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The Obama “Rally” Continues: Stocks Plunge to New Lows

March 6, 2009

Oh bummer! the pelf-pluckers must be crying, as the 300-point relief rally was wiped out today in the American stock market. Seems like the folks who voted to loot their neighbors and the unborn workers of the future are getting looted in their stead. There’s an old saying the Elders of Silverwolf’s wolfpack used to teach us when we were wolfcubs: “To steal from a thief is not theft!” Maybe that’s what’s happening now, as those who voted for their freebies by voting for Obama, instead of voting for the working man, Peace, sound money, and the future of the unborn multitudes to come, by voting for Ron Paul, the Peace Candidate, are now reaping their just reward. Apparently there is a price to be paid for having voted to send 17,000 more  young Americans to Afghanistan, where they will be on tenderhooks for their lives for months to come, in a place that is the responsibility of Moderate Muslims and others in the region to pacify. The idea that someone in the Oregon National Guard should be sent halfway around the world, to bail out Pakistan and India, and the other regional powers, is absurd. If it is a world responsibility, then there should be people from all over the world. But since it is a problem of Islamic extremism, why aren’t the supposedly “moderate” (tell that to the Christians who have been massacred and discriminated against there) Indonesia and supposedly moderate (anti-Tamil, anti-Hindu, anti-Buddhist, anti-Semitic) Malaysia, the “mal” of Asia, — why isn’t it their responsibility? Why aren’t the wealthy Arab and Islamic Gulf Emirates funding and fighting the war against the Taliban who are, without a doubt, a despicable bunch of mass murderers, the typical religious Fascists that plagued Europe throughout the centuries, until the post-WWII era (and even then there was Bosnia)? Western Christianity has mellowed to the point that Catholics and Protestant no longer burn each other at the stake, or indulge in their joint pastime of murdering Jews, either through auto de fes, or in communal massacres. Now it is the turn of the world’s Muslims to similarly mellow out. And the only mellowing, levelling process Silverwolf can see that can accomplish this is just plain-old, free-market Capitalism (along with a Jeffersonian Bill of Rights),the separation of church and state,  and self-interest, which paradoxically leads to the greatest prosperity for the greatest number, if left to its own devices. Mankind should trust the anarchy of the Free-Market, because it is the only anarchy that is completely trustworthy. There is much that is interesting and valuable in the Objectivist philosophy of Ayn Rand and her cohorts like Nathaniel Branden: an attempt to impose a strict logic on man’s ethical behaviour, not unlike the logic of Lord Bertrand Russell,  and a no-nonsense attitude toward the religious hypocrisy of so much of Western theology. We may say we are our brother’s keeper, but we don’t act that way, and in the market we are ruthlessly competitive. This is the hypocrisy of all Capitalists who say they don’t care about money, or all Socialists who pick up a government check and say they care about their fellow men.

There is a price to pay for voting in Socialist graft in the form of the Democrats and Obama, and the stock owners of America — and the world — are paying the required price. Oh, bummer!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Obama Wins, Timothy Leary Is Dead: The Remnant Drops Out

November 5, 2008

The great victory for Collectivism and Tragedy for Human Liberty that occurred last night has put an end to the Libertarian movement that was spurred when Dr. Timothy Leary instructed the world: Tune in, turn on, drop out. The synergistic wave of energy that he, and contemporary philosophers of the day, launched was like a rocket that surged into space, exploded, and now has had its final pieces hit the ground with the election of Obama. For that great Individualistic spirit has finally been crushed, and we are about to enter a new pusillanimous age, where everything will be centered around security at the expense of Human Freedom. The “Wisdom of Insecurity” will be finally and completely abandoned for the “Addiction of Security”. Welcome to Big Mother.

In Ayn Rand’s epic “Atlas Shrugged”, the productive, individualistic, risk-taking individuals, known as the Remnant, come to the point where they realize that to continue to contribute to a society more and more Socialistic all the time is merely to let themselves be used, to be employed as a means by the pelf-plucking elements of the government and society to their end of a free lunch. As a last desperate attempt, this Remnant withdraws its productive energies from the market place, goes underground and lives quietly, and watches the ever-faster disintegration of the Socialist society that was ultimately dependent on the commodities which these Individuals, and the businesses and inventions they fostered, produced. No production, no consumption. And without consumption, any Collectivist society quickly falls apart in its “worker’s solidarity”. Try eating “revolutionary consciousness”.

As the Bi-Partisan Collectivists, led by Obama, and the populace, whipped up to a frenzy of fanaticism by his charismatic forensic abilities, demand more and more Socialism to cover their massive spending projects, the American people will sicken in spirit and initiative. Higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes, more social security taxes, stock transaction taxes, a health care tax, institutionalizing the Death Tax, and lowering its threshold so that most Americans who own homes will have to pay it, higher Medicare and Social Security matches for small businessmen, and higher state income and estate taxes — all these will combine to kill the American drive to stay self-sufficient and “make a buck”, a drive that the public will be told is wicked, while at the same time the public will be told that all will soon have jobs. Now, isn’t the point of a job to “make a buck”?

Of course, historically, the rich lawyers in Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, write the laws with complex loopholes which guarantee that any wealthy person who hires a bright accountant can plan his taxes so that he avoids most of the impact of these new imposts. So, ultimately, the tax burden is shifted to the middle class, through higher income tax rates and higher property taxes, and to both the middle class and the poor, through inflation. However, this time, they are going to want to fleece everybody, because the bi-partisan Collectivists of the Democratic and Republican Party have so robbed the Treasury and the public in the last 8 (and actually the last 44) years that we will never recover unless we have a Libertarian Revolution by returning to the letter of the U.S. Constitution.

Futility is trying to change something through argument that will only change through shock. The next four (or two) years may well shock the American people out of their Socialism, as they see the economic chaos their voting in spendthrifts brings. But that is the price of playing the Keynesian Bunko Racket, The Free Lunch Program.  Sargeant Friday is kinda rough on them when he brings them in for questioning, especially when he thinks of all the little old ladies having their savings inflated away (i.e. robbed) by Obama and those other multi-million dollar Democratic lawyers in the U.S. Congress, who’ve never had to worry about an electric bill for the last 30 years. Existentialism vs. a Congressional Checking Account.

So Timothy Leary is dead. The Libertarian Spirit is crushed. The Remnant drops out and moves underground, withdraws its productive energies, lets the leeches begin to live off the other leeches, and watches. Two years, four years, eight years? The Libertarian Spirit will slumber, but not die. Human Freedom cannot be quashed by the Collectivist drive for security. It is very unfortunate that America had a chance for the first truly Free, Capitalistic, society in history, this election season, if it had elected Ron Paul, and passed it by to rather embrace its complete opposite: a restrictionist, socialist, unconstitutional regime. Such is the distorted herd thinking that economic fear causes in humans, and that is why it is so important to prevent it with a completely free-market employing a commodity-backed currency.

So is Timothy Leary dead, or has he merely dropped out with the Remnant? Four years from now, we will know the answer.

“Timothy Leary’s dead.

No-o-o-o. He’s outside, looking in.”                      Moody Blues/ “Legend of a Mind”

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Urges a “Yes” Vote on Oregon State Measure 64: Three Degrees of Separation

October 12, 2008

Silverwolf has been perusing the synopses of the various State Measures offered to the voters in the former British Colony of Oregon. And one of the more appealing State Measures, number 64, is one banning or more accurately penalizing the current heinous crime of  the co-mingling of political and private organizations with the state, by allowing for automatic payroll deductions, set up by the state, to flow to private political, charitable, and union organizations. For the state to be involved in any way with fundraising for private groups that undertake political action is a violation of that “third degree of separation” which Silverwolf feels is axiomatic for the perpetuation of the Republic.

And this takes us to the discussion of what Silverwolf terms the “Three Degrees of Separation”.

Wisechief Jefferson taught us and warned us that we must “build-up a wall of separation” between Church and State, if we wanted to keep our Republic. He knew what mayhem the breakdown of that wall would lead to, and was warning us exactly against people like Bush and Obama whose “Faith-based initiatives” are clearly unconstitutional violation of this principle and a clear danger to the continuance of the Republic, a danger to which both their parties have remained completely mum.

Wisechief-ess Ayn Rand, and her successors Murray Rothbard and Congressman Ron Paul, have taught us that we must have a similar “wall of separation” between economy and state. This is something Rand emphasized in her TV interview with Mike Wallace in the late 50s. And the current collapse of the Keynesian economy, due to the existence of the Federal Reserve (or any National Bank, call it what you will) and a fiat currency, has vindicated their position in spades.

But likewise, Silverwolf strongly feels, we must build up a “wall of separation” between government and private organizations, like charities,  private sector unions, trade lobbying groups, and public employee unions. In the arguments section of the Oregon Voter’s Pamphlet for this measure, a former school teacher claims that he was forced to make payments to both the state teacher’s union and a national teachers group, and that if he opted-out, as the opponents of this Measure say any state employee can easily do if they so wish, he would have been forfeiting all his rights as a union member according to the “opt-out” clause in his union contract. In other words, you’re free to opt out of paying those automatic payroll “free-will” donation deductions to your union, you just will lose any rights and privileges you had as a public employee union member if you dare to. No, no coercion there, is there, oh union lovers.

Even the ACLU, an organization that Silverwolf feels has done far more good than harm, and with whom he agrees a large percentage of the time, is on the wrong side of the fence on this one. They maintain in their argument section, that an employee has only to fill out a simple form to be able to “opt-out” of the automatic payroll deduction to the union, but Silverwolf wonders how they can fail to see that such a requirement is a form of involuntary servitude, in excess of the performance of their job for pay, which they are being forced to carry out to maintain their rights under the Bill of Rights. Being forced by the government to fill out a form in order to avoid a non-governmental imposition or impost is tantamount to being forced to stand or say the Pledge of Allegiance, which Silverwolf would remind the public was ruled Unconstitutional over 60 years ago,  or being forced to take a Loyalty Oath (except to become a Naturalized American Citizen, or work in the Armed Forces or FBI-like groups). Having to fill out such a form to avoid an Unconstitutional confiscation of ones property rights is a form of slavery, if the confiscation of ones property is for the benefit of a non-governmental agency. And why should the government be in the business at all of collecting funds for private groups, even if it entails a minimal effort from a computer once it is set up?  And here also is where we can clearly see the Unconstitutional contradiction Measure 64 abolishes, for who pays to print the forms to opt out, or pays or sets up the automatic payroll options, either on the computer, or at the state printing office? The public pays, obviously, for the labor and ink that benefits these private groups. That is an outrage.

Finally, there is no power under the sun stopping these leeches, that leech off government payrolls, to get their funds by having their supporters mail in checks or donate over the net with their credit cards just as thousands of  other American charities and groups have to do, and do so successfully enough to fund their continuing operations.  Why should immensely weathy private organizations like public unions, major charities like United Way, and major groups like PTA, be privileged to collect funds with the assistance of publically set-up payment systems, when thousands of other groups have to get their funds directly from their supporters through the mail or online? This amounts to an Unconsitutional privilege extended to a few specific non-governmental groups at the taxpayer’s expense.

It’s clear that Oregon State Measure 64 will defend the Human Rights and Property Rights of the American Individual over and against the Unconstitutional impositions that Collectivist non-governmental organizations try to weedle into the fabric of government. Don’t let them continue to get away with it: the continuation of the Republic requires we stop them at the ballot box.

Vote Yes on Oregon State Measure 64.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf