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The Crime of Gay Marriage: Ripping Off the Singles

June 20, 2008

Silverwolf has heard the great brouhaha coming from south of the Oregon border about the supposed wonders of the new California law that permits Gays to marry each other. Many say that this marks a new high in toleration, a new spirit of freedom, a new era of progressivism. But to Silverwolf it marks only a new departure in the destruction of the “Wall of Separation” of Church and State that Wisechief Jefferson taught us was so necessary to the health of the American Constitutional Republic.

Put simply, marriage is and has always been a religious institution. To that extent, it is innocuous. If people want to call themselves married, that’s their affair. Nor does Silverwolf give a flying fricassee what people do in the privacy of their domiciles as long as there is no coercion; that is entirely consistent with Libertarian doctrine. But Silverwolf takes the utmost exception, when that religious institution is insinuated into the fabric of Government, and is then used to shift the tax burden from married people to single people. It is bad enough that we have the immoral  personal income tax, which violates Natural Rights Doctrine in that it puts a claim on the fruits of our labor, and says that that labor belongs solely to the government, which then permits us to keep a portion of that labor. As most Americans know, they must work the first 5 months of every year just to support the many governmental parasites that suck their sustenance out of the body politic, sickening the Free-market Capitalist entity that has brought prosperity to the American Republic, and returning very little that is Constitutionally mandated. For many decades, single people and wolves in America have had to pay a much higher income tax, so that married people can use the dependents deduction to rip them off, and gain a huge windfall. Given the vast number of married people in America who benefit by this legalized theft by deduction, it has been impossible to repeal it so far. Additionally, on the state level, the same crime is carried out not only in the state income tax, but also in the huge court costs that singles must pay to finance the divorce courts, and all the legal wranglings that swirl around “legalized prostitution” (i.e. marriage in most cases, if we go by divorce court statistics).

Now Gay people come along and say, well if married Straights can rip off the taxpayer at large, why shouldn’t we be able to do the same thing; shouldn’t the opportunities for theft be available to one and all equally? This is known as Liberalism.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that Gays throughout history have been treated abominably, as moral pariahs, for a situation which more and more science seems to indicate is a function of brain condition. The release of research only a few days ago, recounted by the BBC, which indicates that Gays have the brain size of members of the opposite sex, with male Gays having brainlobes of equal size, as in found in women, and female Gays having lobes of inequal size, as in men, seems to give great credence to the view that homosexuality is chemically conditioned in the brain. The main researcher on that study said that in his view this was proof positive that Gays are born Gay, and Silverwolf has steadily had to abandon his old belief that this constituted some kind of moral imbalance, or Fascistic tendency. But he would still like to know if there is statistically more homosexuality in societies that condone and applaud inversion, like the slave-owning, Fascist-thug societies of ancient-Greece and Rome, over societies in which this is not the case, which, if it were true, would seem to indicate that at least some of this activity is not due to brain-function.

But be that as it may, past injustices towards Gays should not condone their denial of Civil Rights to Single people through the cozenage and legalized theft of the Marriage Tax Deduction and the costs of running the Divorce Courts, and if they really cared about Civil Rights for all citizens, they should be pointing this out, instead of quietly lining up to gain the benefits of these injustices.

The solution is very simple. Since the repeal of the Federal and State Income Taxes has about as much chance of occurring as Ron Paul has of getting elected President, Libertarians should work towards repealing the Federal and State marriage deductions, except when there are children under 16 present in a family, because in that case the person raising the children, while the other slaves at work, is actually bringing a great benefit to society, a benefit without which society would not exist at all. But in all other cases, the marriage deduction, whether for Straights or Gays, is nothing but the legalized theft of all the Singles in America, who are forced to pay higher taxes, and support a life-style that they may feel is perverse. And when it comes to perversion, can there be anything more perverse that murdering a defenceless animal, and then eating its corpse?

Let the religious practice their religions, but not at the expense of Wolves that stand alone and independent.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf