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They Call It Democracy: The Great American Myth

July 12, 2013

Listen to any speech of the Democratic Donkey and you will probably hear them braying out a lot of hot air about “Democracy”, and how “our Democracy” is so wonderful. People who criticise “Democracy” are labelled as Fascists, although Fascists like Hitler attacked “Democracy” too.

But do we have Democracy in America? Silverwolf is always hearing people say we do, but how can that be?

First off, let us say that we do not object to Democracy in the sense of Democratic elections picking elected officials, and deciding ballot measures. Of course, we should have majority rule; of course, the people should vote and 50.01% or more should decide the elections; but only in a Democratic Republic or a pure Democracy with a Constitution and Bill of Rights similar to ours, which institutionalizes the basic tenents of Classical Liberalism, now called Libertarianism, which were developed by many European thinkers during the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation, and synthesized by Jefferson into the American Constitution. Without such a Bill of Rights, Democracy does indeed lead to mob rule, and the tyranny of the majority over a minority, or even over just one individual (as in the case of the innocent person who is convicted of a capital crime and executed — he is in effect and in fact murdered by those individuals in society who support the death penalty and vote for it, or serve on juries that impose it. Indeed, if justice were truly to be done under our own current law, every time an innocent individual is executed, all the people who voted for the death penalty should logically also be executed based on their own pro-death penalty view of the law).

But to return to the question of whether we have Democracy in America, and should we have it, let us ask you this: Would you want to be up on a murder charge of which you were innocent when the sentence for your particular crime was the Death Penalty before a jury that only needed a simple majority to send you to the gurney or the gallows? If you believe in Democracy, then why should not a simple majority of seven to five send you to the death chamber? Why doesn’t the Democratic Party “fight” for the right of juries to put people to death by a simple majority?

Then there is voting itself. If you believe in Democracy, it seems to Silverwolf you’d have to believe that at an election it should require a majority of all the registered voters, whether they vote or not, to pass a measure or elect a politician. Would that not be true Democracy, since majority rule means a majority of the eligible voters, not just those who vote?

But even that is not accurate enough, for why should it be confined solely to registered voters. If you were a true Democrat who believed in the “Rule of the People”, then you would require all the people to vote or decide an issue, not just the ones who mailed in the ballot, or just the registered voters, but all people in society over 18, and not suffering from such dementia that they could not read the ballot (illiterates could have the measures read to them by election officials, who could also show them where to fill in the little oval circles).

And what about tax measures? How can it be Democracy when it requires a 60% majority to pass certain tax and bond issues? A pure Democrat would say that has no place in a Democracy, but again, he gleefully overlooks the total populace who did not vote in the election, and claims to speak for them. Nor does he seem to mind that 20-25% of the voting registered voters can impose a tax on a whole specific class of individuals (usually property owners) in the name of Democracy, when obviously a majority of the People did not vote for the measure. In a true Democracy, a majority of Everyone (excluding children) would have had to vote on the issue, and since in actual fact only 20% of the People actually voted for the measure, the Democracy touters are obviously lying when they accept such elections as valid examples of Democracy.

Then again there are the glaring Congressional anti-Democratic requirements that it take 60% of one house or the other to override a Presidential veto, or shut up a filibusterer? How does that square with our beloved “majority rule”?

No, we do not have a Democracy in America, nor even a Democratic Republic any more. About all we have is majority rule at the elcctions, and with electronic voting instead of the old infallible paper ballots, not even that is a sure thing.

No, we don’t hate Democracy with a Bill of Rights, but we know from history that Democracy without the Bill of Rights soon leads inevitably to mob rule and the exploitation of the minority.

And since the Bill of Rights is actually, in a profound and deep sense, a defense of private property Rights (i.e., you can’t have a free press without the Right to privately own a printing press and newsprint, or free speech without the Right to rent a private hall), any Democratic Socialist society or highly collectivized society, such as EU Europe, will eventually lead to a complete breakdown of the monetary and social system, as we are currently witnessing in Europe — a development of Socialism that has taken 50 years to putrify into the current mess. Europe is the classical example of how democratic socialism always leads to “the tragedy of the commons”, that is, the overuse of underpriced social services at the expense of producers in the private sector. Eventually it ruins the “public grazing lands, the commons” for all so that none can graze there.

So next time you hear the Democratic Donkey politicians, or even their government-school brainwashed children, spout out about how grand “our Democracy” is, throw some of the above contradictions in their faces, and know you are either talking to a very ignorant fellow indeed, or else a habitual liar.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The “Compulsory Adult Franchise Act of 2034” or President Silverwolf the Irascible

January 20, 2013

It was in the third decade of the 21st century that the Great Plague ravaged the world, including America, and brought to the Presidency Senator Lobo Silverwolf, the Junior Senator from Nevada at the time, 61st in succession to the Presidency, so virulent was the mortal sickness.

President Lobo Silverwolf the Irascible, also known as the Wise, brought such a Libertarian zephyr of Executive Order legislation, or rather un-legislation, to the country that his retrograde Cabinet Officials, all Democrats and Republicans except for the two Libertarians who had survived the plague, could barely keep pace with it. His un-legislative and anti-planned-economy innovations were varied and diverse. Protests against his un-activism grew and became more violent, as Democratic and Republican demonstrators, mostly Democratic, called for ” a restoration of Democracy”. “We’re a Democracy, not a Republic”, greeted the President and his top advisers on trips around the country, and even his speeches were interrupted by calls for “Democracy now!”.

Finally the situation grew so unruly that no Libertarian Administration figure could give a speech, or attend a public function without being rudely interrupted. Fortunately, the surviving Libertarians in Congress  outnumbered the surviving combination of Democrats and Republicans, so President Silverwolf said to his Chief of Staff, “Since these protestors are so adamant for their Democracy, draft me a Bill that states that all Democrats and Republicans shall vote at all future elections. By “shall vote” I mean “will vote”, and the Bill will be known as the “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034″. Since Libertarians believe that this is a Republic using democratic means to resolve its elections, and not a Democracy, and since Libertarians, unlike Democrats and Republicans, do not believe in aggressing against those who do not violate their property Rights, this Compulsory Bill will not apply to Libertarians if thus registered as of today, nor to Independents. The penalty for not voting will be set at $100 per election, with no excuses for absence permitted other than a certificate of medical sickness from a registered physician. Voting will also be extended to include offices for municipal garbage collectors, teachers, parking meter attendants, public ticket-takers, nurses, hospital food workers, librarians, sheriff’s deputies, bank presidents, sanitation workers, animal pound euthanisers, public school custodians, Congressional mail openers, and any other positions that may occur to me at a later time. Pass this Bill through Congress, and bring it to me the day after tomorrow for my signature.”

The “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034” was passed by the remaining Congressional members 24 to 7, with all the Libertarians voting “Aye”.

Within days, some of the most fervent activists in the “Democracy Now” Movement were beginning to have second thoughts. In the countryside, the compulsory voting process became irksome, with Democrat and Republican farmers having to get up at 3am to drive to the nearest city to vote for dog catcher, or mayor’s secretary, or whatever that day’s election might be. Even the wealthier farmers found the cost of not voting prohibitive, and it became something of a prestige-getter amongst the extremely wealthy that they could afford to flaunt the Compulsory Voting Act.

In the city, a new rush hour was created from 4am to 5am, and it was only a Libertarian or an Independent who could afford to leave for work at 7. Poor Democratic seamstresses and parking lot attendants who took the bus to work found they needed to get up at 2am to find a space on the overcrowded buses, and fist-fights frequently broke out in the waiting queues as bus after bus passed with no room available.

After several weeks of this chaos, a new movement began to be heard from calling itself the “Democratic anti-Democracy Movement”. “Democrats Against the Vote”, a national organization, boasted a membership of three million within days. And “Republicans for the Republic” served the harried voters on the other side of the aisle. Many lamented they had not had the sense to register Libertarian long ago, or even Independent, and a thriving business in forged voter registration documents sprang up, with a good forged Libertarian Party membership card now bring a Grand on the Black Market.

The protests became more aggressive. A young Democrat charged at, and actually bit, the White House Chief of Staff, who had to have a series of rabies shots, while an enterprising group of anti-Democratic Feminists bound themselves to one other, each standing on the shoulders of another Feminist, until their stack completely covered the Washington Monument, showing what they thought of that symbol of Democratic Male Domination.

Yet despite the growing protests, and the increasing chaos, President Silverwolf would not issue an Executive Order quashing the Act in the name of Nation Security. The Administration was adamant: they wanted a Democracy and they’re going to have it.

The situation in the Nation had become acutely critical, until one anti-Democratic Democrat hit on the expedient of “Crying for the Republic”. Soon, tens of thousands of Democrats and Republicans were staging “Cry-ins” all around the country. Exciting baseball games were turned into lugubrious and funerial quagmires, as thousands of anti-Democracy activists wept in unison. The Sunset Strip comedy spots were invaded by gaggles of crying girls, while church services were drowned out all over the country by the wailing and gnashing of teeth. Horrified viewers saw the Hollywood Christmas Parade ruined by whinning crowds weeping loudly as each new celebrity appeared, and Republican newscasters around the country sobbed their stories into the cameras. The nation fell into a great depression, and comedy-film DVD sales plunged.

In the midst of this chaos, President Silverwolf called in his most trusted Libertarian Cabinet Officials. “There comes a time when one must give way. Draft a Bill rescinding the “Compulsory Adult Democrats and Republicans Franchise Act of 2034″. Pass it through Congress and bring me the Bill for signing the day after tomorrow.”

The rescinding of the Bill was greeted with immense relief throughout the entire Nation, and stocks gained 3% in the following day’s trading.

When his advisors had informed him of the happy reaction in the country to the news and left him alone, President Silverwolf the Irascible, also known as the Wise, chuckled to himself.

“There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream.”

“But”, he added as an afterthough, “I’m not sure that it is not the best way.”

(With thanks and acknowledgement for the idea to “Saki”, H. H. Munro)

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

America: Democracy or Republic?

July 26, 2012

One of the most irritating propaganda ploys one constantly  hears on the Liberal and government media is that America is a “Democracy”. This inaccurate fallacy must be exposed.

America is not a “Democracy” because in a Democracy everyone votes on every piece of legislation, and there is not necessarily a Bill of Rights so that no Individual is truly safe against the aggressions of government. True “Democracy” is really mob-rule and is completely based on pragmatism, not morality.

Now some might say that we have a “Representative Democracy”, but a “Representative Democracy” is better known by its simpler name, a “Republic”. When people vote to choose a representative who then votes in a legislative assembly, then you have a “Republic”, but such a Republic also may not necessarily have a Bill of Rights. Fortunately, America’s Republic does.

So we are not a Democracy, like so many seem to easily say, but more accurately a Republic that uses the Democratic election process to choose its legislative representatives; a Republic, furthermore, that fortunately also has a Bill of Rights that is supposed to protect every Individual against totalitarian actions of the government and the majority. Jefferson and Madison knew how every government will tend to want to crush the Individual at some point, either for economic benefit, or because the Individual is using a Bill of Rights to stand in the way of some Unconstitutional or immoral action by the government (such as illegal search and seizure). And so Wisechief Jefferson, after years of study of the political science of his day and preceding centuries, much of it codified by Puffendorf, gave us that beautiful, wonderful American Bill of Rights, that was to eternally be a giant finger in the face of every Fascist fearmonger that was ever to come after.

Now, in a true Democracy with no Bill of Rights, that was based on the Pragmatic Principle of Jeremy Bentham which said that that action was correct which gave the greatest happiness to the greatest number of people — in such a Democracy any action would be possible. There would be no principles of morality involved, but only what would make the lives of the majority of people more commodious.

If such a Benthamite doctrine ruled over America, it would be quite possible, and quite within the rules of the law, for the 99% of the population who were not ethnically Armenian to decide that it would be in the interests of the vast majority of the population for all of the 1% who were Armenians to be killed and their property confiscated and re-distributed amongst the non-Armentian populace. 99% of the population would find there living standards increased, public services and infrastructure would now have 1% less to deal with, so the roads would be slightly less congested and social services costs would drop somewhat, and only a “mere 1%” would suffer a diminution in their “quality of life”.

The Jeffersonian Republic differs violently from this immoral Benthamite Democracy we have just portrayed. In the Jeffersonian Republic, the 1% Armenian swathe of the population could not be murdered and have their property confiscated, except in violation of the Bill of Rights and probably the Constitution.

But another aspect of this phony Liberal banging of the “Democracy” tambourine every time they get a chance is that we do not even have truly “Democratic” practices in our legislative assemblies and our elections. For example, why do these proselyters of Democracy tolerate the fact that  a 60% or 66% vote is necessary to override a veto at the state or federal level, or that many bond issues must pass by 60%, or that some measures will not be inacted into law if less that 50% of the eligible voters actually vote?  All three of these examples are egregious violations of true Democracy or majority rule, and if those who preach Democracy really believed in it, they would have overthrow these undemocratic voting practices in a month. But they have quietly tolerated them for decades. When 59 votes cannot override the veto of a Democratic President, you will never hear the Democrats say anything about the virtues of majority rule. In this case they trample on true Democracy with Reidy smiles and high-fives.

Furthermore, if Democracy is majority rule, then why is it possible for roughly only 50% of the population to vote in an election, and then for the winner of that election to get 45 to 50% of the cast votes, which means that he has been elected by about 25% of the eligible voters. If the praise singers of Democracy truly believed their words, why would that say that a President who is elected with roughly 25% of the eligible voters is a “Democratically elected” official? If they really believed in Democracy, they would require that every single eligible voter vote, but of course that would contravene our Constitutional guarantee against involuntary servitude. Yet, I’ve never heard any Democrat question the legitimacy of their Administration because President Obama was elected by a mid-20s percentage of all the eligible voters.

So next time you hear someone talking about the virtues and greatness of “Our Democracy”, know that you are listening to someone who is either profoundly ignorant of political science, or else is merely a propagandist, that lowest of all professions among your Human species, also known as “a Liar”.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Says “No” to Oregon State Measure 56: The Other Form of Capital Punishment

October 31, 2008

Oregon State Measure 56, which does away with the 60% requirement to pass local property tax measures, in combination with a “double majority requirement” that at least 50% of the registered voters must vote in the election, is all about Capital Punishment. No, not the brutal death penalty, supported and carried out with such glee by the Democrats, mostly against members of their own main constituencies, but that other form of Capital Punishment, the Property Tax, which is used to fund activities which are clearly beyond any reasonable purview of what it should justly cover, if anything at all. (And we refer mostly to education as an example of an unjust impost at the local level, which should be funded exclusively at the state level.) Local property taxes are unjust and immoral since they are a theft of the life energy of an Individual in order to fund a whole range of unnecessary and unconstitutional activities, from corporate subsidies, to pushing the junk food menus at our local schools, so children can get hooked on eating unhealthy garbage, (guaranteeing a lot of work for doctors down the line, and medicare bureaucrats into eternity), to jailing people for the crime of wanting to own something which the state says you will not be allowed to own, even though it affects the Property Rights of no other (i.e. Communism), to that actual denial of each Individual’s Natural Rights to Dominion over his own body by jailing him for victimless so-called “crimes”. When one adds the bloated county commissioner salaries, the golden benefit packages, the court costs incurred by local taxpayers to operated the courthouse during unconstitutional trials, or trials that benefit corporations that pay no state income tax, while local property owners must pay both property and state income tax —  one sees that the list of injustices property taxes fund just goes on and on.

To prevent a simple majority from imposing these unjust imposts on a narrow segment of the population only (property owners), the voters put through a requirement that 60% of the voters would have to approve local property tax measures, and that at least 50% of the registered voters would have to vote at the election. It is true that Silverwolf finds the 60% number quite arbitrary — why not 65 or 55, 59 or 61? — but not the idea behind it which is to make sure a simple majority, that does not have to pay a certain unjust tax, but who will benefit from it, cannot impose that unjust tax on a minority who will exclusively have to pay it.

But wait Silverwolf. Don’t you believe in our American Democracy which we Democrats are constantly referring to? Don’t you believe in majority rule?

Well, in point of fact, we do not have a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. True, our elections are run according to the just principle that the nominee or the Measure or Proposition with the most votes gets the office or implementation. But that does not mean we have a Democracy, or that Democracy is institutionalized throughout our social institutions.

Take jury trials, for example. What Democrat, or believer in Democracy, would like to be wrongly accused and stand trial for a Capital crime, knowing that a simple majority on the jury could send them into eternity? Yes, we thought so. How are you going to explain that one, oh worshipers of Democracy. And what about all the Unconstitutional legislation that Congress passes, are you glad that they can do that with a simple majority? Or what about when a Democrat governor or President vetoes an unjust or unconstitutional piece of legislation? Do you Democrats ever object that the Republican opposition must gain 60% to override that veto?

But you will then tell me that that is the balance of power necessary to maintain our Democracy.

And what about our elections? When three candidates run, and the winner gets 40%, while the runners up receive 60% of the remainder, why do you call it Democracy that the Democrat with the 40% gets to take office? Isn’t that minority rule, not majority rule?

So don’t throw up that paper tiger, oh pseudo-libertarians of the left, that you are all for Democracy, when you support so many anti-Democratic practices that are convenient to you. Your morality differs not a whit from the Republican’s.

And so, since it funds unfair and unconstitutional government expenditures which a majority can impose on a narrow minority, and since this violates the Rights of Man, and since Silverwolf has sufficiently exposed the myth that America is a Democracy, therefore let it be resolved that Silverwolf urges the public to vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 56.

We’ll howl to that one.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf