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The Olympics Travesty: The World’s Great Escape

August 10, 2012

Once again the Socialists and Nationalists of the world are providing bourgeois entertainment for their masses, as those who preach the brotherhood of man breed competition both nationalist and individual. Only 2,197 miles away, women and children are having their throats cut, being buried under concrete rubble, and being gunned down by snipers as they search for food and water. But the world seems to be far more interested in the “agony” of the athletes, in their puerile competitions, rather than the agony of the children being slaughtered. Such is the morality of the Social Democrats of Euroland, and the Socialist regimes around the world, which is virtually all of them. All they seek is entertainment and the corn dole: bread and circus.

And, to exacerbate the crime, the Individual Capitalist taxpayer is looted of the fruits of his labor to subsidize this mass entertainment, and the government-run radio stations in England, America, Australia, and Canada, can get away with wasting their taxpayer’s money on providing this pablum of non-essential news just because the vaste majority of the populace lap it up like cats licking radiator coolant. This crime against Capitalists and Capitalism, this vast dissipation of life energy that could be put to survivalist use, or merely conserved for future utility, — all this energy is dissipated and wasted in the name of providing mass entertainment.

The same hypocritical politicians who preach brotherly love, equality, and internationalism, are right up front there talking out of the other side of their mouths about the spirit of the Olympics, the greatness of cutthroat-competitive sports, and why didn’t our great country win more of these stupid tokens. Anything to divert the masses from the misery which Government brings on the Individual, especially the young.

Just as in ancient Rome, the modern Citizens of Rome — the Bourgeoisie in North America, Europe and Australia — are once again enjoying their Bread and Circus, while all around in their surrounding Empires, slaves work in mines, tow the galleys of the taxman’s exploitation, and starve in the face of the continuing central bank’s inflation.

Escape, Mankind, into your dream life of useless sports entertainment for a few hours, for when it’s over, you’ll be faced with the same brutal, ugly, vivisectionist world.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Cats are More Fun Than Dead Leaves

November 2, 2009

Silverwolf had a wondrous sartori today, a deep insight that came to him suddenly after days of experimentation. The sartori was thus: cats are more fun than dead leaves. This insight arose spontaneously after an assay in which Silverwolf spent 48 hours playing with his cat, Sooty, followed by 48 hours playing with some dead oak leaves and comparing the amusement derived from the two states of being (author’s note: wolves require sleep the way camels require water). While playing with Sooty proved a never ending stream of fascination for Silverwolf, he was far less enthusiastic about his experience with the dead leaves. For example: if you stroked and petted Sooty, he would respond with purring, rubbing his body against your shins, and ramming his head upwards into your paw, to get you to keep petting him on the head. The dead leaves, on the other hand, responded to stroking and petting with deep indifference, and hardly stirred, save when the wind happened to blow on them. Then they would exhibit some short-lived enthusiasm by moving a millimeter or two, but would quickly calm down, and relapse into quietessence. We thought perhaps the type of dead leaf might make a difference, so we tried our experiment variously on bay leaves, tan oak leaves, dogwood leaves, and even pine needles, but all seemed to share that utter indifference so characteristic of dead objects.

It’s truly hard to pin it down, but there definitely is some quality, inchoate in outline though it be, that makes a live cat more fun than a dead leaf (or even a herd of leaves), although you may say Silverwolf is prejudiced in favor of cats, and you yourself may not share his sartori, but feel deeply within yourself that dead leaves are infinitely more amusing than live cats. So be it. Silverwolf will not argue with you. As Mark Twain said, differences of opinion, that’s what makes horseraces.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The China Olympics: Collaborating With The Dog Murderers

July 12, 2008

Silverwolf has read that the Fascist-Chinese miscreants have ordered dog-meat taken off of the Peking restaurant menus, during the Olympics, in order not to “offend” Western animal lovers and meat-eaters who might object. In typical Commie style, if it’s going to cost them Yuan, they’ll adapt.

Perhaps you’ve seen the photos of these poor dogs, crammed into cages so tightly that they cannot even move as they await a death that even the most hardened capital-punishment-lover of Texas wouldn’t inflict on a vicious murderer. In full sight of other dogs, they are beaten to death with iron bars, blowtorched, scalded to death, or merely knived. And while this goes on, morally-bankrupt politicians like Bill Clinton lobby to give Communist-China Most Favored Nation trading status, and President Bush says that not attending the opening Olympic ceremonies might “offend” the Chinese people. But attending such a farce is an offense not only to the American People,  but also the American Republic, and what it represents — the Freedom and Dignity of the Human Spirit.

It is time for the world to send a puissant message to the Chinese guttersnipes by boycotting the Olympics in every way it can; by not watching it, by complaining to its governments for allowing its athletes and flags and national anthems to attend and be seen and played at the ceremonies, and, most effectively, to cut all trade ties with Red China. Individually, we can avenge these tortured dogs by completely boycotting Chinese products. We must enkindle a flame of outrage against this miscreant government and nation that will sweep, like Sam Adam’s proverbial brush fires of Liberty, around the world.

Imagine that your consciousness was one of those dogs, caged for years so you could never run free, crammed in with other dogs during transport so that you couldn’t move a muscle for several days, hearing the howls of pain as you see other dogs beaten or blowtorched in front of you at the slaughtering centers, feeling the terror at knowing that soon the same will happen to you. Don’t you human beings have the slightest ounce of compassion for animals, or is it the usual me, me, me, of modern man? What a miserable creature has come from G-d’s greatest creation!

Honestly, Silverwolf thanks the Big Guy Upstairs he was created a wolf.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf