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Hugo Chavez Wins the Silverwolves’ “Pigasus Maximus” Award

November 25, 2009

In honor of his speech a few days ago, in which he praised mass-murderers Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe, Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, and terrorist and murderer “Carlos the Jackal”, the supreme council of the Silverwolves’ Forestry Action Committee has decided to award the Venezuelan jackanapes its “Pigasus Maximus” award. This is not awarded in honor of the President’s porcine appearance, so different from the lean looks of his fellow countrymen, but rather to reward him for his moral turpitude in praising some of the worst mass-murdering criminals in history. Chavez has shown the true moral values of the far Left, indistingushable from the moral values of the Nazis, and it is for that reason that we Silverwolves have honored him with our annual award, so eagerly sought after by some of the world’s most heinous war criminals.

Of course we can well remember the mass-murderer Idi Amin, who is estimated to have murdered around 300,000 Human Beings. After expelling the South Asians, consisting of old Indian and Pakistani families who had mostly gone into trading in Uganda, Amin murdered his 300,000 Christians and Animists, mostly by bashing in their heads. As you may well recall, the reaction of Jimmy Carter was to say it was disgusting, leave it at that, and then permit the genocide to go ahead, just as his fellow party member Bill Clinton did a score of years later in Rwanda. Both men could have quickly stopped the genocides with American military intervention. Both found the “moral courage” to let massive numbers of women and children be bashed and hacked to death without lifting a finger to intervene. Shows how the Democrats really care about people. Especially Black Folk.

And Chavez seems to forget, though he probably approves it, the fact of the massive involvement of the PLO in propping up Amin’s reign of terror and bloodshed. And according to the UN-Published Book “Uganda and Human Rights”, Amin’s head torturer was the PLO member Ali Tawili, whose favorite game was to remove his victim’s anus with a bayonet during interrogation. These are the men that Hugo Chavez praises and holds up to the world as heroes.

And of course, he can’t forget his fellow despot Robert Mugabe, whose security forces have murdered, tortured, and starved countless Zimbabweans. I suppose dripping molten plastic on the genitals of men and women by Mugabe’s security forces is a form of political argument that Chavez can well appreciate. And the mass starvation of children due to Mugabe’s inflation, well, that small potatoes to Hugo the Porcine, who certainly hasn’t had a hunger pang since he’s been in office, judging from his girth.

The crimes of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad are legion and well known right now, since the press has been focusing on them the last few years. Hanging children for being gay, denying the Holocaust, threatening to commit mass-murder against Israeli civilians, murdering and torturing his own people when they dissent, rigging elections — there’s certainly a lot there for Chavez to praise. Probably a foretaste of life ahead in the Venezuelan Marxist paradise.

And finally, not to be left out is the mass murderer and Fascist terrorist, Carlos the Jackal. Evidently Hugo thinks it a great travesty of justice that Carlos rots in a French jail for murder. One can only wonder what the Venezuelan conception of the Law will be under El Pigasus Maximus. Certainly one radically different from the Anglo-Jeffersonian view of the law.

To deny mass murder and praise murderers is not only deeply disgusting, but it is a crime. Hugo Chavez has committed the crime of praising murderers, excusing their genocidal crimes, and encouraging terrorism. He is obviously one of the greatest Miscreants currently roaming the face of the earth, along with the child-murderer Ahmedinejad. Until he is removed from office, Jeffersonian-Libertarians should institute a boycott of all Venezuelan goods and services, and refrain from trading in the Bolivar, in order to teach the people who voted this Miscreant into power, that there is an economic price to pay for spitting on Morality.

Therefore, with the power vested in me as spokesman for the Silverwolves’ Forestry Action Committee, I, Lobo Silverwolf, do hereby invest Hugo Chavez with our “Pigasus Maximus” Award, which he richly deserves. May the millions of victims of those he praises achieve Justice.

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Jefferson in Teheran: The Libertarian Revolution Begins

June 16, 2009

As Congressman Ron Paul says, “Freedom is popular.” And as we hear the voices of Freedom crying out from the cities and towns of occupied Iran, we can see what he means. All throughout history, from time immemorial,  the Fascist Miscreants, be they secular, as in Italy, Germany, and Spain, or religious, as in Iran, have ground their fists into the face of Liberty, and all throughout history, that face has spat back, getting a good lunger-full of yellowish sputum right into the Fascist’s blood-lust filled eyes. And the Fascists, as Ghandi pointed out, have always fallen — always.

The Fascist, child-murdering, Miscreants that run Iran’s corrupt religious dictatorship thought they could pull the old Bush-in-Florida ploy, but it looks like they had counted on the famous American-sheep response that was so disgracefully evident in those dark days of the post-selection of Dubbyah, and not the vigorous, Ghandi-like mass demonstrations that have the ruling Mullahs micturating in their togas, or running off to meetings in foreign countries, like Ahmadinejad, in case the lynch mob gets too near to administering some long-awaited justice to the headman.  He can certainly not feel alone at his meeting, with the Russian and Chinese Fascisti; he’s in good company.

Two-hundred and thirty-three years ago, a group of Radical Revolutionaries had a shindig in Philadelphia. Today, their words and principles are bringing fear into the hearts of those who have brought not only fear to millions, but also great suffering and death. The Fascist Miscreants of Teheran had better “have a care”, and not stifle the Libertarian Revolution that the youth of Persia is so obviously crying out for.

Silverwolf would suggest, if the Iranian people want to be lenient, that they can expel the Criminal Ahmadinejad to Venezuela, where he can play in the same pig sty as his bosom buddy, Hugo Chavez. Pigs that are tethered, con-snort together.

The Libertarian Juggernaut is rising around the world. The Youth can see, or sense, that they are being stuffed into a world molded by an ancient tyranny, and administered by minds too ossified and senilified by Socialism and Organized Religion to ever understand their yearning for Freedom. But the youth of the world wants Liberation, not only from the blatantly Fascist regimes of Iran, Burma,  and Zimbabwe, but also from the “soft-Fascisms” of an America, Canada,  Australia, or Euro-Scandinavia. Ron Paul was right: People want Freedom.

And the thirst for Freedom was imbued in them by us Libertarian Wolves.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf