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Australia: Land of the Caponed Capitalist

March 10, 2009

Silverwolf tuned in last night to listen to the hourlong discussion, cum call-ins from around Aussie, about the “superannuation” funds, the Australian retirement plan roughly comparable to the US Social Security system, and its fate in the light of the horrendous performance of the stock market. Most Australians have lost a small fortune, because they were both brainwashed into buying “securities”, that most misnomered of all investments, and because they are forced by government coercion to place part of the fruits of their labor into these forced pension schemes which are the bane of the Western socialist world. It was interesting to note the wide range of calls, most complaining about some aspect of the superannuation laws, or calling for some minor reform that would take more out of their neighbor’s wealth while giving them more for themselves. However, as the presenter stated, “no one” would dare to say that the pension scheme was not necessary, or a wonderful idea. Silverwolf was struck by the utter passivity of these people, as they virtually all assumed, to a man, that the government had a right to confiscate 15% of their income, and force them to place it into a fund which they could not touch until age 60 (and they have to pay an outrageous management fee annually on top of that to whomever they place these funds with). The Human Rights argument, put forth by that champion of Liberty and Individual Rights, Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, that the fruits of one’s labor belongs to the Individual, and the government has absolutely no right to touch it, was not even mentioned. The mental castration that takes place under Socialism has certainly gone a long way in destroying any semblance of that rough-and-tumble capitalism that myth has so long associated with the Land Down Under.

Throughout the Western world, the Individual has been destroyed in his integrity by the Socialist schemes which now are crashing and burning like the Zeppelin. The passivity of the caponed Capitalists of Australia is an ugly example of this.

Probably because of clogged cerebral arteries due to meat-eating, and the widespread use of tobacco and alcohol, both of which induce their own particular psychoses, subtle or blatant, the mind of Western man has become so slow that it cannot see that these pension schemes are in themselves one of the main reasons why people remain poor in such a rich Western world. These schemes make much more impossible the accumulation of capital, which the young so desperately need, both for their residences and families, but also for investment. Given that it is obvious to anyone that they should start putting aside at an early age both for immediate contingencies, but also for their latter years, but also given that that condition is a good forty years in the future for the 20-year old in the West, is it so inconceivable that, instead of a pension scheme, we say to our young people, “Keep the 15% (and virtually double that in America, since the employer must cough up an equal amount, which he could have paid to the worker — American social security and medicare actually suck out well over 25% of a workers paycheck, if you include the  employer’s contribution), but you’re on your own in your old age, which begins 45 years from now, so start saving and planning now.” In societies as wealthy as North America and Western Europe, such an honest reappraisal of the horrendous pension schemes, and such a realistic statement to the rising generations, would cause a huge boost in personal wealth, and a corresponding boom in capitalistic trade between individuals, and small companies. And more importantly, a great boost to personal Liberty.

Up and down the length and breath of the so-called Free World, Libertarian Capitalists must speak up and vote up to throw out the Collectivist Caitiffs who have turned this wonderful, miraculous adventure known as Human Life  into a monumental drag, where the working man and woman goes out daily to slave, in order than over half of his income be confiscated to provide a cushy existence for government bureaucrats, mega-corporation executives and suppliers, the married with huge families, and the layabouts and spendthrifts. How long are the people of the West going to continue to vote in  this new form of Big Brother’s Earthsoc? — Socialism on Planet Earth.

As for the Caponed Capitalists of Australia, if the talkbacks of Radio Australia are a good indication of the mentality pervasive over that massive and wonderous continent, then there is very little hope that they will ever emerge as more than caponed fowl to be devoured by the corporate interests than rule the governments of North America, Europe, and, also evidently, the Land Down Under.

Hooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf