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The Democratic-Fascist Congress vs. The Bloggers: Coercion vs. Suasion

March 30, 2010

The Democrat Corporate Fascists in Congress, who have just completed the overthrow of the Jeffersonian Rights of Man with their heinous healthcare bill, have just coerced a great victory for the Corporations over Individual Man, and proven once more that State Power is the most dangerous and most corrupting influence there is, as Jefferson and Thom Paine knew so well. That is why in the early Republic there was such a mistrust of government power, and why the Constitution is a document designed to severely limit that power.

But the Democratic Fascists in Congress have finally overthrown that Jefferson Redoubt of Liberty, and, combined with the President’s proposal for “Prolonged Indefinite Detention”,  the President’s way of saying let’s overthrow 800 years of Habeas Corpus and Magna Charta, they have finally used coercion to put the last nail in the coffin of American Freedom.

In opposition to the coercive force of the Congressional Democrats stood the bloggers, the intellectual force of that philosophy of Libertarianism which tries to change things through argument and suasion, and not through force, coercion, and, as Congressman Pelosi wants, jail time for those not buying health insurance from her corporate backers. The stiletto high-healed shoes of Mizz Pelosi have come down with full force on the eardrum of Mr. Jefferson, and the Tinnitus of Tyranny has grown so loud that the Republic has become deaf to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The bloggers argued, and pointed out, and made all the valid points, but in the end coercion, bribery and force won out.

After the Second World War, the victors brought the vanquished to Nurnberg, and tried them for violating norms of Human Behavior that they said should never be violated, norms which Silverwolf agrees with. Undoubtedly, if the Nazis had won, Churchill, Roosevelt and Eisenhower would have been the ones in the dock. And, notwithstanding certain intellectual arguments and irregularities in the trials, there was little doubt that 90% or more of people in the Allied Countries thought the sentences appropriate. And the Allied States could impose these sentences, whatever the convoluted intellectual arguments about the niceties of international law might be. In that case, coercion was being used to carry out Justice, and few would willingly or passionately argue against such government actions.

However, when it comes to imposing a Corporate Tyranny on the American People by the means of the coercive power of the State, in this case implemented by the Congressional Democratic Corporate Fascists, the bloggers and intellectuals have only this ineffectual counter-weapon of reasoned argument and logical discussion to fight back with. We cannot impose any palliative correction on this overthrow of our beloved Bill of Rights and Constitution, we cannot impeach or stop the Tyranny that has been imposed on every formerly-Free Citizen of these United States, we cannot do anything beyond continued suasion, except to refuse to cooperate and have our bodies shipped off to prison camps for not paying our now-mandated corporate toll, or move to a Capitalist country, of which now there is not one truly in the entire world.

The Democratic Congress believes in Coercion. Libertarians and Ron Paul-Republicans believe in the Non-aggression Principle, which states that “No man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else.” This is our morality; the morality of the intellectual bloggers. This is the principle by which we measure all government actions, and it is the principle which Thomas Jefferson was trying so hard to defend against the likes of Corporate Fascists like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hilary Clinton and the President.

The War Criminal Benito Mussolini, the founder of Fascism, defined it briefly. “Fascism is corporatism.” See, Mussolini didn’t always lie.

The Healthcare Bill is a Mafia extortion, carried out by the State, for the benefit of its Corporate Insiders in the industries that benefit from it, and instituted by their friends and lapdogs in the Democratic Fascist Congress.

In opposition to this, all we Libertarians have is the power of logical argument, and rational discussion. The power of the Truth over Lies in the Human Brain. Just as Martin Luther King trusted in the basic decency of people to show up the horrendous Injustice that infected the Jim Crow-South, so must Libertarians trust to the basic decency of the American people and their sense of Justice as they see every one of their fellow citizens finally coerced into paying monthly tribute to the Pharaoh of the Corporations.

Democratic Fascist Coercion vs. Libertarian Suasion.

It’s what the Democrats call a level playing field.

Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf

A Rotten Libertarian Sandwich

October 9, 2009

If one thinks of the politics of Principle as taking a straited path twixt the complete socialism of Communism, and the racist, corporate-state socialist, pseudo-capitalism of Fascism, then one can see why Silverwolf can think of politics as a rotten Libertarian sandwich, with the healthy political and economic truths of Praxeology interlarded between the twin slices of rotten despotism. Libertarianism has been tainted on the left by trying to associate it with Fascism or Nazism, the “far-right”, but this is an outrageous contamination by association of terms. The “old right” might be characterized by Jefferson, Madison, Paine, Burke, and Lord Acton. And since these old Liberals thought in terms of the “Rights of Man” these Rights appertained to every single Human Being irregardless, in that quaint American phrase from the 50s, of “race, color, or creed”.  Libertarianism is a form of Humanism in that it says that certain Rights belong to all men, including the Right of Self-ownership, which precludes slavery. A Libertarian would probably say that a man has a right to kill someone who tries to actually physically enslave him. Slavery represents the ultimate in theft of property rights, save for murder. Spartacus’ rebellion against the Roman Miscreants would probably garner applause from a Rothbard or Mises. Probably with Camus also, who refused to be ideologically forced into the left.

And Libertarianism has been tainted on the right by the charges of the ignorant that it stood for “libertinism”, or was the hangout of potheads who just wanted to get it legalized, or of gun nuts of the Far-Right and the Klan, who just wanted to hang on to their personal arsenals. ” (gutteral) chhHippies of the (gutteral) chhRight” Ayn Rand would once describe the Libertarians in her thick Russian accent. And the concept of a bunch of intellectual crackpots, who hold an annual convention every four years, and run a weird candidate, who just ekes out the Green Party candidate, and so retains the Libertarian’s claim on the third biggest party in America, has stuck with the public. Ron Paul’s 1-2% popularity status for quite a few months in the early presidential campaign, before he got up to the 15-20% scores later on,  might be because of the public’s vague memory that he once ran for the post as a Libertarian. The idea that this party essentially espouses the Thomas Jefferson line on government is completely missed by the general public.

And, also,  Libertarianism is a Humanism in its Ghandiesque insistence that no one has the right to use aggression, or initiate force, against another’s property rights. This non-aggression principle is another key element of Libertarianism that makes it completely incompatible with either Communism or Nazism. And because it believes in the non-aggression principle, and because it can see objectively from the ever-recurring course of history that State Power has been historically the most coercive force, it sees clearly the necessity for a minimalist government, non-intrusive in our privacy, which is faithfully committed to protecting the Rights of the Individual, and vigorously pursues prosecution of any malefactor who dares to violate the non-aggression principle.

And finally, Libertarianism is a Humanism because it places the Individual, and not the State, at the apogee of its value system. The Rights and the life of the Individual are the sacred goals to which Libertarianism marries itself, not the worship of a State, a flag, a religion, or a “leader”. In a world which does the exact opposite, be it in America, totalitarian China, Fascist Saudi, or Islamofascist Sudan, the Libertarian principle is the only one that maintains the integrity of the Individual. The world wants to crush the Individual; look at the tax laws written by the State worshippers, which are designed to crush any Individual economic power, no matter how hard one works and saves. And by crushing the Individual, the major countries of the world will kill the very engine that provides the wealth for all these looters. That is the process that is continuing apace throughout the world, as Communism and Fascism, the two rotten pieces of bread, mew up the healthy core of Human Freedom between their stench-filled slices.

In a world that says throw away the filling and just eat the rotten bread, Libertarians may well respond, “Fascisti, you can keep your bread, while we will feast on Human Freedom.”

Hooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww! — Silverwolf