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The Free Market vs. Fascist Frank of Fiji

April 14, 2009

Silverwolf can already taste in his wolfbuds the downfall of another Fascist, e’en one who has just wrested power a few hours ago.

Fascist Fiji, under its new dictator, “Commodore” Frank Bainimarama, is already implementing all the classical trappings of a coup of gangsters, as they try to take over the sovereignty of a whole nation. Gangsters are usually satisfied with single neighborhoods, or perhaps large chunks of metropolises if ambitious; they rarely try to take over an entire country.

But it has happened in Fascist Fiji. The Supreme Court invalidated the coup, the “Commodore” pledged to honor the ruling in the evening, and on the next morn, his subaltern in fact, if not in name, the senile “President” Iloilo, suspended the Constitution, sacked all the judges in the courts, from low to high, and appointed Fascist Frank as “interim PM”, with elections scheduled a mere 5 years into the future. Since then, the press has been muzzled, with police representatives present in every editorial room, making sure that not one word of criticism, and only “healthy” stories go out to the public. The Australian Broadcasting Corp.’s correspondent, was told to pack up and leave, unless he’d report in a likewise fashion, which he refused to do, and so was forcibly deported. The same for the Radio New Zealand reporter. And the three judges that made up the high court, comparable to the US Supreme Court for Fiji, hot-footed it out of the country, after being lightly detained. The head of the Law Society was also “called in to have coffee”, and then told he would have to be detained overnight, though there was no charge made against him. It’s clear that a bunch of amateur Mussolini’s have grabbed Fiji. But the signs look ominous for them.

The first cut is the deepest, and when it comes to Fascist regimes, the first cut comes from Capitalism. We should remember that in the mid-1930’s, Hitler’s greatest fear was that his persecution of the Jews would unleash a backlash boycott of Germany. He slowed down in his persecutions, at that time, at least long enough to gain himself the respectability of having a legitimate regime by hosting the 1936 Olympics, and having the Americans, as well as many other countries, participate. A similar legitimization of Communist China recently occurred with the Peking Olympics.

And so it is we hear that the National Bank of Fiji has imposed currency restrictions on its inhabitants, ostensibly because the country only has a couple of months of reserves left, and the inhabitants are buying too many outside goods, and need to have their spending curtailed (the normal activity of consumers in a free-market to seek to have their needs fulfilled). This wicked normalcy will now be overcome by government fiat. And these clowns really think people might now consider investing in Fiji, instead of now trying desperately to get every penny they can out of there?

Of course, when the national bank, and the country, run out of money, then who will pay the troops? And here we have the dilemma of all tinpot Fascists? How can they be sure of the people they are depending  on for their security? The reason the King used to sit in court, with everybody in front of him, and facing him, and bowing to him when they approached, was mainly to prevent anyone attacking the King when he was caught unawares. This way, he could see everybody, and they had to be prone, and obviously disarmed when they approached His Highness. But when the King ran out of money to pay the soldiers, the soldiers tended to get restless. And the King had heard the tales of other Monarchs who didn’t pay the Piper. They tended to have counter-coups staged against them.

And so, this first currency restriction, and the absurdly draconian measures which Fascist Frank and his supporters are imposing on Fiji, are merely a sign of the coming desperation.  If the country runs out of money, the soldiers won’t get paid; if the soldiers don’t get paid, the chances of a coup within the coup grow, day by day. And finally, a reforming military man, who may be a fan of Democracy, or even Jeffersonian-Libertarianism, will come to power, and return the country to a Constitution, and the Free-Market, or as much of one as can exist in a neighborhood featuring the  Marxie-twins of Aussie and Zealand.

Give it up, Fascist Frank, and return Fiji to Freedom and the Free-market, under the Constitution. If you don’t, then the Tao of Capitalism will do the job for you.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


High Times in Fascist Fiji

April 11, 2009

Silverwolf has followed, with Machiavellian fascination, the political maneuverings of Commodore Frank Bainimarama, as he assumed de facto dictatorship of Fiji. The old ploy of staging a coup, in the name of reform, then putting a date for elections well into the future, while you continue to tighten the screws on the opposition, comes right out of the textbook on Fascist Gamesmanship that a Stephen Potter might have written, had he been a Fascist. We have listened to the opposition, as they were “invited in”  by the police for questioning about “subversive elements” that might be trying to undermine the government. We have heard of the $200 million dollar cannabis bust, destroying a medically-useful commodity, and ruining the lives of a group of capitalists who were only taking advantage of the communistic controlled-substance laws that infest the law codes of so many Collectivist nations throughout the world. We read that after today’s coup, there is a police “spokesman” in  every newspaper’s editorial room, to “clear” the stories that go out.  The old censorship and intimidation of the Press, right out of Zimbabwe or 1984. It all sounded very familiar to the Libertarian student of Mussolini’s accursed system.

And now, of course, the lid has been blown off any pretense of a return to Democracy and a Constitution, and the Fascist stench is sweeping over the windswept isles of Fiji. The Fijian high court in effect invalidated the validity of Bainimarana’s rule, and within 24-hours, the President, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, has thrown out the Constitution, sacked all the judges, declared himself Head of State and re-instated Commodore Bainimarama as the dictator of Fiji; sorry, we meant “interim Prime Minister”. The “elections” which were scheduled within a year, have been pushed back to the absurd date of 2014. The power of the Fascist State, which is made up of the men that constitute it, is being  blatantly exercised to the hilt in once free Fiji.

Libertarian Wolves the world over must raise their voices in opposition to the Fascist coup in Fiji. The opponents of Human Freedom and Praxeology, which goes hand in hand with opposition to Free-Market Capitalism, and a love of “controlled substance” drug laws in order to put Human Beings in cages, are certainly in charge in Fiji. But the whole Libertarian world is disgusted with this latest attempt to impose Human Tyranny on Human Beings. The battle between the Mussolinis, Hitlers, and Castros of the world in opposition to the Jeffersons, Rothbards, Ayn Rands and Ron Pauls of the world will continue.

When will the Fasch-trash learn that they can never conquer the spirit of Freedom and Human Liberty? They will lose in the long run, and Mankind will one day live in  Jeffersonian, Free-market, Constitutional Republics.

Give it up, Fascists of Fiji. The whole world is watching you. You will never win against the Libertarians.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf