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Janet Napolitano’s Hobson’s Choice and the Russell-Huxley Dilemma

December 15, 2010

We hear that 39 people have been murdered by a suicide bomber in a Shiite Mosque in southern Iran, on one of the holiest days for Shia Muslims. Evidently there is terrorism in the world.

Janet Napolitano and the Leviathan State Democrats, who were preceded by Leviathan State Republicans, have given the public a Hobson’s choice: either consent to having your nude photo taken and ogled, plus a dose of radiation thrown in for free, or else submit to a groping of one’s genitals and breasts. This is the choice given the public by Barack Obama and his administration, and Janet Napolitano. It is the violation of the Jeffersonian principle of unreasonable search and seizure, the right to privacy, and the right to be left alone by law enforcement unless there is a “probable cause” that one has committed some infraction. They have destroyed the right of privacy, and the Rights of Man that were so fiercely championed by Jefferson and Madison, the French Revolution, and the British Old Liberals who supported both. 200 years of Civil Rights progress, flushed down the toilet in a few short years by the bipartisans. And their excuse is “Terrorism”.

This is the same excuse that has caused Britain to install thousands of cameras on the streets, watching for “suspicious” behavior. And that in the country that produced Orwell’s “1984”, the writings of Lord Bertrand Russell, and such anti-totalitarians as the novelist and philosopher, Aldous Huxley.

The dilemma is this: on the one side, we have the destruction of human privacy, the dehumanization of the innocent citizen into a puppet whose most intimate regions and most personal business suddenly becomes the business of the government, or any Nosey Parker, or blackmailer, in the government; and also the symbolic castration of the last vestiges of masculinity in a society by ordering a virtual strip search of any citizen. Notice this applies to planes, but does not apply to buses, subways, trains, etc. At least, not yet. Nor does it apply to Congressmen entering the Capitol Dome, although obviously if one of the Congressman became a fanatic and suicide bomber, he could wreck the whole structure of the U.S. Government. If people are going to be strip-searched to get on a plane, then the Congressmen should be strip-searched, or groped, every time they enter the halls of Congress. National Security demands it!

But on the other horn of the dilemma is the problem which both Bertrand Russell and Aldous Huxley pointed out in their writings. This problem, which Russell mentions early on in his writings, probably in the 1920s,  is, simply put, that technology will boldly advance while religious and nationalistic fanaticism will remain at its old Dark Ages level, and when those fanatics get their hands on the more modern technology, it will be a wet and windy day for Humanity. Sadly, technology will enable the terrorists, while Aldous Huxley, and to some extent Orwell in “1984”, pointed out that that same technology will also be used by some future Leviathan State to condition and control its citizens.

With the coming of the Obama-Clinton-Napolitano strip searches of the Citizenry, that technological control has been achieved by the Leviathan state. And as we heard early this morning from Iran of yet another suicide bomber (and there were now thought to be two in the crowd), terrorists continue to use the latest in technology to butcher other Human Beings with a pathological callousness that is the product of religious (or nationalistic) fanaticism.

The terrorism will continue, and the restrictions on Jeffersonian Freedoms will continue, unless the public stands up for the Bill of Rights, which it won’t.

Religious and nationalistic fanaticism must be dissolved, and Jeffersonian and Rothbardian Individualism can cure that to a large extent. But the technologies race ahead much faster than any improvement in the Human Psyche, while at the same time, the propagandic forces of corporate advertising, melded with government support for their favorite corporations in America, have so heavily brainwashed and conditioned the individual in Western society, that the only de-conditioning agents most people can find are drugs, which is why the use of self-destroying drugs like alcohol, tobacco, and amphetamine is so widespread throughout America and Europe.

Yet, as technology advances, and government bureaucrats get dumber and more mediocre, there are huge gaps where something like the Wikileaks leaks can break out of the mold, and throw the Leviathan statists on their elbows. They cannot control the technology they create, and creative and nefarious brains can usually think up all sorts of ways in which this technology can be used, to which the creators, and the government bureaucrats, are always late to react, and usually do so by trying to implement “reforms” which only dissipate more human energy in compliance, and which inevitably lead to further loopholes.

Recall that Frederick Hayek pointed out that in government bureaucracies, the worst always rise to the top (The Road to Serfdom Chapter 10, Why the Worst Get On Top). That is certainly the case in both the American Federal Government, and also the State and local governments. At the lower echelons you may find bright and dedicated people, but the supervisors and administrators… hopeless.

So the world has terrorism, and the world has Leviathan States that more and more control and hem in the Individual. It is the Individual who is perceived as the enemy by both, and whether he can survive the dual assaults of Janet Napolitano on one hand, and the terrorists on the other, is in grave doubt.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Spitting in the Eye of the Fascist: The Olympic Protests

April 10, 2008

Well, maybe Ron Paul’s campaign is bearing fruit after all, for the news has been filled the last few days with the courageous protests against the Clinton-Democrat-enabled entry of Chinese Fascism into some of the most sacred sactuaries of Libertarian Capitalism: London, Paris, and Frisco. The murdering Fascists thought it would be a cake-walk to gain legitimacy in the eyes of the world by parading their nationalist garbage in front of the lobotomised American, British and French publics, but it looks like the spirit of Lord Bertrand Russell and Lord Acton, Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, and Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson, still lives. John Rothmann’s namby-pamby suggestion of turning ones back on the run, coming at the same time as he is campaigning for the wife of the man who enabled the Chinese Fascists to hold on to their vast theft of Tibet, a theft that has lasted for almost 60 years with hardly a peep from the so-called “free world”, a world that should have shunned all contact with the Chinese Fascists, this namby-pamby Rothmannism has been put aside for the spirit that spat in the eye of war-criminal Hubert Humphrey at the Chicago convention in 1968, and his vile, woman-clubbing sidekick, mayor Richard Daley. Back then, the people knew how to treat those war-criminals, just as the Libertarians of London-Paris-SF are treating this insult to the whole American Spirit, when our miscreant officials permit the Chinese-Commie criminals to parade through our streets. London is no longer a sleepy town for the street fighting man; socialist Paris is getting some testosterone for a change, and SF — well, hell hath no fury like an incensed Tenderloin Queen (so we hear). Give em one from Silverwolf!

Hey hey, my my, Liberty will never die.

Free Tibet! Boycott the Chinese-Communist murderers. Elect Ron Paul President of the United States of America. Just do it!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


Lord Bertrand Russell and the Racist

January 24, 2008

One of Silverwolf’s favorite Bertrand Russell incidents deals with the time the Lord was on a walking tour of Britain. At one point, a car pulled over and the driver, a pleasant enough seeming chap, offered Russell a lift, which he accepted.

As they drove along, the topic somehow came to that of racial prejudice, and they both heartily agreed that racial prejudice was a very wicked thing indeed. The conversation drifted to other topics, and somehow came onto the Serbs, and at the mention of their name, the driver reared up and snorted “All Serbs are vile!”

Now Russell points this out as a typical example of people holding hypocritical and contradictory opinions. How many people have we known who eschew race prejudice, or really are not very prejudiced, but have an antipathy towards one particular group as if every single person in that group were bad to the core, but towards all other groups they profess a broadminded toleration. It would be funny if it didn’t get so many people killed.

Silverwolf has always felt that one of the proofs that racism is false and that there really aren’t different races is that there is more psychological similarity between people of different races and the same sex, then there is between men and women of the same race. And this is also assuming you accept a general constellation of psychological factors that tend to occur fairly regularly in men and women, and which defines a lot of their differences. Well, a Black Man in rural tribal Africa will have more in common psychologically with the White Man in Scandinavia than he will have with his wife or the girls of his tribe. And the same will be true with his wife, she will have more in common with the psychological constellation of the blond Monmartre housekeeper or concierge than she will have with her husband or the chief of the tribe. To Silverwolf this is one sure refutation of racism and racist theory, for if races truly existed there would be more similarity psychologically between the male and female of the same race, that the same sex members of two different races. That is Silverwolf’s original opinion.

On top of which — lets face it, White Folks are just inferior, as science has shown. The kneecap of the Black African is of superior design to the White European, which is probably why Whites died out in Central Africa — they were the slowest runners, and couldn’t outrun the sabretooth tigers, so they got eaten first. Whites are also so dim-witted that they permitted Reagan and Thatcher to phase out CFCs over about 8 years, so that millions of extra White Folk ended up with skin cancer, when it could have been done in a year, though at great cost to industry and its stock owners. That shows the inferior intelligence of the White Man to the Black Man, who was smart enough to impart pigment to his skin long ago, before there was a rush for sunscreen by Whitey.

So let’s not quibble about who is apparently more or less intelligent. Science and empiricism would so far seem to indicate the darker complected humans to be of superior intelligence. But of course, this is also all nonsense.

Silverwolf believes that everyone comes out as an individual, and he has observed the very bright and the very dull in every ethnic race, culture and both sexes. These mass stereotypes are for the puerile.

However, Silverwolf has sometimes wondered if there might be culturally conditioned tendencies that would cause people of certain cultures to use their brains in certain highly-developed and skilled ways that might have an actual effect on the human cerebral cortex if continued for, say, 30 generations, over the course of a thousand years.

Say, for example, one culture prized above all else physical prowess, form and athletic performance — like the ancient Greeks. What would a human brain be like if most “successful” Greeks spent 8 hours in the gym working out every day, followed by various health procedures, massages, teas, etc, imparted a very strong puritan moral imperative in their young that physical prowess and development were the only real, worthy social virtues — like money to the capitalist, or sharing to the socialist — and were urged to mate with (and it was a grand honor for the girls) the finest and most gymnastically talented young maidens the society could harvest for the enjoyment of its most successful –what would such a brain be like after 1000 years of constantly moving with a uni-directional, passionate drive towards Swedish-calisthenics perfection?

Something similar to this occurred with the Hindu Yogis, who literally spent years sitting around becoming aware of the inner mechanisms of their body’s functions, and maintaining the instrument of their organism while being fully conscious from moment to moment of everything that was going on around them. What would such a brain be like after 1000 years of such  physical care, awareness, and constant alertness?

And what of a musical culture? Say the highest form, the greatest good, was the song, the tune, the eternal narcotic that so easily focuses the mind effortlessly on the immediate moment if one really loves a song. No one has to force you to enjoy, or listen closely, to a song you really love. It just happens naturally.

Now say a tribe in Central Africa developed an incredibly complex drumming culture, and the chief and most honored citizens were the top drummers. These drummers would have their choice of the most musically talented and attractive drummer girls, and so, over the course of a thousand years, the brains might develop in a different way than in the previous examples cited heretofore.

Finally, let’s take a mercatilist society with a very strong sense of family and property — say China before the Marxists, or the Japanese rice traders, the great grandfathers of technical analysis. Let’s imagine a mercantilist brain, constantly engaged in the pursuit of profit, weighing possibilities, and in essence accepting the implicit judgement that more is better. Of course, this more was for the entire family and clan, so one could be self-seeking and still feel one was being selfless and responsible for ones closest relatives, which one was. Under the extremely precarious circumstances that people lived in , in the old days of China, you could not blame people for seeking a semblance of security in a mercatilist system. Indeed, it is the only one that insures  some order, because it follows the natural inclinations of man, the desire for profit and value fulfillment (Rothbard’s insight).

So what all this is drawing towards is this: might there be tendencies in certain ethnic groups that have passionately pursued certain value systems over the course of centuries that may have developed their brains in certain ways that differ from other groups: the musicians, the mercantilists, the physical culturists, the literary cult, the drama and thespian cults, the hyper-legalists: all these specialized ways to using the brain seem, it seems to Silverwolf, to admit perhaps of the possibility that after a thousand years, certain cultures may have developed their brains in certain ways that are far beyond other cultures.

Of course, that will be cured by the intermarriage of our age, when the brain accepts the higher intelligences of the two mixed races, rather than degenerating as the racial purists wrongly posit. The alley dog has the strongest resistance and the greatest native intelligence; the thoroughbred (inbred), is skittish, dainty, and dim-witted.

Moreover, the horrible homogenization of the world, where everyone is wearing these horrible American clothes, makes the cultural isolation Silverwolf idealizes a thing of pre-1960. He is dreaming again.

The refutation of any racist implication in any possible validity of his theory of brain specialization is this: Silverwolf maintains that any human brain would be capable of these specialized developments if it were raised in those cultures. The fact that Anyman’s Brain could develop these specialized skill is the other proof that racism and racist theory is a lie.

Silverwolf will howl to the truth of that.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf