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Israel Says “Don’t Tread on Me!”

November 17, 2012

The Libertarian Principle that “No man or group of men may aggress against the property rights of any individual man” has been defended by the State of Israel as it assaults the Hamas wing of the Nazi Party. After months of constant rocket attacks, the Israelis have finally taken action against those who recently murdered three more Jews in the continuing Nazi war against the Jews that has been going in since the attempted Munich Putsch in 1923. The Muslim Brotherhood, which was originally formed as the Arab wing of the Nazi party in the late 1920s, has come to power in Egypt, and with the congratulations of Barack Obama, and the promised $2.3 billion in aid to the Nazis by Mrs. Clinton, it will now give its support to its Palestinian wing, Hamas. The usual line of condemnations against the victim fighting back against the aggressor has been forthcoming from the Arab countries, using their anti-Semitic mouthpiece, the United Nations, as the megaphone, and the BBC puts out its usual Arab propaganda of “a cycle of violence” and “tit-for-tat”, blatantly ignoring the fact that it is Hamas who is the sole aggressor, and has been trying to murder Jewish women and children for years with their rockets, terrorizing and traumatizing countless children, both Jewish and Arab, murdering a Bedouin farmer and a Thai worker, and showing Israel just how viciously anti-Semitic are the Palestinian Nazis.

Most Americans accept the principle that if someone breaks into your house with a gun to rob you or to murder you, you have the Right to fight back and kill them if necessary. This is exactly what Israel is doing now, and we can only imaging the American response if a fictional “Pancho Villa Brigade”, a group of fanatical Mexicans who decided to fight a guerilla war to “liberate New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Nevada, from the Gringos”, were to start firing rockets into Arizona and New Mexico: the Americans would pulverize them in a day. But when it comes to Israel, the bulk of the UN World demands that Israel stand by and let itself be constantly rocketed for years on end without any military response from its so-called allies, and that any Libertarian response  by Israel is “murderous aggression”. This is the sad state of this sick Fascist world.

In this world of Stinking Fascists and Racists, it is inspiring to see pure Libertarian Action, especially in a Western World that has been feminized and womanized by the doctrine of Moral Relativism through constantly repeated the big lie. This brainwashing says,”If enough people in the world believe in an immoral or false view, then that view must be true.”

The Indians of Israel are upholding the same principle as the Indians of the Old West did when they fought back against the mass murder, land theft, and cultural genocide of the White Man, and killed Scumbags like General Custer. Israel today is bombing General Custer and his troops.

Israel may well be a predominantly Socialist society, to the detriment of its citizens, but when it comes to its Libertarian duty to protect its citizens against aggressors,The Libertarian Principle is being defended: Don’t Tread on Me!

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

Glenn Beck: The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

August 31, 2010

Silverwolf doesn’t forget. He hasn’t forgotten that Glenn Beck, as part of his and Fox News’ attempt to tarnish Congressman Ron Paul during the presidential campaign of 2008, had Glenn Greenwald on his television show labelling the Mises Institute, and by name and implication Congressman Ron Paul who is a member of it,  as a terrorist organization. Beck didn’t mind working for Fox when it excluded Dr. Paul from its “Candidates Debates”, although that certainly abridged  his Property Right to his freedom of speech as a major Republican candidate for the Presidency. Those Property Rights, which Beck is now always braying about in their sacredness, didn’t mean a pissant’s spitball to Beck when the company he works for, and he himself, were blackballing the good Congressman. And he actually promoted the Corporate-Communist line, which he now rants against, prior to seeing Ron Paul get over 25% of the vote in the west, when he publicly supported the Bush-Democrat-rammed-through Bank Bailout Bill. So the guy’s a stinking big-government-socialist whore himself when it’s to his convenience.

But like all political whores, once he saw how popular Ron Paul’s Libertarian “Return to Jeffersonian Principles and the Free Market” message was with a large swathe of the voting public, he jumped on the anti-Collectivist bandwagon.

Now, of course, he’s a “Libertarian”, although he talks of Patriotism, glorification of the military, overthrowing the separation of Mosque and State that Jefferson so ardently championed and defended, and saw so clearly was vital to this Republic and its Constitution, and “national honor”, terms used by the War Criminals on both sides in World War One, who butchered so many millions of young men from England, France and Germany. Now, once again, Beck is spreading that poison.

However, that is not the main thrust of this essay, but rather with the fact that back in June, Glenn Beck promoted the works of a notorious Nazi-lover and Jew-hater, Elizabeth Dilling. Beck told people to read Dilling’s book, The Red Network, and promoted her on his radio show, which is heard by millions of Americans, and claimed her as some kind of hero for supposedly exposing Communists during the 30’s. He amazingly overlooked the fact that she was a member of the  Nazi front organization, the German-American Bund prior to the war, wrote in favor of the Nazis, and was tried for Sedition in 1944 for trying to aid the Nazis by undermining the Allied effort. Her writings are filled with hatred for Jews; she was a propagandist for the Nazis in the vein of Jules Streicher. Yet, this is the Nazi Racist whom Glenn Beck goes on radio and television and promotes to the public, as “someone with a lot of good things to say”.

When Beck was called on this, he said he hadn’t actually read the book, or gone into Elizabeth Dilling’s background as a Nazi, someone who had succeeded in helping to murder 40 million innocent people on the continent of Europe, and ruin and disrupt the lives and hundreds of millions of other people.

Glenn Beck has praised and told his listeners to read someone who was a Nazi, and the Nazis, Beck may remember, were not only Racists and War Criminals, but  also Collectivists and Socialists. They also murdered several million children. These are facts.

The fact that Beck can go on national television and radio and shill for the Racist Miscreant Dilling, a Nazi who helped murder millions and promote racism and violence, and then say he was not aware of her background, shows that he is either a racist or, if we accept his argument that he didn’t even bother to investigate her background, then someone who is so slapdash and irresponsible in his due diligence and responsibility to the public as a recognized public talk show host, that he should have no credibility left. Like maybe someone who is lazy and only wants a lot of money handed to them for slapping their lips together for ten minutes or so, once a day.  Anyone who would continue to listen to the bullscat coming from such a source after such horrendous actions as Beck’s attempted character-assassination of Dr. Paul and the Mises Institute and his promotion of the writings of  Nazi Miscreant and rabid Jew-hater, Elizabeth Dilling  is either someone of feeble intellect, a racist, or someone who will overlook morally contradictory behaviour in their leaders and spokesmen for the sake of convenience. In effect, they have destroyed the Libertarian concept of the Integrity of Principle in Politics.

The best thing the Free Market could do, would be for the sponsors of Beck’s Fox programs to “disassociate their commercial intercourse” with the company unless Beck’s worthless, racist-promoting garbage show is pulled off the air. Beck is tainting Libertarianism with toleration of racists, and discrediting the anti-Collectivist movement with those cornerstones of Collectivism, those vague, indefinable concepts like faith, religion, patriotism and honor, that have been used since time immemorial to whip up men into war and religious massacres. Beck is continuing to promote this vomit.

Of course, about six months back, Silverwolf started hearing about a new organization coalescing, founded by Glenn Beck, the 9/12 Movement. He glanced at its so-called “principles”, and it was the eternal pablum of all big-government collectivists who are on top of it religio-fascists — the worst of both world. Again, the bullscat terms that have been used throughout history, so vague as to be utterly meaningless, like honor, patriotism, and faith, and which have perpetrated the most cruel horrors on millions and millions of innocent humans through history, were right there in black and white, and religion was right at the top, showed that this was just another American-Taliban scheme of the American Religious Collectivists on the Right wing, like the so-called “Constitution Party”, an oxymoron if we ever heard one, who want to overthrow separation of church and state, and establish America as a “Christian Nation”, instead of a Jeffersonian-Libertarian-Capitalist Nation.

A great Libertarian — a True Libertarian — named Mark Twain once said, “Patriotism is usually the last refuge of the scoundrel.”

When it comes to Glenn Beck, Twain hit the nail on the head.

Hooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

A Rotten Libertarian Sandwich

October 9, 2009

If one thinks of the politics of Principle as taking a straited path twixt the complete socialism of Communism, and the racist, corporate-state socialist, pseudo-capitalism of Fascism, then one can see why Silverwolf can think of politics as a rotten Libertarian sandwich, with the healthy political and economic truths of Praxeology interlarded between the twin slices of rotten despotism. Libertarianism has been tainted on the left by trying to associate it with Fascism or Nazism, the “far-right”, but this is an outrageous contamination by association of terms. The “old right” might be characterized by Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Burke, and Lord Acton. And since these old Liberals thought in terms of the “Rights of Man” these Rights appertained to every single Human Being irregardless, in that quaint American phrase from the 50s, of “race, color, or creed”.  Libertarianism is a form of Humanism in that it says that certain Rights belong to all men, including the Right of Self-ownership, which precludes slavery. A Libertarian would probably say that a man has a right to kill someone who tries to actually physically enslave him. Slavery represents the ultimate in theft of property rights, save for murder. Spartacus’ rebellion against the Roman Miscreants would probably garner applause from a Rothbard or Mises. Probably with Camus also, who refused to be ideologically forced into the left.

And Libertarianism has been tainted on the right by the charges of the ignorant that it stood for “libertinism”, or was the hangout of potheads who just wanted to get it legalized, or of gun nuts of the Far-Right and the Klan, who just wanted to hang on to their personal arsenals. ” (gutteral) chhHippies of the (gutteral) chhRight” Ayn Rand would once describe the Libertarians in her thick Russian accent. And the concept of a bunch of intellectual crackpots, who hold an annual convention every four years, and run a weird candidate, who just ekes out the Green Party candidate, and so retains the Libertarian’s claim on the third biggest party in America, has stuck with the public. Ron Paul’s 1-2% popularity status for quite a few months in the early presidential campaign, before he got up to the 15-20% scores later on,  might be because of the public’s vague memory that he once ran for the post as a Libertarian. The idea that this party essentially espouses the Thomas Jefferson line on government is completely missed by the general public.

And, also,  Libertarianism is a Humanism in its Ghandiesque insistence that no one has the right to use aggression, or initiate force, against another’s property rights. This non-aggression principle is another key element of Libertarianism that makes it completely incompatible with either Communism or Nazism. And because it believes in the non-aggression principle, and because it can see objectively from the ever-recurring course of history that State Power has been historically the most coercive force, it sees clearly the necessity for a minimalist government, non-intrusive in our privacy, which is faithfully committed to protecting the Rights of the Individual, and vigorously pursues prosecution of any malefactor who dares to violate the non-aggression principle.

And finally, Libertarianism is a Humanism because it places the Individual, and not the State, at the apogee of its value system. The Rights and the life of the Individual are the sacred goals to which Libertarianism marries itself, not the worship of a State, a flag, a religion, or a “leader”. In a world which does the exact opposite, be it in America, totalitarian China, Fascist Saudi, or Islamofascist Sudan, the Libertarian principle is the only one that maintains the integrity of the Individual. The world wants to crush the Individual; look at the tax laws written by the State worshippers, which are designed to crush any Individual economic power, no matter how hard one works and saves. And by crushing the Individual, the major countries of the world will kill the very engine that provides the wealth for all these looters. That is the process that is continuing apace throughout the world, as Communism and Fascism, the two rotten pieces of bread, mew up the healthy core of Human Freedom between their stench-filled slices.

In a world that says throw away the filling and just eat the rotten bread, Libertarians may well respond, “Fascisti, you can keep your bread, while we will feast on Human Freedom.”

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf