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The Only Two Parties: Libertarian vs. Communist

August 1, 2009

To Silverwolf, politics is very simple. There are only two courses it can flow in: Libertarianism and Communism. One, based on the sacred Rights of the Individual not to be driven down by the mob surrounding him; the other, the morality of that looting mob, always carried out in the name of the betterment of mankind. One is based on Truth, the other on Lie. And that is the only political choice.

There are those who say go slowly, compromise, and gradually insinuate Libertarian legislation into law over a long period of time. But such arguments are exactly what the politicians of the major parties put forth, and who is more likely to get to implement those arguments, the fringe Libertarian who the voter knows has no chance of winning, or the fiscally conservative Republican, who is well known and may be an incumbent? Obviously, the voters are not going to vote Libertarian.

Therefore, Libertarianism must stick to its basic principles. In fact, Libertarianism is the only political philosophy based solely on the power of Ideas, and not just a pragmatic strategy to implement fossilized philosophies that were institutionalized over a century ago. The economic lies of Marx and Adam Smith alike have been perpetuated by the modern politicians, further blessed by Pope Keynes. The Libertarian candidate must represent an alternative to all that.

And therefore, Libertarianism must provide the voters with a radical program. It must disassociate itself with the rather feminine characteristic of trying to please all acquaintances and worrying about its appearance by adopting positions that compromise its principles, like urging repeal of an income tax, but then urging adoption of a sales tax, or “user fees”. It must project itself as that robust philosophy, ingested from Jefferson, that now can achieve levels of Human liberation that were undreamt of six score ago, thanks to technological advancement. The machine has and is liberating Man from drudgery; all he now must do is throw off the anti-Capitalist shackles of the Leviathan State. The Rule of Law and not The State is the main objective of the Libertarian in contrast to the Communist, and that Rule based solely on the Constitution.

Therefore, the Libertarian candidate must propose radical alternatives to the caponed palliatives of the Demo-publicans. He must speak out for complete abolition of income taxes and inheritance taxes, without increasing taxes in other areas to show he is “a moderate”. He must speak for the complete decriminalization of victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution and insider trading, though we could understand DUI laws and forbidding trafficking with minors.  He must defend the legal Rights of the vagrant hobo and the billionaire with equal vigour, for his anti-materialism (unlike the Communists who are the most materialistic individuals Silverwolf has ever encountered) will cause him to view them both as equally valuable expressions of Human Freedom in the Cosmos.

In other words, the Libertarian must not compromise the principles that distinguish himself from the Communist, nor should his proposals be so tepid in effect that they are some kind of warmed-over Republicanism. Libertarians should be outspoken in their platform: abolish the income tax, legalize cannabis, abolish the inheritance tax, abolish the death penalty, allow opting-out of Social Security. Then they will stand out as representatives of a philosophy that differs so basically from Communism, and doesn’t just subtly compromise its foundations by adopting the premises of the Communists and then trying to moderate them.

The time for a pro-Capitalist Libertarian Revolution is here. It’s up to the Candidates and the Voters to make it a reality.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Israel, Iran’s Nuclear Threat, and Murray Rothbard’s Non-Aggression Principle

June 29, 2008

In light of the announcement, the other week, that Valerie Puta, the Puta of St. Petersburg, has sold Iran a new, sophisticated, Russian anti-aircraft missile system, which can take out several planes at one time, the gravity of the genocidal threats against the indigenous inhabitants of Israel by the Iranian government has taken on a fresh urgency. The child-murderer Ahmedinejad, whose Fascist regime has hung and tortured a girl of 16 for the “crime” of having sex with an unmarried man, in violation of International Law, and who has said that Israel should be wiped off the map, has provided all the justification, in Silverwolf’s eyes, for Israel to attack the nuclear facilities in Iran, as well as all government buildings housing the criminals of this criminal regime, according to the non-aggression principle expounded by the shining light of the Libertarian movement, the late Professor Murray Rothbard.

Rothbard’s Libertarian Creed, expounded in his “The Ethics of Liberty” as well as in other of his works, states simply that “No man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else.” Clearly, under this doctrine, the Iranian leadership’s threat to “wipe Israel off the map” is a form of genocidal aggression, as is its threat to retaliate against Jews and Jewish communities around the world. And this Islamo-Fascist regime’s involvement in the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, in which roughly 100 Human Beings were murdered and maimed by the Iranians, shows that these are not empty threats.

Now, one of the precipitating considerations in Rothbard’s view as to whether to initiate defensive action against a man or group of men who threaten one’s person or property, is the immediacy of the threat. If my neighbour says, “Some day, if I ever have the money to buy a gun, which I don’t have now, I’m going to blow your head off”, (and which I don’t think he’ll ever have because every time he has a dollar in his pocket he rushes down to the nearest bar, and spends it on booze), Rothbard would say that I don’t have the right to shoot that man in the back when he turns around. If he says to me, “Next month, when I get my next paycheck, I’m going to buy a gun and blow your head off,” then the urgency of the situation may or may not justify my blowing his head off then and there. Rothbard is a little fuzzy on that. But when he says, “As soon as I get my gun, I’m going to blow your head off”, and he turns and heads towards his gun shed, then Rothbard’s Libertarian principle would seem to justify my blowing his head off first. That is not the crime of “backshooting”.

Now, in light of the statement only the other day by UN nuclear official El-Baradei, that Iran could have a nuclear weapon in 6-months, and in light of both the sale of the defense system by the Russian Puta to Iran, and the aforementioned Iranian threats, there is little doubt in Silverwolf’s mind that Israel not only has the right, under Libertarian doctrine, to strike at those facilities, and the Iranian government buildings housing the officials of this outlaw regime, but Israel also the moral duty to do so to save the lives of roughly 6 million Israelis (a third of whom are non-Jewish Arabs and foreign guest-workers), as well as the lives of Arabs in surrounding nations, who are downwind from the radioactive fallout. Silverwolf believes this would send a message, not only to Iran, but to the whole world, that countries, when threatened with genocide and mass murder, have every right to strike against those who are responsible for those threats. This will almost certainly prevent further genocides in the future, as well as definitely preventing the genocide which it is obvious Iran has planned for the Israeli nation.

One should remember that key members of the UN, including France, Russia, China, Canada, and the EU, have offered to permit, and even help, Iran to develop nuclear power for domestic peaceful purposes, if they were willing to remove the spent fuelrods to Russia, which sounds like a pretty reasonable plan to Silverwolf. But this rational approach has been rejected by the Iranian leadership, leading to the recent imposition of sanctions against Iran by the EU. It is very obvious what Iran wants: to wipe out the Jews.

Silverwolf can only imagine the reaction of America, if a group of Mexicans were continually firing missiles across the border into Arizona, California, and New Mexico, and claiming they were justified in doing so because of the Mexican-American War of the 1840’s. And he can only imagine what would be the reaction of the American government if, at the same time, the Mexican Government declared that they were going to “wipe America off the face of the map” while continuing to develop nuclear weapons and violating UN resolution after UN resolution concerning inspections in regard to the possibility of such weapons, to the extent that the rest of the Western world finally imposed sanctions on them. Would America sit around with its thumb up its ear and do nothing? Silverwolf doubts it. Yet, the clamorers of the hard-Left, who have nothing but criticism for Israeli policies towards the Arabs in the occupied-West bank (and many of which criticisms are valid), are completely silent or excusatory when it comes to Iran’s genocidal threats towards Israel, to Islamic Sudan’s Genocide in Darfur, to child-torture in Kenya as was revealed a few days ago, to mass rape in the Congo, to N. Korea’s gulags, to Russian torture in Chechnya, to the more than 50-year-long occupation and cultural genocide of Buddhist Tibet by Commie China, to Zimbabwe’s torturing miscreant Fascist rulers, to the persecution and murder of Coptic Christians under the Egyptians, to Malaysia’s persecution of Hindus and Tamils, to Castro’s jailing of dissidents, and on and on. Egypt just shot to death a seven-year old Sudanese girl trying to cross into Israel. The BBC didn’t report it. Wonder why?

Now, if tomorrow morning (and Silverwolf hopes it will happen) Ahmedinejad announced that Iran was renouncing its threat to destroy Israel, and not to retaliate against Jews around the world, and that it was willing to cooperate with the eminently reasonable proposals that have been put to it by the aforementioned UN members, then Israel would have no justification in immediately attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons program. But this is as unlikely as that tomorrow the whole world will become vegan and shut its millions of slaughterhouses for defenseless animals.

Israel must send a message to the world that genocide will not be tolerated. The bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities will save not only 6 million Human Beings, living in Israel, but countless millions in the future who will not suffer the Crime of Genocide, because Israel took action in the here and now. Mass murderers of the future will think twice about starting down this road of Evil, and may decide not to embark on it, if Israel acts today.

The longer Israel hesitates, the more dangerous becomes her situation. The time for talk and diplomacy is over. The time for action, precipitated by the Russian arms sales, has begun. Under Rothbard’s Libertarian doctrine, Israel would be completely justified in this action.

Silverwolf wonders if that 16-year old girl, Atefeh Rabaji, whom the Iranians dragged out and hung by  slowly hoisting her with a crane, on August 15, 2004, for the “crime”  of having sex, may have called on G-d to avenge her murder by destroying her murderers. It seems the Big Guy Upstairs may have heard her.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf