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Silverwolf Urges a “No” Vote On Oregon State Measure 65: Turning Back the Stalinists

October 22, 2008

One of the favorite devices of the Stalinists and their accursed successors was to place two party apparatchiks on the ballot, giving the people a choice between a Stalinist and a Stalinist.

Things in Modern America aren’t much better, and the latest attempt to make them worse is Oregon State Measure 65, an alleged reform measure to broaden democracy, but one that will arbitrarily and most certainly limit it. For while the bill says that anyone can participate in the primaries, only the top two vote- getters will appear on the final ballot.

Now who thought up such a Fascistic notion that the people should be limited to two choices at the end of the election process? And the puerile argument, “To save printing costs”, non lavabum (will not wash).

Well judging from the broad panoply of elements who support this measure in the voters pamphlet, a whole lot of folks in the mainstream political spectrum thought up this Fascist plumcake, so let’s take a look at their names. Who is supporting Oregon State Measure 65?

This Measure is supported by former Democratic Governor John Kitzhaber, former Republican Governor Victor Atiyeh, former Oregon Secretaries of State Phil Keisling (Dem.) and Norma Paulus (Rep.), State Rep. Vicki Berger, State Senators Rick Metsger and Frank Morse, Former Eugene Mayor Jim Torre, the Oregon Business Assoc., Repub. Deputy Chief of Staff Allen Alley, Associated Oregon Industries, and the Oregon Business Council.

The measure is opposed by the Libertarian Party of Washington County, AFSCME Council 75, and former Democratic Governor Betty Roberts. For once we stand shoulder to shoulder with a union!

While the measure does open up the primary to anyone who can round up the impossible (unless you’re wealthy or can take a year off from work to personally gather signatures) number of signatures needed to get on the ballot, unless one belongs to one of the main Collectivist parties, it virtually ensures that only Democrats and Republicans will end up on the final ballot, or even two Democrats or two Republicans. The requirement that only two candidates can be listed on the ballot in the final election is obviously such a slap in the face to the Democratic process and to Jeffersonian Constitutional Republicanism that it is virtually an insult to put it before the Oregon voters. The fact that it is so heartily supported by so many mainline Democrats and Republicans shows that it is an attempt to shut out any competition from competing non-Collectivist Parties in this new America of “soft” Fascism, and should make the public aware of the moral fabric of those politicians who support it.

Also, the fact that it reforms the injustice of not letting Independent voters vote in the Primaries, an injustice that Silverwolf opposes, is in no way sufficient reason to impose the anti-Democratic and arbitrary “two-candidates only” rule which this horrendous bill will institutionalize. This injustice needs to be reformed separately, with a new state measure (or better yet, with a sweeping to power of the Libertarian Party, and like minded allies in the other Third Parties). The Libertarian and Pacific Green Parties seem to be in the same tent on this one, though we cannot speak for Individuals in either group who might think this measure is just honky-dory.

Send the message to the arrogant Bi-Partisan Collectivists that they cannot shut out and shut up Third Parties with this legislated Stalinism.

Send this Measure to Siberia, where it belongs. Silverwolf respectfully requests you vote “No” on Oregon State Measure 65.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf