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John Rothmann, Ed Koch, Alan Dershowitz, Abe Foxman: Helping to Destroy Israel

May 22, 2011

It’s funny how those who have put the worst enemy Israel has had in the White House since Jimmy Carter are now scurrying to cover their blindness to racism. Ed Koch, the peabrained “kochelaffel” former mayor of NYC, actually donated $2,300 to the Obama campaign, so he is fully responsible for what he has created: an indefensible Israel surrounded by newly-energized murderers and racists, thanks to Obama’s reference to the 1967 lines as the negotiating area. No equal demand by Obama on the PA to end its collaboration with Hamas, to end the absurd and fictitious “right of return”, to end the anti-Semitic cartoons in their press. But when it came to Israel, throwing out a phrase that Obama well knew would completely undermine the ability of Israel to negotiate a two-state solution. Now the new goal-post moving demand will be “the 67 borders and right of return”, i.e. perpetual war, and never having to make peace.

John Rothmann, as usual, was not outraged by the President’s comments, since he is the classical barking dog for the Democrat Party. Whatever immoral positions they may adopt, he will be there to defend them, and if he is ever “outraged” at something the President does, a few hours or days later he will be back defending him on a different issue. As if morality varies with each issue, and is not a deep characteristic of a politician. Usually he is merely “troubled”; occasionally he is “deeply disturbed”, and even he knew there was a rotten fish in Denmark when he pointed out that the President made no mention of the Muslim Brotherhood in his remarks and demand for $1 billion for Egypt. As Dave Emory, a great anti-Fascist historian and archivist, has so well documented at his incredibly good website, the Muslim Brotherhood was set up as an extension of the Nazis in Egypt. They are a Fascist organization. They hold the same view of Jews as the Nazis, and want to murder them. No mention of this by the President in his speech. They also try to come to power through elections, and by giving Egypt a billion dollars, the President is empowering a neo-Nazi, fanatically religious, gang that has no love for America, except for its money, and fueling Middle East anti-Semitism. These are the fruits of John Rothmann’s support for Obama, and as he recently said, he would still vote for Obama over any Republican, which evidently includes staunch defenders of Israel’s right to exist like Congressman Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Alan Dershowitz likes to talk of Obama’s “mistake”, as if a deliberately thought out policy designed to undermine Israel, coming from a very sharp lawyer and politician like Barack Obama, was a “mistake”. A typical lawyer’s ploy to decrease the severity of the outrage in the minds of the victims, and the victims in this case were all the Jewish Zionists in America who listened to Dershowitz when he campaigned for Obama, and all the people in Israel, Jews and Muslims, who have to cringe in fear every time a Hamas rocket invades the territory of Israel. Why doesn’t Obama simply carpet-bomb Hamas government buildings if he were a true friend of Israel? Why are Israelis and Sudanese Christians in Darfur worth less to Obama than Libyans?

Abe Foxman was really the most pathetic, when he tried to defend Obama’s speech in an op-ed in the Huffington Hotair Post, while at the same time saying that he was “losing faith” in whether Israel had a real negotiating partner to negotiate with, after reading PA capo Abu Mazen’s rewriting of Middle East history according to the Nazi blueprint in a recent NY Times op-ed. Many anti-racist Libertarian thinkers, who aren’t heads of multi-million dollar outfits that purport to defend the Jewish people, saw this coming years ago with the election of Barack Obama, the prodigy of “Reverend” Wright, and his Farrakhan-loving congregation of Black Racists. But Abe Foxman wasn’t perceptive enough to see it. Why trust such a dim-witted, unperceptive “leader”?

It is these four, John Rothmann, Ed Koch, Alan Dershowitz, and Abraham Foxman, all self-proclaimed Zionists and friends of Israel, who have helped to put into the White House the worst enemy Israel has had to face since Carter and Nixon, and  who have endangered the entire Jewish People in one of the most precarious situations they have faced in four thousand years. They are fully responsible, along with the 78% of American-Jewish voters who voted for Obama in 2008.  And note, they all live in America, far from the threat of the Hamas murderers and the PA homicide-bombers.

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf vs. Foxman: The A.D.L.’s Feckless Victory in the Marcello Lucero Killing

April 29, 2010

Silverwolf has been pondering the truly tragic news out of the Eastern United States, news which the Anti-Defamation League has surprisingly hailed as a victory. For to Silverwolf, this news is no victory, but a heinous tragedy, and a pellucid illustration of exactly what he was talking about in his recent blog when he spoke of the dangers of hate crime laws, good intentioned though they be, leading to juries unwilling to convict, and turning Racist Criminals into martyrs.

And so, only a few hours after posting those thoughts, Silverwolf read of the horrendous verdict in which the “manslaughterer” of a 37-year old Ecuadorian immigrant living on Long Island who was stabbed to death in a racist gang attack, was convicted on a charge of a first degree manslaughter hate crime. He received a sentence of from 8 to 25 years. The ADL website portrays it thusly:

And this was the verdict roughly seventeen months after the original incident, which was reported on the ADL website thusly:

This is a Libertarian Outrage! That a Racist could go out with a gang of other Racists, looking for Latino-appearing people on the streets to attack, and in the course of an attack, stab to death a man, and then get away with eight years is a great atrocity, not something for the ADL to call a great victory. Let’s remember that many states permit huge reductions in sentence for good behaviour behind bars, often amounting to a reduction of two-thirds of the sentence. Now, Silverwolf is not aware if such reductions apply in New York State where this Travesty of Justice occurred, but if they do, then this Racist Miscreant and “Manslaughterer” (for Libel reasons, we cannot call him what he is) could be out in 2 2/3 years. And that the ADL calls a victory.

Now, there are several interesting points here. Firstly, while the ADL claims this to be a victory, the family of the victim saw it for what it was — a judicial slap on the wrist for a Racist Crime that should been smashed with the full force of the Hammer of the Malefactor, administered through the law courts and the jail system. They were not as enthralled with this Miscarriage of Justice as the ADL. The “Latin Americanist blog” reported the tragedy thusly, which includes a link to the statements of the victims brother to Ecuadorian radio.

And one must ask, why were not all the members of this racist gang prosecuted for this murder? They all went out together, with intent to physically harm someone, based solely on what they perceived as their race or ethnic background, in this case Latinos. What kind of message does this send to racist groups, when a vigilante gang doesn’t get life in jail in solitary at hard labor for such a crime? Such a fair punishment would do more to stop racist violence than all the hate crime legislation that the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center seem to think will magically stop hate crimes, especially when the investigating police forces, and the prosecuting D.A.’s office are riddled with racists, as they are bound to be, somewhere, at some time, in some locales, in America. Hate crime legislation is no solution for violent racist attacks; Draconian long sentences of solitary at hard labor are. And if the Racist Murderers go on hunger strike, then they should be permitted to commit suicide under Libertarian doctrine, and free up the cell and save the taxpayer the costs. A racist’s Right to commit suicide should never be abridged, under the Libertarian Property Right of Self-Ownership.

No, what this case clearly shows is the failure of hate crime legislation to adequately protect minority groups that have been and still are targets of racist violence.

So what would be a Libertarian solution according to you, Silverwolf, you may query?

Well, first of all, under a Libertarian government, no body would be in jail for possessing drugs. Or even vending to anyone 18 or older. So that would reduce the prison population by about 70%, since that is roughly the percentage of the prison population in jail for non-violent drug offenses. Plenty of room for racist murderers, — and any kind of murderers — then. No need to skimp on sentences.

Moreover, there would be nothing to stop the legislature, or the People through the Initiative Process, from instructing their Judiciary to take into account racist factors when sentencing. For example, if someone murdered someone for their wallet they’d get 40 years; if they murdered them solely because (and they announced it before hand to witnesses, and/or published their intentions in literature,  and/or admitted it to police after the crime, as well as under oath in court) the victim was an Armenian or a Trobriand Islander, or a Redhead, then they might get 50 years — or life. So, not having hate crimes does not preclude judges from taking what they perceive to be violence motivated by clear cut racism into account, which in turn was based on objective facts and actions in the public record of the trial, when deliberating the length of sentence.

But what is so glaringly obvious in this great tragedy, is that if someone is convicted of a first degree hate crime, and that crime results in the death of someone, then the crime would have to be, of necessity, the Crime of Murder. How could a First Degree Hate Crime, that resulted in death of the victim, ever be Manslaughter? Or anything else. This is a clear cop-out, and exactly the point that Silverwolf make in his last blog — that juries will not convict, or will go along with plea bargains in cases that cry out for Life without Parole in Solitary at Hard Labor. That should be the punishment for every racist murder, and every racist attack that results in grievous bodily injury. Not a mollycoddling eight years, with 2/3 off for good behaviour. That is an outrage! And not only the person who actually murdered the victim, but every member of that gang would have to be prosecuted and convicted. So not only is this sentence a grave joke, but the fact that none of the other gang is rotting in solitary is also barbaric. It is getting away with murder seven times over!

Silverwolf is afraid that slick pro-Racist lawyers will figure out ways to introduce doubts into juries minds, when defending against convictions in hate crimes cases that would routinely get very long sentences for anyone committing violence in a Libertarian society, whether they were Racists or not.( And since Racists could not be trusted to have a cellmate, since they might attack them based solely on their ethnic background, then they must obviously be kept in solitary during their incarceration.) Given the level of racism still around in America, it’s quite probable that someone on that jury trying the hate crime could be extremely bigoted or prejudiced, or even violently prejudiced against a specific minority group, and by keeping quiet about it, they could effectively engage in jury nullification by refusing to convict if there were the slightest doubt that a hate crime had been committed. If hate crimes carried sentences that were more, or greatly more, severe that normal sentences, then juries would be even more reluctant to convict if there were crypto-racists hidden on them. Has ADL or SPLC ever thought about this? It’s an obvious flaw in their logic. And these guys are mostly lawyers, and they can’t figure it out! (And Silverwolf ain’t.)

But of course, they cannot accept this very simple Libertarian Final Solution to the Racial Violence Problem, — life in solitary at hard labor without parole — because their agenda is so diametrically opposed to the Libertarians in certain economic and philosophical areas that they never would agree to anything Libertarians would propose, even if it largely solved the problems they say are so crucial to American society.

Abraham Foxman, along with the Anti-Defamation League, as well as groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center, have done critical and valuable work in the public interest, by identifying groups that try to whip up hatred against Americans, based on their ethnic background, and they have defended persons of every type of ethnic background with their actions. Their publishing of lists of neo-Fascist and Racist groups, and the publishing of photos of their leaders on the web, has been invaluable in protecting the targeted victims of these Miscreants (and a combo of steady race hatred mixed with National Socialism sure makes for some ugly pusses, as those pics can attest.) We should not underestimate these group’s worth (because who else was taking on the task of identifying these Racist Miscreants?). But that does not mean that we have to accept their approach as the only one, or their judgements as the best. And this tragic verdict shows exactly what Silverwolf means.

Life in Solitary at Hard Labor without Parole — the Final Solution to the Racist Murder Problem!

Hooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf