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Through Tump and Dingle: Silverwolf’s Journey to Matilka.

August 7, 2007

   Silverwolf was about to take off to give another of his blog readings at the Matilka Community Centre (and let’s retain British spellings since they did do us the favour of inventing our language) and as he was passing through the placid rusticity of the tiny dog-bark free hamlet of Holland, before tackling the ascent and persuant descent of Hope Mountain that would debouche him in front of said centre, he was accosted by Blue Dog who informed him as to the medical status of Judge Ted.  The Judge is just about the friendliest good ol’ boy you could hope to find, till it comes to the topic of Fascists.  His verdicts on these are well known throughout the county, and not fit to be put into print. Seems the Judge is having a bit of trouble with the old plumbing, since he likes his daily constitutional, despite the fact that Silverwolf has explained to him how booze leads to low zinc levels in the prostate gland, which in turn can lead to prostatitis, or even worse.  We hope to see the Judge back on the bench soon, helping to keep the county “Fascist rein”.

    As Silverwolf descended the dingle that leads from the dog-bark free rustic hamlet of Holland to the approach to Hope Mountain, he began to chew over the colonial injustices of the Dutch (undoubtedly triggered, the Freudians in the audience will asseverate, by associations catalyzed by the town’s name) and the disruptions caused by bass speakers in auto- and home- stereos, two of his pet peeves (he is hoping to breed them). Here he must strongly disagree with Gardener Bill, the unofficial “mayor” and “police chief” of Holland. Bill thinks that dog barks are worse than stereos, bad as they may be.  Silverwolf takes the opposite tack, and vociferously differs with him. Sometimes they get into some pretty heated verbal fisticuffs, but nothing that cannot be calmed by the halcyonic bromides of Balzac’s coffeepot and Franklin’s chessboard.  Bill arrived in Holland being regarding as something of a pariah, and was at first viewed as a bit of a hot head for calling folks up at 3am after their dog had been howling for an hour. “Is your dog O.K.?”  Yep, why? “I just thought he might be sick since he’s been howling non-stop for an hour.” Nope, as far as I know he’s fine.  ———– Gardener Bill also had a penchant for driving his noisy old truck up in front of someone’s house when their dogs were barking on and on at 2am and getting right in front of the dogs and then leaning on the horn for 15 seconds.  It worked countless times.  Now that their property values have soared ’cause Holland is the quietest berg in the whole valley, the Hollanders ribbingly call him “Mr. Mayor” or “Sheriff Bill”.  But any noisy-dog owner who would threatened their newly-elevated property values would quickly be drummed out of Holland and driven all the way down the dingle and then up over Hope Mountain all the way to the semi-ghost town of Matilka.

     But forgetting dog barks, the matter of the Dutch squandering what they had pilfered during their colonial administration of the “Dutch East Indies” caught the solemn consistory of Silverwolf’s consciousness, for it illustrated both an economic and a moral turpitude. Up until not many years ago, a Dutch citizen working in government positions could claim disability due to “stress” and receive a pension equal to 100% of their old salary beginning at age 50.  Of course, as any Libertarian economist of the Austrian school, for example, Von Mises, Hayek, Rothbard or Rand, could have predicted, the fund eventually went bankrupt due to abuse, since all one needed to do was claim overwhelming psychological stress to get your free money.  A similar phenomenon occurred in Poland just before the fall of the Commies.  It was possible under their regime for government workers to retire at 50 with a pension equal to their old salary.  On this they supported an extended family of possibly 10 people. Of course, as Toqueville could have predicted, these extended families always made sure they all voted, and there were so many government and ex-government workers that the Commies always won.  And then, of course, just like all collectivist paradises that think there is a free lunch, (and all you have to do is rob the rich, middle class, and upper working class, and take that money and have bureaucrats make loads of plans as to what to do with that money, instead of letting the free market make those decisions, and having all that tax money that was collected float around in the free market to give it a filip instead of sitting in government coffers or being wasted in non-competitive bids) the Peoples Proletarian Paradise of Poland  finished up pisspoor and had to go save itself by going over to that wicked capitalism (loud weeping and lamentation from the benches on the left).

   Beginning the ascent of the incline that demarks the end of the dingle, and the start of the upgrade towards Hope Mountain’s pinnacle, Silverwolf noticed his soul’s solemn consistory had devolved its attention onto economic matters, but now he sucked in the inspissating fragrance of the spring blooms, sweated out of them by the calenture of summer. Turning his muzzle to the right, he cast his glance towards a little tump of Doug firs up on the slope, amongst which might be discerned a cabin of well-aged wood.  This was the residence of She-lah, a female wolf (one of the few other wolves residing in the valley) an eccentric but not at all bad looking she-wolf whom Silverwolf  had conversed with from time to time on sublunar topics.  He could hear her computer blaring out, playing the secret Nixon phone-calls that C-span had just released and which She-lah evidently enjoyed more that almost anything else in the world.  However, the Nixon tapes were usually interlarded with trumpet concerti of Pachelbel and Fasch, at which time she was approachable.  But while the Nixon tapes were on, she would stalk up and down, yelling at the top of her lungs what that “B-st-rd Tricky Dick had done with her diamonds”, or how he had  “stolen her gold mine”. Silverwolf believed her, but most of the valley seemed to think she was a kook, far more eccentric than Gardener Bill. However, Silverwolf found them to be the only normal folks around.

      “He that can have patience, can have what he will.” —-Benjamin Franklin

I’ll howl to that. Hoowwwwwwwwwwwwwooowwwwwwwwwwww——–Silverwolf 


The Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society Presents “The Eldritch Project”

July 31, 2007

Silverwolf was recently called upon, as he often is, by the local branch of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, to present to its members the details of “The Eldritch Project”.As he approached the parking lot of the community building where the group met,  he recognized the seven superannuated hippies who had sworn off the booze, but wouldn’t say no to a bowl, and the fifteen superannuated bikers, who had sworn off the weed but wouldn’t say no to 2-twelvepacks, (To tell ya the truth, Hoss, it started to interfere with my drinking.  And then, I started to notice I was drinking less and then I REALLY got scared. (hands trembling) — Well, I can understand that, Bump.—-So, I just had to quite dating Ms. Maryjane. —-Only way to deal with a problem like that, Bump. Hey, Silverwolf’s gettin’ ready to speak! Lets get in quick so we can get a good seat!) and who constituted the bulk of the society, a society dedicated to the revivification of the verbal arts of the English language.

Silverwolf (mounting the podium which has been fitted with a special pad attached to the wooden plynth, donated by the local Humane Society and paid for by the estate of the late Homer Tupps, a longtime valley resident and muleskinner, a pad which enables Silverwolf to comfortably rest his front paws on the podium for long periods of time; with this device Silverwolf is easily able to give the hourlong readings of his blogs frequently demanded of him by the local community, and many local charities have been funded by these events)——Fellow members of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, a society dedicated to the augmentation and amplification of that mother lode of language, so richly mined by Shakespeare,  Fletcher and Beaumont, and Dryden. But now that rich vain of verbage has fallen into the cesspool of history, and I believe it is our mission, as members of the Ars Verbum Albionsis Redeviva Society, to rescue and resuscitate these orphan-words of antiquity. (yawns, what fustian! what bombast! and, of course, Silverwolf’s characteristic prolixity) Therefore, today, I am instituting ‘The Eldritch Project’ a first attempt to rescue one of these orphans from obscurity. 

Robert Louis Stevenson, who was praised so highly by Moravia, employs, in his novel ‘The Master of Ballantrae” the word ‘eldritch’ meaning ‘weird’ or ‘eerie’, an old Scottish term.  I am proposing that we adopt this word as our first word and see if we cannot spread its use far and wide over the earth, for this will show the power of the new blog media; and thusly, I am call upon all of you here to begin to employ the word ‘eldritch’ whenever you want to use the words ‘weird’ or ‘eerie’, and to ask your friends to ask their friends to ask their friends to ask their friends to use it too.  And let’s only use it when we genuinely need it (Amens from somewhere in the crowd). And if we all chip in on this, maybe we can really get this ball rolling folks,  ’cause we really need to revive and resuscitate our English language. (Silverwolf now glad he’s been studying old film-footage of Huey P. Long this past fortnight)

Bump — (jumping up)Yeah we sure do ’cause I heard the government is working with the Mongolians and they’re gonna bring in 80,000 Mongolian troops into the good old USA –  that’s right – and they’re gonna disguise ’em as school teachers, and then force every man, woman and child in America to learn Mongolian, and if you refuse or you can’t learn it, then they’re gonna put you in these camps till you DO learn it.(4 second pause)

Silverwolf—Well, that about raps it up folks, so thanks for coming and helping to augment learning and fight ignorance. Nite.                Now where did I put my keys? Coulda sworn they were in these pants.  That’s really eldritch!

Hoowwwwwwwwwwwooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww ———Silverwolf

The Lobo Breed: An Open Forum for Discussion

July 29, 2007

In this, the first message of Silverwolf to his world interlocutors, we hope to state the purpose of this “University of the Net” of which our dialogue will be a part.  On another blog of mine I stated the purpose roughly thus: “The Lobo Breed — A forum for the discussion of many topics, from libertarian economic theory to literature, politics and film.  From comparative religion to vegan diet and nutrition.  From the music of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic Eras, to the music of the Stones, and the poetry of Mr. Zimmerman and Sir Mick. From foreign languages to the vocabulary, grammar and incongruities of the English language. And of course, philosophy, the mother of all subjects, the reason I think the “Divine Rational Movement of Intelligence” or “The Big Guy Upstairs” (take your pick) gave us this incredible brain and the hinged thumb, which meant we could have agriculture and thus a vegetarian diet.  Anything that interests you, from the comic genius of Frankie Howerd to the dramatic genius of Olivier’s Richard III.  I would like to keep a university tone of decorum in this website although I would cherish the observations of those who have never been to college.  And therefore, this forum, one of whose functions is the prevention of Fascism by stimulating the brain, and showing that life can be interesting and worth living, will entertain any comment on any subject you find interesting, but I reserve the right to censor (yes I know, hypocritical in a libertarian but I’m going to do it anyway), — to censor, I say, any comments that I deem defamatory, slanderous,  racist, obscene, or prone to incite to riot or violent insurrection, or to incite violence against any race, religion or nationality. (This doesn’t mean you can’t criticise governments, or even the populace of countries who enthusiastically endorse, by large majorities, the war crimes and despicable acts of their despots.)  So let’s keep the language fairly clean, but if you feel angered by an injustice, feel free to express that anger.  In the non-censoring tradition of Lord Bertrand Russell, (a great civil libertarian, though not much of an economist) I will try to be as liberal as possible, but I am the benevolent dictator of this blog.  Hail Silverwolf!

I extend an invitation firstly to those whom I have conversed with on a recent blogsite that concerned itself with the first case of  blogger censorship outside of Commie China that I can recall, the case of Nathan Tan of Malaysia who was taken into custody on remand under the Official Secrets and Internal Security Acts, laws that were set up donkey’s years ago under the British during a wave of communist terrorism.  Upon perusing the blogpiece that got him busted, I found not much more that criticism of a police chief who was not maintaining law and order on the street, but was blaming the victims — kinda like blaming a rape victim cause she was wearing a miniskirt and had nice legs.  Anyway, it sounded to this typical-American underdog-lover like Tan had gotten a raw deal.  On top of that, the fact that the government didn’t have to tell Tan the charge against him was really eldritch (i.e. weird), the kind of sinister eerieness one finds in Kafka’s novel “The Trial” that was even better illustrated in Orson Welles’  incredible  cinematic masterpiece of that same name.  Now that American’s G-d given, inalienable civil liberties, guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and so incisively explained to us by wisechief Jefferson in his “Declaration of Independence”, are under attack from the state, this film has relevence not only for Malaysian, but also for American, democracy.

Now, before I forget, for I always seem to have so many ideas roaming through my head, just as Silverwolf roams through the forests, I want to mention an experiment I’ve been wanting to try that may have worldwide significance, at least as far as the power of the free blogpress is concerned, and that is “Is the internet and blogging capable of revivifying interesting but rarely used words from, say, the English language? And then turn those words into worldwide “fad” words, words that are used with such frequency by youth that they are rarely absent from every teenage conversation,  and may be used 20 or 30 times in the course of a chat —words like “awesome”, “cool” and, that phrase tacked on to the end of so many sentences and phrases, “and stuff” (how I hate that phrase!).   Now, my first candidate for this experiment is the word “eldritch”, a Scottish word used by R.L. Stevenson in “The Master of Ballantrae” and meaning ” weird, eerie,” etc.  Considering how often youth and people in general use the phrase “weird”, I wondered if, by having people start using the term “eldritch” in their blogs and comment posts, we might start a worldwide fad where every time someone wanted to genuinely use the word “weird, eerie, strange” they would frequently, or always use the word “eldritch”.  And I propose this word because, to be facetious, it has, in my opinion, an “eldritch” sound-quality to it.  Try saying it over and over aloud to yourself  (like those mantras the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to hand out to the California Dummies for a small fortune way back when) for 5 minutes aloud in a room (preferable alone if you don’t want to be certified insane), and just see what an “eldritch” experience the constant repetition of the sound  of that word gives you.  And so, I would appreciate my interlocutors and those of you who post comments at other sites to occasionally or frequently use this word, and let’s see if we can start a world-wide “fad” and, thus, in part, illustrate the power of the blog and the futility of censorship.  Societies will learn that the anarchy of the free market and the anarchy of free speech go hand in hand and we must have the true grit to trust in the free market mechanism and the salubrious effect of these dual anarchies, whose synergy has so fertilized the great oak of liberty, and, moreover, if these anarchies be not trusted, the end result is the tyranny of the collectivist state.  History has proved this over and over, and it’s clear as daylight.  But the organized religions of communism, socialism, fascism (a form of individual/corporate socialism), racism and religious fanaticism, are all afraid of both the anarchy of the free market and the anarchy of free speech.  They hate freedom, and worship idols.                                  So let’s begin this experiment with “eldritch”.  And let me first extend this invitation to join the Lobo Breed Forum to my extremely bright and intelligent interlocutor Rajah, whose comments on political subjects we have found most interesting, and whose legal observations, written in the matter of a few hours in the most beautiful English, put the fools on our Supreme Court, people like Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts, judges so corrupt that they will vote a political agenda virtually 100% of the time even when it blatantly contradicts the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to shame.  If only we had brains like Rajah on the court.  So Rajah, come on in, …but maybe I can trip you up some time upon cross-examination, so be on your guard! (I’ve been watching Laughton in “Witness for the Prosecution” — Laughton who once described his own face as “like looking in the mirror and seeing an elephant’s behind”)  I would also like to extend invitations to kittykat46, wits0, whispering9, skunk, and several others whose nom de plumes escape me at the present.  One I do recall, though, was virgin9 who made a very perceptive comment about my style which I thought was extremely insightful and which I would have never realized by myself in the next 50 years.  Virgin9 also paid me a compliment, and I appreciate her complete objectivity in that matter.  But I am intrigued.  Is virgin9 a lady?

Let me add that I will review  our previous conversations, get the names of those additional bloggers I found reasonable and insightful, and post an invitation to them in the relatively near future. 

Two other points: obviously, since I plan to moderate all comments, and will have to read them all, and since the dictates of capitalism  demand I maintain my own economic liberty, my time is limited to a great degree, but I find this intellectual repartee such fun that I want to pursue it. However, to get back to the point, to my Malaysian and Asia-Pacific correspondents,  since there is probably a 12-14hr time difference, and since all comments will be first moderated, there may be a great lag in response which may well  preclude the kind of university philosophy-hall classroom debate I wish this forum to be.  Therefore, bear with me at first.  Being a tech-dummy and wanting to get on here with a blog immediately, I’ve still to investigate how to permit some of you like Rajah to put on your comments and engage in this libertarian university of the Internet  without my moderating their comments (since I trust these people to be responsible) while I am snoozing or conducting the necessary business which modern life demands,  (but, ultimately, business that one chooses to engage in, unless one has the incredible bravery  and courage of the hobo who consciously chooses to sleep under a bridge in the winter, and have no material possessions, a courage that, sadly,  even the wild Silverwolf lacks). So if there is a mechanism for permitting some of you to comment without moderation, while making sure that others do not use your name fraudulently to comment with obscenities, then we can expand the non-moderated interlocutors to an ever expanding “classroom of commentators”.  If not, we’ll just have to do the best we can, won’t we now?

You see how Silverwolf has gone on and on in his usual prolixity. As he says, “Prolixity is bliss”.  But has he already forgotten the maxims of wisechief Franklin that, to paraphrase, “in the acquisition of knowledge, more is to be apprehended by the faculty of hearing than by the faculty of speech”, and “one can talk too long, even on the best of subjects.”?  What a Renaissance Man he was!

                                                                                                                                                       I think that is about all for this first blog in this new University that I sense has the power to strengthen Jeffersonian, democratic, libertarian free-market capitalism, i.e. the incipient liberal spirit of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. of A.

The wolf still howls…

So please howl back across the myriad mountains and valleys and ocean bottoms of 14,000 miles separating us and throw those little Gutenburgesque symbols, via my vitreous humor, to my brain, where they will cause thought patterns.  Pretty far out, huh.

So howl back…at and “take it easy”. —Silverwolf

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” — Abraham Lincoln

And just for the record, the reason this blogsite says these observations are “by lobobreed” is because the name Silverwolf was already taken at this blogpress firm, but actually my comments are those solely of Silverwolf,  and strictly-speaking, the Lobo Breed refers solely to the Forum. In the sense that the forum will (hopefully) accomodate the bulk of the space, instead of my talent at fustian and prolixity, then any contributors who contribute to any column will be considered “running with the pack”, and this page will indeed be predominantly by an entity entitled “lobobreed”, an entity synthesized out of our collected observations and noted awarenesses.  Howwwwwwwwwoowwwwwwwwww!             —-Silverwolf