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Silverwolf’s Political Transformation: From Lycanthropy to Republicanism

April 24, 2012

Ugh! Ah! Oh! Jeez! Can that really be Silverwolf in the mirror? Gone is the lupine muzzle, replaced with Nixonian jowls. Gone is the graying coat, replaced with a Reaganesque jetblack Brylcreamed mane. Gone the Libertarian gaze, now fogged by Romney brainwipers. No Silverwolf is not the wolf he was last week.

For he has had to re-register to be able to vote for Congressman Ron Paul in the upcoming primary, and he has had to re-register as a Republican. Yes, afterwards he did have to grind down the two horns that appeared on each side of his forehead. Yes, he did have to replace the bathroom mirror, cracked from his having looked into it. And the neighbor’s baby started wailing when Silverwolf came in sight. No doubt about it, Silverwolf has become a Republican.

But it’s only for a few weeks. Silverwolf hereby swears to the American Public that, the day after the primary, he will once again register as a Libertarian, the only party worth its salt in America, with the exception, of course, of our friends and ideological contras in the Socialist Workers Party. (The Silverwolf Tribe has actually tried to hold dances with the Socialist Workers Party, and there was a huge turnout, but the two parties remained on the extremes of the dance floor, and no one would come out in the middle to dance. And, of course, the Socialist Workers Party attendees refused, to a man, to pay the admission fee, but we let ’em in anyhow.)

Anyway, it’s tough being a registered Republican, but Silverwolf will just have to put up with it and suffer for a few more weeks. It’s a serious illness, though not quite as painful as being a registered Democrat. That particular disease has proved fatal not only to the registree but to the entire country. But being a registered Republican is still a very serious disease indeed.

And the only man whose been able to cure that disease is Dr. Ron Paul.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf


The Only Two Parties: Libertarian vs. Communist

August 1, 2009

To Silverwolf, politics is very simple. There are only two courses it can flow in: Libertarianism and Communism. One, based on the sacred Rights of the Individual not to be driven down by the mob surrounding him; the other, the morality of that looting mob, always carried out in the name of the betterment of mankind. One is based on Truth, the other on Lie. And that is the only political choice.

There are those who say go slowly, compromise, and gradually insinuate Libertarian legislation into law over a long period of time. But such arguments are exactly what the politicians of the major parties put forth, and who is more likely to get to implement those arguments, the fringe Libertarian who the voter knows has no chance of winning, or the fiscally conservative Republican, who is well known and may be an incumbent? Obviously, the voters are not going to vote Libertarian.

Therefore, Libertarianism must stick to its basic principles. In fact, Libertarianism is the only political philosophy based solely on the power of Ideas, and not just a pragmatic strategy to implement fossilized philosophies that were institutionalized over a century ago. The economic lies of Marx and Adam Smith alike have been perpetuated by the modern politicians, further blessed by Pope Keynes. The Libertarian candidate must represent an alternative to all that.

And therefore, Libertarianism must provide the voters with a radical program. It must disassociate itself with the rather feminine characteristic of trying to please all acquaintances and worrying about its appearance by adopting positions that compromise its principles, like urging repeal of an income tax, but then urging adoption of a sales tax, or “user fees”. It must project itself as that robust philosophy, ingested from Jefferson, that now can achieve levels of Human liberation that were undreamt of six score ago, thanks to technological advancement. The machine has and is liberating Man from drudgery; all he now must do is throw off the anti-Capitalist shackles of the Leviathan State. The Rule of Law and not The State is the main objective of the Libertarian in contrast to the Communist, and that Rule based solely on the Constitution.

Therefore, the Libertarian candidate must propose radical alternatives to the caponed palliatives of the Demo-publicans. He must speak out for complete abolition of income taxes and inheritance taxes, without increasing taxes in other areas to show he is “a moderate”. He must speak for the complete decriminalization of victimless crimes like drugs and prostitution and insider trading, though we could understand DUI laws and forbidding trafficking with minors.  He must defend the legal Rights of the vagrant hobo and the billionaire with equal vigour, for his anti-materialism (unlike the Communists who are the most materialistic individuals Silverwolf has ever encountered) will cause him to view them both as equally valuable expressions of Human Freedom in the Cosmos.

In other words, the Libertarian must not compromise the principles that distinguish himself from the Communist, nor should his proposals be so tepid in effect that they are some kind of warmed-over Republicanism. Libertarians should be outspoken in their platform: abolish the income tax, legalize cannabis, abolish the inheritance tax, abolish the death penalty, allow opting-out of Social Security. Then they will stand out as representatives of a philosophy that differs so basically from Communism, and doesn’t just subtly compromise its foundations by adopting the premises of the Communists and then trying to moderate them.

The time for a pro-Capitalist Libertarian Revolution is here. It’s up to the Candidates and the Voters to make it a reality.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The “Sun King” Obama and His Minister, Cardinal Geithner:The New Mercantilism

March 30, 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same, say the French. And it would certainly seem so, as we regard the economic consequences of what amounts to a modern rehash of the old Mercantilism of King Louis XIV and his ministers, Cardinal Richelieu and the Bureaucrat-extraordinaire, Colbert. For modern America differs very little from that ancient economic tyranny that existed in France under the “Sun King”. True, the poor and indolent are no longer whipped, or sent off to the galleys. Habitual drunks are no longer put into pillory. But the effects of what amounts to a vast system of Mercantilism, administered by the Congressional Bipartisan spendthrifts, with the cooperation and collaboration of the FED, and with the cheerleading of Obama’s rhetorical riffs, are virtually the same on the poor and middle class: unceasing toil to cope with higher taxes and loss of purchasing power, and the soon coming tsunami of inflation. This inflation will be caused by the ridiculous and completely irresponsible massive spending increases, designed to make sure that all the wealthy corporate interests, and the vested interests of the lobbyists and the Congressmen themselves, who in many cases are wealthy, and have substantial estates, are not affected by the current financial disinflation. (And please note, a disinflation differs from a deflation, in that it is a slowdown in the rate of inflation, not an across the board lowering of prices in virtually every commodity and service.)

Meanwhile, across the pond, we see the spoiled brats of the Left having their “feel-good” marches in London, and Europe. Silverwolf made the sickening mistake of tuning in to the BBC, to listen to its in-house panel discussion on the G20 meeting and the current economic crisis, before a roomful of British humans. It was the usual gallimaufry of misguided economic claptrap one hears virtually everywhere, except at the Mises Institute, in the economic statements and opinions of Congressman Ron Paul, and in the political agenda of the Libertarian Party. Of course, they blamed “the bankers”, who after all were only exploiting the system which the US Congress, and the legislatures of Europe, had set up decades ago. They blamed that vague thing called “greed”, though Silverwolf notes that they never seem to blame a poor person or a spendthrift who is skint because they have spend all their money on some greedy pursuit, be it gambling, drugs, overeating, constant vacations, or what you will. Why is it not “greedy”, to be greedy for tobacco or food, or good times? Are not the unions greedy when they demand more than their labour is worth, while their restrictionist minimum wage laws cut out labour competition, enabling them to secure those above-market wage rates at the expense of the non-union worker? Moreover, we know that the call for “full employment” is really a call for universal slavery, by the expedient of constant inflation and crushing taxations, both for income and “retirement”, which means that what the worker can manage to save in the bank after all these government excisions is never secure, because the FED, or the Bank of England, or whatever group of government professional inflationists you name, can destroy the value of the worker’s savings virtually overnight, though they do it through a constant but steady erosion of the purchasing power of fiat currency, helped along by sudden spurts they euphemistically call “blips”. So it is not surprising that the “Leftist intellectuals” call for “full employment”; not only do they have a cockroach’s intellectual understanding of economics, they also need their fellow men to be paying into the tax-welfare system to bring in the funds they live off of on their “grants” and “doles”, and “unemployment” and “disability”. But, of course, many of the journalists and presenters at the BEEB, as well as its horrendous American counterpart, National Public Radio, would be in the dole line permanently if not for their guaranteed income from the State.

Yet, in that whole BBC audience, there was not one voice that said, “This chaos is caused by Socialism itself, and the system of Central Banks that can rock the value of the money up and down at will on a daily basis. It is because of the regulation of the money supply by a Mercantilist economic system, instead of a Free-Market Capitalist system, that is at the root of the problem.” It is when one listens to the drivel that comes out of these well-intentioned protesters, that one realises why the world is in such an economic mess. And the mess, for these people, has not lead to one iota of economic insight. It’s still time for feel-good marches, sloganeering, and “Eat the Bankers” inciting to riot. Howzabout “Eat the Spendthrifts and Inflationists”?

Fortunately, there is a large sector of the American and European public who are very sceptical of Sun-King Obama XIV’s Mercantilist plan for America, and his “forgot to pay my taxes” Chief Minister, Cardinal Geithner. They realise that they have two incompetent nincompoops at the head of the world’s largest economy, and they are voting with their dollars and with their trades to protect themselves against the mad inflationists. Many of them are probably well-intentioned Milton Friedmanite Republicans, that strange combination of half-Socialism/half-Capitalism that mesmerizes itself into thinking it is pragmatic Capitalism, with some “safeguards”. But the current mess shows that there are no safeguards against the ultimate collapse inherent in Socialism, save to invest in inflation hedges (why do they grow so tall?). And even that is a tricky business, because when the money value is at the whim of a board of inflationists (the Central Banks, and chiefly the US FED) it becomes very hard to judge the value of fiat currency, or the velocity of inflation. Backing the money with an asset like a metal, or even a basket of commodities, at least gives a yardstick of measurement, rather than whatever whimsical thought may be passing through Bernanke or Trichet or Obama or Geithner’s brain in the next hour.

People across America and the EU should speak out and demand an end to Mercantilism, to State Socialism for Corporations at the expense of Individual Capitalism, and the slave labor regimes it sets up to keep itself in luxury.

When Cardinal Richelieu took office, his official salary was 25,000 livres per annum. When he ended his career, his income stood at 3 million livres a year.  Ah, Mercatilism!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

The Libertarian Capitalist Voter: Neither Victim Nor Executioner

October 21, 2008

Silverwolf thinks it important to caution American voters, before they cast their upcoming ballots, as to the moral danger in which they place themselves if they vote so as to perpetuate the deeply immoral policies of our two main parties. Voting for the lesser of two evils is evil itself.

If you vote for the two main parties you will be endorsing the carrying out of the death penalty against innocent people (which will surely occur if either Obama or McCain is elected), you will be endorsing the throwing of your neighbor into the concentration camp hellholes of American prisons for the “crime” of owning some substance, which they choose to use to assuage physical pain or to investigate philosophical issues, you will be endorsing an immoral economic system, which loots the hard-working and productive and gives to the profligate and the malingerer, you will be endorsing the raising of food and medical costs for those who abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and physically addictive and destructive drugs (those more physically addictive than caffeine), you will be endorsing a military budget that steals the wealth which the third world (mostly Africa and Latin America) needs to raise its $1-a-day wage laborers to the level where they might one day threaten the $100million Clintons, who kept that wasteful spending going for eight full years, with the collaboration of the Bi-Partisan Quislings in Congress. The very people whom General and President Eisenhower warned us against, they are. And let’s not forget Jimmy Carter, that “decent man” who started the whole wasteful ball rolling by almost doubling military spending during his reign, and exacerbating relations with the Soviets when we probably could have traded them out of their Socialism in a decade, though that is a debatable point.

You can vote with the thugs, or you can vote as a pure act of Human Freedom, for the candidates of a party that is for the Rights and Freedoms of the Individual which Nature intended. A party that eschews racism, and sees each Human as a Sacred Entity, a vector of action. The major parties try very hard to condition that Human Vector of Free Action, which we could also call the “Praxeological Entity”, through the media, and through the economic pressures applied through their policies. The havoc that Democrats have caused in American life, driving millions beyond the affordability of medical insurance, because they have imposed so much paperwork regulation on the average doctor in order to help thousands get “free” medical care, seems beyond the reach of their intellectual capacities.

Libertarians and all should ask: Why has there never been a Federal Regulation that any individual receiving Medicaid in America abstain from the use of tobacco, which the Federal Government itself has admitted, through its Label Warning requirement, is deleterious to health? Why should the self-sufficient, who treat the body as the temple of G-d that it is, be forced to pay higher income tax rates and be forced out of the affordable health insurance market, in order to pay for the medical bills run up by people smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, bills that might well not exist if they had abstained from these narcotics?

But don’t except Iris Lav, the government bureaucrat who went before the House Committee yesterday to tell us why the states should be handed another $50 billion, mostly for Medicaid,  which will be then added to the eternal federal deficit, — don’t expect her to be too concerned when your relative dies because they could not afford health insurance. The spendthrifts never mention the unseen damage they do to the millions who are forced to come up with more and more cash to compete with those getting their government freebies, while they contend with the higher tax rates the Democrats will be throwing at the whole country in a few weeks. Well-fed and secure behind their bloated government salaries, pensions, and benefit packages, they could care less about the Independent Individual in America, who has enough trouble just deriving a living from the free-market that is left over.

And Silverwolf noticed that Lav and the Democrats never mention paying for this extra $50 billion to the States through cutting spending by bringing our troops home from Europe, Japan, and Korea, where the American taxpayer is forced to subsidize these Socialist leeches by paying their defense costs. No, instead the Dems propose a “stock-transfer tax” which will slow trading in the markets, thin volume, and wipe out many small investors, while making virtually no difference to the billion-dollar hedge fund trader. The usual pea-brain schemes put forth by  Liberal-Democrat Congressmen like Peter DeFazio, designed to wreck the free-market’s objective efficiency.

Finally, voting for a third party shifts power directly from the two major parties to those third parties. When the two major parties see that they could have won an election if they had won the Libertarian-Human Dignity vote, they will shift their policies accordingly so as to capture just enough of that vote (they think) in the next election. The Libertarian Party, and its principles, could very easily become the balancing vote that drives both parties away from Mussolini-Corporate Fascism, and toward Jeffersonian Free-Market Liberty within a framework of enforced property rights (i.e. the police will come out and arrest a thief, and the courts will jail him.) One read, yesterday, that that is now the case in Costa Rica, evidently a place not only rich in commodities, at least originally, but now also rich in Libertarian ideas.

So make sure, American voters, that when you go into that election booth, or fill out that mail-in ballot, that you are neither amongst the Victims, who lay down like sheep before the Socialist-Fascist Juggernaut, and say there is nothing they can do, nor amongst the Executioners, who cut their neighbors throats, economically speaking, and drink the life-blood of their labor. Keep your hands clean from all contact with the Fascists.

American Freedom has been stripped down to the “Barr-Root”.

Vote Barr-Root for President/Veep, and the Libertarian candidates. You won’t have blood on your hands on November 5th.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Ray Taliaferro’s Monumental Hypocrisy: The $800 Billion Bailout Bill and the Democrats

October 15, 2008

Last week, Silverwolf set the shortwave cylinder spinning till it sought repose on Ray Taliaferro’s nightly verbal blogs from Fogsville, USA, that quiet country hamlet also known as San Frisco.

Silverwolf had sought to see if Taliaferro might be commenting on the $700  Billion (finalized as over $800 Billion) Bailout Bill, designed to let the Keynesians in the Financial Industry loot the US Treasury in one way or another. And, gratifyingly, Taliaferro was not only commenting on the Bill, but also attacking it with his usual pitbull ferocity, and making many of the exact same points that the Ron Paul camp had been making in its strong opposition to the Bill, which obviously marks the beginning of an all-out Socialist banking system. Taliaferro was scathing in his attacks, and it was good to be on the same side of the fence with him for once, but one noticed that he constantly mentioned the names of Bush and Cheney and the Republicans in association with the Bill. Since Silverwolf had examined who had voted for the Bill the first time around in the House, and subsequently who had supported it in the Senate, as well as examining and pondering the breakdown of votes by party, it was curious to note that Taliaferro, who is a “barking-dog” for the Obama/Democratic Party philosophy, much as Silverwolf is one for the Jeffersonian/Libertarian Philosophy, never mentioned once in an hour that the Bill had been supported by the Democrats in the House by a margin of almost exactly 2-to-1, while the House Republicans had opposed it by almost exactly 2-to-1, nor did he mention once in that hour that the Bill was supported in the Senate by Obama, Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Schumer, Frank, and a whole bunch of  those “wonderful Democrats” he is always braying about. And what subsequent hypocrisy when, after soundly lambasting the supporters of this Bill, Taliaferro completely fails to mention that Obama voted yes for this transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich, but rather, on the contrary, he goes into his usual paean of praise for Saint Obama, the man who would throw people in jail for cannabis, but who cannot control his own tobacco addiction.

This is such a classical example of the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party and its propaganda machine that it might well serve to be included in a textbook of techniques of political propaganda. And remember that propaganda is always a lie, because someone is trying to convince you of something by manipulating the facts, or obfuscating other facts. Don’t be convinced.

Until the people of America reject all hypocrisy and contradiction in their politics and their economics, they will continue to suffer.

Vote Libertarian in 2008.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf