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Obama Wins, Timothy Leary Is Dead: The Remnant Drops Out

November 5, 2008

The great victory for Collectivism and Tragedy for Human Liberty that occurred last night has put an end to the Libertarian movement that was spurred when Dr. Timothy Leary instructed the world: Tune in, turn on, drop out. The synergistic wave of energy that he, and contemporary philosophers of the day, launched was like a rocket that surged into space, exploded, and now has had its final pieces hit the ground with the election of Obama. For that great Individualistic spirit has finally been crushed, and we are about to enter a new pusillanimous age, where everything will be centered around security at the expense of Human Freedom. The “Wisdom of Insecurity” will be finally and completely abandoned for the “Addiction of Security”. Welcome to Big Mother.

In Ayn Rand’s epic “Atlas Shrugged”, the productive, individualistic, risk-taking individuals, known as the Remnant, come to the point where they realize that to continue to contribute to a society more and more Socialistic all the time is merely to let themselves be used, to be employed as a means by the pelf-plucking elements of the government and society to their end of a free lunch. As a last desperate attempt, this Remnant withdraws its productive energies from the market place, goes underground and lives quietly, and watches the ever-faster disintegration of the Socialist society that was ultimately dependent on the commodities which these Individuals, and the businesses and inventions they fostered, produced. No production, no consumption. And without consumption, any Collectivist society quickly falls apart in its “worker’s solidarity”. Try eating “revolutionary consciousness”.

As the Bi-Partisan Collectivists, led by Obama, and the populace, whipped up to a frenzy of fanaticism by his charismatic forensic abilities, demand more and more Socialism to cover their massive spending projects, the American people will sicken in spirit and initiative. Higher income taxes, higher capital gains taxes, more social security taxes, stock transaction taxes, a health care tax, institutionalizing the Death Tax, and lowering its threshold so that most Americans who own homes will have to pay it, higher Medicare and Social Security matches for small businessmen, and higher state income and estate taxes — all these will combine to kill the American drive to stay self-sufficient and “make a buck”, a drive that the public will be told is wicked, while at the same time the public will be told that all will soon have jobs. Now, isn’t the point of a job to “make a buck”?

Of course, historically, the rich lawyers in Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, write the laws with complex loopholes which guarantee that any wealthy person who hires a bright accountant can plan his taxes so that he avoids most of the impact of these new imposts. So, ultimately, the tax burden is shifted to the middle class, through higher income tax rates and higher property taxes, and to both the middle class and the poor, through inflation. However, this time, they are going to want to fleece everybody, because the bi-partisan Collectivists of the Democratic and Republican Party have so robbed the Treasury and the public in the last 8 (and actually the last 44) years that we will never recover unless we have a Libertarian Revolution by returning to the letter of the U.S. Constitution.

Futility is trying to change something through argument that will only change through shock. The next four (or two) years may well shock the American people out of their Socialism, as they see the economic chaos their voting in spendthrifts brings. But that is the price of playing the Keynesian Bunko Racket, The Free Lunch Program.  Sargeant Friday is kinda rough on them when he brings them in for questioning, especially when he thinks of all the little old ladies having their savings inflated away (i.e. robbed) by Obama and those other multi-million dollar Democratic lawyers in the U.S. Congress, who’ve never had to worry about an electric bill for the last 30 years. Existentialism vs. a Congressional Checking Account.

So Timothy Leary is dead. The Libertarian Spirit is crushed. The Remnant drops out and moves underground, withdraws its productive energies, lets the leeches begin to live off the other leeches, and watches. Two years, four years, eight years? The Libertarian Spirit will slumber, but not die. Human Freedom cannot be quashed by the Collectivist drive for security. It is very unfortunate that America had a chance for the first truly Free, Capitalistic, society in history, this election season, if it had elected Ron Paul, and passed it by to rather embrace its complete opposite: a restrictionist, socialist, unconstitutional regime. Such is the distorted herd thinking that economic fear causes in humans, and that is why it is so important to prevent it with a completely free-market employing a commodity-backed currency.

So is Timothy Leary dead, or has he merely dropped out with the Remnant? Four years from now, we will know the answer.

“Timothy Leary’s dead.

No-o-o-o. He’s outside, looking in.”                      Moody Blues/ “Legend of a Mind”

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf