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A New Year, A New Decade: Something To Be Thankful For

January 8, 2010

Given the perennially saturnine and lugubrious tone of most of Silverwolf’s blogs, he thinks it only meet that he commence this decade’s scrivening on a hopeful, thankful note. And therefore he has decided to write a joyous blog.

So reader, as you begin this new decade, Silverwolf would like to respectfully request that you give thanks for your non-situations.

Be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those animals who is waiting in line to have its head smashed in, or throat cut, or a blowtorch applied to its skin “to improve the flavor” as is favored in South Korea, and quite a few Asian countries. Be thankful that you are not bleating out the last few minutes of your life in terror, as you hear the cries of the other victims, and smell their blood. You are surrounded by the Human Beings, and they are far too cunning, and far too well developed, anatomically, with their hinged thumbs, their upright stance with locking knee-joint, and their over-active, highly complex brains, to be evaded, once they have decided to murder you. Very few animals manage to escape over the walls of the abattoir compound, so don’t hold out any hope for yourself if you find yourself in this situation. But of course, oh reader, if you are reading this, you are not finding yourself in that situation — lucky you.

And be thankful too that you are not one of those animals, those cats, dogs, and monkeys, that are being tortured day-in and day-out, in the labs of the pharma companies, and government-sponsored universities, in useless experiments, which are highly lucrative for the experimenters, the lab techs, and the dog- and cat-traffickers. You really need to be thankful on this one, oh reader, and I certainly hope that after you die, you won’t come back to consciousness as an animal in a lab experiment.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not a mother seal watching her babies being clubbed and skinned in front of her eyes, so the Canadian Socialist Miscreants can get a little bit richer. (Anything for a Loonie! is the motto above the border.)

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not amongst that quarter of the globe’s populace that slaves from dawn to dusk for one or two U.S. dollars a day, while in America people pay that much for an apple, or the equivalent of a year’s hard labor in the 3rd world just to see a doctor for seven minutes. It is truly Rome and the Provinces all over again, and Rome is America/Canada and Western Europe.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not confined to an iron lung for the rest of your life.

And don’t forget to be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those 130,000 forgotten ones rotting away in the political prison camps of North Korea, according to the BBC. 130,000 people abandoned to a miserable fate while the Clinton’s kowtow to the Communist despots, and implicitly recognize the legitimacy of their tyrannical rule by giving their “State” aid.

And be thankful, oh very thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those poor souls down South who got caught with their pants down during the current Arctic blast to the East, stretching yea unto the water-logged depths of southern Florida. Your pump burned out deadheading against the frozen pipes, then the electric company goes down, and you won’t have power for a week, while you didn’t warehouse enough wood against such a freak storm, and what you did have got drenched in the snow, the pump installer tells you there are 300 people awaiting instillation ahead of you, the wholesalers run out of pumps, and there’s only three months of winter and cold ahead of you. Such people are suddenly forced to live like Wolves, though of course we Silverwolves are used to that, and actually enjoy it. But then, we don’t mind lapping pondwater (it really is tangy) though most humans have a finicky aversion to drinkly thusly, which we put down to a peculiar, delicate, preciousness which we have noted in so many humans, and which we find ostentatious and repugnant. We Wolves will drink anything, eat anything (except of course meat, fish, or poultry, or cheese containing rennet and junk food) and some of us vegan renegades have even been leading a movement to get Wolves to go completely vegan, with some success. Of course, we still hear rumours of Wolves attacking lambs and sheep in America, in places like Montana, but we put that down to human propaganda, and the lamb-industry lobby. (In America, it’s anything for a Baaah-ck). Any Wolves that would attack a little sheep or an innocent lamb are regarded by us Silverwolves as a sort of Taliban amongst us, and we do hereby solemnly excommunicate them from the Wolverine religion.  But we find ourselves highly incredulous as to the veracity of these reports of Wolves attacking lambs. Ha! it’s preposterous!

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those innocents waiting to be executed in China, so that your body parts can be sold for profit. (Behind the Great Wall the motto is, anything for a Renminbi!) Or one of those innocents waiting to be executed in Huntsville, Texas, because your defence lawyer fell asleep during the trial.

And be thankful, oh reader, that you are not one of those factory-working girls in Bangladesh, sewing a whole month for $30, or those countless millions in India, cleaning latrines by hand, or threading bidis 16 hours a day. And in America, the government will pay you if you refuse to take on such work.

Finally, oh reader, be thankful that you are not anyone else other than whom you are, for that is obviously the way it was meant to be, since that is exactly as it turned out. And would you really want to be somebody else?

As unsatisfactory as we may seem to ourselves, is there any human being who would really want to completely change personalities and character with anybody else? Silverwolf thinks not.

And finally, oh reader, be thankful that you have a cerebral cortex and the divine gift of Consciousness that enables you to read this. Does not that gift of Consciousness make it all worthwhile?

Hooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Silverwolf Asks Mr. Clinton “How Dare You?”

December 20, 2008

Silverwolf can well recall the famous “How Dare You!” hurled twice by William Clinton at a heckler in Minneapolis who had the audacity to question the official government version of 9/11. Whatever one thinks the cause of that event, one can never condemn scepticism about something which so many have seemingly legitimately questioned.  However, the moral condemnation in Mr. Clinton’s voice, and the general chopping of the sweaty palms of the pro-Clinton mob in response, shows that mere questioning is now relegated to the category of a moral crime. At least, that’s what the very pure politicians would like us to believe.

But now what? Why, we see Bloomberg coming out with a story that The Clinton Foundation, the other daughter of the Billaries, has accepted between $10 million and $25 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has also received money from the Governments of Dubai, Qatar, and Oman, and a host of other paragons of the ideals of the Democratic Party, including Blackwater.

Silverwolf asks Mr. Clinton, “How Dare You?” How dare you take money from a Kingdom that stones Women to death for adultery, that treats Christians like garbage, who have to drive on segregated roads, and cannot bring their Bible into the country; that treats Women like garbage, who cannot be allowed to drive or vote; that has whipped up hatred against and murdered countless Jews, both with their propaganda, their money, and by their direct actions. The  Racist Saudi press regularly publishes the grossest anti-Semitic cartoons that rival the crap churned out by Jules Streicher.  A country that practices widespread slavery, and where the rape and torture of imported maids is commonplace.  A country that practices the death penalty on a massive scale, like America and Commie China. In sum, a sewer of Human Rights in the Middle East, and a place that should never be associated with anyone named Jefferson. And William Jefferson Clinton’s foundation takes money from this Kingdom.

And just a few days before, we saw that Mr. Change, President-elect Obama, had appointed Hillary Clinton as our next Secretary of State. A woman who will be directly negotiating in the Middle East, and again telling Israel not to fight back when it is attacked, as any civilized nation on Earth would be expected to do when rockets constantly rain down on it.  And someone who will be dealing with the Criminal Miscreants of North Korea, who should immediately be overthrown by some military force in the world, whether governmental, international, or wildcat-voluntary, that cares about Human Rights, and have the Communist Criminal leaders and top party members standing in the dock at Nuremberg, and thence to be caged and kept on public display, in a War Criminals Zoo that should be set up in the Hague.  The very same Murderers who will be allowed by Mr. Change and the Clintons to continue to starve their people, while stuffing their gulags in the freezing North of North Korea with anyone they especially don’t like. Why doesn’t the world show some guts and wipe out the N. Korean Government Scum in a week? What wimps!

The Clinton’s also had the audacity to take Government Funds from countries like Ireland, whose taxpayers I’m sure are glad some of the money they could have spent on their children or themselves is going into this wonderful foundation, where Billary can decide how best to spend it. And they have taken money from the Government of  Jew-hating, whale-butchering, Socialist, obese Norway (Norwegian men are the fattest in Europe according to an article appearing on  the Mises Institute website),  currently the most anti-Semitic country in Europe according to an article in the Jerusalem Post,  and which recently, on national television,  broadcast a “satire” on the Holocaust, which included a lament for the lice who had to die on the Jews who were murdered by the Germans in the gas chambers. Man, those Norwegians sure have a sense of humour, when their not harpooning defenceless whales to death to add to their National Socialist wealth.

And taking money from the Gulf Monarchies, who duplicate fairly well a lot of the Saudi atrocities against the Bill of Rights, — yes, for a Democratic Party Icon to take money from such Absolute Monarchs is so appropriate, can the Art of Hypocrisy rise to any greater heights?  Silverwolf thinks not. When Ron Paul was asked to return the $500 he received from someone named Don Black, who turned out to be the head of a neo-Nazi group, he refused, and said it was well-known that he vigorously opposed the Nazi’s Collectivist, Racist agenda, but if it helped him get elected, it would actually go towards defeating the Nazi’s morbid philosophy. For this he was roundly condemned by the Liberal Blogosphere, who were barking for Hillary, lover-boy Edwards, and Mr. Change. Now, William Jefferson and Hillary take between $10 and $25 million (the exact number was not required to be given, and so you can be sure the Clinton’s didn’t give it, in the spirit of transparency no doubt) from the Christian- and Jew-hating,  misogynistic Saudis, and not a word of scandalized criticism from the Liberal Blogos.

Anyone who donates money to the Clinton Foundation is legitimizing a viciously Jew-hating,  totalitarian, religious dictatorship. They are legitimizing anti-Semitism, Racism and Evil, and that is a Moral Crime.

But none will point out the crime, nor criticise the accomplices.

Except here. So, when it comes to the acceptance of funds from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Silverwolf must ask the very self-righteous William Jefferson, “Mr. Clinton, How Dare You!”

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf