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They Call It Democracy: The Great American Myth

July 12, 2013

Listen to any speech of the Democratic Donkey and you will probably hear them braying out a lot of hot air about “Democracy”, and how “our Democracy” is so wonderful. People who criticise “Democracy” are labelled as Fascists, although Fascists like Hitler attacked “Democracy” too.

But do we have Democracy in America? Silverwolf is always hearing people say we do, but how can that be?

First off, let us say that we do not object to Democracy in the sense of Democratic elections picking elected officials, and deciding ballot measures. Of course, we should have majority rule; of course, the people should vote and 50.01% or more should decide the elections; but only in a Democratic Republic or a pure Democracy with a Constitution and Bill of Rights similar to ours, which institutionalizes the basic tenents of Classical Liberalism, now called Libertarianism, which were developed by many European thinkers during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation, and synthesized by Jefferson into the American Constitution. Without such a Bill of Rights, Democracy does indeed lead to mob rule, and the tyranny of the majority over a minority, or even over just one individual (as in the case of the innocent person who is convicted of a capital crime and executed — he is in effect and in fact murdered by those individuals in society who support the death penalty and vote for it, or serve on juries that impose it. Indeed, if justice were truly to be done under our own current law, every time an innocent individual is executed, all the people who voted for the death penalty should logically also be executed based on their own pro-death penalty view of the law).

But to return to the question of whether we have Democracy in America, and should we have it, let us ask you this: Would you want to be up on a murder charge of which you were innocent when the sentence for your particular crime was the Death Penalty before a jury that only needed a simple majority to send you to the gurney or the gallows? If you believe in Democracy, then why should not a simple majority of seven to five send you to the death chamber? Why doesn’t the Democratic Party “fight” for the right of juries to put people to death by a simple majority?

Then there is voting itself. If you believe in Democracy, it seems to Silverwolf you’d have to believe that at an election it should require a majority of all the registered voters, whether they vote or not, to pass a measure or elect a politician. Would that not be true Democracy, since majority rule means a majority of the eligible voters, not just those who vote?

But even that is not accurate enough, for why should it be confined solely to registered voters. If you were a true Democrat who believed in the “Rule of the People”, then you would require all the people to vote or decide an issue, not just the ones who mailed in the ballot, or just the registered voters, but all people in society over 18, and not suffering from such dementia that they could not read the ballot (illiterates could have the measures read to them by election officials, who could also show them where to fill in the little oval circles).

And what about tax measures? How can it be Democracy when it requires a 60% majority to pass certain tax and bond issues? A pure Democrat would say that has no place in a Democracy, but again, he gleefully overlooks the total populace who did not vote in the election, and claims to speak for them. Nor does he seem to mind that 20-25% of the voting registered voters can impose a tax on a whole specific class of individuals (usually property owners) in the name of Democracy, when obviously a majority of the People did not vote for the measure. In a true Democracy, a majority of Everyone (excluding children) would have had to vote on the issue, and since in actual fact only 20% of the People actually voted for the measure, the Democracy touters are obviously lying when they accept such elections as valid examples of Democracy.

Then again there are the glaring Congressional anti-Democratic requirements that it take 60% of one house or the other to override a Presidential veto, or shut up a filibusterer? How does that square with our beloved “majority rule”?

No, we do not have a Democracy in America, nor even a Democratic Republic any more. About all we have is majority rule at the elcctions, and with electronic voting instead of the old infallible paper ballots, not even that is a sure thing.

No, we don’t hate Democracy with a Bill of Rights, but we know from history that Democracy without the Bill of Rights soon leads inevitably to mob rule and the exploitation of the minority.

And since the Bill of Rights is actually, in a profound and deep sense, a defense of private property Rights (i.e., you can’t have a free press without the Right to privately own a printing press and newsprint, or free speech without the Right to rent a private hall), any Democratic Socialist society or highly collectivized society, such as EU Europe, will eventually lead to a complete breakdown of the monetary and social system, as we are currently witnessing in Europe — a development of Socialism that has taken 50 years to putrify into the current mess. Europe is the classical example of how democratic socialism always leads to “the tragedy of the commons”, that is, the overuse of underpriced social services at the expense of producers in the private sector. Eventually it ruins the “public grazing lands, the commons” for all so that none can graze there.

So next time you hear the Democratic Donkey politicians, or even their government-school brainwashed children, spout out about how grand “our Democracy” is, throw some of the above contradictions in their faces, and know you are either talking to a very ignorant fellow indeed, or else a habitual liar.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Libertarian Outrage in Virginia: Now They’re Murdering Women

September 23, 2010

Well, it looks like the necrophiliac Miscreants in the State of Virginia are going to get to imitate that other woman-murderer in Iran, Ahmedinajad, as they prepare tonight to murder a Woman by the very painful use of the lethal injection, which, much as in the State’s murder of Jesus, paralyzes the breathing muscles so the person very slowly suffocates to death. This vile outrage against the Libertarian Philosophy of Thomas Jefferson, as embodied in the Constitution, is about to take place in a few hours, here in America.

It is unfortunate that the morally bankrupt people in America have degenerated so much since Jefferson’s time that they finally have returned to the level of Judicial Murder of a Woman, something they haven’t done in over a century in Virginia, and which brings them back down to the days when women were drowned in Salem as witches, and the Rhode Island Colonial Regime would torture and even murder Women of the Quaker faith, because they stood up for the Separation of Church and State, and would not swear in court, as was in line with their most cherished beliefs on certain Biblical texts.

Virginia has now degenerated back beyond the point where, about 250 years ago, Thomas Jefferson tried to get Capital Punishment made illegal there, as it clearly should be in any country governed by a Constitution that speaks of a Creator-given Inalienable Right to Life, and remember that Inalienable means that no human agency (like Government) or anything else can ever take that Right away. Violations to the Rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness carried out by the State can be rectified to some extent if a miscarriage of Justice has occurred. Nor are those Rights completely abridged and nullified by imprisonment, but only restricted. A man is not bound and chained 24-hours to a gurney, or denied walking time in the recreation yard, thus not completely abridging his Rights to Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  A man found to be unjustly jailed for years is usually paid a large bounty by the State as a compensation, as well as being given a complete clearing of his good name and character. But in a case where the Right to Life has been unjustly alienated (i.e. Judicial Murder or Capital Punishment) then there is no recourse to rectify this heinous, vile, and unConstitutional Injustice.

When Silverwolf has proposed to his pro-death penalty acquaintances that perhaps he could live with the death penalty in America, if every supporter of the death penalty would be likewise executed if one innocent person was proven to ever have been mistakenly executed after the enactment of his provision, under the logic that such a mistake was inevitable, and therefore support for the Death Penalty really amounted to premeditated murder of an innocent person, those pro-Death penalty supporters have not taken to the idea warmly. After all, Silverwolf figured, we are overpopulated now, and this measure would quickly prune a lot of the Fascistically-inclined dross, leaving behind those who respected the Constitution.

Of course, what support for the Death Penalty is really is a sneaky way for Sadists (often old) to murder some completely innocent People (often young) and get away with it, as they’ve probably done in Texas over and over again, and in all those Sadistic States like Oklahoma, and Virginia, and Illinois, and New York, and California, and Arkansas, where Clinton Judicially-offed a mentally retarded Man,  and all those States in the deep South that really used to get their perverted jollys out of legally murdering someone, usually a Black Man, every few days, on top of a hefty diet of lynchings, which that great liberator, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, never did a damn thing about, just as he wouldn’t even bomb the rail lines leading to the death camps in WWII. What a man.

So the Virginian Moral Degenerates will murder their Woman, and get away with it, and tomorrow the people all over America will get up, and be glad that they weren’t that innocent person on Death Row waiting for the same treatment at the hands of the Modern Romans, crucifying another innocent person. And then, after a large breakfast of bacon and something, and stoned on coffee, they will be off to live another day, straining to hear the stock market report, or the sports score on the radio, on their commute.

And while Jefferson is spitting on the State of Virginia in his grave.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Child-Murderers of Iran: Time to Arrest Ahmadinejad

May 6, 2009

“Another day, another hanging,” as they say in Teheran. Unfortunately, this has recently been the case for a twenty-three year-old  Iranian girl, Delara Darabi, who, when seventeen, was convicted of murder of a relative during a robbery. The girl later claimed that she had confessed to save her boyfriend who was over eighteen, since being under eighteen at the time, she thought as a juvenile she could not be executed according to the UN Treaty banning such juvenile executions. However, despite the fact her lawyer was not informed of the execution, as was required by Iranian law, and the fact that the local judiciary had given her a stay of execution of a month, she was dragged out and murdered by the Iranian regime last Friday, having been denied a final meeting with her parents. This girl was on death row for three years.

So Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his ruling clique of Mullahs have got their sexually-frustrated jollies out once again by terrorizing and hanging another child. Not satisfied with hanging 16-year old Atefah Sahaaleh three years ago for “crimes against chastity”, and numerous gay teenagers since then, and currently with 135 juveniles on death row, they must enter further into the perverse evil of hanging children, by continuing to practice their depravity.  But the death penalty makes any society callous, and so it should come as no surprise that Iran has hung an additional 139 human beings since the first of this year, two of them under 18 at the time of their judicial murder. These perverted Miscreants are setting a pace that even George Bush and his Texas Judiciary would have been envious of, for it took George a good number of years to run his total over a hundred. But life is full of frustrations, isn’t it?

Of course, much of the reason behind the criminal Iranian Reich’s ability to wage this war of Terror via the death penalty is the greenlight they have been given by the European Union’s mollycoddling of Iran, the so-called Progressive Left’s literal kiss of approval in the form of the racist and Socialist, Hugo Chavez, and the UN’s legitimization of the Iranian regime by issuing an invitation to the Criminal Ahmadinejad to address the pro-racist Anti-Racism Conference known as Durban II. The disgusting vision of Hans-Rudolf Metz, the head of the Swiss Confederation, a supposedly progressive country, giving the old Jimmy Carter grin to Ahmadinejad, the child-murderer, was a repulsive sight that Silverwolf will not soon forget. Time to short the Swiss Franc?

Capital Punishment is the final tyranny of the State, the power of life and death over the Individual. While it may seem, and may well be. an appropriate punishment for War Crimes,  yet for crimes within the State, the usual crimes for which the death penalty is put forth, Capital Punishment is nothing but a sadistic exercise carried out by the necrophiliacs amongst us. If you wanted to really punish someone, you could make them wash dishes 14 hours a day, 6 days a week, and keep them in solitary for life if they were incorrigibly violent or dangerous. without any amusements like television or radios. Such a punishment would be a far greater deterrent and much more feared by those nothings who commit  heinous crimes just to get lots of attention. And the profits from their labour could be divided between the public, in terms of wages repaid to pay for their prison incarceration, and wages repaid to the next of kin of those they have murdered, for their support. Such an arrangement seems far more just to Silverwolf. Why execute someone, when over the course of 40 or 50 years he could generate a quarter-million dollars of labour in addition to his prison costs? They owe that money to the children or next of kin of their victim, since that is at least what the victim could have generated in labor wages during that time frame.

But don’t try talking logic to sadists.

And now, as this blog is being written, Iran is preparing to hang two more juveniles, one 16 and one 17, Wednesday morning in Teheran,  in violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which bans the execution of juveniles who have committed their crimes before their eighteenth birthday. The Iranian Reich is violating that Convention, to which they are a signatory, and thus they have violated International Law.

Silverwolf believes that the next time Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sets down in any other country that is a signatory to that Convention of the Rights of the Child, he should be arrested for child-murder and tried by an International Tribunal in the Hague. And the punishment for child-murder should be perpetual life in solitary at hard labour. Let the Bastard rot in a jail cell for the rest of his earthly days!

The Silverwolves pray around the campfire that regimes like the Iranian Reich, that hang children, will be wiped from the face of the earth. May that day come soon.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Mrs. Clinton: Collaborating with The Fascist Chinese

March 1, 2009

Silverwolf really had to exert abdominal control to manage the urge to regurge when he heard Mrs. Clinton’s disgusting speech the other day, speaking of “cooperation” with the Red Chinese Fascist Miscreants. That such a despicable regime, which has so desecrated the spirit of Jeffersonian Liberalism inherent in the Bill of Rights, should have a representative of the American Government, and a rank-and-file member of the Democratic Party, talk of “cooperation” with that regime, is a black black stain on the American Republic, and will go down in the history books as one of the lowest points of American morality (or should we say immorality).

Libertarians spit on such “cooperation” with a country and a Communist dictatorship that has invaded and occupied Tibet for almost 60 years now, without being thrown out of the UN on its ear. A country that persecutes and tortures Buddhists,  Christians and Muslims, and other religious sects, for something which is considered a sacred right of the Individual in America. A country that executes thousands each year with the Fascist Death Penalty, an abomination that should be banned all over the face of the Earth, though there is no doubt that war criminals and torturers deserve it. A country that subjects its workers to the most inhumane and dangerous conditions, killing thousands each year by doing so.  A country that executes people after kangaroo trials, and then sells the body parts to wealthy Asians and Westerners. This is the miscreant government that Mrs. Clinton calls for cooperation with. And by doing so, she morally smears every living American.

Mrs. Clinton, we Libertarian Wolves spit on your Quisling cooperation with Fascist China. Count us out when you talk of cooperation as an official representative of the American Government. Don’t taint ordinary Americans and Wolves with your monumental Immorality, comparable to cooperating with Nazi Germany before the war, for the Human Rights Violations are comparable. We can now clearly see of what moral stuff this new “changed” administration is made of. The stuff that is usually flushed down the loo.

Commie China out of Tibet! Keep Taiwan Free!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Says “No” to Oregon State Measure 56: The Other Form of Capital Punishment

October 31, 2008

Oregon State Measure 56, which does away with the 60% requirement to pass local property tax measures, in combination with a “double majority requirement” that at least 50% of the registered voters must vote in the election, is all about Capital Punishment. No, not the brutal death penalty, supported and carried out with such glee by the Democrats, mostly against members of their own main constituencies, but that other form of Capital Punishment, the Property Tax, which is used to fund activities which are clearly beyond any reasonable purview of what it should justly cover, if anything at all. (And we refer mostly to education as an example of an unjust impost at the local level, which should be funded exclusively at the state level.) Local property taxes are unjust and immoral since they are a theft of the life energy of an Individual in order to fund a whole range of unnecessary and unconstitutional activities, from corporate subsidies, to pushing the junk food menus at our local schools, so children can get hooked on eating unhealthy garbage, (guaranteeing a lot of work for doctors down the line, and medicare bureaucrats into eternity), to jailing people for the crime of wanting to own something which the state says you will not be allowed to own, even though it affects the Property Rights of no other (i.e. Communism), to that actual denial of each Individual’s Natural Rights to Dominion over his own body by jailing him for victimless so-called “crimes”. When one adds the bloated county commissioner salaries, the golden benefit packages, the court costs incurred by local taxpayers to operated the courthouse during unconstitutional trials, or trials that benefit corporations that pay no state income tax, while local property owners must pay both property and state income tax —  one sees that the list of injustices property taxes fund just goes on and on.

To prevent a simple majority from imposing these unjust imposts on a narrow segment of the population only (property owners), the voters put through a requirement that 60% of the voters would have to approve local property tax measures, and that at least 50% of the registered voters would have to vote at the election. It is true that Silverwolf finds the 60% number quite arbitrary — why not 65 or 55, 59 or 61? — but not the idea behind it which is to make sure a simple majority, that does not have to pay a certain unjust tax, but who will benefit from it, cannot impose that unjust tax on a minority who will exclusively have to pay it.

But wait Silverwolf. Don’t you believe in our American Democracy which we Democrats are constantly referring to? Don’t you believe in majority rule?

Well, in point of fact, we do not have a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. True, our elections are run according to the just principle that the nominee or the Measure or Proposition with the most votes gets the office or implementation. But that does not mean we have a Democracy, or that Democracy is institutionalized throughout our social institutions.

Take jury trials, for example. What Democrat, or believer in Democracy, would like to be wrongly accused and stand trial for a Capital crime, knowing that a simple majority on the jury could send them into eternity? Yes, we thought so. How are you going to explain that one, oh worshipers of Democracy. And what about all the Unconstitutional legislation that Congress passes, are you glad that they can do that with a simple majority? Or what about when a Democrat governor or President vetoes an unjust or unconstitutional piece of legislation? Do you Democrats ever object that the Republican opposition must gain 60% to override that veto?

But you will then tell me that that is the balance of power necessary to maintain our Democracy.

And what about our elections? When three candidates run, and the winner gets 40%, while the runners up receive 60% of the remainder, why do you call it Democracy that the Democrat with the 40% gets to take office? Isn’t that minority rule, not majority rule?

So don’t throw up that paper tiger, oh pseudo-libertarians of the left, that you are all for Democracy, when you support so many anti-Democratic practices that are convenient to you. Your morality differs not a whit from the Republican’s.

And so, since it funds unfair and unconstitutional government expenditures which a majority can impose on a narrow minority, and since this violates the Rights of Man, and since Silverwolf has sufficiently exposed the myth that America is a Democracy, therefore let it be resolved that Silverwolf urges the public to vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 56.

We’ll howl to that one.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Japanese Murder Four More

April 10, 2008

Silverwolf has just heard the outrageous news that the miscreant nation of Japan has just sadistically murdered four human beings by hanging. But that should come as no surprise to those who, unfortunately, are familiar with the history of this unfortunate “nation”.

Besides having a talent for bayoneting and burning alive Chinese, the Nipponese criminals are also pretty good at mass rape (the “comfort women” of Korea), torturing whales to death by slowing electrocuting them over a thirty-minute period, and annually hacking dolphins to death. So keeping people on death row for years, with the knowledge that at some moment, without warning, day or night, they will suddenly be dragged from their jail cells and hung, is pretty typical for these sadists. Such a nightmare has occurred to four human beings during the last 24-hours, in that scat-house of Asia, Japan. Honestly, Silverwolf thinks you soon won’t be able to tell the Japanese from the Texans (except for Ron Paul).

But Libertarians take action. And when it comes to the money-grubbing miscreants of Nippon, it’s obvious that the greatest action is inaction: the boycott, the severing of all ties, economic and social, the “sending to Coventry” of the British Trade Unions. Japan is going into another deep recession; its economy is on the rocks as the Yen rockets upwards, making its exports uncompetitive. It’s Sonny Liston on the ropes, being pummelled by Mohammed Ali. It cannot bear a boycott.

So as true Capitalist Libertarians, who universally oppose the death penalty, wolves (and humans) can strike a blow against this former Buddhist culture, by following the Buddhist directive of “sitting quietly, doing nothing”, and by this gentle action, Libertarians will be Ali’s fist, smashing one through Liston’s mouthguard. And when our Libertarian fists are well-down their economic throats, Libertarians will say, “Nip on these!”

To hell with Japan, a nation of miscreants!

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


New Jersey Abolishes the Death Penalty: The Libertarian Revolution Begins

December 14, 2007

In the tiny, backeast state of Joyzee, the new Libertarian Revolution has begun. The forces of Fascism and state despotism, on the run since Cromwell’s 17th century coup, are quaking in their Collectivist boots. The death penalty, one of the cornerstones of Fascism, has been abolished by the good people of the State of New Jersey, and they have thrown the scat the American people threw in the face of Jefferson right back. No longer will the Leviathan state be able to frame and murder anyone who opposes the power elite of the corporate and welfare socialists, or any future Hitlers or Stalins. There will be hope for the many innocents, rotting on death row,  no thanks to miscreants like Bush, Clinton and Huckabee, who have legally murdered countless individuals. With over 130 former death-row inmates found innocent thanks to DNA testing, it is obvious that the death penalty is a joke, though it’s not too funny if you’re the innocent one being murdered by the state. All those who support the death penalty have sent countless innocents to a horrible death. Silverwolf wonders how much they will be shaking in their shoes when they go before the Big Guy Upstairs? They have helped burn innocent Americans in the electric chair with their votes. They are fully responsible. Not something Silverwolf wants to go out with on his conscience.

Jefferson tried to get capital punishment abolished in the state of Virginia. Two hundred years later New Jersey has finally attained to the wisdom of that “radical”, Thomas Jefferson. Unfortunately, the rest of the country is still sunk in the cesspool of the philosophy of Lord Dunmore.

The Libertarian Condor takes to wing. Revolutions sometimes just happen; the acorn sprout breaks ground, the 500-year old oak crashes; the zygote’s first division, the 90-year old heart ceases. Births take place; the Condor’s flight leaves no trace, nor can it be defined at any point at any time, for it is a process unseparate from the entire continuum of the cosmos.

When Governor Corzine of the Great State of New Jersey takes pen in hand and signs the bill that abolishes capital punishment, he strikes the first nail into the coffin of Collectivism. Silverwolf hereby designates Governor Corzine as an official  “Hammer of the Collectivist Malefactor”, and a staunch friend of the Libertarian cause in this instance. Libertarian members of the Lobo Breed salute him and his state legislature. Early December 2007,  grand weeks that will live forever in American Libertarian History.

The Jeffersonian Juggernaut is unstoppable. Death to the death penalty!

“I should not regret a fair and full trial of the entire abolition of capital punishment.” — James Madison, 4th President of the United States of America.

Silverwolf will howl to that! Hoooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.—Silverwolf