of “Crying for the Republic”. Soon, tens of thousands of Democrats and Republicans were staging “Cry-ins” all around the country. Exciting baseball games were turned into lugubrious and funerial quagmires, as thousands of anti-Democracy activists wept in unison. The Sunset Strip comedy spots were invaded by gaggles of crying girls, while church services were drowned out all over the country by the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Horrified viewers saw the Hollywood Christmas Parade ruined by whinning crowds weeping loudly as each new celebrity appeared, and Republican newscasters around the country sobbed their stories into the cameras. The nation fell into a great depression, and comedy-film DVD sales plunged.

In the midst of this chaos, President Silverwolf called in his most trusted Libertarian Cabinet Officials. “There comes a time when one must give way. Draft a Bill rescinding the “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034″. Pass it through Congress and bring me the Bill for signing the day after tomorrow.”

The rescinding of the Bill was greeted with immense relief throughout the entire Nation, and stocks gained 3% in the following day’s trading.

When his advisors had informed him of the happy reaction in the country to the news and left him alone, President Silverwolf the Irascible, also known as the Wise, chuckled to himself.

“There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream.”

“But”, he added as an afterthough, “I’m not sure that it is not the best way.”

(With thanks and acknowledgement for the idea to “Saki”, H. H. Munro)

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Is it Time to Jail the Obese?

July 15, 2012

Silverwolf has been cogitating on the feasibility of jailing the obese.

He finds something very strange in the Obama Healthcare Mandate, which overturns the prohibition against involuntary servitude amongst other egregious Constitutional violations. It seems that we are told that we have a “responsibility” to purchase medical insurance or pay an outrageous tax or penalty, but the recipients of medical care seem to have no responsibility whatsoever in Obama’s view as to how their behaviour effects medical insurance costs and medical costs nationwide. Somehow tobacco addiction, obesity, and alcohol use are all forgotten about when the Democrats talk about “responsibility”, but clearly remembered when it comes to the normal weight tobacco- and alcohol- abstainer suddenly forking out hundreds of  extra dollars a month. Somehow these self-responsible folks suddenly have a “responsibility” when it comes to paying their neighbors medical bills for conditions brought on by tobacco and alcohol and obesity, but the “victims” of their own behaviour have no responsibility it seems as to the unneccesary medical costs which they inflict on society by their self-destructive behaviour. When we see the collective costs of medical care in America as a percentage of the GDP and the Federal Budget, we realise that the costs associated with tobacco, alcohol and obesity are helping to bankrupt the nation and consequently to undermine the U.S. Dollar. And with these costs in view, one could almost say that using tobacco and alcohol, or being obese constitute a type of Treason against America in that the individual is using the balance sheet of the U.S. Treasury and all U.S. Taxpayers to clean up the mess which their own behaviour has brought about.

The other day, Silverwolf was looking at a photo of the Class of 1992 from the local high school, probably in their late 30s by now. What was striking was that out of the 25 or so in the photo, only one person could said to be of normal weight, all the others being outright fat, or “thick”. Compare that to a photo of the Class of 76 in the high school annual of that annum. Almost all the girls where of normal weight, and amazingly cute, with only a couple of corpulent demoiselles in a class of 30.

Silverwolf puts this down to Bill Clinton’s patronizing of major junk food chain restaurants when he was a popular President, the corporate subsidies these corporations have received from the heinous Corporate-Communist Import-Export Loan program, and the proliferation of junk food sales at our government schools. But in a larger sense it is down to the merging of corporations and state in America, which has gone on apace with alacrity under both Democratic and Republican Administrations. No one in government will attack the junkfood industry, like Dairy Queen with her huge corporate interests backing the President and his tax confiscations.

So since Obama and the Democrats and the non-Ron Paul Republicans all want to continue to jail people for using cannabis medically or recreationally, and since our National Debt is so huge and is swelled so much by the Medicaid and Medicare use costs associated with tobacco, alcohol, and obesity, it seems to Silverwolf to be wholly in line with their bi-partisan beloved Fascist Prohibitionist system that we consider Silverwolf’s proposal to jail the obese or anyone more than 15% over their normal body weight as well as tobacco addicts and alcohol users in government “re-education” camps where they would not be released until they had achieved a “normal” weight according to government bureaucrats, or had achieved one year and one day of abstension from tobacco and alcohol.

Jailing the obese would have a profoundly beneficial effect on America’s annual medical care bill. It would lead to a strengthening of the U.S. Dollar, a much healthier population, and many fewer orphans.

The fact that it violates the Bill of Rights should not bother our friends on the Progressive Left since they fully believe in government intervention when the end effect is a pragmatic increase in the general level of well-being in society, the effects on Individual Rights and Liberty be damned. So there shouldn’t be much problem there.

It’s on the pseudo-Conservative wing of the Republicans that there might be more resistance. Obese Republican bourbon-swillers forced to forego their cigarettes for a year might be slightly irate, and try to raise issues like the supposed importance of the Bill of Rights, but those Individual Rights objections would be lightly swiped down by the Robert’s Corporate Socialist Supreme Court now that they’ve ruled that involuntary servitude is once again O.K. in America.

Of course Silverwolf would have to raise serious Libertarian objections to his own plan, such as the egregious violations of Natural Rights law such jailings would entail. But what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and I guess if the public is going to continue to jail sick medical marijuana users or bankrupt them with their exorbitantly priced state pharmacy schemes, then Silverwolf will just have to go along with jailing the obese. That’s what the poll-going 25% of the possible electorate that put Obama in office seems to want, so it’s only just that jailing people for their unhealthy habits is also acceptable. according to the public’s vote.

Yes, jailing the obese is certainly a proposal whose time has come. It would save the nation a fortune.

And after the goals of this “corrective” program are achieved, perhaps we can move on to the meateaters.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Gulag East and West: Two Libertarian Jokes

June 5, 2012

There were three prisoners sitting in their cell in Stalin’s Communist Gulag. To pass the time, they asked each other why they were there.

“I always got to work late”, the first prisoner said, “so they accused me of parasitism.”

The second prisoner explained, “I always got to work early, so they accused me of brownnosing to gain favors.”

The third prisoner went on, “I always got to work exactly on time, so they accused me of owning a Western watch.”

While this was going on, there were three prisoners sitting in the Obama Gulag for Anti-trust Capitalists in Northern Maine. They got talking and asked each other what they’d been accused of.

The first said, “I charged above the average market price, so the Feds accused me of price-gouging.”

The second prisoner explained, “I charged below the market price, so they charged me with cut-throat competition and unfair trade practices.

The last prisoner went on, “I charged exactly the same as everybody else, so they charged me with collusion and price-fixing.”

Under Communism, anyone they want to make guilty, they can make guilty.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Political Transformation: From Lycanthropy to Republicanism

April 24, 2012

Ugh! Ah! Oh! Jeez! Can that really be Silverwolf in the mirror? Gone is the lupine muzzle, replaced with Nixonian jowls. Gone is the graying coat, replaced with a Reaganesque jetblack Brylcreamed mane. Gone the Libertarian gaze, now fogged by Romney brainwipers. No Silverwolf is not the wolf he was last week.

For he has had to re-register to be able to vote for Congressman Ron Paul in the upcoming primary, and he has had to re-register as a Republican. Yes, afterwards he did have to grind down the two horns that appeared on each side of his forehead. Yes, he did have to replace the bathroom mirror, cracked from his having looked into it. And the neighbor’s baby started wailing when Silverwolf came in sight. No doubt about it, Silverwolf has become a Republican.

But it’s only for a few weeks. Silverwolf hereby swears to the American Public that, the day after the primary, he will once again register as a Libertarian, the only party worth its salt in America, with the exception, of course, of our friends and ideological contras in the Socialist Workers Party. (The Silverwolf Tribe has actually tried to hold dances with the Socialist Workers Party, and there was a huge turnout, but the two parties remained on the extremes of the dance floor, and no one would come out in the middle to dance. And, of course, the Socialist Workers Party attendees refused, to a man, to pay the admission fee, but we let ’em in anyhow.)

Anyway, it’s tough being a registered Republican, but Silverwolf will just have to put up with it and suffer for a few more weeks. It’s a serious illness, though not quite as painful as being a registered Democrat. That particular disease has proved fatal not only to the registree but to the entire country. But being a registered Republican is still a very serious disease indeed.

And the only man whose been able to cure that disease is Dr. Ron Paul.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Silverwolf Officially Declares the ‘Eldritch Project’ “A Failure”

January 21, 2010

Silverwolf’s muzzle is truly drenched today as he comes to the sad and long-procrastinated realization that his famous “Eldritch Project”, which he initiated two and a half years ago with such gusto, has come to a crashing halt. It is, Silverwolf must admit, a failure.

We all know with what high hopes Silverwolf attempted to modify the English language, while at the same time seeing if the power of the internet was so great that it could alter the common use of English heard around the world. This was the aim of the Eldritch Project, an attempt to introduce the rather obscure word “eldritch”, meaning “weird”, as a frequently used term in both worldwide spoken English, and international internet usage. This jolly old adjective, probably of Scottish origination, was employed by Robert Louis Stevenson, amongst others, in his “Master of Ballantrae”, and Silverwolf, for some unknown and still unexplained reason,  was seized with a frenzy of fervour to bring this word to the attention of the world internet consistory.

But today, Silverwolf must admit that the project is a dismal failure, an utter repudiation of his vainglorious and rather pompous dreams of affecting worldwide English by effecting a change in parlance. But no go. Not even a “close but no cigar”.

Therefore, Silverwolf, with dewdrops streaming from the lachrymal glands, sadly closes the books on the “Eldritch Project”. Our thanks to all the half-dozens that participated. At least we tried to graft some life onto the moribund  world literary grapevine.

Well, there’s always “slubber”.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Cats are More Fun Than Dead Leaves

November 2, 2009

Silverwolf had a wondrous sartori today, a deep insight that came to him suddenly after days of experimentation. The sartori was thus: cats are more fun than dead leaves. This insight arose spontaneously after an assay in which Silverwolf spent 48 hours playing with his cat, Sooty, followed by 48 hours playing with some dead oak leaves and comparing the amusement derived from the two states of being (author’s note: wolves require sleep the way camels require water). While playing with Sooty proved a never ending stream of fascination for Silverwolf, he was far less enthusiastic about his experience with the dead leaves. For example: if you stroked and petted Sooty, he would respond with purring, rubbing his body against your shins, and ramming his head upwards into your paw, to get you to keep petting him on the head. The dead leaves, on the other hand, responded to stroking and petting with deep indifference, and hardly stirred, save when the wind happened to blow on them. Then they would exhibit some short-lived enthusiasm by moving a millimeter or two, but would quickly calm down, and relapse into quietessence. We thought perhaps the type of dead leaf might make a difference, so we tried our experiment variously on bay leaves, tan oak leaves, dogwood leaves, and even pine needles, but all seemed to share that utter indifference so characteristic of dead objects.

It’s truly hard to pin it down, but there definitely is some quality, inchoate in outline though it be, that makes a live cat more fun than a dead leaf (or even a herd of leaves), although you may say Silverwolf is prejudiced in favor of cats, and you yourself may not share his sartori, but feel deeply within yourself that dead leaves are infinitely more amusing than live cats. So be it. Silverwolf will not argue with you. As Mark Twain said, differences of opinion, that’s what makes horseraces.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Unorthodox View on Copyright

December 24, 2008

Silverwolf believes that, when it comes to artistic creations such as writings, conventional music, photography and film, and virtually any other medium, there should be no such thing as intellectual copyright.

First, let’s examine the worst reason for this view: the often bandied about Leftist “solidarity” of so many artists with “The People”. Anyone who adopts a Communistic attitude towards material goods should surely support such a Communistic view towards copyright. So, Silverwolf must wonder why, after so many decades, he still sees those little circled “c”s on so many artistic products emanating from Stage Left. Surely, such individuals should believe that they owe their all to the proletariat, and certainly forcing the prolls to have to purchase artistic creations is one of the most hypocritical activities a Leftist could undertake, in Silverwolf’s view.

But now let’s examine the actual reasons for why virtually all artistic Copyright is a fraud.

Firstly, all the components used in these creations are themselves creations of others, who are not receiving one iota of credit or material compensation for having their creations used currently. Do Shakespeare, or the Hathaway descendants, receive one penny in royalties when someone uses a word first coined by Shakespeare in one of their verbal compositions? Literally, every word we use is the creation of an individual, or a collective society which spread the use of a word (and probably a word created by someone long forgotten). When contemporary writers use these inventions of others, do they ever bother to annotate each word with a reference, or even a word of thanks, to the first person listed as having used it in the Oxford English (Unabridged) Dictionary? Silverwolf has never seen it. Are not these writers committing flagrant theft? Yet, they then have the gall to claim that their arrangement of these creations of others deserves some kind of special treatment, and even belongs to them, and that people should have to pay money for their arrangement of these words, for a very long time indeed.

Music presents a very similar situation. The notes were invented long ago, as were the instruments used to reproduce them. Anyone claiming copyright on music, should actually have to pay copyright to the inventors of notes and silence, and the inventors of musical instruments. Likewise, virtually all musical ideas are based on previous musical ideas, often created by a forgotten musician at a fraternity beerbash, or created hundreds of years back by some drunken Renaissance man. Monteverdi and Frescobaldi are probably at the root of all modern music, but who ever gives them a cheer, or even a word of thanks, at the rock concert? Such ingratitude!

Of course, photography and film also fall into this category. Since all photons are created by Providence, and the photographer or film maker is certainly not creating the light but rather the Process of G-d, it really is a bit much to have people claim that a photograph is “theirs”.  And Cinema presents us with merely a more complex art which is at core made up of the other arts we are discussing: writing, music, the capture of photons. Actors, as Hitchcock realized, are merely cattle, conditioned to deflect the photons in whatever pattern the director chooses to choose (and then claim as his own).

(And here we digress to record an actual conversation that took place, so legend goes, on the old Hollywood trail.

Billy: Mornin, Hitch. Sure is a fine lookin herd of actors we got us here.

Hitch: Yep, they ought to make some fine prime sirloin, once we drive em in to Hollywood.

Billy: Man, they sure are dumb critters, aint they?

Hitch: Yep, jes give em a little of that buttered flattery, and they’s is tame as a caponed rabbit. Then you can move em around, just so, so that the photons hit there faces just right. And voila, you got another hit.

Billy: Whats vowala mean Hitch?

Hitch: I dunno? Say, you and the boys are certainly gettin a reputation out in these parts. They’s startin to call you the Wilder Bunch.

Billy: Hitch, one day the names of Billy and the Wilder Bunch will be known from coast to coast.

Hitch: Well, you jes make sure it’s for the right reasons, or they’ll be no shortages of witnesses for the prosecution.

Billy: You sure got a strange sense of humor, Hitch.

Hitch: Yeh, and you got what they call “Prisoner’s Ears”. Well, Billy, I’d say it’s goin to get dark pretty soon round here.

Billy: You sure know your lighting, Hitch.

Hitch: Yep, I sure do, don’t I. Better get them doggies bedded down for the night, Billy, and pronto.

Billy: Aw, Hitch, you know it dun’t take more than a minute or two to get an actor and them heifers bedded down together.)

 In fact, the Copyright notion is so ridiculous when it comes to film, that filmmakers have often given a sop to their collaborators by endlessly listing their names at the end or the beginnings of “their” films. The Collectivist nature of filmmaking must be overlooked, and the fiction maintained that it is a film by “so and so”. But you’ll notice that the Producer, the fellow who writes the check that sets the whole process in motion, is the one who usually gets the last credit. In his mind “He” is the real maker of the film. Yet, none of these will admit that it is the photons, the ancient words, the long-ago created notes, the previously discovered technical effects, and the hit-and-miss theatricals of quondam films, that brings about the latest “creation”? Kinda like saying the cook made the meal, when it was the farmer who actually grew the food, and the trucker who hauled it to town, and the boxboy who unpacked it onto the shelf, and the gas company that supplied the cooking fuel. Nor do they ever point to the creators and the manufacturers of cameras as the real creators of photography and film. Have you ever seen a film created by “Bolex” with the assistance of a lot of so-and-sos?

Moving on to a completely different class (apparently), we come to that of “inventions”, those devilishly ingenious gizmos that eccentric American grumpy old men have been developing in their “shops” for a good century now. “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”, is the ubiquitous response when readers come across these gems in some popular mechanical magazine. Up to that moment, no one had ever thought of that, but when presented to the mind of the non-inventor, the first question is “That’s so obvious, why did that never strike me?”  Well, the obvious and existential answer is that  it never struck you because you were not bright enough to ever have it cross your mind.

The famous “grapefruit squirter shield spoon cum juice wiper” is a prime example. What enterprising mind came up with the idea of a grapefruit spoon with an attached shield to protect the devourer from those nasty spits of acid juice that have wreck so many a suit? It was bad enough to not have thought of such an obvious one. But to not transcend this very obvious improvement with the further refinement of a battery operated shield wiper, so that the devourer could continue to make sure he wasn’t swallowing any seeds, shows the non-inventor the poverty of his imagination.

But in this case, has the inventor really invented something new, or merely taken two old ideas, the windshield, and the windshield wiper, and applied them to the necessity of FED officials who have to attend early morning prayer breakfasts, in which the main prayer is that the world will continue to believe in the US Dollar, before they attend Congressional hearings ,where the entire financial nation will be watching every bead of sweat on their beaded brows?  To have grapefruit juice stains on their FED official ties could seriously undermine the international stability of the Dollar, and therefore there was a huge market for these spoons, at whatever price one could unload them to the FED for, certainly many times their actual value, as is permitted now. When the penny dropped, and it finally dawned on the Democrats that it could also be used to keep egg off their ties, before they questioned the FED officials on television, it’s use spread to the Liberal halls of congress. Some of the Congressional Women even used it to keep egg off their coiffures.

The point being, inventions follow the same pattern as so-called artistic creations. They are constructed from the tiny atoms of truth found by earlier scientists, and then re-arranged into new patterns, but certainly not created from scratch. (The exception being when there is a scientific revolution that completely sweeps away all the former misbeliefs, like the abandonment of the “ether” and “phlogiston” theories. Or the discovery of sub-atomic particles, which look more and more like patterns of energy without substance, save for that energy. And does this prove that Bishop Berkeley’s Subjectivism is perhaps the ultimately true philosophy?)

So lets away with the fraud of Copyright, of invention, of creation! There is only the tired repetition of the artistic maxims,  ad nauseum ad infinitum, over and over, and occasionally a new arrangement which the artistically starved pounce on as “the latest creation”.

G-d created everything long ago. All Copyright is is the malappropriation of G-d’s creations under the guise of the ego.

Silverwolf’s blogs were created a billion years ago. All he is doing is manifesting ancient atoms of axioms. There is no creation involved. Why, Silverwolf’s so-called “creations”  are as determined by the laws of physics, as much as a black hole, or the start of combustion in the old potbellied stove. So if you don’t like them, don’t put the blame on him. It’s not his fault, and he really had nothing to do with it.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf’s Act of Verbo-Genesis: A Word Is Born

November 25, 2008

“And in the Beginning was the Word.” Seems to Silverwolf this was a line from one of the more popular stories in the “Classics Illustrated” Series. He can’t remember the novel’s title, but it was a big best seller.

However, it shows how nothing could exist in the modern world, if not for words, except for everything else that would continue to go on. Would there be a world if all consciousness were wiped out, even down to the centipede and the cockroach? But man, ensconced comfortably in the world of words, which are mental concepts, can move little mentally past these rushes of air, substantiated by the rumblings of our vocal chords, with the afflatus modulated by the contortions of the oral rictus.

Words, on top of words, modifying words. No wonder you can hardly pick up the Oxford English Dictionary, even in its condensed form, without a crane.

So Silverwolf thinks it about time he added to the garbage heap of verbiage. And therefore he will commit an “act of verbo-genesis”. (Is it legal in Mississippi?).

He does this in response to a reader’s query addressed to a search engine, “What is a frugarian?”. Since this was a term coined in Silverwolf’s blog, in which he was interviewing the ghost of “Tovarich” Stalin, he thinks he should explain himself. And notwithstanding the irate letters he has received from residents of Fruga, a small community hidden in the Dolomites. denying any connection with Silverwolf, nor the missives he has gotten from superannuated teeny-boppers who claim that a Frugarian is one who ritually dances the Frug, on a daily basis, in order to achieve spiritual union with their “Higher Power”, Silverwolf must admit that neither theory is correct, and that the true meaning of a Frugarian is simply one who is frugal.

Since this is the first known instance of the use of the term Frugarian (or at least Silverwolf hopes it is), he thinks he may deserve a minuscule footnote in the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary (Compact Version) of 2743, in which, buried in an original usage quote that can only be read with the magnifying glass supplied with each set, they will cite that blog as the first known use of the term “frugarian” in the English language.

And Silverwolf will have contributed his one rusty old can of verbiage to the Matterhorn of linguistic junk that human minds on this planet carry around with them.

Thank goodness there are only 26 howls in the Wolverine Language.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf